Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mark Armstrong, Now Living in Sodom and Gomorrah, Speaks Out Against "Queer Matrimony"

Ah, what would this world be without some minuscule, irrelevant Church of God splinter cult leader running off at the mouth about some perceived ill of society.  These so-called "men of God" feel that it is their god given right to say stupid things about the society around them.

Our latest "authority" is a man who has never come up with anything original in his life, has people write his messages and lives off the moldy remnants of his daddy, Garner Ted who died twelve years ago.  Looking at the Incontinent (Intercontinental) Church of God you will see Garner Ted's face on the main page with his relevant sermon of the day being featured.  Only after you wade through several pages of Armstrongite bullshit do you find out that Garner Ted is dead.

Like his dad, Mark feels that his opinion is relevant and worthwhile for people to take notice of.  This is a common mode of thinking of all COG leaders. Their opinions might hold some weight if these men were actually "godly" or ran churches that were spiritually,  ethically and morally pure.  The problem in these three areas is that not one single Church of God is ethically, spiritually or morally pure.  The COG's are filled with some of the most morally bankrupt men imaginable.  This is even more hypocritical considering the fact that every single one of these men and their churches claim to be the sole repository of God's knowledge on earth today.  They feel they are God's personal instruments of wit and wisdom.  We all have seen how well THAT has worked out over the last 80 some years!

A few morsels from Mark are:

"This is a week that will live in infamy. A majority on Supreme Court of the United States has officially flipped off God. They've held that their judgment supersedes His Law. However this monstrous miscarriage of jurisprudence plays out across our lives, there is no question that six of the justices just elevated their temporal authority above that of God."
"There appears to be no more remedy under the Constitution or in our judicial system to obey God in the face of those who would force the will of the sodomites upon us all. Certainly Christian ministers will have no protection for opting out of the performance of a queer matrimonial ceremony. They will face law-suits in Federal Court claiming discrimination and all kinds of pain and suffering on the part of the plaintiffs, they will be on the hook for civil damages at the least, and potentially punitive sanctions for having violated Federal Law."

Churches are not bound to marry anyone they don't want to.  However, if a couple goes to the Justice of the Peace then they MUST marry them.

Mark then goes on to whine about Obamacare, even though most of his church members take full advantage of it:

The high court committed another breach of justice by ruling against the clear language in the Obamacare law, and saved it by doing so! Words, no matter how incontrovertibly clear, can simply be ignored by "justices" determined to vote their socialist, fascist ideology, regardless of the facts before them. They should be impeached and disgraced. But the limp wrists in Congress don't have the fortitude and won't do it. God will. His word has plenty to say about unjust judges, and that's exactly what they are.

Mark admits that he and the rest of the Church of God leadership are IMPOTENT little men INCAPABLE of EVER taking a stand on anything.  They value their comfortable lifestyle and money-flow's more than speaking out the "truth" they claim to have complete ownership of.  Its obvious that Mark is a coward, Gerald Flurry is a coward, Dave Pack is a coward and Rod Meredith is a coward.  None of  these men have the balls to do anything.  If Mark and the leaders of the various COG's who feel they are Elijah's/apostle/prophets had the where-with-all then they would STAND up and proclaim their message no matter what.  Publishing their tripe in their own rags or Facebook pages is no warning at all.

What has happened this week opens up cracks in the foundation of the United States that may never be repaired. We keep waiting for someone to call them out, to speak the truth, to take them on. Someone with the position and power to go head to head. What we find is that there is no one who is in such a position. There simply is no higher office than the presidency and no judicial power above that of the Supreme Court. We can rebel against such government tyranny on a personal, and in our case on an organizational level, but we cannot force them to be honest or to honor the oath of office they so routinely violate.

One reader on a Facebook page made this comment about Mark and the other COG leaders spouting off right now:

The passage that condemns gays also condemns divorce, adultery, liars, and a whole lot more, but these self-righteous piss-asses can't see past the one item on a long list. How many of these "leaders" have had adulterous affairs? What ever they propose to do to gays, should be done to them as well...

Marks few remaining members encourage him on with these wonderful remarks.  The same old smugness that has permeated Armstrongism is still alive and well!

