Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just sayin... Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Is Child Abuse

Just sayin...  Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Is Child Abuse

Convincing children creationism is true constitutes intellectual child abuse.
Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is a Christian fundamentalist project based on discredited science and a literal interpretation of Genesis.
The The life-size version of Noah’s Ark is located in Williamstown, Ky., just south of Cincinnati, Ohio, and is designed to be an exercise in Christian propaganda: a deplorable attempt to deceive children and others by denying the scientific reality of biological evolution and promoting Christian mythology as scientific fact.
The 500-foot-long, $100 million ark opens to the public on Thursday.
Ark Encounter is dedicated to indoctrinating children with ridiculous and discredited claims from the dubious field of “creation science,” claims such as the earth is only 6,000-years-old, that human beings and dinosaurs lived on the earth at the same time, and that the story of Noah’s Ark is true.

The truth is that there is no scientific controversy concerning evolution. The assumption that creationism, or intelligent design, constitutes a legitimate scientific alternative to the theory of evolution is simply false.
Simply put, creationism is not a legitimate scientific alternative to the theory of evolution. And preventing children from learning the truth about the world, like teaching children that creationism is an acceptable scientific explanation for the diversity of life on Earth, is a form of child abuse.
Bottom line: By teaching children creationism is a legitimate scientific theory that disproves the theory of evolution, Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is engaged in a despicable form of intellectual child abuse.

The list of topics taught by the COG's that are totally erroneous and mistaken is probably endless. All Apostle types, That or Those Prophets, Joshua's, Zerubbabels, Those spoken of by the Prophet Haggai and all of their lesser minister types are poorly educated in the realities of science well done opting more for the dismissive and  anti-intellectual attitude of  calling anything they don't understand or that upsets their Bronze Age views as "Science Falsely So-Called."  

The ministry of the WCG was poorly trained in theology much less science and it is even more ignorant to this day because of merely trying to copy the past mistakes and ignorance to keep their perceived glory days going at least until the end of their unchanged in a moment and the twinkling of an eye lives.

One only need ask "what new things have I learned about the Bible, its origins, intent, politic and historical accuracy and presentation in the last 50 years" to see how backward their views still are. Jesus being the same yesterday, today and forever was the unfortunate cue for them to feel they needed to do the same intellectually.  And they have held their ground in their ignorance against all we as a species have learned about ourselves, our history and our origins very well.  They have to I suppose for once you get stuck in telling and loving "the Old Old Story" you are stuck indeed. 

 Dave Pack boasts that he learned the truth of , or mistaken truth, of evolution 50 years ago.  I was in that same "Genesis Flood" Bible class and I can tell you it was bogus and beyond stupid in my own hind sight.  We have learned more about evolution and Biblical issues and difficulties over the past 20 years than n the previous "6,000".  To even say such a thing as if it was a good thing is both arrogant and ignorant beyond measure.  

Have you ever heard the words or admission "We were mistaken" or "I was mistaken" from any of the leadership of the splits, splinters and slivers, like Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry or Rod Meredith?  Joe Tkach doesn't count either as he has gone on to adopt new and improved falsehoods in his reinvention of the wheel of theology.  One read or listen to any presentation of "The Surprising God" perspectives on all things God, Jesus and The Enigmatic Holy Spirit should convince you of what word salad means.  Maybe it's just me and my early life questions and problems with growing up in a Trinitarian Church before WCG.  as a kid.  I never liked that answer.  That always meant to me "we have no idea" but you are to stay put and have faith.  As I got older I learned faith is what one had before the facts eradicated it.

Very little of what LCG, PCG and RCG teach is actually true.  They are perpetuating ignorance in both theology and science to yet another generation of well meaning  but nonetheless  "just tell me what to believe" men, women and children who ultimately won't be served well by it all.

Recently in a rebuttal to the view that the Book of Revelation is a failed first century prophecy written only to the holders on during the Roman siege of Jerusalem back in the day, someone proved how modern and yet to be Revelation was because it spoke of armies of 200 million, which were impossible back in those days.  Of course the answer to that would be a good study in Biblical hyperbole and it's use but those kinds of concepts escape literalists.  The concept of Midrash in writing the New Testament story of Jesus and how it makes the Old Testament look like it so accurately predicts the New is also not a concept understood or even heard of by COG ministers much less members in their study of scripture.  

