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Did Mr. Armstrong Preach the Gospel to World Leaders?

Did Mr. Armstrong Preach the Gospel to World Leaders?

As it became clear that the end-time events would not begin during (or before) 1972, Mr. Armstrong then went on to claim that his new commission was to bring the gospel to world leaders.  Many believed that he had both been given and fulfilled this commission.  Others have stated that HWA merely used this claim as justification to spend lavishly on housing, furnishings, artwork, clothing, cars, airplanes, travel and entertaining and that his visits with dignitaries served no purpose in proclaiming the gospel to the world. 
Can we determine from HWA’s own descriptions of these events (and from documented history) which claim is correct?
From Mr. Armstrong's perspective

Member Letter 7/30/73:  "God has shown me HOW to present it [his gospel]... as a sensational NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT that affects their country... in such a way that their newspapers will PUBLISH THE NEWS—PRINT WHAT I SAY… I believe I can proclaim this true Gospel as something SO NEW—so  STARTLING—so SENSATIONAL—that it will get big headlines in newspapers…"
"It’s NOTHING LIKE what missionaries have taught in those countries! They will not recognize any connection WHATEVER. It will not appear as anything competitive to THEIR religions.
In Japan it will be thundered to them as direct from the CREATOR OF THE JAPANESE PEOPLE.  I will not say anything against their religions...
THAT’S OUR COMMISSION! Just the ANNOUNCEMENT of the soon coming KINGDOM OF GOD.. of course I must reveal this great announcement to these heads of state first…"

Ministerial bulletin  6/3/79:  "Some weeks ago I authorized the formation of a new FOUNDATION—named the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation. It has become a necessary adjunct to this worldwide dimension of getting Christ's TRUE Gospel to the nations through heads of government…[a] whole new phase of the Work.
... One thing has been a serious handicap and caused me and my touring team no little embarrassment. We have had to say that we represent either Ambassador College, or Worldwide Church of God.
... This new Foundation is giving us great added prestige, credibility, and favor. It is something NO ONE CAN CRITICIZE. It doesn't sound 'religious'!"

From an opposing perspective

The following are some comments by Marion McNair, one of the first men to be ordained as an evangelist in HWA's Radio Church of God. He left the organization and wrote “Armstrongism-- Religion or Rip-0ff? ” after becoming disillusioned about Mr. Armstrong.   From pages 60-62 of that book:
 Did the TWELVE APOSTLES, when they came to the attention of rulers, hide the fact they represented Jesus Christ? Did they not say, when confronted, "… we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard… and they spake the word with boldness…" (Acts 4:19-20). Verse 2 of this chapter shows exactly what they preached—"The resurrection of the dead through Christ Jesus."
But Armstrong does not represent Christ to the Japanese. He thunders to them as direct from the CREATOR of the Japanese people. Whatever false god they have in their minds is the one they will "believe" is sponsoring Armstrong. It could be Buddha, Confucius or the Imperial god (Shinto) but not Jesus Christ.
Is that what our Lord instructed? Did He say to go to a nation "in the name of its god"? But rather through Paul, "… whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus…" (Col 3:17)
… Jesus said, "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words… of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh…"   Christ wants His ministers to speak boldly in His name. He did not say, "Go ye therefore unto all the world and SNEAK the Gospel into every nation."

Was Mr. Armstrong's approach effective? 

Did Mr. Armstrong actually have an impact on world leaders (and the world overall) through this with his “sensational” approach?  Did he make headlines and get newspapers to print "the gospel message" that he had delivered?
From Mr. Armstrong's perspective

