Sunday, August 7, 2016

David C Pack: More trouble in Wadsworth as more ministers leave the Restored Church of God

From an RCG source:

For the last year or so David C Pack has been preaching an endless series of sermons on the 1st Dominion and how an end-time Church of God would emerge that would be the most faithful restored COG to ever exist.  No “end time” work is will be as large, as incredible, as the Restored Church of God.  The world will soon become aware of its message and trembling in fear.  Splinter group COG members will realize how spiritually dead their own COG's are and they will abandon their COG’s and flock to the RCG by the tens of thousands…and with their money, since it already belongs to Dave and the RCG.
This series of sermons has drug on for so long that members are starting to get exhausted and confused by it all.  They want it to stop!  There are even members breaking down in tears because of the endless drivel coming forth.   They fear they are still in for more and more sermons.  They are currently only at part 37 or 38! 
The things that Dave is preaching about is so far removed from anything Herbert Armstrong taught that most RCG members are becoming very disturbed by it all.  Dave is interjecting his own “revelations” as truth.  Of course when it is presented as “restored revealed truth” members are expected to accept it unquestionably.
If the members are finding this entire series disturbing, so is Dave.  He seems to be forgetting what he has said in the past and is now either back tracking or completely changing things as he goes. All one has to do is to check out his latest videos and watch them…if you are able to get past his bombastic narcissism.

Dave’s revealed truths have become so disturbing that several ministers have left the RCG over the last six months.  This is not only happening out in the field churches but right smack dab in the middle of the Wadsworth headquarters.  Two ministers there recently left, which shocked many.   Today, another minister left the church shocking even more members.
For those of us who have left the church, we know how difficult this must be for those members to sit there week by week and listen to this endless drivel and then to see men whom they may have deep respect for, turn around and walk away. 

Throughout the endless series of sermons, in Dave’s writings, and in most of his booklets, its all about things his "god" has supposedly revealed to him.  There is hardly anything about Jesus Christ, grace, love, mercy or forgiveness.  It must be exhausting for RCG members with all the new rules and teachings, all things that Jesus never even worried about or taught.

Dave either does not get it or he truly does not care. Narcissists are that way though, its all about them.


Anonymous said...

I know that Kevin Denee left, but who are the other two that you are referring to?

Connie Schmidt said...

Towards the end of the Nazi regime, Hitler was giving commands to non-existent army divisions, and was promoting the idea of non-existent fantasy "Wonder Weapons" that would save the day for the crumbling Nazi Empire.

Will Pack end up like Hitler did. when the truth of reality came pressuring in? Time will tell.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Aren't any of these sects of the cult in any way uncomfortable that angels may come visit their compounds and that we will see a reenactment of the final fate of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Anonymous said...

I read Daves original online autobiography, which has since been PhotoShoped by a more mature person. Often he'd tell a contradiction, insist there was no contraction, then expect the reader to believe him. In other words, he views people as operating at the level of a ten year old, err, or is it a six year old.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Pack is on part 265 of new revelation #1000, it would be very easy to forget and contradict previous revelation #896. He is making things up or is mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

And we all thought that Christ was coming back to the Mount of Olives... it looks he's
coming for his 'little flock' first.

On that day his feet will stand on the parking lot of the Wadsworth Giant Eagle that lies east of the Glorious Campus, and Interstate 76 will be split in two from north to south with half of the traffic moving east and the other west!


Black Ops Mikey said...

Connie, in answer to your question, don't be surprised if he grows a mustache.

Anonymous said...

I believe the other HQ minister was Dan Quimby.

Anonymous said...

To any Real Christians that read this:

Sarcasm doesn't answer questions..most of the past 8 comments.

Some of us saw Dave's real problems long ago....

Dave Pack has "spirit" problems. We know this from the suicides in his past church areas pastored in old WWCG. And at least one unfortunate incident where we knew that some very bad influence followed him to a member's house... He puts on nice front, he's intelligent and speaks well BUT there are dark forces that follow him.

GET OUT NOW. It Will get worse!

He stabbed Global COG leaders in the back as he was starting his breakaway group. So add bad character on top of bad spirits...

I know it seems insane, we couldn't believe it at first either..

GET OUT. From this and other things we know from his former employees, he's not what a true COG Minister should be


Anonymous said...

It will be a disaster for RCG members as Dave Pack the “towering inferno” loses his mind and melts down.

Mish-Mash said...

Does anyone know what happened to Dale Schurter? Is he still in or did he leave?
I don't know how anyone in their "right" mind can stay with Pack.

Minimalist said...

Now I'm confused:
After watching the RCG propaganda video,
I thought Pack's Herbie-Theme-Park was UTOPIA?

DennisCDiehl said...

Dale Schurter was no doubt lrft outstanding in his field

Anonymous said...

Dale got put out to pasture in the Dayton area. He isn't over anything anymore, he's just a member now. Why? That one is a mystery!

William Prigge said...

Dale and his wife both have Alzeimers. Dave Pack removed him from holding office. He is only a member now. -William Prigge