Monday, July 20, 2015

Stephen Elliot: Did LCG Commit Another Misstep When They Put Him In A Position Of Power After He Defected From David Hulme?

Many Living Church of God members where shaking their heads when Stephen Elliot jumped ship from David Hulme's minuscule little group to join up with Rod Meredith.  Meredith accepted him with open arms and it wasn't too long till he was back preaching.  Now it looks like Stephen is bringing his legalistic "sheriff" attitude with him.   It has emerged that Elliot was the one who fellowship the LCG woman who brought up the calendar issue.

A comment made about Elliot says this:

Many of us, though not in LCG, were horrified when we heard Stephen Elliot had been accepted into LCG, knowing they would rue the day. As a former policeman he was, and seemingly still is, firstly a sheriff instead of a shepherd. We remember when his actions in a UCG congregation resulted in the possibility of a lawsuit against the church which could have destroyed UCG financially. He was immediately pulled from the area and banished to the Mexico border while we heard that Jim Franks would frantically call members asking if the lawsuit was still coming. Perhaps it was Elliot’s fortunate move to Hulme a few months later that the lawsuit was dropped. Shining Light


Anonymous said...

“Stephen Elliot: Did LCG Commit Another Misstep When They Put Him [In] A Position of Power After He Defected From David Hulme?”

LCG very well might have committed another misstep when they put him in a position of power, but getting rid of crazy and contentious calendar women is still the right thing to do.

NO2HWA said...

I agree with you about crazy calender lady. The main issue is the gestapo like ministers that Meredith continues to employ and do the crap they do. They knew about Elliot and how abusive he was in Hulme's group and yet they put him right back in power where he continues to damage more lives. Its quit apparent that the "boy's club "protects the other 'boy's'" no matter who they are or where they are from. As long as they were ordained in a COG they seem to have unquestionable rights and the privilege to move where they want.

Anonymous said...

“I agree with you about crazy calender lady.”

You just reminded me of another point. From what I have seen of COG women in the major splinter groups, there is also a good chance that she ain't no lady.

As for the GCG/LCG, I have seen some of the godless abusers that waltz into RCM's groups and set themselves up as local leaders. When that no longer works out for them they just go to other groups like the UCG and badger the leadership there into “credentialing” them as official butt-holes of the UCG. Some of the most unqualified and unfit characters in the COGs have the greatest desire to rule over other people.

Some people are always allowed to rule in the COGs no matter how unfit they have always been. Other people get continually harassed and expelled from the COGs no matter how innocent they have always been. It is a pattern that is common in the splinter groups.

Perhaps I do not take the GCG/LCG abuse too seriously because other groups like the PCG and RCG are even worse. The GCG/LCG seems like the lesser of a bunch of evils--and I do mean evils. RCM compared to GRF or DCP is like senile compared to satanic. I tend to assume that by now everyone is so accustomed to injustice and abuse that if the splinter groups ever disappeared many people would have to hire one of those “ladies” in a black leather outfit to tell them they have been bad and paddle them severely without cause to try to recreate the COG experience.

As for David Hulme, what has he ever done, other than waste everyone's time and spend their money to accomplish nothing?--which is maybe all that the Devil wanted him to accomplish. He has served his purpose, the useless/useful (depending on how you look at it) idiot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 9:44...but David Hulme has vision -- with an artsy, small v, of course.

Byker Bob said...

Actually, all of the ministers in Armstrongism act as police officers, judge, and jury all rolled into one. It's just a matter of degree as to how intensely each does the job. It's a layer of imaginary authority all of us were forced to accept as a condiion to membership in good standing.
Many of us kept our distance from them to avoid unneccessary damage.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Elliot can't be as evil as Bob League was.

As it's been mentioned before, heavy handed and tyrannical behavior is favored by RCM over earned respect through demonstrated christian character.

The monsters rise in power while the kind and meek are over looked.

Anonymous said...

She should take that letter and the judgement against RCM and all the other information she can find about that minister and what happened. To a lawyer!!!! It is much easier that you think and it will STOP this nonsense. You do not have to be a doormat no matter what the "ministry" likes to tell you. They just say that to keep you all in line and afraid to question them. They are not God and if they speak contrary to the scriptures they do not speak for God. Stand up people!!!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Anonymous July 20, 2015 at 9:44 PM said, "As for David Hulme, what has he ever done, other than waste everyone's time and spend their money to accomplish nothing?

MY COMMENT - As for the Radio/Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong and son Garner Ted Armstrong, what have they accomplished during the last 70 years other than suck the financial life out of the dumb tithe slave sheep, and then leave the multi million dollar religious empire to little Joey Tkach so he could change all the foundational beliefs that the dumb tithe slave sheep paid to Mr. Armstrong to preach and build Ambassador College and the Worldwide Church of God?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

“Yes, 9:44...but David Hulme has
vision -- with an artsy, small v, of course.”

That, too, was a mistake. What David Hulme has should have been called blindness -- with an artsy, small b, of course, written in braille.