Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Rain Miracle in Area of Drought

For the last 4-5 years California has suffered though a major drought.  Not that is new for CA, since almost the entire state is arid in climate, much like the Mediterranean.  For several years now various Church of God lying false prophets have taken great delight in the state experiencing drought.  In their distorted and vengeful eyes this is/was prophecy coming alive.  Rod Meredith, Bob Thiel, James Malm and others get so wrapped up in this doom and gloom that they almost go into orgasmic frenzies over "end time " events, and the drought was a sure sign that they have been proven "right."

As of right now due to all of the rain and the massive amounts of snow in the Sierra's, the state released information that the snow pack to 200% above normal.  Massive rains have hit a large percentage of the state and more is on the way.

Never once do you hear or read of a Church of God leader saying that they are praying for rain and when it does come do they ever claim that their prayer helped the rain come.  God usually is accused of delaying his punishment because the church was not yet ready, thus the state or country has received a small reprieve.

That is until now, though that rain fell on the other side of the world.

Almost-arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Joshua, Amos, Habakkuk, Second Witness, dreamer of dreams, doubly-blessed, self-perceived Mayan authority, naturopath, the bitter "son" Rod Meredith had aways wished for, prophet, apostle, and Chief Overseer  is now claiming one of his prayers caused rain to fall in Africa.  Toto, where are you when we need you?!

Elijah Habakkuk Thiel writes:
The first is that I had not received Aleksandar ‘Sasha’ Veljic’s report until last night and it had more information than the initial report (it reported that it rained more than it appeared from Pastor Ochieng’s briefer report). I prayed Monday that there would be more rain in Kenya and it seems like that has happened.
The greatest miracle for which I prayed in this country is – rain. I began to cry and pray to God for that miracle because there was nothing I could do about it, nor there is anyone who could have done anything about it. I asked God to intervene for our members have not been able to grow crops, many remained without seeds and some were facing starvation to death. So I began to pray for rain. And the first word that was on my mouth ever since I arrived in Kenya, the word that I so often mentioned was only one word – rain. On the Sabbath, I prayed with the small local congregation in Kitangala, nearby Nairobi, for the rain. On Sunday, as we were asking blessing for a meal, I mentioned rain. Ten minutes afterwards there came rain over the city we were staying in – Narok. In the following days it was raining everywhere. Even tonight, here where we are staying (Kissi town) we had a downpour of rain. Exactly what I asked God, everything happened when it comes to rain. I have tens of witnesses that it is true.”

The doubly-blessed prophet had announced earlier that one of his acolytes in Africa had prayed for rain and it fell almost immediately.  Now, the self appointed prophet has to get his own accolades in, Habakkuk Thiel claims that his prayer brought even more rain than was originally reported. His rain was even bigger than his acolyte.

The false prophet is bitter that no one believes his distortions!  Shame on all of you.  How could you NOT believe apostle Thiel?  He has told the 100% truth!
An apostate, former WCG minister (Dennis Diehl), posted this in response to me post Rain Miracle in Kenya?:
Weather is just weather and as sincere as one might be, humans don’t pray down rain unless it is going to rain anyway. 
Those who actually believe the Bible have a different view. Apostates do not truly believe the Bible. 
99.99% of Church of God members do not believe false prophet and teacher Bob Thiel either, and they claim to truly believe the Bible.  They do not believe because they have witnessed hundreds of lairs and false prophets claim over the decades that they could perform miracles.  Every single one of them have been liars. There is no COG prophet, church leader, apostle or Chief Overseer alive today that has performed any such miracle.



DennisCDiehl said...

Bob laments:
An apostate, former WCG minister (Dennis Diehl), posted this in response to me post Rain Miracle in Kenya?: Weather is just weather and as sincere as one might be, humans don’t pray down rain unless it is going to rain anyway. Those who actually believe the Bible have a different view. Apostates do not truly believe the Bible."

a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.
synonyms: dissenter, defector, deserter, traitor, backslider, turncoat; More
abandoning a religious or political belief or principle.

Is not Bob an apostate according to Catholicism if he used to be one? He certainly is apostate from the Church of God/Living Branch. Gary is correct in noting that you won't hear Bob rejoicing over the drought being broken in California. Oh...and did he, as a prophet, predict this and tell Californians not to worry and that God would bring the rains needed. Or was he just hoping it was a sign of the end again?