And science well done?  Well all we have to recall is "A Theory for the Birds" and "A Whale of a Tale" to understand just how little WCG and Ted Armstrong understood about evolution.  In Dave Pack's recent mistaken series on Evolution, Dave harkens back to those booklets and uses them just as they were used 50 years ago as well as many other now totally discredited "facts".  Sad and pathetic actually for a man who is touted as "very intelligent".  Ignorance posing as intelligence is merely being clever which is not the same as truthful and professional. 

In theology, the leadership and ministry have much of it wrong.  In science, they have just about all of it wrong.

Sometimes there is a way that seems right to a man because it is right.  Sometimes the wisdom of man is really wise and the foolishness of the gods or his representatives is really foolish. Sometimes man sees not as a god sees because the author who told us what the god saw was mistaken.  The science that is falsely so called is only  false to those who refuse to see the truth of it because it upsets the apple cart of their cherished beliefs though beliefs are not the same as what is actually true.

In science well done,  "If you can't show it,  you don't know it".  But in the theology of the COGs,  if you can't show it,  it's just a mystery and it would  be in your best interest to simply pray, pay, obey and stay put....which is intellectual abuse for both adults and children at its worse.


Anonymous said...

Cars don't upgrade themselves, neither do planes or smartphones. Yet according to evolution, design complexity that not even today's scientists can match, has kept upgrading itself for millions of years. No explanation is ever offered of how this happens. I worked as an engineer for decades, and can still feel the strain of some design problems I worked on. Yet evolution, with no effert, did better than me, on a much higher plane of design.
This is the real fairy tale, the lie that is deceiving trusting children, and the gullible. Yes, teaching evolution is child abuse.

Anonymous said...

$100 million dollars? For that money, they could have gotten a real 500 foot steel ship from a south Korean shipyard.

Ralph said...

from Topic header:-

"....the theory of evolution."

Ah, yes, the THEORY of evolution. What a whole new can of worms opens up when you start looking at definitions of the word 'THEORY'.


ashley froud said...
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ashley froud said...
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Ralph said...

ps. I certainly do not believe that Noah, with an adze and a basic blueprint, built the Ark single handed, nor even with the help of three sons.

pps. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong!

Byker Bob said...

For those who invest in precious metals, the Central Bank of Armenia produces Noah's Ark commemorative coins. I saw some silver and gold versions of the coins over the July 4th weekend, and they are exquisite. I know. The ACOGs teach that people are going to be throwing this stuff into the streets probably within the next 3-5 years, but then again, these are the same wonderful people who gave us 1975.


Anonymous said...

Of course those who promote that the Earth is around 6,000 years old are discrediting those who use science to prove there is a Creator (Designer)
As children in school we were told a lie that there was fossil evidence for slow, gradual change from one species to another.

But evolutionist Stephen J Gould knew the truth. The fossil record show most stasis, that is no change for very long periods of time. Therefore Mr. Gould proposed his new theory of Punctuated equilibrium.

Punctuated equilibrium (also called punctuated equilibria) is a theory in evolutionary biology which proposes that once species appear in the fossil record they will become stable, showing little net evolutionary change for most of their geological history. This state is called stasis.

Again I challenge Dennis or anyone else to give just one scientifically proven fact to backup the intellectual Fairy Tale. I have never gotten one. What will be a response always entails assumptions, maybes, silly talk of a species "developing" something over a long period of time. No FACTS!

Anonymous said...

Ah, reason. The antithesis of faith. Why is it so important to believe things that haven't been seen or proven? Is it an act of service to God to turn off your critical thinking capacities to embrace what comes across as fables, lore, and hyperbole? I can't help but think of the debate between Ken Hamm and Bill Nye where even in a COG at the time I had to concede Nye won. The geologic record does not support a worldwide flood and the ark could not have held all those species unless it was a blue box that was bigger on the inside.

Lest we forget the COG REAL lesson of the flood racial purity. Noah was "perfect" in all his generations. And Shem was the only one who brought on a white wife. The others practiced interracial marriage. Alas, this is why those pesky races survive. If only Ham and Japheth had the good sense of their father they could have spared the COG countless sermons and booklets on keeping the races separate, which is the real tragedy of the flood epic.

Anonymous said...