Member Letter 2/22/74:  And now, PUBLIC APPEARANCE CAMPAIGNS are planned already in THREE nations, sponsored by officials high in the governments of these nations.     Already I have gotten the MESSAGE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD to audiences of 55 to 100 of each nation's LEADERS in banquets or dinners in India, Japan, Thailand, South Vietnam, Ethiopia, and the Philippines.
This is positively miraculous!  It is GOD'S DOING!
God had a SPECIAL MISSION for His first-century apostles -- giving personal eyewitness proof of the RESURRECTION of Christ, as well as proclaiming the Good News of the KINGDOM OF GOD.  From then until 1934, the Church existed, comparatively small in number, persecuted, unable to proclaim the KINGDOM OF GOD to the world.
When I go before kings, presidents, emperors, prime ministers, and the LEADERS of many nations, I go and am received as AN AMBASSADOR FOR WORLD PEACE...                
I go in Satan's great disfavor -- in Satan's eyes and those he has deceived into being used AGAINST the Work of the living God, with no credibility.     But in GOD'S EYES, and in the eyes of the nations' leaders, I go with great FAVOR, THE HIGHEST CREDIBILITY, and in high HONOR!”

Member Letter  12/18/79 :  "We arrived [in Red China] on Sunday evening, December 2nd. On Monday evening I spoke for about a half hour at a banquet in my honor, attended by prominent members of the government and their wives. Tuesday evening I spoke again before the Diplomatic Corps, including ambassadors—many with wives—representing 76 (SEVENTY-SIX) other nations from all parts of the world, beside a number of high-ranking Chinese...
[HWA, quoting a memo by Stan Rader about the meetings] ... "The Vice-Chairman undoubtedly had been advised of your strong comments Monday night and again on Tuesday night. I believe that he knew full well that the United Europe and the cataclysm that would follow were directly connected with your comments about the 'Strong Hand from somewhere' that would save mankind from complete destruction and would be man's salvation and only HOPE."

From the perspective of the news media

NEWS OF THE WORLD  8/1/75 , page 5:   Article below describes how HWA's donations were used to arranged introductions as photo ops, but that his meetings were completely insignificant and his antics were not appreciated by those leaders that had been duped.

THE JERUSALEM POST, 8/24/76 , page 5:   “Herbert Armstrong has shuttled in and out of Israel and the Arab world in the last few years at a rate that would leave Henry Kissinger breathless.
Flying in his own executive jet, the 84-year-old fundamentalist church leader and philanthropist has visited Israel alone 50-60 times since 1965. He has visited almost as extensively in Arab countries. Unlike  Kissinger, he has offered his Israeli hosts neither bitter truths nor hard alternatives—only goodwill and money.  It is an offer neither side has been able to refuse.
Mr. Armstrong’s current visit is in connection with a $250,000 contribution for a playground in Jerusalem’s Liberty Bell Garden… “

Although Mr. Armstrong did make headlines, the subject of the articles was not the gospel of Jesus Christ and the facts regarding his travels led many to question whether he was qualified to be a representative of God. 

This brings us back to the question raised in the beginning:

     Did Mr. Armstrong actually preach the Gospel to world leaders?

First, even by Mr. Armstrong's own statements, it is clear that he did not preach the true gospel of Christ.  His vague message about the “give” and “get” ways of life (and “a strong hand from someplace” intervening in world affairs) to diplomats and other government officials did not equate to delivering the Gospel of Christ, or even an announcement about the coming kingdom of God.  

Second, HWA’s statement about being embarrassed to go before others while representing a church is an extremely troubling admission for one claiming to be Christ's only Apostle of the “one true church”. 

Third, his well-documented life of luxury with his mansions, Rolls Royce’s, art work, and Gulfstream Jets - all financed on the backs of struggling church members - unlikely demonstrated any connection whatsoever to Christ (and his example of service to others) to those dignitaries he interacted with. 

30 years later

For those ministers continuing to believe and/or promote the idea that HWA’s travels were both justified and effective… what proof is there in 2016?  Of all the world leaders that HWA had visited between 1974-1986, how many are still alive or in power at this time?  How many of them actually passed on a single bit of HWA’s message to their own citizens?  How many newspaper headlines carried Mr. Armstrong’s message to the public?  Can we truly say that any of the nations that he had visited were warned… or even informed?