From what I can tell, Bob would actually be a Baal worshiper in disguise.

Baal Question: "Who was Baal?"

Answer: Baal was the name of the supreme god worshiped in ancient Canaan and Phoenicia. The practice of Baal worship infiltrated Jewish religious life during the time of the Judges (Judges 3:7), became widespread in Israel during the reign of Ahab (1 Kings 16:31-33) and also affected Judah (2 Chronicles 28:1-2). The word baal means “lord”; the plural is baalim. In general, Baal was a fertility god who was believed to enable the earth to produce crops and people to produce children. Different regions worshiped Baal in different ways, and Baal proved to be a highly adaptable god. Various locales emphasized one or another of his attributes and developed special “denominations” of Baalism. Baal of Peor (Numbers 25:3) and Baal-Berith (Judges 8:33) are two examples of such localized deities.

According to Canaanite mythology, Baal was the son of El, the chief god, and Asherah, the goddess of the sea. Baal was considered the most powerful of all gods, eclipsing El, who was seen as rather weak and ineffective. In various battles Baal defeated Yamm, the god of the sea, and Mot, the god of death and the underworld. Baal’s sisters/consorts were Ashtoreth, a fertility goddess associated with the stars, and Anath, a goddess of love and war. The Canaanites worshiped Baal as the sun god and as the storm god—he is usually depicted holding a lightning bolt—who defeated enemies and produced crops."

You'll recall, El, the original Canaanite god morphed into El of Genesis who with his El-ohim or Council of the Gods (There were many) decided to "Let us make man in our image after our likeness" and got upset with man for taking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which was for them only and drove them out "lest they take of the tree of life and be like us and live forever.."

Later El of Genesis morphed again into YHVH who morphed again into Jesus in the NT.

The evolution of El in the scriptures is fascinating.

Anyway Apostate Baal(rain god) worshiper is pretty serious .... :)

DennisCDiehl said...

Also, does this indicate that Bob's prayers for rain during the five years of drought right in his own state were ineffective and unanswered? Or does it mean he did not pray for rain in the first place choosing rather to hope it was an ongoing sign of the end? Could he have prophecied there would be no rain for five years, ahead of time of course? Were there any "thus saith the Lord"s we missed?

Obviously now, God is giving us more time to repent and come to our senses and so that the Continuing Church of God doesn't have to discontinue. . That's it...

Anonymous said...

The more Thiel writes the deeper he digs the hole. What a pathetic little man.

Hoss said...

Unless I missed something, Bob’s specific prediction of the California drought was in total hindsight, and the reason he gave was passing of same-sex marriage legislation. Unlike Elijah’s prediction of drought, which was in advance (1 Kings 17) as was its end (1 Kings 18).

Unless Bob can tie an event with a specific statement he made, including interpretation of a specific Biblical (or non-biblical) passage, his custom appears to be to quote a “general purpose” statement such as “the beginning of sorrows” (Matt 24). The second paragraph of the Shema (Deut. 11) has “general purpose” prophecies, or rather blessing and cursing – rain for obedience, drought for turning to other gods. As Dennis described the widespread Baal worship, Elijah's pronouncement of drought was in order.

Can we say the rain that ended the drought a blessing for obedience? It certainly wasn’t from the offending legislation being annulled. And when someone makes prophetic statements, we are collectively in our rights to test and challenge them. In fact, we are obliged to do just that.

Anonymous said...

The word "drought" is a highly relative term. If they don't have rain for 3 months in a place where they usually get a lot of rain, then they're in a "drought."

There has never been a time in the last 20 years when we, in California, were not in a "drought," and mark my words, barring apocalyptic scenarios, there is unlikely to be a time in the future when California is ever not in a "drought" again.

I think that climate change may be exacerbating the wet vs. dry oscillations in our weather, but our "drought" hasn't really got anything to do with the weather anyway. It has to do with the fact that there are ever more people living in a place where there was never enough water to begin with, and competing with the agricultural needs of those who grow the fruits, vegetables, and nuts the rest of the country depends on. The concept of "drought" as it is used today is an entirely human construct.

"Drought" doesn't really mean below average rainfall anymore, it just means too many people. So don't tell me that "drought" in California has to do with "god's" cryptic and unfalsifiable punishments. All it has to do with is our growing population.

