Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rod Meredith May Have Cancer

From LCG source:

Sent to ministers on Feb 14, 2017:

Dear Fellow Ministers: 
We want to keep you informed regarding Dr. Meredith’s health. He was taken to the hospital Thursday night after feeling exceptionally weak much of the day. He underwent several tests on Friday and was released and stayed home over the weekend and Monday. Early indications are that he has cancer, but he will be seeing a specialist today and perhaps undergo further tests, after which we expect to know more fully the nature of the problem. His mind is strong and he maintains a sense of humor, but he is weak and we expect that he will work from home this week. When we know more details we will pass them along and keep you informed. In the meantime, your prayers for Dr. Meredith are greatly appreciated. 
Gerald Weston


Opinionated said...

Approaching expiration date. This is the year another evil bastard dies. So be it.
Unfortunately, there will always be another to replace him.

Sweetblood777 said...

Rod is ageing like the rest of us lessening our time remaining in this life. Even if he has cancer, he should be grateful for the time and length of his life.

Steve D said...

I wonder if he will forgo any treatment and pain medication, as so many in the WCG were urged to do in the past. Will he suffer along side of those who have gone before or will he accept any and all treatments as he did when his retina became detached and he underwent "corrective surgery" (like there is any other kind)? How many people never made it to their 80's because of the teachings that RCM promoted?

Anonymous said...

Rod has lived longer than most people. He can hardly complain come judgment day. I recall reading about a 17 year old teenage girl who was having a driving lesson. She was killed by a drunk driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road. It's these sorts of people that I feel sympathetic towards.

Senior Citizen said...

Sad news for anyone to hear. Hope it turns out well for him.
I hope this hideous disease is conquered soon. Too many have suffered from it.

Anonymous said...

Now would be a great time to show everyone how miraculous a prayer cloth is.

Anonymous said...

Rod Meredith has always struggled with the healing doctrine.
When I was in the original Global he talked about the lack of healings in the church all the time and that it was because people lacked faith.
I always believed that if you asked for healing, that was faith. Otherwise why even bother to ask?
The idea that the signs and miracles that accompanied Jesus Christ and his apostles are still going on today is wrong. Yes, God heals but the gift is gone.
If anyone had that gift they should be down at St. Jude's and the Shriner Hospitals emptying the place out!
There are no apostles and prophets after NT times.
I left that church once I realized how bogus it all was.
Sorry for his troubles. I hope he will be alright.

Anonymous said...

Now would be a good time for all the hypocritical to put up or shut up. All these jabs make you look like asses. Pot meet kettle.

Opinionated said...

God gave RM time to repent. Lot's of time. To the lake of fire for the old coot.

Connie Schmidt said...

He is now 87 years old, 17 years beyond the "3 score and 10".

Anonymous said...

I heard Meredith on many occasion claim that sickness and disease was a result of sin in peoples lives.

Steve D said...

Anonymous Senior Citizen said...
Sad news for anyone to hear. Hope it turns out well for him.
I hope this hideous disease is conquered soon. Too many have suffered from it.

Yes too many have suffered from it, and far too many suffered more than they had to because of the teachings of HWA.

Anonymous said...

Pray for Rod? Of course, my usual prayer is that God ignore others prayers for him. There are countless complaints of his brutality and cruelty to church members, so it's just that God ignore all prayers on his behalf. Rod and his minions asking the very people he mistreats to pray for him is heartless exploitation.

'God is far from the wicked' as my bible puts it.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Oh, he'll probably live on and on for at least 5 more years, maybe a decade.

And then...

Dixon Cartwright will write a nice (and long) obituary about him.

We all have a lot to look forward to....

Byker Bob said...

I'm sure we are all waiting on the edge of our chairs to hear what Bob Thiel has to say about this.

About the only way you can pray for someone of advanced age is "Thy will be done." It is also humane and logical to pray that the person will not be in pain, or be suffering. There are as many variables as there are people, but we're talking about someone who has preached about, and looked forward to the "end of the age" for his entire ministry, and has even warned about the people who just don't get it, and are not zealously thinking in this way themselves.

ACOG people in general have spent the majority of their lives preoccupied with the end, and as it has turned out, their own personal ends have kicked in and taken precedence first.

In the classic era, many church members pictured HWA as Father God, GTA as Jesus Christ, and the first evangelists as the disciples/apostles. In the recent past, Rod has been regarded as the St. John of those, the last surviving original disciple. When he does eventually pass, it will have a great impact on the entire Armstrong movement.