Of the roughly 7 billion inhabitants of the earth at this time, how many of them have even heard of Mr. Armstrong?  Being very generous, let’s assume that the answer is somewhere between 10-50 million people.  That would just represent 0.5% of the world’s total population.  And of that tiny fraction of individuals that do remember Mr. Armstrong, would the majority remember him for the message that he proclaimed or for the manner in which he lived?

California Dreaming


RSK said...

One thing I suspect many didn't know in HWA's later years was that "King" Leopold III, HWAs original connection through which many of his early trips were arranged, was actually throneless. He had abdicated in 1951 after being declared incompetent to rule Belgium - his behavior during WW2 was seen by many Belgians as treason.

Anonymous said...


Since you are "in the know". I'll add that Stanley Rader translated from French, Remy's book. "The eighteenth day." Exonerating Leopold on his behavior.
On a personal note I have been thinking lately what would have been best for the leader of that country. Flee to Canada, or be hostage of Hitler. I guess it was up to the people of Belgium to decide upon the fate or behavior of their leaders.

Since I have decided to remain strictly on topic. Aaron Dean worked full time for his organization. That particular foundation listing HWA and Stanley Rader as directors is up to this day giving grants to the pursuit of science.

Now please BB. Don't call me a hero worshipper. My purpose as I have stated before is just to let people know that at least some of their tithe money is at work up to this very day.


Anonymous said...

HWA would speak of a "strong hand from somewhere" interrupting world history. I'm sure his vague comments turned many people to God. Even GTA referred to these trips as glorified autograph seeking trips. HWA, I believe, was a very insecure person, a high school drop out who felt inferior in many ways. When I had Thanksgiving dinner in his home with about half a dozen other students, HWA was eager to show us old dinner plates that he bought at auction. They were once owned by some member of a European royal family. He was so proud. What does this say about the man? And GTA . . . what must it have been like to be the son of HWA? As executive VP GTA had no real power. All decisions had to be made by HWA. Did GTA feel emasculated by his father? Perhaps this contributed to his infidelity, having to prove something to himself.

Anonymous said...

Herbert W. Armstrong was for five decades the man behind the Worldwide Church of God and all of the related stuff like Ambassador College with three campuses, the radio program, the World Tomorrow television program on 400 stations, the Plain Truth magazine with eight million copies each month, and everything else.

If what HWA did was ineffective, wasteful, and unknown, then what does that say about all the comparatively and actually wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked COG leaders today and the rinky-dink operations that are dividing and declining under their mismanagement even after getting their basic members and teachings from what HWA had built up and what JWT had destroyed two or three decades ago? And this is not even including the evil of the raging false prophets like GRF and DCP that have arisen to pervert all truth and devour everyone and everything in sight.

Senior citizen said...

Even GTA understood that preaching about an anonymous strong hand from someplace is nothing.

"... The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." Romans 10:8-10

In other words you have to say it outloud to others.
HWA and the church even tried to hide the fact that it was a church, let alone preach the gospel of Jesus Christ

"And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God.

For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling.

And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:"
1 cor 2

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:16 PM said...

“When I had Thanksgiving dinner in his home with about half a dozen other students, HWA was eager to show us old dinner plates that he bought at auction. They were once owned by some member of a European royal family. He was so proud. What does this say about the man?”

I, too, have sometimes wondered about this sort of behavior. With HWA's access to money, why wouldn't he just go out and buy nice new dishes and cutlery at the department store? Being willing to buy old, used, dinner plates at auction that questionable political strangers ate off of in the past was possibly just another sign of HWA's humble character and thrifty ways. Some old people are really proud of the bargains they find. This would also have helped out the royal family that must obviously have fallen upon hard times to be forced to sell their kitchen stuff, so it was thoughtful, generous, and helpful of HWA as well.

It sounds like you were not very thankful for the Thanksgiving dinner that HWA shared with you. Admittedly, I might not have been impressed either, but if you had told him of your fussiness, germ phobia, or whatever your problem was, perhaps he could have provided you with a nice clean paper plate to use.

Anonymous said...

And GTA . . . what must it have been like to be the son of HWA? As executive VP GTA had no real power. All decisions had to be made by HWA. Did GTA feel emasculated by his father?