"The truth is that there is no scientific controversy concerning evolution."

yeah, and the science surrounding global warming is settled too...that's why they're suddenly changing to "global cooling"

"Convincing children creationism is true constitutes intellectual child abuse."

yeah, and hurting someone's feeling constitutes're going down the same road as the government here, ..."teach what we like or we'll deem it a crime".


yes Ken Ham is a bit kooky, he has a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge....he thinks the universe is only 6000yr old, but hey, there are stranger ideas out there amongst christians.

God will clear it all up in due time....but I'm afraid that you folks here will be so hardened that you take a pass.

Shannon said...

There is no way science can give a 100% guarantee of the age of earth. Science has a better handle on it than Rod, Dave, and Gerald.
In all fairness to WWCG,it was taught re-creation took place 6000 years ago. The earth is no doubt older than 6000 years. HWA may have taught in the early years about the age only being 6000, but I'm not sure about that.

Steve D said...

Hebrew words often have several literal meanings. Linguistic scholars acknowledge the Hebrew word yôm (translated “day” in English) has several literal meanings: a period of daylight, 12-hour day, 24-hour day, time, period of time with unspecified duration, and epoch of time. While modern English has numerous words to describe a long time-span, no word in biblical Hebrew adequately denotes a finite epoch of time other than yôm.
There are Old Testament verses where yôm attached to a number actually does refer to long time periods. Here are two examples:
•Hosea 6:2, He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day. This refers to Israel’s ultimate restoration hundreds or thousands of years in the future.
•Zechariah 14:7, describing the Day of the Lord, contains yôm echad (translated “unique day”), which is identical to yôm echad of Genesis 1:5.
Romans 5:12 states that “sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin.” The Greek word used for “world,” kosmos, is the same word used in John 3:16, “for God so loved the world…” Though kosmos may mean “universe” or “earth,” the most appropriate contextual meaning is “the inhabitants of earth, men, the human family” or “the ungodly multitude of men alienated from God.” The verse continues, “death came to all men [anthropos], because all sinned.” This makes it clear that death came to men (Greek anthropos). Anthropos specifically refers to human beings, not animals. Only man sins, not animals. Animal death is neither mentioned nor inferred in Romans 5:12
So, bottom line, it is my understanding that the earth may very well be 12 billion years old, creation could have taken place over many years and there was death before man was created. So, perhaps Ken Hamm and evolutionists both have some understanding of what really happened.

Connie Schmidt said...

Modern science and culture now says that it is normal and good for a man to be with me in a public locker room, and take a shower with me there.

Just because the "masses" , culture or so called science declares something to be true, does not necessarily make it so. A great example is the idea of "manmade" climate change. There has always been climate change, even before man existed, but somehow every change in climate now is from "man made"??

No evidence or reasonable explanation from science for how the first cell membrane "evolved", nor how the first DNA "assemble itself", nor for any primary cause for the "big bang".

Ask lots of questions always, whether it be of science OR religion. I like the old 1960s saying ..."Question Authority".

Anonymous said...

When Christ healed, the healings were instantaneous. The same when he physically resurrected people. He did not use evolution type healing technology.

Byker Bob said...

Let's face it. Our minds have been poisoned by Armstrongism. We have been conditioned to not recognize "good" unless it comes from the approved source.

The way this hangover affects our present post Armstrong lives is manifested by such things as failure to applaud good, moral and ethical lives lived by non-believers or members of other faiths, or, if one has embraced atheism or agnosticism as the solution to the Armstrong problem, now failing to see the good that is being accomplished by religious folk, even by the remaining Armstrongites.

Creationism or Evolution are not of or by themselves inherently child abuse. It's the peripheral concepts that are sometimes taught along with either that cause people to hurt one another. Let's face it, there are people who want to lovingly coexist, and there are extremists who want the opposite team to crawl in a hole and die. The fact is that most people just want to raise their families, imprint kids with their values, and hopefully make the world a better place. They act with predominantly good intentions. So, it's the practical application of these basic philosophies which makes them appear to be good or evil, nurturing or abusive. These go beyond this issue as to whether one is saved. Most good people probably will be.


Anonymous said...

Hey, let's buy some land in New Mexico and build a "Place of Safety". What fun it will be, eating manna and see actual bombs and rockets fly over in simulated Armageddon!

itstimecog said...