Anonymous said...

"Only bad people get cancer!" Rosie O Donnell

Anonymous said...

The one we should pray for is Gerald Weston.

He will inherit a splinter cult with declining income, where members had only accepted the Winnail/Ames "doctrinal upgrades" because of RCM's intimidation. If Weston retracts those "upgrades" he may lose a couple of "top men" who won't like admitting that they were wrong. If he doesn't retract those upgrades, he doesn't have RCM's influence to keep people in LCG, so he will lose many members to COGWA. Even at LCG HQ, a number of ministers privately reject one or both of the Winnail/Ames heresies, but because of Meredith they must keep quiet about it.

LCG used to be able to keep members because of Meredith's seniority and because of "doing the Work." When Meredith dies, all there will be is "the Work." Problem is, LCG has cut far back in those areas where it used to be the "spear point" of the ACOGs. Now, it's websites are awful, it's telecast is cut way, way back, and it's booklets are a joke. GTA knew how to make people think, and he could convince smart, inquisitive people that RCG/WCG had the answers. The only people attracted by LCG's "Work" are ambitious bootlickers or uneducated people who don't know how to use the Internet to "prove all things" before joining.

Weston learned to rule by intimidation because he could always threaten people with the wrath of Rod if they disobeyed him. Once he is the leader, he will try to emulate Rod, but the main way he will succeed is in rubbing the fur the wrong way, repelling people rather than building them up.

Watch for the following: Soon after Weston takes charge, he will raise to Evangelist some unqualified people he wants to prevent from bolting to another group. He thinks this will keep LCG unified, but members who actually have the Holy Spirit and some discernment will see the moves for the political tactics they are. This will cause more disunity, and will speed LCG's collapse.

Yes, pray for Gerald. The tall Gerry, not the drunken runt. He's in for a wild ride, very soon!

Black Ops Mikey said...

1 John 5:16  If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.

"pray for Gerald"? Well, which is it? Has he committed a sin unto death or not? I mean, wouldn't being a false prophet refusing to give it up qualify? How can you know?

In any event, if and when Roderick Meredith dies (and sometimes it seems like he'll live forever, just in diminished capacity), chaos will ensue. Entropy will manifest itself in all its glorious spender. It will be challenging to see how Gerald Weston manages his clowder of cats. Herding them is extremely difficult at best.

See -- it's hard to meet expectations after that. Everybody expected Roderick Meredith to be around until Jesus... sorry... Christ returns. Now somehow people managed after Herbert Armstrong died, but that was a special case. In this case, there's no monolithic cult to keep everyone together. Entropy took care of that, with the help of Joseph Tkach, Senior and his henchmen. Far too many people will wonder who this 'Weston' guy is, and seeing no particular reason to stay, except for their family and people they thought were their friends, but weren't, they may very well scatter to the hinterlands, freeing themselves of the abuse and Draconian control of an abusive cult (one which is actually in the International Cultic Studies Association database).

One thing is certain: It will certainly make for wonderful entertainment to watch the soap opera, as the Church Turns... until it is ultimately cancelled for lack of audience ratings. 

Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

I wonder if he will reflect on all the lives he's ruined and all the lies he's told before he takes his last breath.

What a truly horrible person.

I regret with all my heart that I ever came into contact with this vile, loathsome little man. I am filled with self hatred for being stupid enough to be in his evil cult for over a decade.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's taking care of him now that he's home?

I imagine it's some poor Living University student living in his home that's helping him on and off the toilet and giving him sponge baths.

All the while trying to convince himself that he is earning an extra special place in the Kingdom for wiping the butt of "God's Church".

Anonymous said...

I hope he ends up in that nursing home that RCM's bootlicker Gestapo leader Rod McNair made a member quit his job at to keep them away from those pesky demons that like to inhabit elderly nursing home residents.

That would bring it full circle.

Karma is a bitch Rod...

Anonymous said...

Whether Rod Meredith has cancer or not, I hope and pray to God that He will soften Rod Meredith's heart and compel him to use the remaining time that he has left on this earth to ask for forgiveness of everyone whom he has trespassed against.

Hopefully God will also compel Mr. Meredith to finally accept and heed God's Word as it is written in the Holy Bible and make the necessary theological/doctrinal changes starting with accepting Jesus Christ's own words regarding the full Personhood and Diety of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, that the gospel is about Jesus Christ and not about how humans can become God, and that we are fully in the New Covenant - which means that believers and followers of Jesus Christ can keep the weekly seventh-day Sabbath and Holy Days but are not mandated[required] to because we are under "Grace" and not under the “Law”.

