Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ambassador Reunion Las Vegas

One of many posters from the Ambassador Report

Ambassador Reunion Ambassador Report Talk

This past week was the Ambassador College Reunion in Las Vegas at The Orleans Hotel and Casino.

At the end of the reunion there was a special event (going on now) about the Ambassador Report.  The morning started off with a "fireside chat" where many People shared their stories on their participation in the church, when they left and what spurred them to leave, and to tell where their belief is this resent day.

This afternoon is filled with videos and clips of Bobbie Fisher and other events during this time.

More later.


Connie Schmidt said...

Did anybody "shoot any dice" in honor of GTA ??

Anonymous said...

Would love to get a comprehensive report on the Reunion.Ian Boyne

Connie Schmidt said...

The pic on the post was a great disappointment to me. Ted in "tighty whities" aint cutting it. Always imagined Ted as a "boxer short" kinda dude.

The Painful Truth said...

Anon writes:"The human race is done."

No, just the West for the time being. All this fake news is an attempt to stifle the population less they act on the truth. And that truth is that a politicians will lie, cheat and steal to retain office so they keep the social spending going trying to appease the population with 'free' gifts. The CIA and the rest of humanities enemies are all about retaining power and the money that flows in to the coffers that make them and their buddies rich.

When the system does collapse and it will, then a reorganization can take place. How that will look is anyones guess. Violence I would say may flood the streets by the Soros backed snowflakes. Until then just enjoy the ride. Nothing else you can do.

Anonymous said...

I did go to Ceasars Palace and pay a silent homage to a person I knew from long ago who told me stories of going there on a regular basis to spend some of the churches moneys he had access too. His spirit just was not there though, amidst the noise and the mostly young crowds. I am not talking about GTA either.

Reunion Attendee

Anonymous said...

What strikes me is the part of what their beliefs are today. The church leaders then and now put their faith in tyranny rather than persuasion. What's the result? Where's the unity rather than hundreds of off shoots and spiritually lost souls. Tyranny causes people to temporarily lay low, nothing more.
But the ministers don't see it that way. Their solution? Why a larger dose tyranny of course. In tyranny we trust.

Anonymous said...

Ian Boyne: I think for a comprehensive report on the reunion there would have to be reports from numerous people. I believe there would be much variety in the accounts.

I still feel somewhat emotionally drained, but I am not sure if that was from the reunion or the confrontation of my own feelings that my age was accurately reflected by those around me, or my inability to handle going from close to freezing temperatures to 80+ degrees. It seems everyone is old now, but I did feel nothing but kindness, and what really shocked me was that the non-believers appeared to be in the majority at least at this reunion. Though many of those 'non-believers' have new interesting ideas about almost everything.
Reunion Attendee

Byker Bob said...

Who knew? Sounds like the zombies lost control of the reunions and the legacy. Now, that is an encouraging thought indeed!