Friday, January 19, 2018

COG Prophet Suffers Horrible 1st World Problem As His Kenyan Members Criticise His HQ Location

Life has been rather difficult for God's most important man in the 21st century.  Not-arrested, but almost arrested Bob Thiel, chief overseer of the improperly named "continuing" Church of God, has been dealing with major life crisis issues, though he is not without food or water, or electricity, or heat, or income, even though this was of BIBLICAL proportions!

So just what major life challenge has Satan thrown in his direction?

Due to the recent fires and the horrendous rain we had a couple weeks ago, there was a major landslide in the Montecito area outside Santa Barbara.  They had to close down parts of the 101 freeway.
Speaking of messages, when I was giving the sermon recommended for the week, I mentioned that there was only one main motorway to where we live. As it turns out, we found out later that when I was saying that, the main road (Highway 101) had been closed then due to flooding. It is still closed and did negatively impact our family (though it did not result in a lack of food or water). People must realize that problems can really happen–and biblically will (cf. Mark 13)–even in the USA!  Letter to the Brethren: January 18, 2018
Oh, the humanity!!!!!!!  The end is near!

Bitter Bob also has had to deal with another issue from his Kenyan followers.  There is a church in Kenyan that claims it is the Jerusalem 7th Day Church of God, the "mother" church of the COG's.  They have questioned Doubly-blessed Thiel for having his "world headquarters" in Grover Beach, CA and not in Jerusalem.  He has a produced a video to give his reasons why.

Would someone please drop Satan a line and tell him to PLEASE stop harassing Elijah Bob!

See how Satan attacked Bitter Bob here:

Cleanup continues in Montecito; Highway 101 closed through Monday, Caltrans says


Anonymous said...

Not a problem. Thiel's part-time followers in those African "dunghole" countries can go to both churches, or three churches, or even more churches at once--as many of them probably already do.

Anonymous said...

Thiel's part-time followers in those African "dunghole" countries can go to both churches, or three churches, or even more churches at once--as many of them probably already do.

It's not so bad as you think. They go to the church of whichever Rich White Dude is in town. Otherwise, they have a local pastor who takes care of them from week to week. Sometimes the local pastor is an elder in two or three or four U.S. churches at once, and sometimes the local African group shares the load, with three or four leaders each taking an eldership in a different U.S. church.

Anonymous said...

Never have I seen such a whiney COG leader who suffers so many indignities. Bob is typical of the effeminate men that LCG has created over the years. Grow a pair Bob!

Anonymous said...

While his African members may suffer from lack of food because of droughts and real persecution, this turd sits in his comfortable home with heat, electricity, food and water in a peaceful city. Just shut up!

DennisCDiehl said...

What is fascinating to me is that Bob would not have the common sense or wisdom enough to realize how shallow and over reaching he is in saying such things. When you have everything you need when addressing those who don't, I'd think he'd be careful not to sound like one is trying too hard to sound like you don't....just like them. Skip the one road open story Bob next time. One road is generally all you need at a time anyway....

nck said...

This posting is as funny as Murphys "Coming to America" when they move in that shack and the prince's aid redecorates it in style.


Anonymous said...

Big Bird says that Doubly-blessed Thiel needs to move his "world headquarters" in Grover Beach, CA, to Cookie Monster, CA - where the chocolate chips will fall where they may.

Wherever he resides, though, his many complaints of alleged indignities reveal that he's truly a doubly undignified person.

Connie Schmidt said...

No more curtains???... It is a sure sign of the END TIMES!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything about this guy that is straight? Even his bible is crooked.

Anonymous said...

Bob is typical of the effeminate men that LCG has created over the years.

If Dr. Bob Thiel and Dr. Scott Winnail held a mincing contest, who would win?

Anonymous said...

What an absolute moron! I live in the same area Bob does and this was not an issue. The only life crisis issue was with the people who died and were directly impacted by the landslide. Bob was NOT impacted! He is an idiot and embarrassment to the COG.

Hoss said...

Even his bible is crooked

Perhaps from waving it at the camera in each of his BNP Channel videos.

The issue over the location of the "HQ" of the Mythical True Church could have been answered without dragging in Armstronist errors and claims that CCOG is the "true Philadelphia remnant". Hey, why not move the office to Philadelphia PA?

"HQ" - I remember when one of Dave Pack's minions at the RCG World Headquarters moaned about the nexus of UCG being called "Home Office" rather than "Headquarters".