I also pray that God would bless LCG to no longer be a cult, but a full member of the Body of Christ. In order for this to happen, I pray that God would compel Mr. Meredith and the LCG ministry to repent of their denial of the Trinity, to repent of preaching the fasle gospel of human diefication, and to repent of teaching false doctrines such as mandatory law keeping as a requirement for salvation and diefication and the fallacious idea of "Anglo-Israelism".

Let God's will be done, not mine. I ask this in the name of His Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Anonymous said...

From "LCG Source"? Oh please. They posted this update on their public Facebook page several hours after first telling the ministry. This isn't any secret.

Anonymous said...

I want you to know Mr. Meredith, that I am very grateful for your labor of love on our behalf. Thank you for your kindness, warmth and wisdom which I have personally experienced several times. You have had a profound impact on my life for the good.
Despite what gets posted on this blog, you are a beloved man!

With the deepest respect,
A friend

Anonymous said...

Bitter cupcake at 12:05

I don't see anywhere in the post that is was secret knowledge. I only see an LCG source sent the info. Take a chill pill sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

This is going to send people scrambling for their long knives...

The reference, of course, is to June 30, 1934, when Hitler purged the party leaders who threatened his dominance. Things always get ugly during internal power struggles, and the fact that it might happen to be a church in which these internal power struggles are occurring, doesn't seem to faze them one bit.

It should be entertaining to observe, once again, people who claim to be "converted" true™ christians, people who claim that going through the endlessly repetitive cycle of weekly and annual Judaizing rituals causes them to "grow in the grace of knowledge of Jesus," people who claim to be better than the average Joe Schmoe because of the "indwelling of the 'holy spirit,'" behaving far worse than the average, "unconverted," "worldly," Joe Schmoe, and basically as though they never heard of the any of the teachings of Jesus.

I've never ceased to marvel at the irony of ministers involved in political power struggles which happen to punctuated by "holy days." It's "funny" to watch them, hatchet-in-hand basically, "observe" Passover, or Atonement without the slightest hint of self-reflection upon the immoral and unethical misdeeds they're currently in the middle of. I would say it's hypocrisy, because their walk is certainly very, very far from their talk. But from another point-of-view, it isn't hypocrisy, because it's during these power struggles that, for once in their miserable lives, they aren't pretending to be decent, upstanding, or even civilized people.

So let's watch and see what this vaunted "holy spirit" does for them. Let's see what moral benefit has accrued from doing spring cleaning and fasting for one day in the fall before going on vacation, although how that particular cause-and-effect was ever thought to have any logical basis is beyond me (along the same lines of insanity that says gay sex, instead of the sun's heat, is the principle driver of weather...) Let's see how, at least claiming to have read their bibles makes them behave better than the average Joe Schmoe. In my experience, so far the answer has always been nada, zilch, nothing. Being that Meredith has always engendered the worst and most political of corporate cultures since his days as the head of church administration in the early 1960's, LCG's meltdown should be as spectacular as they come.

As LCG descends into civil war upon Meredith's death, don't expect to see any beacon of light shining on a Charlotte hill. Instead, observe the utter futility of going through Armstrongist motions. Watch as people temporarily display the true colors they usually keep hidden behind a veil of hypocrisy. If you want to get a fix on who someone really is, observe them during a church split.

Watch as the long knives come out. It's just about to get really ugly.

RSK said...

To a hospital?
What, no faith, Rod?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Yes, the head of the WCG Gestapo deserves the honor and respect of those he ruined.

JammerEWS said...

I know the guy personally going all the way back to the early 1980's in Pasadena. My mom always said if you can't say anything nice....

Steve D said...

Imagine if he ends up in Hospice care and requests an injection of Demerol or morphine. Rather than giving him the medication the nurse reads to him the booklet from the WCG on healing and how he should rely on God, not medicine.

Anonymous said...

1.18 PM
There you go again Rod, posting about yourself.

Hoss said...

I just checked, and Bob Thiel hasn't yet posted anything about Rod's cancer. This is unusual, as Bob tends to post details when leaders and prominent members of COGs are stricken.

Anonymous said...

