Wednesday, June 28, 2017

LCG Is Expected To Correct "Errors" That Self-appointed False Prophet Says Are Wrong

From an LCG source:

Rod Meredith spent many years having to listen to his self-important "son" wax prolific on hundreds of prophecies his "son" claimed to know more about than he did.  Every  time Meredith turned around his narcissistic "son" had had a new revelation and was demanding that the LCG change its "understanding."  Eventually, Meredith got tired of the self-serving nature of his "son" whom he had stroked and petted for many years, much to his chagrin.

Various Charlotte employees went to Meredith over and over and told him to get rid of Bob Thiel because he was creating dissension in the church.  Meredith soon started ignoring Thiel which forced Thiel to start planning his escape into his own church where his word would be heard and he would have the final rule.  Before his departure, Thiel deliberately conned Gaylyn Bonjour into giving him a blessing.  Thiel had already started thinking he was a prophet, thanks to Meredith's stroking.

As time went on Thiel got weirder and weirder in the things he was professing.  HQ staff started getting really perturbed at the constant stream of things coming from Thiel and they essentially shut down his channels to the church. If HQ ministers thought Thiel was weird, the church members found him offensive and off-putting.  Thiel became to be intensely disliked by members.

Thiel continued to stick his head in the sand and kept going to Meredith with things he thought needed to be changed.  As usual, Meredith ignored him and finally had to publicly denounce Thiel.

Now that Gerald Weston has taken over LCG after Meredith's death, Thiel thinks he can influence Weston into making changes that Meredith ignored.

Thiel writes:
06/23/17 a.m. This morning, LCG sent out its TW News & Prophecy, which had the following statement:
To better understand what is happening in Europe, be sure to watch our insightful telecast “Four Prophecies for Germany.” 
The reason to bring that up here is that there is an error in that telecast that I pointed out a little while ago. That error is now number 45 from the list of "Doctrinal Differences between LCG and the Continuing Church of God" in the article What About the Living Church of God? Are there Doctrinal Differences with the Continuing Church of God? and it reads as follows:
WWIII is not related to the battles between Europe and Eurasia as LCG asserted in its Tomorrow's World telecast Four Prophecies for Germany in March 2017, but has to do with the destruction and takeover of the USA and its Anglo-Saxon allies by a European-led force who will then conquer the Middle East (see also World War III: Steps in Progress).
Perhaps, under Gerald Weston, LCG will correct some of its errors. He and others in LCG remain in my prayers.

There is no way Weston is going to listen to Thiel.  Thiel has burned his bridges and will be ignored, as he should be.


Hoss said...

One of Bob's original gripes with LCG was what he considered an error in the GCA (their version of Dr Hoeh's version of Dugger and Dodd's version the SDA's history of the mythical true church). Unlike tweaking a web page, making this alteration would mean ditching 20,000 hard copies - probably a lifetime supply.
LCG appeared to think that the alteration was not significant enough to warrant a new version of their booklet; Bob obviously thought differently.

Connie Schmidt said...

Thiel is acting like a spurned former lover, who is now stalking his former girlfriend. 7 Billion people on the planet , and yet he constantly is focusing on what tiny 8000 person strong LCG is doing or saying.


Thiel, there are plenty of fish in the sea! LCG does not want you back, has moved on beyond you, and frankly, does not need you or care about what you think.

Byker Bob said...

If we don't listen to him, why should LCG? Most of us have become anti-arbitrary-authoritarian because of our experience with the Armstrong problem, and LCG has their own impenetrable authority structure in place. If he wishes to be heard, "Dr." Thiel should find or cultivate a responsive audience!


Anonymous said...

To have a passion like his writings is good, but Bob isn't that old and should consider changing professions.