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Rod Meredith – Spinning Yarns for 50 Years

Rod Meredith – Spinning Yarns for 50 Years

For any member of LCG, consider the following.  From the beginning of his career, Rod Meredith issued numerous totally inaccurate prophetic warnings with extreme confidence and apparent conviction, just like his mentor Mr. Armstrong.  Also, Mr. Meredith praised HWA like no other and vouched for HWA’s pinpoint prophetic accuracy… despite the fact that it was a complete falsehood.  
How can this man still be seen as being a credible representative of God?

Consider just a few of Rod Meredith’s false assertions…

Plain Truth, August, 1957, page 5, R.C.Meredith: "We will soon find that hoof-and-mouth disease will spread COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL! These things are not far off. They are here and NOW! DISEASE EPIDEMICS are prophesied to begin soon! America, WAKE UP! After 1965... We will begin to experience the pangs of starvation..." 

Plain Truth, June, 1963, page 46, RCM: "This coming, revived Holy Roman Empire which is prophesied to arise in Europe and CONQUER America and Britain within the next ten to twelve years ..."

1963 "The Inside Story of The World Tomorrow Broadcast" booklet, Rod Meredith, p. 12.    "...[Dr. C. Paul Meredith] had always been a student, and he took careful notes on Mr. Armstrong's prophetic sermons. As time went on, he compared these notes to the events that were taking place -- and to what other preachers had said -- and soon came to realize that Mr. (H.W.) Armstrong was the only one who actually knew what was going to happen BEFORE it happened!" 
"This is the ONLY Work on earth that really understands ... the specific meaning of present-day world events, and the exact time schedule of prophecy!" (IBID, p. 17)

1963 "The Inside Story of The World Tomorrow Broadcast" booklet, R. Meredith, p. 54.  “But Who Is Behind All This? Just as Noah, a "preacher of righteousness" (II Pet. 2:5), stood ALONE in warning the world of his day of its impending destruction; just as Abraham, with his family, stood ALONE in obeying God in his day; just as Moses, "whom they refused" (Acts 7: 35) , stood ALONE when God first began dealing with ancient Israel and bringing them out of slavery in Egypt; just as Elijah warned ancient Israel and cried out: ‘I am left ALONE, and they seek my' life" (Rom. 11:3); just as John the Baptist stood ALONE, not affiliated with the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes or any of the other religious groups of his day-warning Israel of his day "like a voice in the wilderness"; so Mr. Armstrong and this prophetic Work stand ALONE as God's instrument in warning the modern descendants of ancient Israel…of their coming national punishment, and heralding the second coming of Jesus Christ IN PERSON as King of kings and Lord of lords!

Just as Elijah trained the "sons of the prophets" to aid him in ancient Israel (II Kings 2: 3-5); just as John the Baptist had his disciples and assistants; just as Jesus Christ Himself trained young men as disciples to assist Him in the ministry as He stood ALONE against religionists of His day; so Mr. Armstrong has founded the Ambassador Colleges…   and standing ALONE-as God's "watchman" (Ezek. 33 :2) to warn modern Israel of exact and SPECIFIC punishments from God! 
These prophesied punishments on our people are right NOW beginning to have a great effect on the lives of every one of you who is reading this booklet.”

1963 "The Inside Story of The World Tomorrow Broadcast" booklet, R. Meredith, p. 56.  “Where True UNDERSTANDING Really Comes From?   Why are The WORLD TOMORROW broadcasts and The PLAIN TRUTH articles always on top of the news?" many ask...     God has made us willing to quit arguing and reasoning and to truly OBEY His commandments and instructions in the Bible literally. Then He has literally given us a 'good understanding" so we can KNOW the meaning of present day world events and what WILL HAPPEN in the near future. Other groups play talk in vague generalities about the coming world cataclysm or Tribulation or "the Lord's return some day," but no other religious Work on earth understands SPECIFICALLY what is happening!... 