He's about five years older than me and I knew him way back in 1955 when I attended his wedding dinner celebration on my first visit to California. Once we get to this advanced age, things start going wrong and there's basically not a thing we can do to stop it. As far as my feelings on the subject, I'm neutral. I never really liked the guy, but I wish him no unnecessary pain or suffering. My rear end still aches from those endless Nave's Topical Bible sermons. I'm sure he's painfully aware that the end is near, just as I am.

Allen C. Dexter

Jim said...


Thiel is still butt hurt over the public smackdown Meredith gave him after he self appointed himself as a new splinter cult leader. Meredith knows the dirt about the liar Thiel and that does not make Thiel happy. The quicker Meredith dies the quicker Thiel can unleash his mouth and encourage LCG members to leave the church and join him. Many are disgusted by Weston and Thiel is hoping to capitalize on that. Thiel is in for some more major butthurt when he sees that no one in LCG cares about him and his fake little cult.

Anonymous said...

Rod must know that he has failed to qualify for the kingdom. His mental state can't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Maybe with the death Meredith many LCG members will wake up and allow Jesus and grace to enter their lives, take a stand, and leave the madness of Armstrongism behind.

Hoss said...

Jim - True, but I didn't think Bob would be so shallow, even with the fear of being accused of shedding crocodile tears. He could wish that Rod would have a deathbed repentance.

Anonymous said...

Deathbed repentance? So Rod and similar reject Gods laws for a lifetime, but somehow a deathbed (under extreme coercion) repentance overturns a lifetime of NO to God. If you believe in the sincerity and reliability of such a repentance, please contact me so that I can sell you a bridge. If you believe that God will accept such a 'repentance,' I will throw in the Eiffel Tower, free of charge.

Hoss said...

Anon 815:

I was joking, playing on Bob's attitude toward Rod for not having corrected "errors" - that is, whatever Bob disagreed with. He wrote at least once that the LCG ministers must "repent" of their errors, and this could be Rod's last chance.

No thanks on the real estate, I was offered London Bridge but turned it down. Someone else bought it thinking it was the Tower Bridge.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Pack is also hoping to cash-in on this? He would hope to gain members, and of course, be sure to talk about how God is taking false leaders away by allowing Meredith to die. (Which is only a result of old age, which will one day happen to us all.) However, Pack thought that Meredith would be one of the three men to be burned in his 2013 prophecy debacle.

So if LCG does split it will be interesting to see how many will go with RCG? Hopefully, for their sake, not many!

Anonymous said...

Rev 21 says that liars will be cast into the lake of fire

Prov 19 says A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will perish.

Rod Meredith has left a legacy of lies over his decades. Lies and hatred define him along with hunger for power, control and money.

LCGers will shout from the tree tops that he "preached the gospel" for decades in defense of Rod's righteousness. My reply: even the demons believe, even the demons know scripture. The fact that Rod has read from the Bible for decades means nothing when he doesn't LIVE the words he's reading.

The most powerful sermon is you life.

In Rod's case, the sermon his life preaches is absolutely no better than the horrible sermons he preaches from the pulpit.

May God have mercy on his heartless soul.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now that RCM is on his death bed he will start making some calls. Here are a few suggestions:

Dorothy McNair and apologize for all the lies he told about her

All the men and women he forced to divorce their 2nd spouses in his Nazi-like divorce and remarriage tirade.

All the children who's lives were ruined from Rod's D&R policies

All the people he suckered into getting second mortgages on their homes to finance the Global Church of God who Rod subsequently STOLE from when he split Global into Living and literally FORGED checks when he pillaged the GCG coffers.

All the people who could have been cured, or at least had their pain eased, with medical intervention that Rod shamed into not seeking medical treatment by telling them that doing so was a sure sign that the lacked faith. I know of one family who's child died of pneumonia because Rod told them to pray and have faith.

The African-American brethren who he has said so many offensive things about I have lost count. Not the least of which is his belief that when the trumpet sounds, whites will rise before blacks.

All the children he has scarred for life with his disgusting homophobic sermon rants about male-on-male sex.

All the people Rod has slandered over the years including Bob Thiel (say what you want about him but it doesn't negate the fact that RCM lied about him repeatedly), Charles Bryce and the Scarborough's to name a few.

I'm sure there are a few more calls Spanky needs to get in before he takes a dirt nap but this list would be a start.

DennisCDiehl said...

Anonymous said...
Rod must know that he has failed to qualify for the kingdom."

That "qualify" thing has always haunted the COGs

Anonymous said...