Minimalist said...

The most important man on earth (next to Dave Pack)
A "ThD" degree from somewhere in India,
Almost-arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Joshua, Amos, Habakkuk, Second Witness, dreamer of dreams, doubly-blessed, self-perceived Mayan authority, naturopath, the bitter "son" Rod Meredith had aways wished for, prophet, apostle, and Chief Overseer

Opinionated said...

I prayed for a drought breaking rain last summer. It seems God answered my prayers with record rain and snow fall. Can I be a prophet now? It's my turn!

Anonymous said...

I believe in God,I don't always agree with Dennis views,however I noticed someone lambasted this site for being childish and calling Bob names,I notice however the same minister gets to use names like apostate while addressing Dennis why not just say former minister he is also guilty of trying to do damage by his choice of words how can you have respect for someone who calls you an apostate,it goes both ways why can't us religious see it that way when you leave Jw's they use that apostate term to justify treating you like garbage less than human for disagreeing,let's not forget the dark ages calling people apostate is what justified the killings of christ true followers.The scriptures say "the fool has said in his heart there is no God." Unfortunately they are also many foolish religious people as well who claim to believe in God,far too many.

Anonymous said...

God is fully aware of the monstrous misuse of 'authority' in the Herb
and sliver churches. So He's not going to give credibility to these abusive leaders.
I'm not aware of one sliver that genuinely feeds its flock. They are all Kenneth Copeland clones that endlessly talk religious talk, and teach nothing of substance or practical value.

Today it's only secular (supposedly atheistic) blogs that in effect teach Gods ways, since it's only Gods perfect laws that work.

DennisCDiehl said...

A bit off topic but having to do with the evolution of the gods in the OT. I wanted to include these verses in Deuteronomy because they are considered strange to have been allowed to remain in the text as the implication for polytheism and evolution of the gods is obvious.

Deut 32:8-9

"When the Most High (’elyôn) gave to the nations their inheritance, when he separated humanity, he fixed the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of divine beings. For Yahweh’s portion is his people, Jacob his allotted heritage."

Here the Most High God, Elyon put a lesser God, YHVH in charge of Israel, his assigned portion of the nations to rule over.

There is a vast difference between the Sabbath/Sunday School version of the OT and reality.

Hoss said...

As I said, the reason Bob gave for the last drought in California was legalizing same-sex marriage. Why the drought in Kenya? Does the same standard apply? From my understanding, same-sex marriage is not legal, and LGBT rights not recognized in Kenya.

Kenya is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly British Commonwealth, formerly British Empire). By BI standards, is Kenya still part of Ephraim?

Anonymous said...

4.26 AM
We all have a duty of care in assessing those around us. Failure to exercise this responsibility results in the wolves in sheep clothing going undetected. The result can be devastating for the victims. David Pack financially fleecing his flock comes to mind. People should be encouraged to evaluate those around them, but you seem to do the opposite with your complaints. I believe labelling Dennis a apostate is accurate.
I've been to JW dissident sites. The similarity between that church and Herbs jumps out at you. It's another example that Herb 'stole' from other churches rather than looking to the bible as the reference point. The JWs even agreed with the 1975 second return deadline. Who copied from whom?

Black Ops Mikey said...

To Robert Thiel (I seldom say anything to the delusional kooks and prefer to refer to them in third person, but in this case, as you will see...):

Romans 2:1-4  Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things. But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things. And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God? Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

You should be ashamed. And you missed an opportunity. You do not seem to know how God works at all. And I don't care if you have a faux ThUd.

You should have realized that the Apostle Paul was talking to you! As a prophet, of all things, you SHOULD have realized that God was giving California rain to be good to them so that they would repent! Yes, that's right: God does nice things for people first and THEN he tips over their barrel (a sly reference about a minister giving a clueless and insulting sermon on September 9, 2001 in Tacoma)! California has had God give them water to help them come to see their sins. Wait a minute, don't YOU, Bob, live in California? It just seems to me that you need to take God seriously for a change because He's being nice to you too as a Californian because you, along with all the people in California (especially those who used to work at a certain cult in Pasadena) have done horrible reprehensible things in the sight of God and He's being nice to give everyone, including you as a false prophet, to repent.

