Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dave Pack: God Deliberately Scheduled HWA's Life So That He Had No Time To Discover What I Know

Never one to be humble, Dave Pack has declared the following quote below as his take on HWA.  God apparently decided to structure HWA's life so that he never had the opportunity to read the Bible and discover the things Dave has uncovered.  Herbert could never have withstood the tiresome duty it is to spend countless hours preparing to reveal this new knowledge, week after week, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second.  Dave is the COG Energizer Bunny, he never stops.

We had no idea what we were pulling through the wall, and that both of those, together, lead into something I want to tell you about Mr. Armstrong. Because I can report something about Mr. Armstrong that no one could ever say. I’m in a unique position to describe him…report something about him that no one else ever could, and it speaks to this prophecy. He’s going to come up at the beginning and the end of the sermon, but you’ll understand why this portion of reference to him is at the beginning.
God structured Mr. Armstrong’s life so that he had no time, literally, to research all that God has shown. God built his schedule, his ministry and his life—in the many latter years of his life—that would have never permitted him to research all that God has shown. And because of his particular nature, where had he begun to see the wires that were hanging out, he would have grabbed hold of them, wrestled them to the ground in a death grip and never turn them loose until he’d figured it all out.
Here’s the problem…It takes about 25 to 30 hours of my life just on what I’m delivering you—and it’s been going on for 14 months now. He could never have stopped his life. You just have to believe that. Visiting world leaders, doing all the things he was before that—building three campuses, an enormous worldwide ministry; of course, letters and broadcasts, and all the other things. He could never have done that without literally breaking the Work. Now, there are other reasons God waited to reveal this understanding, but I wanted to take you to the literal, physical reason—and that’s if you don’t count his age, you see.


Anonymous said...

Is this dumb ass quote for real?

Byker Bob said...

I don't believe that God carefully micromanages the lives of false prophets. The Bible says that what they do is based on their own presumptuousness. No doubt ego and fantasy play equal parts in their activity.

HWA's early influences, his life's goals, had been rooted in the lifestyles of the industrial moguls with whom he worked in the advertising field. His later bought and paid for photo-ops with a different set or level of moguls, having constructed his own empire rooted in religious intangibles rather than a physical product, were totally predictable when seen from the perspectives he absorbed from the advertising field. That he had the ingredients and personality to become a highly veneered mogul himself was a function of his early personal goals, thought patterns which remained as an unwavering constant. The "tell" belying his true nature is that when Biblical precedents and protocol called for preaching the gospel to human leaders, somehow, he became embarrassed at only representing a church and college, wussed out on the gospel, and emulated the men whom he had idolized as a young man rather than Jesus, Peter, Paul, or for that matter, even Billy Graham or Martin Luther King. At the critical point, HWA made himself the center of the message.

This is the primary influence in David Pack's life and career! So much is often telling about the influences which a mentor had in his own life (critical or essential components) which are metered or filtered as they are vicariously experienced by or passed along to a protege. This is the case with virtually all of HWA's proteges from the 1950s, and those who had lesser interaction with him during the late '60s and early '70s. It is why all of them have been limited in their effectiveness, and have not been able to replicate what HWA had accomplished. It is why Dave Pack finds himself today with so much extra time in which to daydream. That extra time is not a special blessing or asset. It is in fact his report card! And, that of them all! It is an indication that either by direct plan, or by accident, no one protege absorbed the entire spectrum. All have received a formula or recipe which is missing vital ingredients.

HWA's greatest protege was Stanley Rader, yet HWA's Bible methodology was not shared with or absorbed by Rader in a way that is true of a Rod Meredith or Herman Hoeh. For a couple of decades, GTA effectively manifested a limited band of the HWA spectrum, but critical components were missing from him as well. This limited band of the spectrum is true of all of HWA's aspiring heirs, and it is perfectly obvious that God has not filled in the deficiency areas, as He most certainly would have done if He were using these people to get out a true and vital end time message to a (their words) "dying world".

David Pack's greatest work is not ahead of him. He is in de facto semi-retirement, and doesn't even realize it. The fruits of his imagination will not reverse this situation. As they become more bizarre, they will continue to have a quarantine effect upon him, and his work.


Self INvolvement Dectecter said...

A Dave Pack Sermon:
I..I ..I ...I...I...I...I...I.... etc It's all about me all the time!!!

Narcissist Dave. He wins the prize for sure.
He has all the characteristics of a classic Narcissist.

Anonymous said...

"Here’s the problem…It takes about 25 to 30 hours of my life just on what I’m delivering you—and it’s been going on for 14 months now. "

Finally truth! Dave's theological speculation, delusions and general BS is taking up too much of his life. It also will prove a waste of time in the lives of those who feel they have to drive to Wadsworth to have it delivered to them.

Byker Bob said...

Exactly! Not that anyone would be wanting a visit from Dave, but this 25-30 hours could could be used on a visiting program, or for some outreach into the community perhaps working with some of the local charities, or countless other activities that typically involve a ministry. Instead, he's into spiritual daydreams in which somehow he always ends up being the hero.


Arno said...

BB, I appreciate your spot-on and thorough assessment of Pack's situation, as well as HWA's roll in everything WCG. šŸ‘Š