Same with the splits today. Stephen Flurry is surrounded by girly-men at the top of PCG. Rod Meredith's boys are sad little sissies, and many of Rod's other top men are either bisexual, homosexual, or metrosexual/effeminate. No real man would tolerate living under the thumb of Gerald Flurry or Rod Meredith.

Anonymous said...

"...humble character and thrifty ways."

Stop it. My sides hurt.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:16
Sorry if I wasn't clear in my comments. We didn't eat off old dishes. After dinner he opened a drawer and showed us some of the old, worn dishes that he purchased. If they hadn't belongs to royalty, they probably wouldn't have meant anything to him. Somehow, perhaps, owning something once owned by a member of some royal family made him feel more important. I imagine there are others who visit this sight who have had similar experiences during their years at AC.

Byker Bob said...

I think it's hilarious that people have convinced themselves that God would only work with someone who taught that you had to keep all of the Old Covenant laws and ordinances, and then have to spend their entire lives watching as not only all of the prophecies that come from the alleged sabbath keepers fail miserably, but the sabbath keepers also wuss out when "doors are opened" to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a conundrum, in which the lives of their leaders disprove their beliefs.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:02
I'm the one who commented at 1:16 p.m. I was in the WCG for four years, attended and graduated from AC in 73. I am glad I was in the WCG, which was a cult. Why would I be glad? I say to my wife, "You are worth having been in a cult." I not only found a wonderful wife, but I was, as I put it, "vaccinated" against cults. My experience turned me into a Berean (Acts 17:11). I don't accept what someone says simply because they have the title of pastor, bishop, etc. I also teach psychology at a local university. I find confirmation bias in the research that was done at AC. I recall one speech course where a student ranted against dangers of the oral contraceptives. I suspect he had the opinion before he did the research and simply searched for quotes, perhaps taken out of context, to support his views. One point that he didn't make was that the dangers of a pregnancy were even higher than the dangers of using oral contraceptives. When I ask questions of the churches of God today, by way of their website, they are guilty of confirmation bias, also. They quote a passage or two, but ignore all others that don't support their views. I also see belief perseverance among the members. They have invested so much of their lives, money and egos in a system, they can't possibly turn away from it. What about those who gave all their money to a church, their equity in their home, and avoided medical care for themselves and their family? If they are impoverished today, have no Social Security (If they worked for the church), and have lost loved ones due to the lack of medical care, could they live with themselves if they admitted that they were in serious error? So, I think, many just cling to their beliefs. I see narcissistic personalities in leadership positions and some dependent personality types as members. I suspect that many of HWA's top assistance, those who lived on Waverly Drive, knew that their employment opportunities were limited if they left WCG. HWA gave them big titles, nice homes, prestige, and nice offices (fourth floor of Hall of Ad) and they got to ride on a fancy corporate jet. All HWA wanted in return was LOYALTY TO HIM! What would happen to you if he got pissed off with you? Off you went to Bricket Wood. No one had any real authority, except HWA. Rader didn't have authority, but he had what he really wanted. He had control of the money (power) and influence (the ear of HWA). Everyone else in the top positions were empty suits. GTA had what he wanted, he was a well paid celebrity.

Connie Schmidt said...

I think after the 1975 "Super Failure" the Church was flailing around trying to re-invent itself to stay relevant. HWA (along with Rader) went the direction of "Ambassador for World Peace" and the whole AICF nonsense.

GTA in the 70s went with the idea of becoming sort of like a Christian Newscast, with a twice monthly "just in time" Plain Truth magazine that would be more like a newspaper, with columnists like Art Buchwald and the like. Tedster even experimented with the idea of 5 minute radio broadcasts, ala Paul Harvey, to be delivered to literally 1000 radio stations each day. Ted himself said that he liked the idea of becoming something like "The Christian Science Monitor" as a COG news vehicle.

Well, dreams and personalities collided , and the 1978 split was the result.

Tkach had neither vision of GTA or HWA and set about his plan to move the WCG to become a Protestant sect.

