Sunday, February 19, 2017

They Will Soon Succumb To My Awesomeness!

From a reader....


Anonymous said...

Admin, please give us a post on how all these images are created. Is it one person or a team effort?
Anyway, great work.

Anonymous said...

That is quite the picture.

Who would have thunk it?

Another Trinity......!!!!!!!!!


Minimalist said...

D.P. in the SuperDave jumpsuit is hilarious!

Black Ops Mikey said...


Connie Schmidt said...

Pack looks like Evel Knievel!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone ever resist SuperDave?

Byker Bob said...

So thankful that this picture was not taken at the pool at one of these guys' country club. Speedos would have been yuck-a-padoola!

You have to know that if these guys ever ran into one another somewhere, most likely those candid, sincere smiles would not be on their faces! Kubic and Flurry would be thinking "Oh ox manure! Am I supposed to be one of the guys he prophesied would burn up?"


NO2HWA said...

12:33. The person that sent this to me said adobe photoshop was used

Anonymous said...

Some people on here have been here forever and need to get a life outside of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Just as Dave has predicted, here is the Man of Sin and his two wizards...


NO2HWA said...

I think what you see here are a community of people, who may not always agree on many things, but are united in understanding that the church is woefully corrupt and spiritually abusive. There are many groups on Facebook who have 300-700 plus members that are filled with ex members or family members of people stuck in the cult that are sharing stories and supporting each other for 10-15 years. Every single one of them know how shallow it is for know-it-all true believers who try to devalue those who are no longer part of the belief system. What you are really doing is telling everyone to "Just get over it." Tell that to the child who lost their father due to perverse "no doctor's rules in PCG and LCG. Tell that to the family members of those murdered in Milwaukee. Tell that to the parents of children who have committed suicide in various Church of God's. Tell that tot he families impoverished because the church demanded most of their money in triple tithes and countless offerings.

Anonymous said...

Well said, I am one that is suffering as a result of my choice of religion in a CoG,I went in with my all came out broke,sick,depressed if only there was information available like this I would of been able to make an informed decision, so here I am no friends in the world all alone looking for my way forward it's really tough, so it's easy for some cult apologist to scream get a life, well many had lives before they were ensnared by faulty theology now they have to find a life all over again.

Byker Bob said...

We've got 'em, 6:37, and they're so much better than typical ACOG! It's just that the things we get to say and do here make life more enjoyable. Obviously, that pisses some people off, which makes life even more enjoyable. Why don't you get a life outside of Armstrongism?

Our postcard to you: "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here!"

A song for you: Happy Jack, by the Who.


Chuckles said...

Anon 6:37 said some people have been on here forever and need to get a life outside of this blog. He also must have been on here forever to know that, and why he would think we didn't have a life outside of this blog is beyond me, how would he know if we didn't, or know what we do outside of this blog, and why would it eat away at or bother him anyway? To take 10 minutes of my time to come on here and check things out to see what's new or hear what others have to say, I really don't think is interfering in my life whereas I should stop so I can get a life outside of that 10 minutes, hard to believe someone would worry about and pic at others because of what they do with 10 minutes of their time, which is really none of his business anyway, kind of funny he/she talks about others getting a life.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:37PM said, "Some people on here have been here forever and need to get a life outside of this blog."

That statement is typical of the "loving" support many members of the ACOGs receive from their ministry and fellow members. It explains why so many come here despite their disagreements with so much of what is posted. This board may even be their only outlet to express their true and genuine feelings about their cult experience.

Anon 6:37 has in all likelihood made his peace with the corruption he sees in his ACOG. He may even be one of those who profits from that corruption. But what do you expect a UCG member to do if she finds a pedophile in her congregation but the ministry won't do anything because he is a big tither or a friend of the ministry? What do you expect an LCG member to do if one of Rod Meredith's children blackmails him into going along with some gross conduct? What do you expect a PCG member to do when he is told to get a job as a Walmart greeter so he'll be able to finance the Flurry family's Irish dancing hobby?

It used to be possible to be a WCG member and remain ignorant of the great corruption in that organization. With the Internet, however, any remaining ignorance is willful ignorance. Gerald Weston has been aiding and abetting Rod Meredith's corruption for more than 20 years, so we can be confident LCG will not change. The only change may involve some of the individuals who gain or lose favor within the corrupt enterprise. The same is true of UCG and COGWA. They are clubs to ensure comfort for the ministry, and as a secondary purpose minister to the brethren. PCG and RCG are the worst of all.