Before the end result of Genesis 1:26 could take place, all the other elements of creation had to not only take place but to be perfected.
Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:

When the time was right and all testing was proving positive, God proceeded with what we call the creation week.
Notice that in all of the creation process except for man, God commanded the various elements to come forth.
Meaning they were already available, had already been created and perfected at some earlier time.

Gen 1:7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament:

Gen 1:12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit,

Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

Gen 1:20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

Gen 1:24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind:

Once everything else was in place, God proceeded with the final stage.

Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;

How did God do that? It’s very simple. Without exception, every living creature has a DNA code so once an environment including its entire ecosystem was perfected, God took out of it what He would require later. He simply wiped it out and created yet another experiment.
Now you know how and why remnants of past cultures and creatures exist today.
There has been lot’s of speculation regarding the times needed for certain aspects of man’s creation but that too is no mystery.
Just use what God tells us about man’s coming resurrection and that answers all those questions.
Consider all the animal and plant life around the world for example, how did their particular species get where they are and co-exist and compliment each other perfectly?
In short, God used that exact same process in renewing the earth for man to inhabit.

Let’s not forget to include the creatures we class as pre-historic yet are flourishing today.

Was there an evolution of man, no there wasn’t, but there were many processes in the development of primates. It was needed to ensure the end result would be perfect and capable of flourishing in the environment God designed for mankind.

The new creature “man” had to be tested as well, in order to insure the success of the first decree, that being man being in the likeness and image of God.
Hence, Lucifer was introduced and while controlled in his efforts, he was and is allowed to influence man.
Evidently God feels man is ready to fulfill His decree, as at Christ’s return, some will receive immortality.

Hedgehog said...

The answer is natural selection. That's why biological plants and animals change. They become more or less adaptive to their environment and the better ones survive, reproduce, pass on their adaptive traits and over time adapt more. Some have become very sophisticated beings over eons of time.

Anonymous said...

Evilution is Child Abuse and Every Other Bad Thing

One old, loud-mouthed evilutionist at work never stopped bad-mouthing a local politician who was opposed to abortion. The evilutionist always mocked the politician's concern about the matter, as if killing babies was no big deal. At election time, the evilutionist hurried off after work to vote against him. There were homosexuals in the evilutionist's family, which was another reason why he hated the politician, who had also opposed some homosexual-inspired legislation that could have caused professing Christians to be imprisoned for their beliefs. It did not seem to occur to the evilutionist that the human race would not survive if everyone were into baby killing and homosexuality.

One fat slob evilutionist ended up fooling around with a fat psycho woman who was into Wicca and uncontrolled outbursts. Of course, he knew nothing at all. Like every other evilutionist, he had just carelessly assumed that someone else had proven the theory of evilution. He just wanted to go along with the evilutionary conclusion that anything goes. How such a simple organism as himself could have survived this far must confound the more serious evilutionists.

One young evilutionist who despised and mocked the Bible stories was a pot-head who felt forced to work at a regular job to support his pot-smoking habit. The eventual installation of a time clock at work further forced him to show up on time instead of always 15 or more minutes late. He had to become fitter in order to survive in the work environment.

Impressionable youths in high school and college get brainwashed by all the evilutionary propaganda into thinking that they can be highly educated and sophisticated just by carelessly believing in evilution and having no godly morals. The result is that new STD infections occur in approximately 3 million teenagers each and every year in the U.S. The university professors who love evilution and hate the Bible might be more convincing if they would at least try to act civilized rather than behave like dirty old men.

Evilutionists are simply people who hate the laws of God because they forbid such things as adultery, prostitution, tattoos, witchcraft, cross-dressing, homosexuality, bestiality, baby-killing, etc.--all the things that evilutionists want to be free to do. So, evilutionists have a bias and an agenda. Rather than simply admitting that they hate God and love evil, they try to pass off evilution as science and then pretend that they are just being scientific.

DennisCDiehl said...

Some of these comments are astounding. Lol

Anonymous said...

I recall that in the 1980s, one in eight people in the English speaking countries had herpes. Today it's one in five. The leaven is spreading. This is what happens when nations embrace God rejecting evolution. Oh, not forgetting, there is no cure. Just suppressant drugs for the symptoms, that long term damage organs.

Anonymous said...

Connie Schmitt hit the nail on theon transgenders and so called man made climate change.

Stephen said...