Now we don't and can't know how long God will keep blessing people in California. He is longsuffering and merciful. There may be a time limit on this, so if you value your fellow Californians, you had better clean up your act soon, lest you be responsible for more suffering in California from drought... and floods.

While you are at it, you need to warn your people in Kenya to repent as well. God probably sent them the rain there in His goodness in order to persuade them to repent... from following you.

We would not want anyone to misinterpret God's wishes for humanity.

He cares.

Why else would He have put Jupiter out there to prevent the earth from extinction level events from passing asteroids? And why else did He have the sun blow off a major CME in 2012 in a direction away from earth.

You know, as I think about it, you're not very good at your job....

Now... if only He'd do something nice for the State of Washington....

Black Ops Mikey said...

We'd be so much more impressed if Booby had predicted that Britain would be running out of vegetables.

Just go away and remain in embarrassed silence please.

Connie Schmidt said...

RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON BOB"S HEAD -- Parody of BJ Thomas' 1970 hit...

Raindrops are falling on Bob's head
And just like the guy whose Mouth
Is too big for his Head...

Nothing seems to fit

Those raindrops
Keep falling on his head

They keep falling.

Byker Bob said...

He brags too much about his ministry, and worries about being overlooked. If God were truly working through Bob Thiel, then God would bring massive attention to his ministry.


Byker Bob said...

There is something I call the "embarrassed dog look" that I'd like to see on BobThiel's face. Mostly, I've seen this on small to medium dogs, but these animals, when they experience some sort of visible failure will bare their teeth in a kind of a smile, bow their heads, and move their heads from side to side, also drooping their tails as they walk back towards a human companion.

The problem is, ACOG ministers and pseudo-ministers have lost their capacity for embarrassment.


Hoss said...

Connie parodied: Those raindrops Keep falling on his head They keep falling.

Let's continue, and end with:

Because it's MEEEEEEE!
Why can't everyone SEEEEEEE?

For having been granted a miracle, the posts from the CCOG camp seem to be very light in praise to God, and heavy in self-validation.

Connie Schmidt said...

Good addendum Hoss! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Global warming is a lie. But the lie serves Satan's COG ministers well. The so-called climate changes are trivial compared to earth's numerous past natural climate upheavals.

Byker Bob said...

Exactly, Hoss! Most effective leaders keep the validation internal. It's a silent part of their reservoir of strength which inspires confidence. Normally, troops don't want to feel as if they are following something so vacuous as an out of control ego. Thiel and a bunch of other folks we know aggrandize what they feel is validation, and they process it externally, wearing it as a badge so that everyone sees. That doesn't make people want to follow. It evokes the image of "pompous ass" and acts as a turn-off. Kind of like what might embarrassingly unfold if a janitor suddenly were handed the presidency of a company. But, we must remember, these are people who believe that in the millennium, miracuously, they will be qualified to rule cities with a rod of iron.


Anonymous said...

If one does research on the subject, it is ridiculously easy to prove we've been profusely lied to by the global warmers and the likes of Al Gore who stands to make a bundle on carbon trading. Those who don't get this are either too lazy to do their own research, too brainwashed to think they should, or they have done the research and now know better and have chosen to promulgate the lie anyway for the usual reasons.

The COGs have prophetic reasons for promulgating the lie that weather is getting worse. Al Gore has his financial reasons. The media have their political reasons. And useful idiots have theirs, while they are played like a fiddle by the NWO.

Hoss said...

Byker Bob wrote: a janitor suddenly were handed the presidency of a company

That reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone.
And I think the “newspaper” that came with The Wonderful World Tomorrow booklet predicted rain for the Sahara.

Anon 203 wrote: Global warming is a lie.

Good. So on-going global average temperatures are not increasing. What a relief! Or do you mean global climate change is not largely due to human activity?

Last year I saw a chart at Penn State University that showed cascading effects of climate change – weather impacts, leading to environmental impacts, leading to agricultural and habitat impacts, and so on. Just cross out “climate change” and a chart like that is a COGleader’s dream!

Byker Bob said...

Yep. Glad to know that the ice mass in the Arctic region surrounding the North Pole is not at an all time low creating new shipping lanes, that permafrost in parts of Canada is not thawing, that the satellite pictures from NASA of radically diminished glaciers are all photoshopped, that islanders experiencing the rapid onslaught of rising oceans have no reason to feel threatened, and that scientific measurements of greenhouse gases are fudged. Sheesh! Did Dr. Hoeh secretly rise from the dead to do your research for you?