Corruption is rampant throughout the ACOGs, and to tell a victim to "get a life" is a good illustration of the Christian compassion that ACOG members learn to develop. The ACOG theme scripture might as well be Matthew 23:15. "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are."

Byker Bob said...

As if us going away is going to resolve all of the horrible problems and flaws of Armstrongism! My Native American friends get a kick out of the people who have been born with the ostrich as their spirit animal!


Anonymous said...

6.37 PM
Most sliver members would not be ably to match the knowledge and education inherent in most posts here. So which group doesn't have a life?
Try telling a minister that you have taken up a hobby that doesn't directly benefit other church members, and the minister will verbally best the crap out of you. So who has the life (and freedom), the outsiders, or the insiders?

So be a good boy, go lick the ministers boots, and ask for a permission slip to take up some hobby. Practise the grovelling beforehand.

Black Ops Mikey said...

For the one who says "get a life", we invite them to go to Dr. Phil and Rick Ross to tell them to get a life... and stop obsessing so much about Yisrayl Hawkins and the House of Yahweh!


Get over the reports of pedophilia and violation of child labor laws!

Ignore the court prosecution and the prison sentences!

Get a life, losers!

nck said...

"As if us going away is going to resolve all of the horrible problems and flaws of Armstrongism! My Native American friends get a kick out of the people who have been born with the ostrich as their spirit animal!


Byker Bob,

The Ostrich is not a native species to the United States. Thus the wisdom of the Native American tribes (friends) regarding such animal cannot have commenced at an earlier date than the late 1880's with the rise of the industry for the purpose of hatmaking. This timeframe strangely coinciding with the birth of a certain individual of note, whose name will not be mentioned.


Anonymous said...

Where does UCG's Jelly fit in the picture?


Stephen Schley said...

I grew up in wcg so I don't have a life to fall back on & while I'm stuck in LCG due to health & family I don't drink the kool-aid & since I don't torture myself going 35 miles to a service I will fall asleep in due to a mixture of insomnia & pain I haven't hardly seen a "church" member in 20 years. I don't agree with LCG on a few major points but haven't found a church that I can agree with so I stay & probably will get nailed by men for this post but I fear God more than them.

Retired Prof said...

Stephen Schley, I have found the risk of divine retribution in this earthly life to be minimal. Considering the amount of evidence available, we can safely infer that the risk of wrath in an afterlife is not simply smaller--it is nonexistent.

You have to find your own comfort zone, of course. As for getting "nailed by men for this post," don't sweat it. I get a calming effect from reciting a little jingle:

Pixels on a screen,
Just pixels on a screen.
Ain't nothing in the world
But pixels on a screen.

Anonymous said...

Note that most of the church leaders are old men, not many young ministers around. When these old folks pass away soon, along with their elderly members, the church(s) will fade away into the sunset for lack of new membership, sort of like the Shakers.

Hoss said...

Anon 637 wrote: Some people on here have been here forever and need to get a life outside of this blog.

Yeah, well I post to other blogs too!

You could have told that to the young Ben Franklin, who was always sending pseudonymous posts to his brother's newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Super Dave with Robbie 'Evil' Knievel!

Anonymous said...

Stephen Schley,

You can roll that stone
To the top of the hill
Drag your ball and chain behind you

You can carry that weight
With an iron will
Or let the pain remain behind you

Chip away the stone
Make the burden lighter
If you must roll that rock alone

You can drive those wheels
To the end of the road
You will still find the past right behind you
Try to deny
The weight of the load
Try to put the sins of the past night behind you

Carve away the stone
Make a graven image
With some features of your own

You can roll the stone
To the top of the hill
You can carry that weight
With an iron will
You can drive those wheels
To the end of the road
You can try to deny
The weight of the load

Roll away the stone
If you could just move yours
I could get working on my own

former member said...

A life outside this blog?
The so-called 'church' took over 30 years of my life, robbing me of my money, raping me of my dignity as a woman with all the evil "You Women...(add fault and sin here)" type sermons from the misogynist HWA and his minions.
HWA who called the women in the church prostitutes, whores if they wore makeup and then condemned us for being "too plain and drab looking" because we didn't.
This 'church' that destroyed family relationships and drove children into religious confusion and made God look bad in their eyes needs to be pulled apart completely once and for all.

And still this 'church' and it's lackeys would forbid those the 'church' harmed a voice and some fellowship. They would deny is a forum in which to receive validation that , yes, we were abused badly.

Get Bent "Get a life" person.
We have had enough of you and your cultist mentality.

Anonymous said...

Now that's telling it as it is, Sorry for your hurt hope you can find healing someday I understand how you feel being a victim myself of COGDom.