Thursday, May 4, 2017

Letter To Rod Meredith About Ordaining Bob Thiel

Dear Dr Meredith

It has come to my attention that there has been a grievous oversight in God's true church, and I know that you will be keen to correct it immediately once you have been made aware of the situation. Bob Thiel has still not been ordained!

As you know, Dr Meredith, Mr Thiel is actually DOCTOR Thiel. In fact he has TWO doctorates, one in Naturopathy. This is surely equivalent to a theological degree, as I recollect all those bylines in the 1960s Plain Truth by your uncle "Dr C. Paul Meredith" - and HE was just a vet!

Bob also has a legitimate PhD from an obscure but accredited university. This is a major accomplishment, especially for someone who demonstrates limited grammatical and proof reading skills. I mean, how many double doctors does God's Philadelphian Work have at its disposal? This man is a treasure!

Plus, Dr Thiel has labored as a church host for years, and gives learned sermonettes on subjects like Marcion. Again, Dr Meredith, I wonder how many of the leading evangelists in God's Work would even know who Marcion was? Yet here is Bob providing this high quality edification for the lucky brethren in southern San Luis Obispo County.

But wait, Dr Meredith, there is more! Dr Thiel has his own website which provided vital information to the world in the wake of the Wisconsin shootings. For example, Dr Thiel correctly pointed out that it was inappropriate for outsiders to put up crosses as a sign of respect for those slain because crosses are pagan. This brave, principled stand was widely commented on!

And now Bob Thiel has expanded his wonderful website to include historical information on the Church of God in New Testament times and the first centuries. Already the fine scholarship he demonstrates has left Papists like Jared Olar (who is also counted among the anti-COG demonaics at XCG) speechless (other than making relevant critiques and citing facts in rebuttal.) Just take a look at the superb article Bob provides on Polycarp: again - who else even knows who Polycarp was (apart from Jared Olar - and being a Catholic he clearly doesn't count!)

Dr Meredith, please bear with me just a little longer while I mention Dr Thiel's excellent articles which have appeared not only in the church members' magazine, but even in The Journal, where they witness against the Laodicean subscribers who would otherwise have only been exposed to Brian Knowles, Dave Havir and other highly questionable sources.

So it was with shock, SHOCK, that I read Bob's recent disclaimer on his website: "I have not been ordained as a deacon or an elder."

I would personally like to recommend Dr Thiel for ordination as he is so clearly qualified - overqualified even - to be a minister in your great End Time Work to restore Apostolic Christianity. His gift for tact and respect when commenting on other Churches of God especially qualifies him to develop fraternal ties with those separated brethren in the United Church of God. I know that you will act expeditiously to bring him into the highest levels of ministry in the LCG.

With deep sincerity

From Gavin Rumney's blog


DennisCDiehl said...

I have two very nice Ordination Credentials , all signed by God's Apostle, HWA and alater more apostate version from Joseph W. Tkach which was back dated to 1974 for some inexplicable reason. That could make it part of the WCG intrigues and worth ever so much more just for the collector value.

Anyway, you can white out my name and Bob can put his in there. If he wants them both he can have them, I'll cut him a Diehl, because you never know when Jesus will work a miracle in the church, change his one true mind .

If you order today, both for an even $2500. ( I know...they are worthless but depends who you are :)

In Me

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

What College or University did Jesus Christ graduate from? What were his credentials? Were his credentials signed by Herbert W. Armstrong or Joseph Tkach?


Byker Bob said...

I'm thinking that Meredith should do Bob Thiel a solid and ordain him as "Toilet Deacon" for the 2017 LCG Feast of Tabernacles". I mean, think about it! This is one office that Bob wouldn't need to complain went unacknowledged, and it suits his personal skill set and natural talents to a T. Perhaps if he performs that job with alacrity, and humility, he will receive an increase in his responsibilities.