Thursday, August 11, 2016

Are the COG's Worshipping Artemis, Astarte and Channeling Demons by Wearing Cone Birthday Hats?

The Chief Pharisee and bastardizer of the law, James Malm, has now gotten his pharisaical tzitzit's all in a knot today over birthdays.  One of his few acolytes was distressed that some COG's give birthday cards and made cakes for those celebrating birthdays.  Oh the horrors!!!!!!! Pagan heathen birthday cards from Hallmark are like bowing down to the altar of Artemis.  All hail Artemis, Queen of the moon!

Pharisaical stupidity trumps yet again.

The acolyte writes:
Various COG Groups have different opinions on the traditional birthday celebration. Some groups believe it is sin to celebrate birthdays. Others will set up tables at church services on the Sabbath with birthday cakes, candles, birthday wishes, cards and small gifts. This not only mimics past religious rituals to false gods but also appears to LITERALLY set up an altar to, Artemis, the goddess of Moon (also goddess of birth) within the Temple (spiritual) of God on the Sabbath. Whether the participants know it or not, it still appears to be the literal situation. Am I just being a “right-wing religious fanatic”? My mind is made up, and if it weren’t, I would err on the side of caution. I would still like to hear other perspectives on this.
Then God's most important mouthpiece in this later day dispensation has to weigh in with his knotty tzitzit's.  Apparently because birthday cakes a round they are a sign of the goddess Astarte and her husband Baal...two guesses as to what was round on Baal.  

Next the Chief Pharisee has to wrap his tzitzits around birthday candles.  The second you blow the candle out you are sending sweet fragrance to the gods. And don't even think about gathering a group of friends around to celebrate with you because when you do you will be scaring away the birthday demons who are out to "lick" you.

On the other hand these modern birthday celebrations are totally pagan and it is not acceptable for any converted person to remember the day of birth by these rank paganisms. from round sun and moon cakes for the Queen of Heaven Astarte and her husband baal, to the burning candles who’s smoke carries one’s wishes up to the gods, to the gatherings of friends to scare of the demons by a crowd, and bring good lick for the coming year; the common birthday celebrations are pure witchcraft and Satanism. Even a casual study of the subject will bring the answers.

Then to back up his illogical pharisaical bullshit, the Chief Pharisees writes this, though I would not be quoting too much about witchcraft considering the track record of one of his acolytes.

Worldwide, baking cakes for the “Queen of Heaven” (Asherah) was entangled in birth day celebrations (Jer./YermeYahu 7:18). This provokes YaHUaH’s anger. By blowing-out candles and making a “secret wish”, the celebrant performs IDOLATRY, because the “wish” is to their GENIE or JINN, a spell performed by Wiccans (you know, witchcraft). The candles are part of the fire ritual; Pagans believed the solar presence to be fire. The rising smoke of the extinguished candles carried the “secret wish” into the skies. How do you think YaHUaH likes it when we teach our children to do these things, or propagate the custom of them? How about if we “think” of the “wish” being a prayer to YaHUaH? This is not going to be acceptable to YaHUaH, no matter how we wrap it in our minds. Worshipping YaHUaH in a Pagan format is the main problem we have today. We desperately need eye-salve to see better. Open your eyes, and even the little party hat can be better understood. 
All these things are, in fact, witchcraft. Knowledge is increasing, so Satan’s “tricks” (wiles) are no longer secrets. 

Next up is eeeeeeeevil cone hats!

Cone hats: CONE OF POWER — The Llewellyn Encyclopedia tells us: 
“In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn this was described as a ‘vortex of energy’ and was built up via circumambulation.” 
The cone of power is the name given to the union of witches’ forces gathered around the circle, aimed at a common goal. In parts of ancient Syria, the cone was a symbol of Astarte (Asherah).
Now we finally know how the hypocritical Chief Pharisee receives his mind boggling information....


Anonymous said...

These kinds of people are superstitious and their religion is based on magical thought and action. Christ showed this was not the way to worship but these people concentrate on methodical things that they believe save them and bring them 'luck'(blessings).
It is a very primitive form of worship and the way the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians believed.
Therefore they cannot look at party hats as just hats, they view them as magical symbols with power to corrupt or help.
Christ freed men from this showing that all this was nonsense from the beginning.
Once these people wrap these do's and don'ts in the title "christianity' they believe it is different from pagan worship. Well, true Christianity is different. But these people believe in magic and symbolic things having power over people.
If they were truly honest they would see this in themselves.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh for cry at all of this. Malm has set the law up as his god, lord and master. This is magical thinking at its worst.