Today, COG sects are picking and choosing where they want to be on that timeline. The radical right churches, like Pack and Flurry are doing the pre 1975 version, and the more progressive COGs are trying to either figure out how to be a blend, or are struggling to create a new modern identity, which does not seem to be coming along very well either.

Byker Bob said...

I happen to like antiques and collectables, but not the pedigreed stuff that HWA collected. My bag is modern, and retro modern. As an example, just last week, I picked up some art deco stainless flatware from the 1940s or '50s. It's got butterscotch and cherry jello (colors) Bakelite handles, and is what a family used to eat their food with day to day, saving their more expensive silverware for holidays, special occasions, and when company came. I've also got a new retro flatware set by Fiesta, with red handles, but the old set I just bought is of much better quality.

Nothing wrong with the old stuff. The items I buy at antique shops was made before manufacturers made everything disposable, and is kind of cool, because it is a throwback to simpler times. It's nice to have stuff made in USA around, things that will last forever, instead of products mass produced in China or India.

There's also nothing wrong with having some funky old collectables around, like some farm equipment or the wreckage of a small helicopter in the back yard. Think artsy, think abstract or bohemian! Way cool!


Anonymous said...

THRIFTY!!! Hahahhahahaha. He had gold and silver valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.
He stole tithes and offerings to fill his home with very expensive luxurious items normal people never own.
Just look at the catalog of his things that were sold at auction. Way over the top.
Many of the pieces were of pagan gods.
Wake up

Michael said...

To: Anyone remotely connected with the COGs

Consider the gist of this article.

WCG (and all offshoots) are/were so insignificant and irrelevant to what's happening in the world it's not even funny. Or it is funny, depending on your viewpoint.

The world has not been "warned", nobody knows (or cares) about COG activities.

If that's how "God" operates, he is ineffectual indeed.

Consider for a moment that the whole thing amounts to nothing more than HWA's pet project into which he succeeded in luring some thousands to provide the funds for it.

That's all, the rest is fantasy.

Anonymous said...

5.35 PM, you see this or that bias or dependency in church members. Where is free moral agency in your world view? Can it be that church members are growing, biases and dependencies not with standing. Could it be that God answers the prayers of these dependents, and whatever other short coming these people have?
I'm curious, do you believe in God? Are you aware that supporting the work is a means of growing as a person? I agree that people are being ruthlessly exploited by the likes of Dave Pack and similar, but you don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Anonymous said...

1.31 PM Note that in your post, all that Herbert Armstrong built was physical. But it was a deck of cards build on sand, if not quicksand. It's like today's world economy built on Fed funny money and credit. It too is about to collapse, just like Herbies empire. Armstrong never built his church on the rock of bible morality. He taught the opposite. His 'give way' (whilst hiding trade) was a rejection and attack on 'don't steal' and 'don't covet.' His 'government is everything' teaching robbed church members of the talents that God gave to every church member in the parable of the talents. These talents are life itself. By exercising these talents people build the mind of God. The purpose of human existence is to learn to exercise these talents in a wise, pro life manner. All greatly hindered by Herbie and his cronies theft of many of these talents. Notice also how the church never magnified the ten commandments. It's all Copeland mumbo jumbo religious talk with no substance. People who have attended services for decades, are still morally confused. Armstrong deserves the lake of fire.
Tkach bought the physical church in line with its poor morals. It's Armstrong who destroyed the church in the fundamental sense. Tkach and similar are the effect, not the cause.
Cheers TradingGuy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Where is free moral agency in your world view?

Free moral agency only exists if the opposite opinion is available and studied also.


(I love the rabbit bone part.)

Why in your opinion would Coca Cola still advertise. This is probably the best known brand in the world with incredible growth and marketshare. They do this to confirm and reconfirm the belief of current users about the values they are part of while consuming this brown sweet drink(freedom, autonomy etc etc), not to win any new customers.

