Friday, July 29, 2016

End of the World Happened July 29. Are You Still Here?

Leave it to another American cult to declare the end of the world.  This one claims sit is to happen by the end of the day.  These fools are just as big liars as the lying Church of God prophets are.  From Thiel to Malm to Pack, not a single one of these lying false propehts know what they are talkiing about.


Byker Bob said...

Awesome! Bring it on and let the games begin! To hell with all the fear these jack holes try to spread!


Anonymous said...

Well, the free upgrade to Windows 10 offer for many users ends today...



Sweetblood777 said...

From what I have read concerning Windows 10 it is not recommended to install. Before I read this I did accept Microsofts free offer and installed it on one of my computers. After trying it for a few days, I went back to Windows 7. I didn't like the interface. This and the fact that many computer experts were against it, were enough for me to reject it.

As far as the end being today, I noticed that many Youtube videos had this caption on the icons of different groups. I listened to a couple, and discovered that the subject was not spoken of. It strongly looks like a malicious group or person, was inserting this caption on the thumbnails. Hopefully this will stop after today,but I wouldn't be surprised if this person just continues his evil and pastes a different date, on videos that are NOT his.

Connie Schmidt said...

The LCG "SUPER FAST" is the 30th, and HWAs 124th Birthday and 99th Wedding Anniversary are on the 31st, so does this mean that we are in the Millennium now???

Anonymous said...

Another failed end date...

I just hate it when that happens.

Now I'm off to pig out at Golden Corral in honor of LCG's fast.


Anonymous said...

This is when the world will end: "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea." (Revelation 21:1).

But before we get to that point Christ has to return and rule for 1,000 years.

Anyone saying the world is coming to an end beforehand does not know the scriptures, or is intentionally trying to deceive, and prey on the fears of others who also do not know the scriptures(otherwise they wouldn't even take anyone like that seriously).

Anonymous said...

REM song - It's the End of the World

Anonymous said...

Millennium in Rev. simply denotes a very long time.
The church always believed the kingdom of God was in the church which has its citizenship above.
The church is the true Jerusalem not any city on earth. The earthly city is now called Ishmael and Hagar which are cast out and the church is Sarah. "Cast out the bondwoman and her son".
The heresy of dispensationalism has created this false millennium and all the assorted ridiculous beliefs of the adventist and evangelical offshoots.
The focus on the so-called 'tribulation' most of which happened in 70 AD is not what Christianity is about. As Christ said in this world you will always have tribulation(pressures) but that is not the focus.
The focus on tribulation is what is called psychic trauma or trauma based mind control.
It keeps people in certain religions out of fear.
Christianity is not a fear religion. Men have tried to make it such however.

The thief on the cross knew the truth and was saved in an instant.
"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead you WILL BE SAVED."
That's all there is to it and then Christ lives in you and you will want to do good.
You will tell people about the joy and liberty in Christ not the 'soon coming tribulation" and the god of the churches of god who is blood thirsty and never satisfied with anything you do. That is a false God.
Come out of 'her' people.

By the way, the miracles of Rev mostly happened in the first century when Jerusalem saw a man on a horse coming with angelic hosts in great power, etc.
Read Josephus. It all occurred then.
Troubles and wars are with us to the end but the Great Tribulation came on the generation that killed Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. On that generation came all the blood of all the martyrs of history just as Christ said it did.

Anonymous said...

Windows 10 sucks! Many problems with it.
And yes there is a connection!!!!
Windows: the BEAST! and the church is active on it!
And look:
Gerald Malm Bob Dave and that other guy is the many heads of this beastial systme.
The Evil Hydra
HWA is the image of the beast that is worshipped! And they DO worship him despite what they claim.
Ain't it awful?

Former Cleveland Church Of God Official Gets 34-Month Federal Prison Sentence For Stealing $889,766 From Church
Thursday, August 13, 2015
A former top Church of God International official was sentenced on Thursday afternoon to serve 34 months in federal prison for stealing $889,766 from the Cleveland, Tn.-based church.