Anonymous said...

I thought YHVH loved the sweet smell of meat offering smoke in his nostrils?

Anonymous said...

Malm is focusing peoples minds on inconsequential trivia, giving people a warped map of reality. Not that he's alone in this regard, all the slivers do this to a noticeable extent. With all this deception, discerning the real world can be challenging. Pilate acknowledged this with his famous "what is truth" statement.
It seems history is uncertain as to what became of Pilate.

Anonymous said...

Luke 2 throws a pretty good birthday bash for Jesus. Angels singing. Stars a wandering and gifts of gold, frankenstein n myrrh a giving

Connie Schmidt said...


Have an UN-Happy Birth-day,
What more can we say?
We are shocked you're still kicking...
May you quickly go away!

Byker Bob said...

Take the TGCOL, two Great Commandments of the Lord: Love for God, and love for man. It's the law behind the law, what Jesus called the fulfillment of all the commandments. What is wrong with Malm's theology and the Armstrongism from which it is derived is that the way, the anal retentiveness to which they practice the first, negates and thwarts the second. This is the basis of the Armstrong problem and partially responsible for the blindness of the Pharisees. If you negate the second, cruel leadership automatically results. The way they practice their love for God breeds contempt for man, whether we're talking about the homeless family on the street asking for assistance, or the brethren who keep the sabbath less excellently. How could it be plainer or more obvious?


Anonymous said...

In colder climate, would your gas furnace kicking in, be a fire going to the false gods??? How about a campfire? A bonfire most certainly is a evil pagan custom. What if you use a Bic lighter?? One match OK, two evil???

Anonymous said...

"Worshipping YaHUaH in a Pagan format is the main problem we have today."

So..., that's the problem. Reformat it with Malm's definitions and labels.
Malm and his MysticalCOG. "Do as I say what God wants willed, shallt be the whole of the law"

And that is actually worse than the original thelemic creed!
Because if Crowley fell flat on his face he would have only himself to blame!


RSK said...

I've never seen an Astarte cone.

Anonymous said...

"In colder climate, would your gas furnace kicking in, be a fire going to the false gods??? How about a campfire? A bonfire most certainly is a evil pagan custom. What if you use a Bic lighter?? One match OK, two evil???"

Who knows. You'll just have to ask Malm and see what his ruling is.

The law of Malm's god is like a box of chocolates. You never know what Forrest Malm is going to say it is. Stupid is as stupid does.

Black Ops Mikey said...

My granddaughter's birthday today.

I gave her "The Delusion of British-Israelism" by Anton Darms.

Well, actually, I didn't, but it's the thought that counts.

Anonymous said...

yeah and pagans build fires and eat hamburgers too....

Byker Bob said...

Ya know, it must really chafe the major ACOG leaders that Thiel, Malm, King, and other one horse wonders are all treated as equals to the Merediths, Flurrys, and Packs in our discussions. Mind you, I'm not complaining, because I believe that they are all equally ridiculous and should be treated the same. In fact, go ahead and lump Herbie and Teddy in with the bunch, (we do!) although they could be categorized as being the "Foghorn Leghorns" as compared with the others. It's all just so surreal!


RSK said...

You can do all sorts of things with that kind of loose reasoning. Any civilization that ate more than roots and hunted meat baked "cakes", not necessarily the sweet dessert we envision in the West today. Should we declare all men should have been clean-shaven and barewristed, since Assyrian worship reliefs depict bearded men wearing cuffs that resemble wristwatches? How about sandals worn by pagan Egyptians during their religious rites, or refraining from walking sticks since Hermes was always pictured with one?

Anonymous said...

Good thing I marked my birthday in private - picking up the free Grand Slam at Denny's.

Cake was NOT a part of it (unless improved "fluffier pancakes" count) - and I told the server he did NOT have to sing the birthday song to me. He actually was relieved by that.

Anonymous said...

You get a free Grand Slam at Denny's on your birthday?

I'll have to look into that.

Much better than being at a COG and saying, "Give it to me, please, it's my birthday!", and then having the pastor give you a grand slam via his fist into your face!