Sunday, July 31, 2016

How It Works at LCG HQ When You Are Disposed Of

This was posted in relation to the John Robinson firing:

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY in the universe that Bowmer quit. He has been Mr. Ames' right-hand-man since the beginning. 
What's far more likely is that he got caught saying something less than flattering about Meredith, McNair or Ceiseilka and a spy turned him in.
They way they do it at LCG HQ's is they sit you down at the executive table and tell you that you are fired but if you agree to sign a series of papers relinquishing your rights and stating that you will remain silent, they will go with whatever reason you prefer (quit, needed to move to take care of mom, had health issues, etc.).
This is how it has always worked at LCG headquarters. 
Bill and John were fired from editorial no matter what lies/spin HQs tries to spew out.
The only question that remains is why?

July 31, 2016 at 5:48 PM 


Anonymous said...

John was fired. Bill resigned. Word is he could do no wrong with Ames or Meredith and was known for having meltdowns (crying, yelling, pouting) if he didn't get his way. I would assume he didn't get his way or felt very threatened in some way. Question is, will either stay in LCG?

Byker Bob said...

Who needs soap operas when you've got an ACOG! The only difference is that people on soap operas don't make false prophecies, don't threaten one other with the Lake of Fire, and when they extort money, they don't insist that it is for God!

By the way, this deal of ultimatums to quit or be fired is to keep people from filing for unemployment benefits. It's common in industry. Unemployment claims can negatively impact employers. Non-fault termination can also benefit the exiting worker, though, because it's not on his or her permanent record that they were fired for cause. Unfortunately, employees of the ACOGs are not encouraged to have savings, or any sort of cushion. Overages beyond what is required in order to live are where the offerings come from. They tell you that where your money is, your heart is. It'd be nice if members could feel good about this, but they live in fear instead.


Anonymous said...

There is clearly more to this story. Bill and John were both in editorial. Are we to believe that they coincidentally decided to quit or got fired at the same time?

Isn't it sad that LCG administration are such liars that we can't trust any information coming from them?

Talk about lack of transparency!

If they truly were the most pure, honest, God-led men on this earth, then they wouldn't need to cover their tracks and spin stories to make their actions sound less heinous than they really are.

Why is this so easy for us to see but the members in LCG are completely blind to it?

Anonymous said...

Bill Bowmer got a large inheritance from his family. He worked at headquarters because he wanted to serve 'God's work', not because he needed a paycheck. It was an earnest desire. He worked hard and did a good job. He was socially awkward but very intelligent (which is rare at LCG HQs and I'm not saying that to be mean, it's true).

Having known Bill for many years, I can't imagine that he "quit". He would have had to been fired. He worked directly under Richard Ames and was Mr. Ames' primary pet. Mr. Ames has a short fuse and a horrible temper. It couldn't have been easy to work for him all those years (since the beginning) but Bill put up with it. Why now, all of a sudden are we to believe he randomly decided to quit at the exact same time John Robinson decided he was going to allegedly work from home? I'm not buying it.

Maybe they fired John and Bill took a stand for him?
Maybe they both got caught saying something negative about LCG leadership?

Something is rotten for sure!

It will be interesting to see who takes their positions because it is also possible that another greedy, HQs employee set them up so he could take their jobs. That building is very cut-throat and as we all know, facts don't really matter. All that matters is who gets their version of the story to RCM first.

I feel sorry for them both. When you think you are serving God's work and discover that it's a total farce, it's emotionally devastating. May the true God (not Rod's God) comfort them and open their eyes through this trial.

Anonymous said...

The ministers are constantly throwing the members under the bus by the abusive cult mistreatment, and the ministers throw each other under the bus occasionally. The We-Throw-You-Under-The-Bus Church of god.

Anonymous said...

LCG knows they have you over a barrel.

They fire you and then offer you a few thousand dollars of severance pay and the option to come up with your own story as to why you no longer work at HQ's.

You need to pay your bills and take care of your family while you look for another job so you need the cash and you want to be able to go to church and not carry the shame of having been fired, so you sign their stupid papers to get the check and keep your reputation.

They use you and then spit you out. Nothing about the process is Christian or Godly. They are more "worldly" than employers in the world and they have absolutely no shame about it.

Floyd 1944 said...

What has been said here is true. You have to provide for you family while you find another job. I was offered a little severance if I signed every right away can't sue can't discuss it can't say anything negative so I have to write under an alias

Connie Schmidt said...