As a professional I can tell by what you write and where you live, what products are very likely in your cupboard. Yes, you are the one who by free moral agency decided to acquire those products. How then is it possible that I can predict by at least 60% what you buy and what you wear.

Now, I am not saying God isn't answering prayer or that a person can benefit from supporting good works. I'm just reacting to 5:35 observations at ac, that he explained in quite transparant words.


Anonymous said...

11.48 PM Your "In this sense, the central disagreement between economic ideologies can be viewed as a disagreement about how powerful the "invisible hand" is." is a common justification for trade. But this altruistic explanation is incorrect. The central reason for trade is that "trade is a social system that respects individual rights." It respects the most fundamental right, the right to life, meaning, every person owning their own life. God has not given some people the lives of others. Rather, God has given every person their own life. Historically, people lives were not regarded as an end to itself, but a means to the ends of others. Hence a persons life was owned by his family, group, church, nation. For instance, in todays COGs, a person is looked upon as a slave of the church. Gods laws, including trade are perfection. So yes, it does lift everyone in a society. But it's a derivative, not the goal of trade. Romans 14 tells us that no person owns another. This also means that people should keep their grubby hands off other peoples lives, and they DO NOT have a right to make unfavorable remarks to others (plenty of that here). Why? because people do not own others lives.

Romans_14:4 Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.

Cheers TradingGuy.

Michael said...

Anonymous 11:38 said:
"Are you aware that supporting the work is a means of growing as a person?"

That is what they've taught you to believe.
Did you come up with that on your own, or did you "learn" it from a COG authority?

Certainly you didn't come up with it on your own, right?
Certainly you didn't wake up one day and say "Hmm, it just struck me that me sending money in to "God's work" is a way of me growing as a person.".

No, I believe if you consider it carefully you'll come to the conclusion that that's what they've told you. It is very much in their interest for you to believe that.

They need your funds. They want your money, and cannot exist without your money.
They really are that weak.

They have taught you that "supporting the work" is how you grow as a person, to ensure that you, on your own initiative, will send money to them. Or hand it over on holy days. Or leave your estate in a will.

Try not doing it (not sending $), just for a year, and see if your life goes to pot as they claim it will. (I claim it won't.)

Anonymous said...

I'm 5:35 P.M. Yes, I believe in God and am involved in ministries to help others, teaching Scripture and caring for orphans. And yes, there is free will, etc. But there are also psychological issues to consider, also. Narcissism, belief perseverance, confirmation bias, etc. also play a role.

Anonymous said...

HWA: do you remember what the W stood for and why he used it? Consider this: Here are the traits of a narcissistic personality: grandiose sense of self-importance, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements; preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success and power: believes that he is "special" and unique and can only be understood by or should associate with, other special or high status people. Requires excessive admiration, has a sense of entitlement and automatic compliance with his expectations. Is interpersonally exploitative, takes advantage of others, lacks empathy, is arrogant and haughty. Now tell me, what names come to mind when reading these symptoms? Are there certain professions that have a higher than average number of such personalities, such as cult leaders?
Byker Bob: I like art deco designs also. I rode my motorcycle to Key West a while back and noticed that Miami Beach has an art deco architecture. You purchase antique for a different reason than HWA.

Anonymous said...

When world leaders heard Armstrongs 'strong hand from somewhere,' their advisors would have filled them in on the specifics. The scripture about not being ashamed of Christ, refers principly about the way people live their lives. People have a right to privacy by hiding their religious beliefs. Christ Himself sometimes hid some beliefs by refusing to answer certain questions. On some occasions, He physically hid from view. In this one, people seem to be condemning Herbie for using discretion. Unfair!!

Anonymous said...

Just like Dave Pack will, HWA destroyed his church over time by just showing up and starting one.

Anonymous said...

W stood for whackadoodle

Byker Bob said...

The bottom line for me is that the Armstrong movement made no second or third steps, at least not of the types that register as being perceivable. HWA made people miserable (but wrestling with their attitudes), managed to live the lifestyle which he always coveted, and then died. Since then, his empire has slowly slidden into ignominy. Perhaps all of us would have been better off if he had taught us the gospel of the invisible hand, but he reserved that one not for the dumb and oppressed sheep, but for those whom he considered to be his rightful peers, the rich and powerful.

