Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Philadelphia Church of God Using Death Bed Threats Against Dying PCG Members: Give Us Your Money Or No God's Kingdom For You!

Where would the Church of God be if it was not able to demand money from its followers.  Sadly in Armstrongism it is all about threats and coercion in getting people to send in money.  There is nothing taught about freely giving because you have been blessed.  Its rather, GOD COMMANDS IT...or in COG speak...I DEMAND IT!

There is a letter on Exit and Support that has the following about how Gerald Flurry and his henchmen are going to the death beds of the last few wealthy members and demanding that they turn over all assets to the Philadelphia Church of God.  Its vitally important that the PCG get as much money possible so they keep their newly purchased mansion in Edstone, UK and finance the Irish Dance training of the elite children living on the PCG compound, and pay for the endless number of trips of Lil'Stevie to England.

May 19, 2015

I'd like to pass on is how Flurry has coerced and terrified some of the wealthiest members of his cult into leaving everything to him. Even members that are sick and dying have been visited in the hospital by the ministry and told that their money was "meant for God" (i. e., the PCG), and that God made them wealthy so that when they died, it was to be given to PCG, or they wouldn’t make it into the kingdom. As a result of this fear, they have signed over their wealth to the PCG cult.

I've run across some who are still in PCG and they have a glare, an odd stare. They almost look under a spell. Really scary. --Former member of WCG & PCG

With the drop in membership in PCG they are scrambling to recoup money lost. The remaining members are being told to give more and more. 


Anonymous said...

And yet, these same COGs would criticize the Catholic Church for selling indulgences.

Anonymous said...

They need the money for Wayne Manor in England.

Byker Bob said...

Sooner or later, one of his Islamophobic magazines is going to offend the wrong person, and someone will attempt to exact retribution.

Someone should mail the Philadelphia Trumpet to Ramadi.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The letter stated: "I'd like to pass on is how Flurry has coerced and terrified some of the wealthiest members of his cult into leaving everything to him".

MY COMMENT - isn't this statement an oxymoron? How can there be any "wealthy members" in the Philadelphia Church of God after a lifetime of being sucked dry as dumb tithe slave sheep? Are there really any "wealthy members" in PCG after having the financial life sucked out of the dumb sheep for a lifetime?

You know the old say, "A fool and his money soon part". It makes me wonder how the dumb sheep tithe slave and his money ever got together in the first place.