Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tribulation to begin in January 2019

The Church of God has a long legacy of men, and even a few women, who appear claiming divine revelations from their creature gods.

Now the Church of God's official Chief Pharisee on keeping the law, James Malm, has stated the time line of the end times.  By January 2019 the tribulation will be starting. Before that though, the Pope will be performing divine miracles in the Vatican by October of 2018.

This is in direct conflict with Superfantabulous Dave Pack's scenario that the "man of sin" would arise from within the Church of God and perform abominations.
I think it highly probable that Israel will go to war with Gaza and Hezbollah destroying the remaining power of Syria and bringing regime change to Syria; and the US coalition will attack the Revolutionary Guards in Iran.  
The general falling away in the COG Groups (Mat 24:3-5, 2 Thess 2:3, 2 Ti 4, Jude) is also moving ahead, more on that after the UCG GCE conference.   
If events do not slow down or pause, all signs now point to the setting up of the abomination to do miracles in the Vatican in October of 2018, with the tribulation beginning 75 days later.  
Notice the catchphrase that the false prophets of Armstrongism always use, even though they claim what they are saying is true; words like "I think", "highly probable", "if."  All of the lying buffoons of the the Church of God claim they have the inside track to just how things will pan out during the end times.  Every single one of them have turned out to be lairs.  None of them deserve to be trusted or believed, including James Malm.


Anonymous said...

"Choose life or choose death." The future is determined by the choices we make rather than some mathematical formula. The Terminator movie franchise had it right on this point. History often conforms to timing patterns, but only in hindsight can we tell which pattern is the right one, since a multitude of patterns are always present, though some are more likely than others.
But it's free moral agency that's in the drivers seat. The timing is a fine adjustment.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a United Pentecostal preacher my parents used to listen to on the radio back in the 80's. The preacher predicted the tribulation would begin in 1987. Well, we can see how that bull shit turned out.

Black Ops Mikey said...

The Great Tribulation began in the 1930s when Herbert Armstrong began the Radio Church of God.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the Pope is going to perform miracles in 10/18 then I'm gonna get a passport and be there on the Vatican Mall. I'm due a miracle or two, I don't care where it comes from!

Anonymous said...

I find it highly probable that this will turn out just like every other endlessly revised apocalyptic forecast given by him or anyone else ever.

Byker Bob said...

These "prophets" (they do prophesy whether or not they accept that label) ought to declare a moratorium on tribulation forecasts, at least for a couple decades. It's the only way to make people forget, and to repair the image of Armstrongism.

In a way, and as a group, they've established something similar to a very bad credit rating, only much more serious. Armstrongism's prophecy rating sinks further and further into the false zone every time one of them sets a date and gets it wrong. The needle first slipped into the unreliable band of the guage in 1972, and just within the past several years, the needle got permanently pegged at "false".

How is it that none of them pick up on this?
You'd think that they'd quote Jesus on this topic, but like the Pharisees they are, they've got to go Him one better, and pretend that they know and are actually the gatekeepers.


Connie Schmidt said...

Lets put some money on it Malm! Put up or SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

Whenever apologists say "probable," what they mean is "possible." To them, the differences between these two concepts are indistinguishable, but only when it comes to the religion for which they offer their apologetics.

Jerommeke said...

@ Byker Bob: Members don't want to pick up on this because they are addicted to the thrill of fear through prophecy. That's how the CCOG get members for life.
They really should read Corinthians 13. We used to sing a hymn out of the purple hymnal when I was growing up but I doubt anyone ever really heard what they were singing and couldn't wait to run of to the fly infested-snack and watery coffee tressles as soon as the closing prayer was finished.
(at least in Australia they were)

Anonymous said...

James Malm wrote: "...The general falling away in the COG Groups (Mat 24:3-5 , 2 Thess 2:3 , 2 Ti 4, Jude) is also moving ahead, more on that after the UCG GCE conference..."

As James continues to point his finger at others he fails to see his remaining fingers pointing back at himself. James does not realize how much a part of that general falling away he is involved with. It is so difficult to see when one is part of the same thing.

And we need not wait for some conference of an association that is not of God and many leaders in United Ass. know it. God never provided the United Ass. with a leader, so they vote their leaders in and out. God could care less. Their recent fast of 22 April did nothing except to make a bunch of them hungry on one of God's Feast days. United still does not understand that God is not even interested in any of them lifting up their voices on high (Isaiah 58:4). The fast was done in vain, and the United leaders will continue to push forward with what they have willed (although another will, 2 Tim 2:26, may be involved in their decisions). Those of cogwa also realize a lot of this about United, but those of cogwa are in the same boat...and don't know it either. Like the blind following the blind, and their ministerial credentials are still in Pasadena where they left them...if they can recall that so many of them did resign. They fled, remember? Oh, what people will do for that $buck$! Didn't any of them believe HWA at all regarding the loss of their ministerial credentials? Or, do they just like playing a game of make-believe?

Oh, but they (James Malm included) believe in Jesus Christ coming soon, very soon, to reign on earth for 1,000 years, which HWA also taught.

Where is their Jesus Christ or are they all guilty of preaching "another Jesus?" Another Jesus from the One in the Bible who knew He would not reign on earth until all of His Father's enemies were subdued?

Back to James Malm, who wrote, "If events do not slow down or pause, all signs now point to the setting up of the abomination to do miracles in the Vatican in October of 2018, with the tribulation beginning 75 days later."

Mankind has been in tribulation since the Garden of Eden days, and we have all been MADE SUBJECT TO vanity (Romans 8:20), and you use that word "if?" If your daydream ABOMINATION EVENT of October 2018 does not occur, what will you say then? Events slowed down! Events paused! Where? How? How would you know? Besides Jesus Christ won't be reigning on earth for your Mickey Mouse Millennium of 1,000 years. Does someone have to point out over a dozen scriptures to show you that you lie when you tell us Christ will soon reign of earth for a 1,000 years? You have your part in the falling away you mentioned. Call the kettle black? Does a shoe fit? Lace em right up!

I suggest you spend some time and think about why that special amplifier/detector was placed at the top of this entire thread. We are all partakers to one degree or another.

James, comment was made that "Dave Pack's scenario that the "man of sin" would arise from within the Church of God and perform abominations" from a Biblical perspective is more accurate than your make-believe scenario going on at the Vatican:

2 Thess 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

The temple of God isn't at the Vatican.

Time will tell...