But the UNDERSTANDING of this news and its application to YOUR life comes only from God. And God has said: "Surely the Lord God will do NOTHING, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7).  You have just been introduced to some of the leading ministers and servants of the Most High God on earth today! You can easily PROVE that this is so any time you wish to with art open mind and an open heart. This is the prophesied Work of God for this end time. It is the last generation of whom Jesus said: "Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come'' (Matt. 10:23). “

Perhaps an ex-LCG member could document a more extensive “RCM Prophetic Record” for the benefit of all of those members who remain unaware of his extensive track record of error.



Anonymous said...

“Rod Meredith – Spinning Yarns for 50 Years”

So now the story is that he has kept himself busy spinning yarns all these years?

Was anyone ever able to knit some nice sweaters with all the yarn?

And here I had thought that all he did was talk and talk and talk.

Michael said...

Good that there exists solid proof of the buffonery & nonsense these people spouted for years in Very Serious Inspired Sermons.

Floyd 1944 said...

Rod needs to be held accountable for what he says. Obviously he doesn't believe what he says. Did any of the ministers sell their homes. Did any of them give their all they had in savings to lcg. Of course not. Rod shouts all these dire warnings but they mean nothing to him and his butt kissers. Has he gotten the 15 per cent increase he wanted people to beseech God for?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a former work boss. Every project was soooo very important, and the deadline soooo short, that people shouldn't mind if he constantly verbally whipping them, and walking all over their rights. It became obvious after a while that the tight deadlines were pulled out of thin air. This bosses motive of hoping to get raises and promotions for being soooo productive, didn't happen. Upper management knew he was 'cheating' by mistreating his workers.
It's exactly the same with today's ministers. The same ploy and the same motive. And the same result of no eternal rewards. Must play by the rules folks. Are you listening 'cheating' ministers?

Anonymous said...

Rod Meredith is the same yesterday and today in his thinking as evidence by his writing of false prophecies; he lied about scriptures. Rod is a very good example of what lack of repentance means; he is the same. Repentance simply means change, and Rod Meredith has not changed.

In fact, one of the reasons the United Ass. was created was because most of the former wcg ministers who left Pasadena (and left their ministerial credentials behind) formed United and did not want to come "under the Rod." They knew how Rod treated them as former students of his. They perceived that Rod had not changed one iota in his treatment of others. And they all drank in the same false prophecies, mind you!

Rod could not tell the difference between a hoof and a foot. How do we know?

For example, take that first mentioned article where Rod Meredith in great confidence in 1957 wrote the following:

"...We will soon find that hoof-and-mouth disease will spread COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL! These things are not far off. They are here and NOW!..."

He could have instead written those words as follows:

"...We will soon find that foot-in-mouth disease will spread COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL! These things are not far off. They are here and NOW!..."

And that would have been the truth as the "foot-in-mouth" disease seems to be out of control in Living, United, cogWA, xcogs still to this day.

Hoof-in-mouth never went out of control like Rod falsely prophesied, did it?

But his (and the xcogs') "foot-in-mouth" disease continues on.........

How many are still looking for them 10 kings? Those 10 nations to show up on the world scene? How many still looking for Christ's "second coming" when they know and know that they know that Jesus Christ returned to earth for a second time (a real Biblical "second coming" after His murder, resurrection, visit to His Father in Heaven)? When really will "the man of sin be revealed?" Or, has the man of sin already been revealed? etc....


Black Ops Mikey said...

What is so freaking amazing about this is that the Bible Meredith claims to preach declares the death penalty on false prophets, and not just to die, but to be gone and forgotten forever.

He's profoundly unrepentant. How can he not realize that he's fodder for the Lake of Fire?

Perhaps on Judgement Day he will give the excuse that he was carrying on the Work Herbert Armstrong began, and God will point to a short fat ugly rotund body falling into the Lake of Fire and God will say, "Oh, you mean him?"

At least he can never complain that no one warned him....

DennisCDiehl said...

The yarns spun go back to mid-sixth century BCE...

Anonymous said...