"Keep up the the great work... The truth hurts those who have not been called by The Eternal. The Intercontinental Church of God proclaims that truth. I am reminded of our Savior's words in John 8:7 "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone." We all know that God's TRUE prophets have always been castigated, maligned and even killed down through the ages because those of this world didn't like what they said. "God's word is sharper than a two-edged sword"..... We know the "world" isn't being called now. They must play their little "evil" games.... Thank you for the updates every week.... Stay strong and God bless you all"
Ignoring the fact that Garner Ted was an adulterous whore monger, a man writes:
 "Welcome to the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah."
 Of course how can we leave Satan out of all of this?

"Score One more for Satan! Disgusting.."
 If Mark Armstrong, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and Rod Meredith were actually men who were deeply ethical, deeply spiritual and morally pure, then and only then would people sit up and take notice of them.  Since they rule over their own dens of sexual impurity, greed and avarice and have done NOTHING to stop it all, absolutely NO ONE cares what they think.

You can read his drivel here.


Black Ops Mikey said...

The Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia should stick to basics.

1) Prove that God exists;
2) Prove that the Bible is true;
3) Prove that the Bible is God's Word;
4) Prove that the Armstrongist Church of God actually lives up to its name and is of God;
5) Prove that God of Armstrongism is relevant to today's world;
6) Obey the natural moral law (as defined by "Hardwired Behavior: What Neuroscience Reveals about Morality" by Dr. Laurence Tancredi, premier neurologist and attorney);
7) Preach the gospel -- the one of redemption through Jesus and not some Corporation of God kingdom;
8) Provide for the poor (physically and in spirit);
9) Feed the flock instead of fleecing and devouring them;
10) And finally, set some sort of positive example that those wishing to be righteous could follow.

Maybe if you had something positive to present you wouldn't have to go all fire and brimstone on strangers you neither know or have any part in (or do you?).

Go ahead and ignore the correction and don't repent.

Those you condemn now can wave to you as you fall into the Lake of Fire. Just after the last thing you remember as you were tortured and killed in the Great Tribulation (which apparently you are going to cause because of your lack of faith and lack of morality).

Black Ops Mikey said...

And speaking of perversion, as David Robinson pointed out, grandpa would have been executed in the State of Texas if he had been caught while committing incest with you aunt.

You want to deal with your own family problems first Marko?

Connie Schmidt said...

I am positive that the latest homosexual "marriage victory" is not the last battle, and that everyone is going to go on to new topics. No, the movement has just barely started.

Under the latest SCOTUS decisions how or why will marriage be denied for polygamists, or siblings , or any other imaginable couplings?

Next up on the agenda will be forced homosexual endorsement by everyone. I can easily see that rapidly it will become a crime of child abuse if you teach your children that homosexual behavior is a sin. The state will intervene to stop this "psychological child abuse" and remove children from homes.

Thought crime is becoming a reality. Our freedoms are being clipped. This goes very much beyond the homosexual issue as well. Combine this with a rapidly growing paramilitary police state, and I would be very concerned. Everyone, from all political perspectives should be sobered, as freedom of thought, state mandated thought crimes, and enforcement become all that much evident in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Intercontinental Church of God Goes Ballistic.

Actually, in accordance with Doug's post, if they really wanted to be honest (if only!), until they can show that 1 through 5 are more likely true than not true, all of the various "Church of God" splinters should change their names to be "Church of ?" So then we'd have IC?, LC?, PC?, RC?, UC?, CO?WA, CO?-PKG, CBC?, etc.

Retired Prof said...

In other words, Anon 8:24, the splinters would all turn into Unitarians, who are already the "Church of ?" It has been said that Unitarians reject the Trinity and believe in "at most, one god." I tease my Unitarian friends that their name suggests they get together every Sunday to worship the unit. Garrison Kiellor warned his listeners not to piss off the Unitarians, because they will "come over and burn a question mark in your yard."

Questeruk said...

Can someone living in the US explain to me in simple terms, what is wrong with 'Obamacare'?

Why do people, COGs included, get so heated about it?

I thought it was a Christian's duty to care for the sick?

Rob said...

Connie, this may come as a shock to you (and many other Americans) but there are actually other nations on this planet. And many of them have allowed same sex marriage for many years. Denmark has allowed legally recognized same sex unions for over 25 years. Canada has allowed same sex marriage for 10 years.

And none of the ridiculous things you mentioned have come to pass in these countries.

Retired Prof said...

Quester, Obamacare was based on a Republican idea; it was modeled on a state program introduced by Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts. So what is wrong with Obamacare lies not in its intrinsic nature but in Republican hostility to all things Democrat, which they label as "Socialist"--a scary word to all Right-thinking Americans. The powerful Southern wing of the Republican party considers the race of the President to be an even more compelling reason than his party affiliation to oppose him and everything he stands for.