Anonymous said...

Wallace Smith has taken on Bill's duties.

Anonymous said...

"This is a church? You're Fu___ed"
My lawyer

It's how Grace International severs you

Sweetblood777 said...

More and more I am seeing that these 'cogs' operate like Mafia organizations. I don't see one bit of evidence that any of them are converted. Hot wires and strong tempers are not signs of the Holy Spirit, but signs of demonic possession/influence.

While some members/ministers do show signs of being truly sincere and converted, most in the case of ministers, are hirelings, while most of the members are looking for social relationships and support. Many are emotionally damaged goods upon coming into the church and happily some come around and mature, and then leave the organization, but still hold to their relationship with Yahweh and Yahshua.

To these, I say, 'good for you, your reward is coming.'


Black Ops Mikey said...

The Cutthroat Carnal Corporate Church Cult is not that much different than the Misfortune 500, except that the CCCCC is a lot less ethical.

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob asks, "Who needs soap operas when you've got an ACOG!"

Funny question!
After moving on from the WCG, and giving other Christian churches a test-ride, I've attended a large variety mainstream Christian churches- everything from small local Christian churches to the more lying asshole-filled razzle-dazzle-jumbotron-tear-producing Christian megachurches that rival a Donald Trump extravaganza based in insanity and misinformation.

But, after reading Byker Bob's question, and asking myself if there would EVER be a reason to again go visit ANY of those churches...
Well, if I did, it would be only if I wanted to blend with the members again, and had a hankering to hear gossip about other members which I've encountered in abundance.

But, alas! Gossip isn't my thing; nor are emotionally charged presentations designed to manipulate a person via a gut response based on so-called "information" or "testimonials" that are of extremely dubious and self-serving origins.

As 'The Donald' does, these Crazy Christians take the slime-path of pointing fingers at the media for not agreeing with them and claiming they're satanic and "hiding the truth"

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:45 I too took my termination papers to an attorney and they basically said the same thing. They were shocked that a church would treat its employees so horribly.

You can be guarantee though that Tkach, Feazell, Schnippert, and all of the rest of big boys were financially set and will never have to worry in their retirements. I see them bragging on Facebook about all of the trips they are taking and things they are buying. Fucking bastards, all of them

Anonymous said...

Richard Ames has always been a vindictive mean man. He treated people like dirt in Pasadena who would not "respect" his lofty position. Ames tries to picture himself as a meek, god oriented man who does nothing except strive to please God and care for the flock. He is a sheep slaughterer and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Of course everyone here who is commenting saw firsthand what took place behind closed doors. Right? I thought not.

Anonymous said...

10.22 AM all Pharisees have known evil traits and a history of known ploys. So we don't need to see 'what took place behind closed doors ' to have a good idea of what happened. Right? I thought so.

Anonymous said...

Time to wake up, "August 1, 2016 at 10:22 AM"!!!
Up and attem!
At least, now offer your best description.

Please be as descriptive as you can. GO!

(And don't play dumb! We're onto you.)

Byker Bob said...

10:22 ~ If you are from LCR, surely you must know that your organization has leaks and/or people who inform. If you have long tenure with Armstrongism, you also realize that the ministry itself often shoots from the hip, acting upon damaging gossip which is repeated to them as if it had been carefully vetted, and were 100% true. These patterns of behavior fall into the category of what I call "Armstrong shibboleths". What this means is that not only are they specific to the Armstrong churches, but they also continue to infect people who had left the organization years ago. So, in many cases, when in doubt, even some people who are safely on the outside, unconsciously slip back into Armstrong mode, behaving in the manner that they were taught by example as part of the Armstrong culture. People on the inside end up taking umbrage with their own native internal behavior patterns when they witness them still being used by people on the outside. The proverbial glass house comes to mind.

However, there are so many other red flags about Armstrongism, that an occasional mistaken analysis would really not make that much difference one way or another. Yes, if you are going to get someone, it is best to get them the clean way. However, of what magnitude of consequence is termination methodology in an organization where against all evidence British Israelism is believed and taught, and where the failed prophecies for 1975 are continually revised to "possibly within the next 3-5 years". These are extrabiblical theories that were for some reason embraced and taught by HWA. I can understand why some people would believe that the sabbaths and holy days are to be kept, and only clean meats eaten. However, these are considered to be legitimate doctrines by some outside of Armstrong circles, and are completely separate from the collection of contaminating weirdness that I've come to call the Dorothy-vaj doctrines. Some say that HWA left his own church towards the end of his life. I tend to believe that he simply showed his true colors, acting in accordance with the inner person he had in reality always been.