Judge Curtis Collier told Troy Scot Carter, "The real victims are the members of the church."

Prosecutor James Brooks said many of the churches "are in small, rural communities and they don't drive Porsches." He said Carter bought a Porsche and took trips to New York with some of the money.

The defendant told the court, "I've lost it all."

Byker Bob said...

In the mixed colloquialisms of a nascent hipster whom I once knew, who had grown up in the 1940s, and often inadvertently combined 1940s slang with 1960s slang, Herbert W. Armstrong "pulled a boner".

Seriously, even William Miller spiritualized "the end" away after a couple years of failure. How long will it take for the Armstrongites to realize that HWA wasn't off by a small amount that can be tweeked by a few minor math adjustments?

There is an old proverb: Respect those who are searching for all the answers, but be very wary of people who claim to have found them.

Life seems by design to have certain unfathomable mysteries.


Anonymous said...

Different Church of God, folks.

this one is a Pentecostal Denomination, about 4 million members.

Anonymous said...

Sweetblood777 said: "From what I have read concerning Windows 10 it is not recommended to install. Before I read this I did accept Microsofts free offer and installed it on one of my computers. After trying it for a few days, I went back to Windows 7. I didn't like the interface. This and the fact that many computer experts were against it, were enough for me to reject it."

Sweetblood777, I stayed away from Windows 10, denying its assault daily trying to get me to accept it, for the longest time...until one day it looked like I did something that allowed Windows 10 to be automatically installed on my computer and I could do nothing to stop it. So, I lived with it.

I don't like Windows 10...and I'd like to return to Windows 7. I am rather ignorant to a big extent with computers and this Windows 10.

Is there any easy way to uninstall Windows 10 and get back to Windows 7 as you did? And do it without losing any of my files? If not, then I will endure living with it.

Thanks, in advance...


Anonymous said...

all these false predictions of the end of the world reminds me of the false predictions of the demise of the cogs made on this page...

fact is flesh and blood cannot predict the future...

Anonymous said...

"The thief on the cross knew the truth and was saved in an instant."

Absolutely untrue.

Jesus told the thief that he would be with Him in the second resurrection, which would be his opportunity for salvation. In no way was it implied that he had been saved already.

Some like to hide behind the "new covenant" banner thinking it absolves them of any responsibility to obey God. The confusion will be cleared up in due time.

Black Ops Mikey said...

The prophecy is 100% true.

Just the timing is off (a familiar excuse used by Armstrongists).

Jim Baldwin said...

Let's see--It is now a couple of days later and all things continue while the alarmists have egg on their faces.

The Bible says in Mat 24:34 "I assure you: This generation will certainly not pass away until all these things take place". Says Christ the false prophet speaking to those in his time.

Couple this with Deu 18:21-22.

v21 "You may say to yourself 'How can we recognize a message the LORD has not spoken?"

v22 " When a prophet speaks in the LORD's name, and the message does not come true or is not fulfilled, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him." (The Christian Standard Bible. 2007)

You folks here are trapped in a futurist interpretation of Bible history. The futurists like Armstrong have been struggling with the discussion of these troublesome verses for centuries, ever since Christ did not show up as he prophesied in the first century. He was a false prophet and all his followers are so likewise. Do some study on the history of the Christian Church instead of huddling in fear of your manipulators. Consider how many Christian denominations don't pay any attention to cries of "The sky is falling".

BTW--I quote the Bible, not because I believe it but you do".

Anonymous said...

No Anonymous it is true. Nothing was said about the '2nd resurrection" Christ told him he would be with him in paradise today. TODAY. And the church trying to make it something else with reference to commas is ridiculous.
In every statement in which Christ says Verily, verily he only once says "today". Therefore we can take him at his word.