Not that I'm a follower, but there are those whose lasting influence has commanded a continuing serious group of students around the world, such as Meher Baba, or Yogananda Paramahansa. But, alas. False prophecy and self enrichment enforced by totalitarianism do not wear well once the evil incestuous one has departed. HWA was a net negative. Soon, considering the dwindling core of loyalists, even the lasting negative effects on peoples' daily lifetyles will be gone and forgotten. He did the world a solid when he failed to groom and impose a credible successor who could have taken the movement to the next level. All the pretenders to his mantle have managed to do is to preside over a downward spiral. And, that is the way it should be.


Anonymous said...

2.43 AM. I go to the gym, and workout very hard. I find that praying for the work is as hard as a good workout. And by workout, I mean lifting weights till I go red in the face. So it's self evident that a person builds character and becomes more loving and mature by praying for others. By supporting the work, we are like a mini-me version of God.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

5:21, women everywhere had to be on the lookout for an "ARM-strong hand from somewhere," because those hands roamed freely, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...


You asked what the H stood for.
Why not hear from the master himself.
(not hwa so it's safe)



Retired Prof said...

Lots of comments on this thread about supporting the work as a way of growing as a person.

I'm only a single data point, so don't take this as a recommendation that will work for everybody. One simple act allowed me to grow as a person: boarding a Greyhound bus and leaving Ambassador College and the church that sponsored it behind.

Anonymous said...

Retired Prof, I'm curious. I thought Ambassador college was about bettering oneself. It is a college after all. So why leave?

Anonymous said...

By supporting the work, we are like a mini-me version of God.

The above mentioned quote is a great example of the delusion that's kept many in the armstrongist milieu.

There was even a sad sack posting here about how people often want to physically assault him.
Could it be that the comes off as a total holier-than-thou arrogant jerk towards others?
I wouldn't be surprised if that person twists things in his head to see peoples' reactions to his jerkiness as "proof" that he's righteous- and that he secretly likes it and begs for more of it in his prayers!

Anonymous said...


He asked what the "W" stood for, and not what the "H" stood for.
H is for Herbie, the mass-murdering cult leader.
The W, Herbie just made up out of thin air!

So we are free to do an "if the shoe fits" thingy on the W.
Here are a few possibilities, and you'll notice that like a child's wooden block puzzle, all of the following suggestions fit into Herbie's crooked hole easily-

Weeny, Whacky, Wackadoodle, Whopper, Witless, Woozy, Worthless, Wounding, Worshipped, Wormlike, Worst, Wretched, Wrinkly, Wrathful and Wrongheaded.


Anonymous said...

AC was not a real college. A real college respects sound scholarship and allows for discussion of ideas. AC was an indoctrination center. It was a showpiece for HWA. Both the college and HWA were empty suits. They looked good on the outside, but beneath the surface . . . . . nothing.
AC grad 73.

Retired Prof said...

For anonymous at Feb. 18, 3:44 AM:

Ambassador College was an institution that retarded growth instead of promoting it. I'm talking about personal and intellectual growth. I can't say about spiritual growth, because the word "spiritual" means something different to just about everybody who uses it. Even if I had a clear idea about what it meant, readers and listeners would all understand something different.

Anyway, the expression "yellow pencils" for Ambassador students had not been coined yet at the time I left, but it pretty much nails the kind of conformity we were expected to achieve. All through my childhood and youth, I had been a nonconformist, and it was apparent from the beginning that I did not fit the Ambassador pencil box. Too many rough edges. The Ambassador philosophy of education was to "knock off our rough edges"--a process of reduction rather than growth.

If you want a fuller expression of my disappointment in AC, go to "The Painful Truth" blog and check out my articles archived there, under the year 2007.

Anonymous said...

5.23AM. Sad Sack here. Your rant against me confirms my complaints, and gives me credibility. Thank for helping me out.