New Jersey said...

Why? Because the churches of God, so called, are nothing more than money making corporations with a religious front.
Like all big business they hire and fire as they please.
You all keep expecting religious responses and actions from a purely non religious business.
The piety is a front people, just as it was for false advertiser in chief Herbert Wilhelm Armstrong.

The WWCG and its offshoots are exactly like Scientology which is no religion either.
Understand that and you will understand it all and be free of it.

Gerald Bronkar said...

I would like to think this blog site is a source of hope and courage to any person or family currently stuck, against their will and better judgement, in one of the COG groups. Many have left and prospered. Is there anyone out there who is trying to muster the courage to make a break for it?? I hope so, and I hope you will find a way.

If your financial security depends on a paycheck from your church group, you need to be careful, circumspect and have a plan. I'm not sure how long I would have hung on had I not been fired in 1973. It is difficult to job search while being employed by individuals who watch your every move. Living under a dictator is no way to spend the rest of your life, unless maybe you are 75 or 80.

If you do find the courage to bail, please don't turn to another COG group. Do yourself a favor and read "50 Simple Questions for every Christian" by Guy P. Harrison. It may provide the insight necessary to help you make an even bolder move than you had previously considered. It is sad for me to see so many living under the heel of stern religious fanatics. God, where are you when we need you?

Anonymous said...

Ames is a vindictive and mean man? Not totally surprised at that, since he went with LCG. In the few encounters I had with him in WCG he was always very kind to me, but perhaps I just happened to be around on good days.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how often Jesus got angry in the New Testament, even snarky?

Anonymous said...

There are two sides to every coin. Ames can be kind and generous. He's very loyal to RCM. But he also has quiet the temper. I've seen him grow angry and turn red - raising his voice almost to a yell. He hates to be challenged. It's all about respect, even if he has none for you - you better respect him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ames is always very sweet so long as he's getting his way, getting his butt kissed and being blindly obeyed.

Try expressing a difference of opinion on New Moons, his wedding supper upgrades or church government and prepare to get blasted.

He yells and screams with a bright red face like a 2 year old who isn't getting candy in the check out line.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:22
You would be surprised. Very surprised.
There are some hoping for deep reform.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not new moons.

Anonymous said...

"The We-Throw-You-Under-The-Bus Church of god."

Is that why it's always been a bumpy ride!?

Byker Bob said...

You can't go too deep into the new moons without coming to the knowledge that the Old Covenant weekly sabbath was counted from them before the days of the pre-calculated fixed calendar. Of course they're going to squash that whole topic before it even gets to the embryonic stage. Probably disfellowship anyone for even thinking about new moons.


Anonymous said...

New moons is typical Malmo Pharisaic gibberish. It has no relevance to everyday life. A complete, useless waste of time. By contrast, reading a book on assertiveness is very worthwhile. It challenges the ministers supposed 'administering Gods government,' which is nothing more than greedy ministers robbing members blind of their God given rights. Mafia crooks. And it's OK cause dead man Herbie, said so.

Anonymous said...

This is so glad I never got caught up in working for the church organisations. I went to college and learnt a trade. Whilst there I considered giving my course up and trying to find work in the church organisation. I thought it would be wonderful to be able to help the work. Luckily I never followed through with it. I hope you can recover and rebuild.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Armstrongism these days is reminiscent of science fiction movies of a dystopian future where some cataclysm occurs and leaves people alienated, stranded, hungry, disheveled and poor while there's some island or underground compound where the 1% managed to eke out a posh life style with all the amenities.

LCG headquarters is just such an 'island' of 'survival' where those at the top are the haves and everyone else are the have nots. The haves are not concerned with anyone but themselves and do not at all seek to help the less fortunate. They have their food, drink, shelter, fancy clothes, entertainment, living the high life. They are cruel and insensitive and when anyone upsets their little world, they react badly. Over at the PCG, they have a special hall for Irish clog dancing which those in charge enjoy, even if their peasants may not be able to stand it.