Qualifying most certainly haunts converted Christians. It's like students being haunted by exams, people being haunted about finding work, not losing their jobs, haunted about getting old, haunted about dying from old age, etc, etc.
That's life.

Byker Bob said...

That's probably part of Rod's problem: he believes that it is possible to "qualify" for the Kingdom, and assumes that he has. He's stated on many occasions that he hasn't committed a major sin since his Armstrongite baptism. There are people over the years who have expressed different opinions about the fruits he has borne, but apparently he is unconcerned regarding those.


Anonymous said...

Will Ron Weinland claim credit for Rod's cancer?

Anonymous said...

I am truly amazed at the vitriol spewed on this website. No matter what I feel personally, I would not want to go online and say that someone "had not qualified" for the kingdom and impute motives none of you can know.

I am not afraid and I am also not uneducated. Yet here I am in the LCG, having proved from scripture that this is where I belong.

I am aware that the vast majority will not agree with me, but thankfully, in the USA we have that right. Cut yourselves some slack and stop the spewing of poison to make yourselves feel better.

Black Ops Mikey said...

People can prove many things from Scripture.

The question is... can you prove Scripture?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:54 wrote:

I am not afraid and I am also not uneducated. Yet here I am in the LCG, having proved from scripture that this is where I belong.

Seriously, please help me understand this. Which scripture(s) proved to you that you belong in LCG?

LCG leadership sometimes calls LCG the only COG the best Christians should belong to, and other times calls it the best Church of God of the several that are valid and acceptable. Which is it? If there are many acceptable Churches of God, how can you belong in one that occasionally proclaims itself the "best" and even the "only" such Church? On the other hand, if there is only one Church (LCG) acceptable for True Christians™, then how can you justify that Church's leaders sometimes saying that it's not the end of the world if someone belongs to COGWA or UCG or another church that descends from HWA?

Along those lines, what convinced you that the new teachings about the falling away, and about the marriage supper in heaven, are correct? HWA heard both of those ideas and blasted them as false, so why are they true now?

Finally, since you have proved that you belong in LCG, perhaps you can help us understand how God gets behind the formation of His Church?

Was God behind the formation in 1993 of the Global Church of God with its collegial form of government? If God was behind that collegial government, did He expect the ministers to abide by that government?

If God established Global's form of government and Rod Meredith did not submit to it when he was found to be lying and causing division in 1998, then wasn't Rod going against God's government by rejecting the decision of Global's government?

Or is it that God wasn't really behind the formation of Global, but was behind the formation of Living in 1998? If that's it, then why did God start Living by using a man who had previously started a church that God didn't support?

These are important questions, so I will be very interested to learn the answers. Thank you!

Hoss said...

Mikey wrote: can you prove Scripture?

Of course you can! Send for our free booklet, The Proof of the Bible!

Anonymous said...

"I am truly amazed at the vitriol spewed on this website."

What great piety you have there February 16, 2017 at 9:54 AM.
So, the more people that attack you here will just make you feel that much more virtuous in your groupthink's echochamber. Job well done! Feel good now, for the "sins of hypocrisy" from Rod on down have been projected onto the sinners outside the wonderfool LCG!


Anonymous said...

"I am truly amazed at the vitriol spewed on this website."

How does that vitriol compare to the vitriol Rod Meredith spewed on Charles Bryce? Bryce wrote a private letter to the four evangelists at LCG HQ, and it was Rod who chose to make the private letter public and then to send Bryce a blistering disfellowshipment letter, when all Bryce was pleading for was a chance to talk face-to-face with the leadership.

Rod is a liar and a hypocrite and a power-hungry, frightened, sexually insecure little weasel of a man. Please, LCG members, show us what fruit is evident in Rod's life that would lead us to believe that God his blessing Rod and the work of the LCG.

Anonymous said...

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

I bet good ol' Spanky will be around for some time to come- after all, he has so much of God's tithe money to buy the best medical care.

This reminds me of a favorite Iron Maiden song:

Maybe when his time finally does come, a fiery chariot will whisk him away in a whirlwind, and as he is going up he will throw down that bathrobe he was wearing on Facebook a couple Sabbaths back, and our buddy Dr Boob will catch it...


Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 8:15 And country singer George Strait has ocean front property in Arizona,and throw in the Golden Gate Bridge in free

Hoss said...

"The Retracter"

I take back what I said about Bob's lack of expression of concern for Rod. It's hidden on his GNews page.

Jim Osia said...

Scripture proved to you to be in LCG?!! Did you use non sanctioned sources?!