Anonymous said...

Questeruk, excellent question on why the right-wing in America HATES Obamacare. It is like asking why did right-wing billionaires in the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt HATE Social Security (that legacy still continues among some sectors of the Republican Party). It is even more puzzling in that the most wealthy do not even pay for Social Security--the payroll tax that pays for it is paid only on income below $100,000 annual, none on income above that level, and none on capital gains (where most income to the wealthy comes from). And the Social Security system has run a surplus of approximately one trillion dollars in taxes collected over what has so far been paid out, i.e. it has not cost the federal government one dime out of general revenue from regular taxes. So, why would the elite right-wing in the time of FDR be so LIVID in HATING Social Security? It doesn't even cost them anything--so what is their problem with it? So much hatred for it as to call FDR a "traitor to his class" and all other sorts of names?

The simple answer to your question is: astroturf-funded right-wing billionaire money--from names such as Scaife, Olin, Waltons, Kochs, and others--fund the best think tank white papers that money can buy, and want to kill social programs in America for ideological reasons. The ideology is that government's central and ideally sole purpose is for the protection of property--by coincidence, it is the billionaires who have the property. They want to socialize the cost of its protection, especially if it is located overseas ("protecting national interests"). But right-wing billionaires do not want to be on the hook for taxes out of general revenue to pay for anything that is not concerned with socializing the cost of defense of their wealth. That explains why they are against Obamacare ideologically. (Of course the think tanks come up with talking points and specific reasons, but those are generated after the fact of the prior decision to oppose it on ideological grounds.)

The oligarch ideology is that non-oligarchs--especially the bottom 90% of Americans that work for a living--should be grateful, content plantation slaves, and in such a world the mega-billionaire plantation owning families will let some of their wealth trickle down, including perhaps some health care paid for by private charity donations, to the ones working out in the fields producing the wealth for their betters. Government, which is bought and paid for by the plantation owning families, is for the purpose of protecting the plantation owning families' property and crushing slave revolts.

Anonymous said...

Article: Look What Gay Marriage Did To The Freedom Of Speech In Canada

Anonymous said...

LCG leaders have to be worried sick about the Supreme Court ruling.

Some churches can avoid hiring, marrying and burying homosexuals by truthfully saying they exclude such people from their group on religious grounds as a matter of freedom of association.

LCG, however, is vulnerable. Meredith has previously hired non-member consultants, even from a charismatic evangelical TV network, to produce its TV program. All someone needs to do is call out a couple of witnesses who have seen one of Meredith's sons smoking tobacco or marijuana while on the LCG payroll, and it will be clear that LCG does not forbid employment or religious service to those who violate its tenants of belief. There's no way LCG would win a court battle against a homosexual who was denied a job on the basis of his or her homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

ICG = Weekend at Teddy's

Kevin McMillen

Anonymous said...

You wrote:

"Its obvious that Mark is a coward, Gerald Flurry is a coward, Dave Pack is a coward and Rod Meredith is a coward. None of these men have the balls to do anything. If Mark and the leaders of the various COG's who feel they are Elijah's/apostle/prophets had the where-with-all then they would STAND up and proclaim their message no matter what. Publishing their tripe in their own rags or Facebook pages is no warning at all."

This is so hilarious coming from an anonymous blogger who is also a coward, not having the balls to do anything, publishing his/her tripe on your own ragged blog.

So funny!

Kevin McMillen

Priam said...

You, Blogmaster write,"...every single one of these men and their churches claim to be the sole repository of God's knowledge on earth today."

You spend much time criticising LCG. Please cite a single time Mr Meredith has claimed to be the sole repository of God's knowledge on earth today. You cannot. Therefore I would ask that you specifically exclude LCG from your statement.

Let's have some noble behavior from you, please.

Anonymous said...

So, Kevin, even though you don't know Gary, you take exception to his notion that COG leaders will shout and holler about society's ills and yet do very little about them, just because you don't know his name?

Then Priam trundles in with a request that LCG be spared the wrath of Gary. Oh, boo hoo, time for the verbal gymnastics typical of the ostrich-necked COG members who prefer to keep their heads buried in sand.

And 7:28, did you not get enough fiber in your diet this morning?

Anonymous said...

Connie @ 8:23 AM, you are absolutely right.