What I want to know is, if today, using our incredibly more efficient modern industrial and financial infrastructure, it STILL costs $100M to build ONLY a movie set prop boat like this that isn't even in the ballpark of seaworthy...

Then how much MORE would it have cost to build ONLY another movie set prop boat like this that ALSO isn't even in the ballpark of seaworthy in ~2500 BCE during the Early Bronze Age III, with just bronze hand tools, the sweat of your 500-year-old brow, and the barter system? The livestock equivalent of $1B?

But since engineers back then perhaps weren't sophisticated enough to have realized wood is not a rigid enough material to construct a functional boat this big, so that it could NEVER be seaworthy, how MORE more would they have spent in the EXTRA effort of trying in vain to make a seaworthy wooden boat? Another $1B? If Noah was real, and the ark was real, and the flood was real, then this ark was the world's first Titanic.

But what Ken Ham's exhibit brings up is, just how did Noah manage to get so damn wealthy? Was Noah supposed to be an ancient pharaoh who could direct the economic output of an entire nation state? It doesn't say so. Otherwise, shouldn't it say he had to make room on this ancient Titanic for his investors? Or maybe the authors of Genesis wanted us to think he just screwed them over?

But of course, this is just an exercise in literary criticism, since the whole thing was never anything more than literature. But as such, just wondering where Noah would have gotten the vast wealth to squander on this thing is yet another proof (as if we needed more) that it couldn't ever be anything more than literature.

Steven said...

Some of these comments are indeed astounding. In fact, I think I've lost some IQ points just from having read some of them. Here's a few:

"Cars don't upgrade themselves, neither do planes or smartphones."

Cars, planes, and smartphones also don't reproduce.

"Yet according to evolution, design complexity that not even today's scientists can match, has kept upgrading itself for millions of years. No explanation is ever offered of how this happens."

Yes, an explanation was offered right off the bat. Natural selection.

"I worked as an engineer for decades, and can still feel the strain of some design problems I worked on. Yet evolution, with no effert, did better than me, on a much higher plane of design."

All of this is entirely a subjective interpretation. How many prototypes did you test? Biological life has been building and testing prototypes for 3.8 billion years. And you call that no effort?

"Ah, yes, the THEORY of evolution. What a whole new can of worms opens up when you start looking at definitions of the word 'THEORY'."

Various definitions you might throw against the wall are simply your own wishful thinking. The only thing that is relevant is what definition evolutionary biologists use when they call it a theory.

*Yawn* Do believers ever come up with new arguments? And why do they never see what's so embarrassingly wrong with the old ones?

Anonymous said...

Oh, look, our "Against the Gates of Evilution" poster is now omniscient.

Byker Bob said...

Herpes is actually proof of evolution on a viral level, or at the very least, mutation.


James said...

In a few years the Noah's project will go bust, be sold, then converted into a 5 star restaurant.

Ralph said...

July 7, 2016 at 7:54 AM
Shannon wrote:-

"In all fairness to WWCG,it was taught re-creation took place 6000 years ago."

Agreed. That's why Adam and Eve were told:- "Gen_1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."

with the same instruction given to Noah here:- "Gen_9:1 And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth."


Ralph said...

on July 7, 2016 at 10:20 AM
Byker Bob wrote:-

"These go beyond this issue as to whether one is saved. Most good people probably will be."

That's the way Yehovah would (will) have it, as in:- "2Pe_3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."


Anonymous said...

James wrote: "In a few years the Noah's project will go bust, be sold, then converted into a 5 star restaurant."

Or in a few years some COG miniturd will buy it and start a new Ambassador College. Then it too will be sold and become condo's.

Black Ops Mikey said...

You sank my battleship!

Anonymous said...

If Earth’s species were meant to change over successive generations through physical modifications resulting from the adaptation to environmental challenges, then God would have given them the genetic predisposition to select mates and reproduce based on their favorable heritable traits and their ability to thrive under changing conditions so that these advantageous qualities would be passed down and eventually encoded into the DNA of each generation of offspring.

And as for this so-called “global warming” everyone knows THAT'S just a malicious conspiracy by wacko tree-huggers to increase America's energy independence, keep our air and water clean, utilize renewable resources, kick start 21st century industries, and make our cities healthier and more livable. Don’t let them get away with it!

Anonymous said...