It's all about power and privilege in a world which is in severe decline and which will not really last much longer. Those at the top continue to have what they want, oppress those who ask question and ignore the reality of the outside world.

Well folks, it can't last. Moreover, those outside the compounds see the cult with a clarity which the delusional leaders can't comprehend.

Take a minute or two to compare any (or all) of the Armstrongist sects against the Journey Community Church: You may find the comparison rather jarring.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they all like that ? Ministers who aren't are exception to the rule. Never met one yet that doesn't have a horrible spoilt immature side yet. Even the ones you think are 'good ones'. It's as if God knows what your thinking and allows you to see their true characters. I really respect none of them, been disappointed, insulted, too many times. Maybe their only cheap clones of Herbert Armstrong. I only respect Jesus Christ and God the father. All these ministers are cheap. Cheap on real character, cheap on real leadership skills and cheap on the brethren. They live money but their still cheap.

Stephen said...

New moons used to be significant. A long time ago. The English word "month" is derived from "moon," and the reason why years are divided into months, and not some other division, is because months were originally lunar cycles. Very conveniently, every 19 years, the lunar cycles synch up with the solar cycle which drives the seasons, and provided a luni-solar calendar for the ancients.

However, now that we have developed the capability to make better observations, and have better math, we can calculate everything, and in so doing, modern months no longer have anything to do with the lunar cycle anymore. Nor is there any need for them to. Besides, it's messy to have to intercalate a whole extra month in some years.

All this superstition about new moons, full moons, blood moons, etc. amounts to little more than Hebrew witchcraft.

Anonymous said...

10.36 AM the reason the ministers are child like if even slightly provoked is their 'life script.' They went to AC as teenagers, were made ministers, and treated with kids cloves and like royalty by church members. Often I've had members say to me something like 'yes, but have you discussed this with the minister,' in aristocratic tones, as if the ministers are the queen of England or godlike. Hence they never learn to live in the real world, or face the challenges that builds character. They don't even realise what the outside world is really like. When I started attending church, it didn't take long for me to conclude that I should be counselling the ministers, rather than they counselling me. They are basically teenagers.

Anonymous said...

That is the script for Herb's ministers. That was the purpose for AC, find narcissists, groom them into the mold, and send them out (with their hand picked wives). They had no life experience, and still don't because the real world has never applied to them. (ie. Pack for example.) However, many people went to AC thinking they could help the work, but when they found out how it really was, they either chose different careers, or lucky for them, were not found worthy for the ministry. (These are the ones that would have made good ministers.) And of course a disclaimer, this comment does not apply to everyone who went to AC, many fine people attended who thought they could make a difference.

Byker Bob said...

I was quite surprised upon hearing the stories of any number of my classmates and dormmates at the sheer number of students who had supernatural tales to tell as they related how they had come to be at Ambassador College. Personally, I had had no such experience, and had only gone to AC to escape the control of my parents and in my infinite teenage wisdom of that time, had planned on eventually making my escape into the Southern California hotrodding and motorcycle scene. (I succeeded in this)

AC seemed ridiculous, and a totally contrived environment. I'm afraid that when faced with this ridiculousness, I reacted with some ridiculousness and duplicitousness of my own. The naive and well-programmed students surrounding me were unfazed, and kept telling me that I was exactly the kind of person whom God ended up calling into the ministry. Not that I was any type of hero or anything, but I was adamant in my resistance, and ended up spending only two years there. Later, I did buy into it all, and gave it a chance. But then, the absolute acid test of 1975 proved to me that it was all a bogus form of Christianity. It has been fascinating, since then, watching them all make excuses and pretend, even as the remnant got weird and continued to disintegrate, but some will go to their graves, never having realized that in reality, it was bogus from the start. It was a defective product that never delivered.


Anonymous said...

Many people embellished their stories to fit the narrative of the miraculous church they were joining. Since the church was the most unique church on the earth it had to have special stories attached to it, even though the majority of them were all lies or half-truth's. I have never been surrounded by more dishonest people than I was while still a part of the church.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the outcome of the lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

Deep reform usually means heresy.
The will only be deep reform when they die and Jesus Christ does whatever He has to for His people wherever they are. He Christ has most probably removed the lampstands of the various splinter groups of WCG if not also WCG lampstands a long time ago. Jesus Christ walks amongst the lampstands but the ministry couldn't give a hoot. They are modern day King Saul's.