Friday, March 4, 2016

Is Living Church of God suffering as a church because of its leader Rod Meredith?

Anonymous said... 
lcg, like any other organization, is a reflection of the character of its leader; we all know this is not the first time dr. Meredith has been sued for this exact same kind of behavior...
when i attended lcg a decade ago there was a member who was disfellowshipped because they refused to stop eating swine; then in a sermon the minister mentioned this person and basically said negative things about this person, rather than just letting bygones be...
later, i was told either cut my long hair or i could no longer attend; i chose not to cut my hair, not because i wanted to merely keep my hair long, but as a matter of principle because i felt lcg, and wwcg in general did always choke on a gnat and wolf down a camel; 
i later wrote the minister and asked him not to slander me as he did the other member that he disfellowshipped, and warned him that if i found out that he did, i would consider legal action against him... 
dr. meredith, if you are not satisfied with the growth of the lcg you should look in the mirror and curse yourself; your own unkind, spiteful callous character has not only stunted the growth of lcg, and kept you from becoming the rightful leader of wwcg, but has indeed hindered the gospel... 
March 3, 2016 at 4:16 PM 


DennisCDiehl said...

Well said. It is personality disorder promoting itself to incompetence and the inability to recognise it

Anonymous said...

This happened in Charlotte. I remember it.

Meanwhile, Mike Meredith repeatedly committed adultery but got to stay in church and David Meredith is addicted to porn, drugs and committing adultery and he gets to stay in church. Don't even get me started on John Meredith's sex issues and they are all raging alcoholics.

In LCG, the sin doesn't matter. What matters is who you are, who you are friends with and how much money and ass kissing you are willing to give Rod Meredith.

Byker Bob said...

8:09 ~ If your report is totally accurate, that's a shame. It must be tremendously difficult for church members to deal with such a miserable example. Many of the so-called "worldly" churches would classify the incidents you cited as moral failures, and would be putting such members under intensive care, possibly even asking them not to attend.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Or... you can take The 8 Signs of a Bad Leader from Entrepreneur.

Still works.

Especially #8: Lack of Humility.

Anonymous said...

Interesting if John Meredith is indeed a raging alcoholic with sex issues and has never been given the boot.
Is this true or just a rumor?

Hopefully, he's not been a child molester- like HWA and untold numbers of Catholic Priests and Christian megachurch leaders were.

Anonymous said...

As the reason why LCG is suffering, I would say exactly what Byker Bob said on February 29, 2016 at 8:22 PM - See more at:

"The very concepts of the doctrines which they have inherited, and the ways in which they have administered them are directly responsible for all of the corruption you see around you. Those concepts spawn not only the corruption, but also a famine of blessings, leading to contraction rather than growth. The bad strands or threads which have been interwoven are so integral to the garment that they are not able to be separated from the body of the fabric. All of the splintering with roughly similar and very consistent results should be proof positive that this is true. And, when that happens the cloth must be discarded, and a new fabric woven."

Anonymous said...

Interesting if John Meredith is indeed a raging alcoholic with sex issues and has never been given the boot.
Is this true or just a rumor?

John is Meredith's youngest child from his second marriage. He attends in Charlotte and lives with his father. He and Mike are the only two of the six Meredith kids who aren't on their father's payroll. That deserves some respect. It's true that no ordinary member would be allowed to attend while having John's issues, but at least John isn't a talentless parasite like the other kids.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Mike and John are also the two Meredith making the more money!

Mickey said...

"He lives with his father"? Sorry that doesn't deserve my respect. He is still living indirectly off the backs of members.

Anonymous said...

Human narcissm in a nut-shell:
And Seriousness

The more one suffers from these afflictions, the more of an asshole they will be.
Was Jesus Christ an asshole? HELL NO!
What about the higher-ups in Armstrongism? HELL YEAH!
Then Jesus Christ was never the head of their church.
Well, not unless Jesus Christ was a failure in job-training and customer service.

The Armstrong way is all about entitlement to God and NOT about spiritual growth.
It seems that the sheeple will only be allowed to eat the menu or more likely because the cooks can't cook and don't have any of the ingredients. And all along the way, the cooks will still demand to be paid outrageous prices for services rendered. Hell's kitchen indeed!
Sheeple, find some REAL GOOD WHOLESOME food before you starve yourselves to death!


Byker Bob said...

Any way you stack it up, it sounds as if there is a mess in Charlotte. Such a cluster can't help but send mixed messages to all of the members. Some of the ministers' kids back in the 1970s acted out, and freely used alcohol and drugs as teenagers and young adults, but the Meredith spawn would have to be in their 40s and 50s at this late date. Most people who partied too much in their twenties managed to stabilize their lives by the time their thirties rolled around.

It nearly sounds as if these misbehavers have been allowed to make the entire Charlotte congregation their codependents! Not good, especially when people are being marked and shunned for lesser or nonexistent offenses.


Anonymous said...

David is the youngest (not John).

John lives with his Dad to help. Not because he's a slacker.

David just got out of rehab (again). I'm guessing LCG money funded that too. I once looked into rehab for a family member and insurance doesn't cover it. It usually takes $20,000-$60,000 for a month of inpatient rehab which is what Dave just completed.

There is no doubt that if these boys didn't share DNA with Spanky, mcNair would have put them out by now. But of course, they get a free pass.

Justice and fairness do not exist in LCG.

The best thing to do is never ask questions and stay u fet the radar.

Anonymous said...

Just found this thread. You guys don't even know who the oldest, youngest, or what age the kids are. This thread is full of confusion and misleading stories from HQ. Easy to judge from outside the circle! Shalom.

Anonymous said...

oh please! Lets call the waaaaambulance. Everyone knows who is being talked about. Considering most on this thread are LCG members I guess they wont appreciate your comment too much.