Rob @ 5:27 PM, you do not know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

“If Mark Armstrong, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and Rod Meredith were actually men who were deeply ethical, deeply spiritual and morally pure, then and only then would people sit up and take notice of them. Since they rule over their own dens of sexual impurity, greed and avarice and have done NOTHING to stop it all, absolutely NO ONE cares what they think.”

That is an excellent summary of the current situation.

Who wants to listen to dead Ted's old recorded blatherings about morality when that fucking pervert had none himself and finally had to be expelled openly and permanently from the WCG by his own father HWA when GTA got so spoiled that he would no longer even pretend to repent?

Who wants to listen to a false prophet like Flurry ramble on about morality while he edits, deletes, changes and warps HWA's teachings so he can cut you off from all contact with your real family members and hand you over to old PCG sex perverts and predators?

Who wants to listen to Meredith talk about morality when he is always lying to his followers about what HWA had taught in the past and would now supposedly want “upgraded”?

Who wants to listen to the UCG's Council of Evildoers talk about morality when they expel innocent victims of guilty perverts so they can show what they now call “love” to the unrepentant, godless perverts that they welcome in to vainly try to increase the attendance numbers of their continually splitting retirement paycheck project?

Who wants to listen to some Pack of lies try to get you all outraged about the perverse fashions in the world only to have him go on to claim at the end of the same six hours of noise that he (and not HWA) is the Elijah since DCP “restored” the doctrine that you have to give everything you have to him (which sort of makes you wonder what the point was of all those tithes and offerings if you are just supposed to hand over everything)?

Who wants to listen to Ronald the Clown's endless silly fiction just so you can end up buying his family members the overpriced Euro-junk that passes for cars?

Who wants to listen to Thiel talk about morality when he is steeped in pagan prophecies and retroactively tricked someone into anointing him as a prophet (rather than for his illness, which turned out to be mental and spiritual rather than physical)?

Who wants to listen to Joe Malm talk about morality when he is a calendar-confused divorcee who rebelled against HWA but now wants you to go along with everything he makes up?

Who wants to listen to Eric Peasant talk about morality when he obviously gets his prophetic nonsense from watching too much garbage on television?

Rob said...

Nameless coward @ 10:17

I live in a country that has had same sex marriage for 10 years and none of the things Connie described happened. It is just irrational scaremongering. The fact that on one can point to even one example of any of these happening in any of these nations confirms the fact.

Anonymous said...

Rob @ 1:43 PM, you are absolutely right.

Anon @ 10:17 AM, you do not know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

A lot of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) agendas have been given nice-sounding names to cloak their real primary purpose.

The so-called human rights movement that some people talk about these days is not really about human rights at all, but is in fact really all about the LGBT crowd's supposed right to say and do anything they please. As this movement gains the upper hand, people with any other beliefs will soon find that they have no rights.

The so-called anti-bullying campaigns in some places are not really about anti-bullying at all. They are in fact all about forbidding anyone to say anything against the LGBT viewpoint. In some places people are already being bullied by the LGBT mob. This will get much worse.

The so-called politically correct speech of the LGBT crowd is crowding out free speech. Only “politically correct” speech as defined by the LGBT crowd will be acceptable, with anything else being defined by them as “illegal hate speech.”
The so-called “celebrities” from Hollywood have already conditioned an entire generation of teleholics to be biblically illiterate and morally bankrupt, and to think that evil is good and that good is evil.

Biblical examples like the account of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:16-19:29), and the account of the time that the entire Israelite tribe of Benjamin went bad (Judges 19:1-20:48), indicate that the results of the LGBT agenda will not be a case of everyone being allowed to have their own views and to mind their own business, but rather of the LGBT mob violently forcing their desires on everyone else.

HWA's prophetic theory that the USA would be punished by God for its sins did not emphasize all the gory details of just how totally bad everything would have to get before God would step in.

Retired Prof said...

In other words, anon at 2:52 pm, you are terrified that the LGBT crowd will become as intolerant and nasty as you are.

Anonymous said...

Retired Prof said...
“In other words, anon at 2:52 pm, you are terrified that the LGBT crowd will become as intolerant and nasty as you are.”


Not at all.

I am afraid that they will be infinitely worse.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting, how people have reacted to the Supreme Court ruling.
For some it's a relief that loving couples can now marry(as my Aunt and her partner of many years can, now), and for some others, it's like they think gayness now has them under attack.

This reminds me of the stupid Hobby Lobby supporters who thought that birth control would be FORCED on them.