Friday, April 7, 2017

Ron Weinland's "Preaching the Kingdom" cult sinks further and further into madness

Ever since Ron Weinland and his batty wife Laura scammed his church members and the United States Government, he has been struggling to keep his cult in tact.  After he was released from prison he and his second witless witness wife have been traveling the U.S. visiting their rapidly dwindling flocks, all in an attempt to keep the money flowing in.

All of his prophecies are failing, his prediction have proven to be lies and yet he has deluded people still following him and giving him money so that he, his wife Laura, his money laundering daughter Audry and and his son can live on the tithes and offerings of gullible members.

His failures have led to 37 of his ministers leaving.

First of all Ron is such a LIAR. He said:
How many are going to be there at the return of Jesus Christ regardless of when it is, which I still believe is 2019? With all of my being, I do. But I believed the same about 2012.
HE NEVER BELIEVED CHRIST WAS RETURNING IN 2012. If that was the case why did he spend 100’s of thousands of dollars of the church’s money to have lawyers defend him on a trial that would have started AFTER May of 2012. Where was his faith. He shouldn’t have needed lawyers or the need to defend himself if Christ was to return before his trial. explain that one ron
(Anyway, the most staggering fact in the midst of the ordinations that have been in the Church of God—PKG—37 have been disfellowshipped. 37 ministers in the Church of God—PKG are no longer in God’s Church. That’s incredible! That’s mind boggling. There are 37 who did not remain faithful to God and Jesus Christ, to God’s government, and to me as God’s apostle, but that’s minor compared to what they actually did, not being faithful to God Almighty and Jesus Christ. There are 37 who turned against God’s Church and against God’s people. Awesome! Incredible, such numbers. Blows the mind. All the way from associate elder to evangelist. All the way through.)
AGAIN HALF TRUTHS. Most of those ordained left that organization only to be disfellowhipped because the left. They were not PUT OUT THEY WALKED OUT. THEY DID NOT LEAVE GOD’S CHURCH BUT RON AND LAURA’S CULT OF SATAN.
So we have to be careful how we speak and how we talk about one another, but I’ll tell you what, if it’s one of God’s ministers you’d better be extra careful and on guard because if you’re loose there you’re going to be far looser in how you talk about one another in the Body of Christ. That’s the point. If we can’t be stirred, moved, and motivated, and more on guard when it’s God’s apostle, or when it’s one of God’s prophets, or if it’s one of God’s evangelists, or one of God’s senior pastors, then I can guarantee you, you can take that to the bank, you can know that it’s far freer when it’s about one another in the Body of Christ. That’s a great tell tale sign right there. So I hear individuals that I know are not on guard against speaking out about something in a negative way. It doesn’t even have to be a matter of accusation. It can be just in a bad way or not a decent or respectful way because of the office or because of the person. It is a fearful thing because the person is in the Body of Christ and is not afraid to talk about somebody else. I fear that kind of thing, brethren. I always have, and to do otherwise is a giant mistake. I hope and pray you understand what I’m saying. Because, see, these things still go on to this day. 

What a joke. It is Laura who is the biggest gossiper in the cult. Why doesn’t he address her mouth as an example of what not to say. And the reason tongue’s are wagging is that people see what is going on in the lives of those ordained and the sins going on in the cult that are not being addressed. But if you are liked by the cult leaders you can’t do any wrong and Ron help you if you try to speak up.
They are just pissed off that they couldn’t control the situation so they lashed out to make it look bad for those that saw the truth and had to guts to leave. they disafellowhipment was put in place to keep members from reaching out and possible finding out the truth. That is why they are keep off facebook and this site. Ron is afraid of the truth. That is why not one member was allowed to attend the trial. Because the truth did come out and it did not set him free.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Unfortunately, the PKG is just one of the very minor mental institutions where the patients have taken over.

If you want to find more major mental institutions with a window into insanity, you would be best served by reading The Journal.

Anonymous said...

Who is Ron Weinland anyway ? I've never heard of him except on blogs warning about him. I'm amazed he had 37 minister's in the first place.

NO2HWA said...

You can watch Weinland, in all his idiotic glory, speaking at an Idea City gathering where he talks about his prophecies and his great abilities to the regular public.


NO2HWA said...

An even better video detailing all of his mistakes. A lying pig, just lile the rest of the vermin leading splinter groups.

Anonymous said...

Ron & Laura used to be friends of ours almost 40 years ago. We stayed in touch until we couldn't go along with the beginnings of his ramblings/ideology. When Ron graduated from AC he wasn't sent out as a trainee and later asked to be hired. Laura only had one year of college and my observation was that she often felt inadequate which may be why she was quick to run down other women in the congregation.

Yes, they've had plenty of ministers but unlike the other COGs he ordained women which gave him more to choose from among his loyal followers.