Look, an apocalypse does not NEED to be based on religious beliefs or the Bible. Evolutionists and Atheists will generally acknowledge that an apocalypse like the one which wiped out the dinosaurs is theoretically possible at any time, whether it happens through climate change, a meteor striking planet Earth, thermonuclear war, or something like the black plague.

Also, global warming is not an ACOG thing. It competes with their thing (Europe, Germans, Catholic Church) as a threat. This is why Armstrongism downplays and mocks the concept. It represents a godless apocalypse, and focusses on man's ability to thwart a severe crisis. Unfortunately, the evidence supporting climate change continues to build. Doesn't matter that those who deny it are now in the White House and congress, and are presenting their "alternative facts". It's kind of like alcoholism in that it progresses and gets worse whether you imbibe or not.


Anonymous said...

"I have tens of witnesses that it is true.”
This includes the weather service that predicted the rain days earlier.

Anonymous said...

Droughts end. They always have, sometimes not before they brought down whole civilisations. All god merchants seek to utilise these natural occurences to give credence to their manufactured gods and theologies. It matters not what religion is involved or what god. Once you have an organised and written book, the wild-eyed prophetic proclamations get recycled over and over by an endless round of narcissistic "leaders" whose whole goal is to keep the gullible masses praying, paying and kissing their behinds. I've forgotten how to pucker right and my limited wallet is tightly buttoned. Haven't prayed to any god for many years now. Has been my "modus operandi" for decades now.

Allen C. Dexter

DennisCDiehl said...

"He cares.

Why else would He have put Jupiter out there to prevent the earth from extinction level events from passing asteroids? "

"He" did not put Jupiter anywhere. Science has a perfectly good theory on how the inner smaller and rocky planets and the outer, larger gas giants formed and why in our early solar system. Jupiter did not stop the late heavy bombardment of the inner planets including earth but rather, along with Saturn, caused it, flinging millions of smaller asteroids at earth which actually helped it grow and evolve life. The craters on the moon were also the result of the late heavy bombardment about 500 million years or more after the collapse of the nebular cloud that became our solar system and birthing our central sun.

The "God put Jupiter there to vacuum up all the incoming asteroids that might destroy earth" is a fundametalist apologetic and simply silly. It did not stop the great dying of the cretaceous 65 million years ago, which if it did not happen, humans would never have evolved as they have. The earth suffered at least 4 previous extinction events prior to this last one and the causes were severe climate change and an amazing outbreak of lava from the Siberian Traps which caused the Permian extinction of 90% of all life on the planet at that time.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Dennis...Science has a good theory etc., you are right, they have a theory, but not proven facts, just theory, but you take it all in as being fact and try to tell others the same, talk about simply silly.

Hoss said...

As anyone who has seen Fiddler on the Roof would know, Jews have a blessing for everything. This includes witnessing a miracle.
If there was a rainbow after the rain, there’s a blessing for that as well.
Maybe next time…

DennisCDiehl said...

Anonymous said...
Dennis...Science has a good theory etc., you are right, they have a theory, but not proven facts, just theory, but you take it all in as being fact and try to tell others the same, talk about simply silly.

Sounds like you don't know the scientific definition of "Theory" and "Fact" or how one arrives at it. There is nothing in the Bible you can prove either in theory or fact with the scientific method.

DennisCDiehl said...

In my experience, I have not known many COG members, or fundamentalist church members to have spent much if any time on actual scientific study and theory on the origins of anything save for , "And God said, Let there be...Poof!"

Black Ops Mikey said...

Dennis, there are times when you should turn on your "sarcasm radar".

Just sayin'.

[One would think that the comment would be obvious in its depth and breadth of sarcasm, but I would suppose that after dealing with all the crazies who post, it might not be as simple as it seems.]

Anonymous said...

Black Ops, I didn't get the sarcasm either. We're too used to seeing the mindless parroting of inane Bible-based nonsense on here.

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken about Jupiter. According to what is known about planet development, Jupiter must have formed further out, other wise its gases would have been evaporated by the suns heat. It must have been moved to its present position. This explains some of the composition of Satan rings that it acquired from Jupiter.