For the umteenth Time Ralph, its Yeehoovoo. Get it right.
Hebrew has no vowels but Yeehoovoo has placed on my heart a knowledge and an annointin' to let me know that it is Yee HOO VOO accent on the Voo.
Now shape up Ralph or lose out!

Anonymous said...

...No more child abuse than imposing the doctrine of evolution in science classes as if it's the ONE and ONLY TRUE SCIENCE!...

Ralph said...

on July 7, 2016 at 9:21 PM
Anonymous wrote:-

"Now shape up Ralph or lose out!"

and I always thought it was 'shape up or ship out'. LOL.

ps. Still do!

Anonymous said...

When Noah is resurrected, I assume he will wright a book on his building of the ark. Should make interesting reading. They might have a sit com on the building, and residing in the ark. They might call it 'Noah's place,' or 'Noah's gang.'

Ed said...

Fairy tales like the flood are abusive to children. This is a horrible story that was wildly exaggerated from a much smaller localized flood that was not caused by God but was a natural acurance. The message of the flood to children is that if you are not good God will drown you like rats. That's abuse. That's horrible!

Anonymous said...

Some of my right-wing leaning friends occasionally remark about the dangers of immigrants coming to the US to spreading poisonous religious fundamentalism. If someone let this Aussie cuckoo Ken Ham over here it makes me think they might have a point.

Minimalist said...

"I worked as an engineer for decades, and can still feel the strain of some design problems I worked on. Yet evolution, with no effert, did better than me, on a much higher plane of design."

I'm with the engineer here: It's one thing that we can describe and name the nano machinery of biology, it's another to make it work! I can't see how evolution could do it. Yet we have the undeniable 3.8bil-yr history of "simple" (not simple at all) to the ultimate modern humans. The solution is to admire this paradox with humble agnosticism.

Sweetblood777 said...

Stone is stupid. Its alright for him to espouse his thoughts and beliefs on his children, and everything is fine. However, if someone teaches their children beliefs that don't aline with Stone's beliefs, then that is child abuse?

Eviloution defies common sense. Anyone with half a brain will discover if they took the time to examine it, that complexity does not come by throwing paint at the wall. DNA the most complex, shows that a super brain was involved in its creation.

Ralph said...

on July 8, 2016 at 3:48 AM
Ed wrote:-

"The message of the flood to children is that if you are not good God will drown you like rats."

Altogether the wrong message. The real message is that apart from Noah the rest of humanity was tainted by genetic engineering and not worth preserving to experience further decadence. Stay well away from GMO's. "Ecc_1:9....and there is no new thing under the sun."


Anonymous said...

"DNA the most complex, shows that a super brain was involved in its creation."

and let's not forget that live comes only from pre-existing life....period.

Anonymous said...

Sweetblood777 wrote:

"Eviloution defies common sense. Anyone with half a brain will discover.."

I would definitely excuse Sweetblood's conclusions from someone with half a brain, but a person with a whole brain should know better.

Anonymous said...

Ed, if people are not good, God will more than drown them like rats. He will throw them into the lake of fire, proceeded by weeping and gnashing of teeth. Truth sets people and children free. It is not abuse.

Connie Schmidt said...

Stephen asked "How did Noah Get Enough Money to build the Ark"

He made it from trading cattle futures on the exchange and make hundreds of millions, the same way novice investor Hillary Clinton supposedly did years ago!

Anonymous said...

Real science has done some interesting things, such as create trains, cars, airplanes, etc. People are generally impressed by this, even though some of the great rocket and atomic bomb inventions could now kill everyone on earth. It is still quite interesting.

Because of the amazing things that real science has done, every impostor, con-artist, scammer, and pervert--from evilutionary sex perverts to man-made global warming crooks and thieves--is now quick to try to pass off his biased theory as “proven science.”

Anonymous said...

Sharing a common ancestor with every other living organism on the planet really offends some people's sense of entitlement, with their whole self-worth dependent on believing they're divinely appointed star-children who had the whole universe made just for them. Can't have mean old evolutionary biologists hurting people's feelings of special snowflake-ness.

Anonymous said...

Shhhhhh! I'll tell you a secret!

The stories of "Noah and the ark" and "Adam and Eve" that are in our current versions of the Bible are simply that- STORIES! They are stories that the ancient writers of the Abrahamic religions' early texts used in establishing their identity.

As with many Bible stories, these were usurped from myths and legends of the Hebrews' earlier and surrounding cultures.