Wednesday, September 14, 2016

James Malm and Bob Thiel: Sabbath Breakers


Anonymous said...

I don't understand this post.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO! Love it! Those two buffoons break the sabbath every single week.

Anonymous said...

The minute you get ignition in your car engine, you have kindled multiple fires. Strictly speaking (and isn't that supposed to be the only way to interpret?), it just isn't possible to be an ACOG member and to keep the sabbath without modifying some of the laws of the Torah. Don't believe that? Try it, and see if your minister allows you to stay in the church! It is also not possible to keep the dietary laws and to eat in restaurants. All the tools, grills, and utensils are used on all the meats, both clean and unclean. Oh, and we haven't even broached the subject of lunar-based sabbaths.

Hoss said...

Although "Sabbath day's journey" was a tradition, traveling outside the city walls was forbidden. So all the driving for hours to get to a service outside your city limits was definitely wrong. Then there was GTA who would fly a plane to services...

One day our minister read an article by an Orthodox rabbi who said switching on the PA system on the Sabbath was forbidden. The minister commented on that, and said that wasn't his concern, because that was the responsibility of one of the elders.

And there was Dave Pack's story about how he and his family would sit in their car in the parking lot of his son's school, waiting for sunset. Then his son would rush out to play basketball. A slightly "compromising" example for a minister.

Sasquatch said...

None of the Levitical laws can be kept as they are commanded in the OT.
The cofG modifies them all for convenience sake and because they do not believe that Christ fulfilled them.
and yes, Bigfoot is seen far more often.

Anonymous said...

virtually all of the COGs violate the Sabbath simply in promoting eating out....but I can see that those here complaining about them don't understand either....

"kindling a fire", for example, is not an absolute applies to commercial/industrial fires...(anyone that has truly studied the matter in the bible will understand) .....driving to services on the Sabbath is no sin, driving to a restaurant, however, is another matter....

hopefully you all get my drift.

Anonymous said...

What ever was the point of "keeping the sabbath" in the first place?

We were given loads of horse manure about how it was the "test commandment," and how those people who "kept" it, as well as the "annual sabbaths" on the "right days" would be the only ones who Je-, um, I mean Christ would recognize as his people at "the end of the age," ergo, no end of additional legalistic garbage pursuant to "qualifying" for a place in the "place of safety," and/or "the kingdom." I guess christians and jews can agree which day is the weekly "sabbath" at least, although muslims say it's Friday.

But let's face it. Whether an actual preacher named Jesus was ever crucified by the Romans or not is anybody's guess, but the Jesus of the canonical gospels is a mishmash of Jewish and Hellenistic tropes and motifs. If he ever came the first time, he's certainly never coming back. Little more can be said for El, the father of the Canaanite pantheon, and Yahweh, just one of his 70 children, of whom just a handful haven't been redacted out the old Canaanite mythology in the form we have it today in the old testament. But the one the Canaanites believed was their local, national deity was Yahweh. The portions of these myths in their ancient form that we do have shows a belief system congruent with other Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greek beliefs.

So, what was the point of "keeping the sabbath"? To appease the wrath of a mishmash of ancient pagan gods? Yep, sad to say.

It strikes me as the height of folly that modern people still try to appease these long-defunct gods. It's like an adult still believing that Santa comes with presents every christmas eve, and trying to be "good" so as not to receive coal in his stocking.

Anonymous said...

I heard that "Bigfoot Bob" Thiel was spotted at Denny's- Giving the waitress a double dose of [Spokesman's Club inspired] rhetoric and hand-waving, to find out whether his fried eggs cozied up to the evil bacon on the griddle.

(I also heard that "Bigfoot Bob" has a doppelganger who suddenly emerges from Australian forests and knocks shrimp off the barbie while chewing Doublemint gum.)

Anonymous said...

Newsflash from the ABOVE TOP SECRET SABBATARIAN website!

Doctor "Bigfoot Bob" Thiel is the new Doctor Who.
Instead of using a British police box as his TARDIS space ship for time-travelling as Dr. Who did, "Bigfoot Bob" Thiel uses a crooked bookcase.
That famous crooked bookcase was rejected by Ikea (due to crookedness problems) but discovered and recovered by Bigfoot Bob when Bigfoot Bob's car broke down on the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey, and a double tire blowout sent Bigfoot Bob flying over the bridge's edge and down onto the toxic smouldering waste of the landfill below.
It was there that 'Bigfoot Bob' Thiel found his famous crooked bookcase.

So now, often, 'Bigfoot Bob' steps into his crooked bookcase Tardis, to time-travel to hear Herbie giving sermons. And, then he returns to give us HWA's wonderful bullcrap!

THANK YOU JESUS, for giving us Bigfoot Bob, and, sadly and of course, sending him careening over the edge of the Pulaski Skyway after that double tire blowout.

The important thing is that we now have "Mister Magoo to the power of two" - Bigfoot Bobby Thiel to educate and guide us.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Of course, if we're supposed to keep the Lunar Sabbaths, all bets are off.

And really, as much as you might protest, no one can know for absolute sure.

Hoss said... applies to commercial/industrial fires...

So you read Dave Pack's article on the Sabbath? I remember posting a rebuttal to that years ago at Painful Truth, which got a response from an exRCG member who ghostwrote the article.

anyone that has truly studied the matter in the bible will understand

So - once again, a few decades of Armstrongism trumps a few millennia of Hebrew scholarship.

Anonymous said...

"So you read Dave Pack's article on the Sabbath?"

DCP doesn't keep the Sabbath, so why would I be interested in what he has to say about it?

someone called him out on it years ago, and I read his rebuttal to their argument....I knew right then to never get involved with him.

Hoss said...

"So you read Dave Pack's article on the Sabbath?"

It's just that your comment that not kindling fires on the Sabbath referred to commercial and industrial fires reminded me of that particular article. I hadn't seen that statement made in other church literature.

Hebrew scholars devised a list based on scripture of what they understand is meant by "work". Some also came up with other arguments, which became part of the Oral Law, aka Traditions of the Elders. Jesus made a point that these additions were not binding, and in some cases, actually contradicted scripture.

Shabbat Shalom!

Anonymous said...

"Jesus made a point that these additions were not binding, and in some cases, actually contradicted scripture. "


we cannot look to the Jews for understanding....some say that the Sabbath and holy days cannot be kept today because of Jewish tradition concerning those argument totally without merit.

so DCP says that commercial/industrial fires are what's prohibited?....hmm, wonder why he gets his boxers in a bunch when told it's wrong to go to a restaurant on the Sabbath? is a restaurant to operate without an illegal fire?

confusion reigns amongst the false teachers.