Friday, March 24, 2017

UCG Continues To Pretend They Are Christian By Adding New Feast Site At A "False" Christian Retreat Center

Those fun boys are back once again coddling up to the world around them, trying to get as close as they can to the deceived pagan so-called Christians (as prophet Thiel calls them) to give the appearance that they are just like the regular Christians.  So much for the "coming our of the world" teaching that Herbert loved to tell us all to do.

The ministry of the United Church of God has spent decades deriding Christians around them as false and deceived, but now that they want a nice facility to meet at they will slobber all over them pretending to be just like they are.  I know how some of UCG's ministers think.  They think they will be setting the example with what TRUE Christianity looks like and just might convert some of the false Christians at the retreat center.  But with any luck, it just might work the other way around and the deceived UCG members just might find out how much they have been conned  by the false ministers of the UCG.  They just might be intrigued by the examples of real Christians and leave the dark side for grace and freedom.  Lets hope so!

On Exit and Support:

New UCG Feast Site:
March 20, 2017
I wanted to let you know about one of UCG's newest feast sites. It is in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.  
What gets me is that organizations like UCG continually preach against these so-called "false Christians" and their wrong doctrines. Yet, they meet for services on the Sabbath (at their church halls, and now this feast site). They are the ultimate hypocrites! They'll be telling the membership (at the feast) how "we are to come out of this world" and they are right there with those they adamantly preach against.
UCG posted this note on their site: 
Note: On Lake Junaluska’s informational signs there are small crosses and there is a large cross at the far end of the lake. However, there are no crosses in the hall where services will be held.
--Former member of WCG and RCG


DennisCDiehl said...

Beautiful area outside of Asheville for sure. Been thru there many times. Still afraid of crosses I see. Bitter Bob could not have said it better. Sad...

Black Ops Mikey said...

Brings to mind having to hide the signs of Devil's Head Lodge from Herbert Armstrong.

UCG is a cult, so how can anyone object to where they meet?

Isn't the issue why do they meet?

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely area. I've driven by there on the way to the Episcopalian conference center nearby. I'm sure the United Methodists will be fine hosts. Hopefully some of the feastgoers will discover that Methodists aren't so bad.

Hoss said...

After my father changed from Catholic to Protestant, I had to go to a small Evangelical church my mother attended. Apparently her choice was influenced by their convenient off-street parking. I remember my utter disappointment when a lesson in the Sunday school class mentioned "the cross" was really like a "T" with a crossbar mounted on a stake. I felt, well, double crossed...

Byker Bob said...

Well, I'd like to thank nck for annointing my eyes. He has made me realize that the ACOGs aren't a church at all. They are a bowel movement!


Anonymous said...

Methinks UCG was desperate for a Feast site in that area after the Gatlinburg, TN fire last year.

I know of one church hall UCG is in the process of buying. It had been a Church of Christ. When the sign was changed, the Pastor personally tore down metal crosses that were on the sign before. It really looked different to see them on the ground, outside the back door.

Byker Bob said...

Well, this seems to be typical of how the whole separatism thingie seems to work out for those who believe it to be the proper path for an enlightened Christian. It won't end well, because someone is going to feel betrayed by people who treated a brotherly exchange as if it were instead a masquerade party. Armstrongism in general is not hospitable with regards to ecumenism.