Forget about RCM's failed prophecies and predictions. His character, or lack thereof, is far more disturbing to me. He has shown himself to be a liar time and time again. He is quit to judge and slow (as in never) to forgive. He is shallow and uncaring. He thrives off of being submitted to and loves being worshipped and adored by his throngs of zombie followers. He most certainly believes he is to be served and has never personified servant leadership. His ego is completely out of control. His god is money and power and he will crush anyone who tries to stop him in his pursuit of money and power. He has zero comprehension of the new testament and thinks he is saved by keeping the letter of the law. I have never in all my life met anyone MORE like a Pharisee than Roderick C. Meredith.

How people can overlook his character and remain in his church is mind numbing.

Byker Bob said...

Normally, you would expect that the generation of ministers' children who went to Imperial Schools in the 1970s might have matured into today's dynamic leaders, taking the movement to the next level. But, we know that many of the brightest ones from that generation became disillusioned and discovered the sanctity of an old Hebrew temple herb, used by the priests as a sweet aromatic, kaneh bosm.


Anonymous said...

9.56AM. I don't believe his followers are overlooking his character at all. As I've mentioned before, many times when l socialised with church members in the 1980s, people would warm to, and treat as the group leader, the person with the worst character. I experienced this many times. The people with the better character were ignored, or mistreated. They chose his church because of his known bad character. It's the ugly truth.

Anonymous said...

STOP blaspheming the holy RCM!
These quotes are from dissident literature!
How dare you use them against the dear old RCM, servant of God in these last days . . . .
even if he did write these words himself!
Dissident literature includes any COG publication more than five years old and it should never be used to malign, or convict, the present COG Levitical Priesthood.

Anonymous said...

Since Meredith has such a prolific and well-recorded record of lying in order to get people to send him their money? Can't someone sue his flaming pants off?

Assistant Coffee Maker said...

Point well taken, even though on the surface it seems like pure sarcasm and sinicism. Here's something that backs up your satire:
There has been much confusion in recent months surrounding the proper Biblical guidelines for Church governance, and on the importance of the Great Commission in the Church’s setting of priorities. The Living Church of God was formed as a result of conflicting perspectives on these issues. The article below was excerpted from a letter written by the Church’s Treasurer, Fred Dattolo.

Conflict on How the Church Should be Governed
Those who have read all of the papers recently mailed to the ministry and membership in an attempt to rebut Dr. Meredith’s letter to the membership will notice that these papers repeatedly imply that the “government” booklet is the only document that the Church should use in formulating its position on government. For example, it is stated that “the Government booklet is VERY CLEAR as how the NT Church functioned, and as how, then, GCG would function” (letter to the Council of Elders, May 11, 1998). There are several problems with this conclusion. First, the booklet had a specific purpose. Note how Dr. Meredith himself explains it:
“This booklet is NOT intended to be a thorough discussion of all the details and ramifications of church government. Please understand that. Rather, it is intended to help honest and courageous Christians know what they should do when the controlling leadership positions in their church organization become hijacked or corrupted by evil men whose agenda is to turn that church from the Truth” (When Should You Follow Church Government? October 1995, p.2).

In other words, as Dr. Meredith stated on several occasions, his intent was to show the brethren that when the leader of God’s Church quits preaching the Truth, the brethren are not obliged to remain in the corporate organization. Therefore, the emphasis of the booklet supports the purpose for which he wrote it. Even so, contrary to what certain individuals would have us believe, Dr. Meredith did not say that Peter was not a leader among equals!

VRead the whole thing here.

Anonymous said...

“Rod Meredith – Spinning Yarns for 50 Years”

After 50 years of saying that the end will start to come in the next 3 to 5 years, Roderick Meredith is just rambling the same old words out of force of habit. He might even think that he is telling the truth and doing a good work. A lifetime of such bad behavior has him so familiar and comfortable with it that it seems normal to him. It probably does not even occur to him that he is a shameful, lying, false prophet who has told lies over and over and never learned from his major mistakes.

The important question for his followers is, Will you ever learn from your major mistake of listening to him?

Anonymous said...

You know, when I think of the wcg sayings claiming something will "happen in the next three to five years", I always think of Roderick Meredith.

Was RCM truly the king of this phrase, or is my memory wrong when thinking Rod is the guy who promoted this phrase more than Armstrong's other top dogs did?