Sunday, March 12, 2017

Restored Church of God Members Will Walk With Jesus Around Wadsworth Compound

Dave writes:
I hope you’re inspired to now know you’re going to see the apostles sooner. You’re going to see David sooner. You may see your aunts, and uncles, and you know, all of your relatives, but inspired to know that so many more will be in the Kingdom. And…let’s not forget…And I’ll close on this note…that a man, who is God, will walk among us for several years—for about the same length of time as the first time, exactly as He did before, and you will enjoy Him exactly as the apostles did. 
You will see Him as He is then, when He comes as a man, and you can more greatly love Him and thank Him and honor Him that He’s going to wait to give Himself resplendence, only at the time He can give it to us.


Byker Bob said...

Totally off the grid. He's completely lost it. Elephants will fly to Mars and back before this ever happens!

This is worse than HWA insisting Jesus would return in 1975! At least HWA had more respect for the intelligence of the dumb sheep than to try to con them into believing Jesus would be walking and talking with them on one of the AC campi. Does Dave's congregation understand the meaning of the term "extra-biblical"? Do they know about the curse for adding or taking away?


painfultruth said...


You see the handwriting on the wall. Good for you but will the membership see it and will the upper management do something about it? The big question we ask that will reveal who has a set of balls on the Wadsworth campus.

Byker Bob said...

The history of other cultic disasters is rather lemming like in pattern. Boy, do we have a heck of a job to do!

Probably, concerned family members of the RCG people are in the best position to do something. Forget about anyone in management growing a pair. Dave snipped them off way before he ordained them or awarded them management positions. We know this from his absurd questionnaires.


Anonymous said...

One effect is that he is distancing his followers more and more away from reality. This makes them easier to control, if not outright enslave.

DennisCDiehl said...

Love how Dave knows what Jesus is going to think, not think, do, not do, and say. Its enough to makes one downright gyrate in their seat.