The CofG always has to say, "the scripture is wrong or written wrong or, it really doesn't mean that it means something else" .
Armstrongism has rewritten the bible in that way. Oh , that's spurious. Oh, that's a comma mispaced. Its rubbish. Just rubbish.
No one in Christianity hides under anything. When Christ is alive in you, a person is lead by the Holy Spirit and no longer has desires to disobey God. Adultery, murder, theft are far from your heart.
In the Orthodox Church we say, we were saved, we are being saved and we will be saved.
We also reaize Sat is the sabbath day and Sunday is the Lords Day. We observe both and that is why we have weekends without work for the most part. But the stringent law of sabbath is fulfilled in Christ who is our Sabbath.
If he was not then you Armstrongists should be stoned for not observing the sabbath strictly enough.
No church teaches the law is done away.
We teach it is fulfilled by Christ who alone was able to keep the law fully.
As he said if you look at women and like what you see you are guilty of adultery. All men are guilty of that and women too. But Christ was never guilty of any of that. He fulfilled all the law.
We were baptized with him,we died with him and we were raised with him as the bible says.
When God looks at us he sees Christ. This is what it means to be in Christ.
We slip and fall but we ever do try to live up to Christ. But condemnation is not what is on us.
We are free of that burden There is liberty in Christ. Christ conquered satan and death when he rose. We rose with him once we believe and accept him as our Savior!

As much as Armstrongists claim to believe in grace they trust in their own power through law keeping to 'make it' into the kingdom.
We trust in Christ and the holy spirit guides us to live a better way.
Armstrong never understood the power of Christ or the power of what he did for the world.

Give up trying to save yourself. Trust in the Lord, believe in him and what he did for you. He will give you his spirit and that will lead you into the truth and to salvation.

Anonymous said...

"No Anonymous it is true. Nothing was said about the '2nd resurrection" Christ told him he would be with him in paradise today. TODAY."

was Jesus in paradise (perfect world, following the millennium) that day? or was he dead and buried for 72hr?

your reading of the passage makes Jesus out to be a liar.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you people?

Windows 10 ROCKS!

SO GLAD I updated to it on all of our computers!

What's the matter?
Did Trump say that installing Windows 10 will inhibit a person's right to believe the stupid shit he spouts? No way! NOT SO!

You can even believe in CRAZY TRUMP NUMBERS while using Windows 10.

Anonymous said...

After all these years I say bring it on! I am SO sick of this tribulation nonsense, for 55 years of my life it's been the elephant in the room. Every COG has used its scare tactics to keep everyone in the fold. Well, it's not working. Cry wolf long enough and its message is having exactly the same effect on all of us here. Put up or shut up already. If this is it, I'm more than ready.

Anonymous said...

That's okay, we still get to wait for our own "itstimecog" commenter's date of October 11/12.

Jim Baldwin said...

Here is some material about the alledged second coming.

Stephen said...

I'm not sure if Windows 10 rocks or not. It's better than 8. WTF happened to 9?

Is Sweets going to use Windows 7 for the rest of his/her life? How do you know Windows 7 patches aren't spying on you? Are you going to move to a Mac? Is that going to protect you? Oh, now nobody can spy on you...right...

These days, everybody is spying on you. What are you going to do so that Big Brother is not spying on you? Move to an uninhabited island?

It must be fun living a paranoid life for some people. Why else would they run when they have nothing to hide? I'm mean, sure, I'd rather have my privacy than not have it, but being that there's no such thing anymore, that still doesn't seem like a reason to stop living. At least to me.

Anonymous said...

Folks who embraced Windows 10 are now in the "Wonderful World Tomorrow" as they start downloading and installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. As for the others, there will be "weeping and gnashing of teeth" as Microsoft stops support for older versions of Windows. Will you heed to the "knock and open the window (sic) for Windows 10 to come in to you and dine with you and you with it."

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure if Windows 10 rocks or not. It's better than 8. WTF happened to 9?"

It's called Windows Ten because Seven ate Nine.