Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dave Pack: There are 4 levels of learning in the church, you brethren are being trained at a level higher than the ministry

Everything about Dave is one big exclusive club where special insider information is handed out to his followers.  This in turn makes them feel special and set apart from the other Laodicean pond scum of the regular COG's.  Dave claims Herbert Armstrong establish a method of decimating knowledge to the church members that was layered in its dissemination.  The elite at Ambassador College got the strongest meat possible, much more than the low lever field church members.  However, they in turn received more information that the public did.  Its that old "milk and meat" thing.  Dave admits he tries to emulate his guru from Pasadena.  Even as vain as Herbert Armstrong was, he is no match for the vanity or narcissism of Dave Pack.
Now let me go to something else that I mentioned a few weeks ago. As we write literature…As Mr. Armstrong wrote literature, and then I did…you write it at a certain level of detail for the world. We go into all the world, all nations and teach all things whatsoever Christ has commanded. With every subject, decisions have to be made as to how much detail do you give on a subject to the world. You can write too much. You can get it, you can pull it all out of the Bible, but you can say too much, and then you miss the marvelous Plain Truth style that Mr. Armstrong taught, and which I tried to emulate.
But when it comes to the Church, then you can go to a much greater detail. You can go to what I call the “Church” level, not the “world” level. We can cover, in much more detail, this prophecy to the Church than we ever would to the world. If people want to respond to the part of it they see, which is enough to know whether it’s from the Bible, then they can come and hear a more detailed explanation. But beyond that, we all understand…again, under Mr. Armstrong…there was a level that was taught at Ambassador College and it went way beyond what the Church would hear.
The Church met once a week, on the Sabbath…of course, throw in Holy Days, and sometimes, two services…but that can’t begin to match up or compare to the level of detail that we could hear in Ambassador College. So Ambassador College, when you went four years, and most did, it had hundreds and hundreds of extra hours of detailed discussion just about prophecy, for instance, or on other doctrinal subjects. It was just way beyond where the Church would be—as much beyond, in some ways, as the Church beyond the world.
But then, if you made it into the ministry, and you came to conferences, and you read the Pastor General’s Report, there was even a fourth level, where you heard things within the ministry that sometimes did and sometimes didn’t ever make it out to the Church, but was even beyond the college. So, I want you to think of those natural thresholds that always existed.
What I have chosen to do…and in some ways, didn’t choose to do, but was sort of thrust into…was to give you a level of detail that’s probably at the minister’s level, except, in a way, beyond…because the ministers never understood this—including yours truly. We just never saw that we had a vine growing in the wrong place, and in tearing it clear all the way out of a beautiful tree and getting that vine over to where it belongs, took a long time. And it involved a lot of additional detail that sort of “begged itself,” if you will, begged to be explained as we undid what happened only in the twentieth century, to my knowledge. As we undid that, it lead us down a lot of corridors. In the end, it’s been a very detailed description.


Anonymous said...

if you made it into the ministry

This phrase of Dave's sums up so much of what is wrong with the splinters today, and with WCG back in the day. Those who were seeking to "make it" to their desired position turned God's way upside down. They pushed for the top positions possible, instead of happily taking the lowest and trusting God to elevate them toward the chief seats according to His will.

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Minimalist said...

"Laodicean pond scum of the regular COG's" LOL

Anonymous said...

When I attended services, I got to know several Ambassador College graduates. The intellectual content of their speeches in graduate club, was no better than other speakers. Neither were they wiser or more knowledgeable about practical Christianity than others. They ain't no Dr. Phil. Social polish and public speaking were the only short term advantages that I could discern.

Michael said...

" So Ambassador College, when you went four years, and most did, it had hundreds and hundreds of extra hours of ...."

Raymond McNair's rambling jokes, among other things...

Black Ops Mikey said...

That vine growing in the wrong place is poison ivy.

See below.

Anonymous said...

"Dave claims Herbert Armstrong establish a method of 'decimating' knowledge to the church members..."

Good one!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to understand Pack, read the book "Without Conscience" by Robert Hare. It will tell you what makes a psychopath tick, why they are incorrigible, and why you CANNOT understand them if you think of them as human.

Anonymous said...

There is another level Dave doesn't way people to know about. It's the bullshit level. That's where the gutless victim is brainwashed by Dave beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

These revelations by Pack do more damage to an already damaged image. All this talk of levels, ok I can accept the being one way to write to non members of the church and another level for baptised members. But a fourth level going on at pastors conferences, now that's strange. Very strange. Sounds occultish. The priests in Ezekiel 12.
No wonder it all fell apart. Was most probably God Himself expising the hypocrisy and double lives they lived.
What arrogance !

Byker Bob said...

If I recall correctly, most of the things we were taught in AC Bible classes that went beyond what was commonly known through church services in the field was speculative in nature, although I always assumed that the ministry had an additional layer of insider information. Whether or not we could refer to that as knowledge is debatable.

0ne of the things we learned was how to calculate "God's Sacred Calendar" after having established the molad of Tishri. Obviously this was not knowledge written in stone, considering the level of controversy which swirls around calendar issues of today. Curiously, there were the 3 math equations "proving" that the end would come in 1975. We know how that one worked out.
And, I believe there was speculation about other sabbatarian groups throughout the past 2,000 years being members of "God's True Church". Obviously, most of that pseudo knowledge has been debunked by legitimate history, history which most ACOG members and ministers choose to ignore.

But, this alleged layer of higher knowledge has certainly been used by the ministry to leverage and silence people, and end arguments over the decades.