Ronco said...

I love the stereo bathroom acoustics in the video!
Dr. Bob, you need to get some help...

Anonymous said...

What does Bird Brain say now?

Byker Bob said...

I’m surprised that Bob Thiel doesn’t pick boogers and eat them on his youtube videos.


Anonymous said...

The Africans are just on the take...after the money. They probably belong to 100 churches and 50 mosques.

Anonymous said...

Bob Thiel admitted that some main road closure "...did negatively impact our family (though it did not result in a lack of food or water). People must realize that problems can really happen–and biblically will (cf. Mark 13)–even in the USA!..."

That negative family impact was/is just some minor tribulation! When will Bob Thiel believe Jesus Christ's words?

"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye SHALL HAVE TRIBULATION: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." John 16:33

I suspect we are all subject daily to some sort of tribulation, some evil and some darkness. Job did!

Job 30:26 "When I looked for good, then evil came unto me: and when I waited for light, there came darkness."

Did Bob Thiel encounter some evil in his life? Did Bob Thiel encounter some darkness in his life.

Join the club! Will Bobby experience some negativity, some evil, some darkness today?

Time will tell...

Well, actually, Bobby does not have to venture very far for that evil:

"I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil IS PRESENT with me." Romans 7:21

Sin in Bobby's life isn't very far behind either:

:20 "Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that DWELLETH IN me."

Really? Yes!

:17 "Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me."

Well, that is speaking about the Apostle Paul, who considered himself to be part of God's Church whether he was in Jerusalem or elsewhere.

So, for Bob Thiel: consider to suffer! Why not?

"Which is a manifest token of the righteous judgment of God, that ye may be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which ye also suffer:" 2 Thess 1:5

Suffering isn't really all that bad. We're learning to hate evil, yes, even that evil within that seems to have a way of enabling us to do and say stupid things at times. You really don't have it all that bad after all, unless you don't mind lying to yourSELF.

And time will tell...


DennisCDiehl said...

Bob is such an interesting character. The whole stable of COG types are with all the title claiming and men of dubious theological education knowing for sure how it all is and will be.
Ask them if they understand quantum physics, spooky action at a distance or relativity and they'd probably say no. We do have people and books that explain these things rather well. But ask them about God and the future and they have that all figured out.

There are even videos and articles on how to present yourself on YouTube, which evidently Bob has not even bothered to watch. How can you trust a man like that! lol

Byker Bob said...

Interesting is one choice of words. An eccentric professorial type would be interesting. Bob Thiel has none of the charisma of such an individual. Annoying would be my choice as the most accurate all purpose descriptive.

Here is an annoying little man who feels compelled to be one of the voices of Armstrongism. But, it’s not a matter of him simply being misplaced. He’d be equally annoying if he were advocating Catholicism, Scientology, or the leaving of a smaller personal carbon footprint. He needs to find an avocation that suits whatever hidden talents or skill sets he might have. Obviously, his talents do not support convincing advocacy. HWA used to use the 19th century carpenter’s phrase “square peg in a round hole”


nck said...

Scientology has a "little man" as one of their public figureheads.
But Cruise just has a way with presenting himself on screen.


Anonymous said...


Bob Thiel is a square peg? And/or has a square peg too?

Either way, however one thinks about it: that would be really unique!

We need a little humor. With that in mind, Bob could tell us how to catch unique rabbits...unique up in em!

Bob Thiel is striving to tell us how unique "continuing" is, but when it comes to God's Church it just isn't. Bobby's "continuing 'church'" is no more a part of God's Church, then it could be of the "seven churches" of Revelation 2-3, or even a continuation of them.

Time will tell..


Byker Bob said...

John, I believe Bob Thiel is attempting to claim as his domain HWA’s “accelerant”. The hook that HWA employed in advancing his cult was his alleged understanding of prophecy. So, Bob Thiel wants to be a prophet. There isn’t a single example of a copycat prophet in the Bible, but Thiel is intent on plagiarizing and utilizing the old Armstrong mold, and the “Mickey Mouse Millennium” as his center piece.

Personally, I believe Bob would be well informed in joining a local theatre group up there in Arroyo Grande to round off the sharp corners of his presentations, so to speak, but he probably doesn’t believe that he’s got the time.

He’s not only a square peg in a round hole, he’s also a fish out of water!