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Herbert Armstrong: "Now I don’t know any cases where a WHITE MAN wants to marry a black woman, WHY IS THAT?"

The Painful Truth has a post up that contains comments by HWA that he uttered during a sermon as he answered a letter from a church member.

Thanks to the PT for posting this.  I had forgotten this tripe which I had heard many times over the decades.
Herbert replies in a sermon to a letter written by one of his followers:
“Today I want to speak on what may possibly be the very next attack that Satan will use against this church […] interracial marriage.”
“It was stated that the blacks in God’s Church are dissatisfied with such doctrines that are not in keeping with the current social trend in the world [civil rights movement] that are a part of this nations background. […] And this letter also says that they are trying to line up a group of blacks to give ME AN ULTIMATUM, that I get on the side of the social trend of this world, or else! I’ll tell you what I’ll give them, I’LL GIVE THEM THE ‘OR ELSE!’ (church audience laughs) I WON’T COMPROMISE ONE MILLIONTH OF AN INCH! And if you will, you can go into the Lake of Fire if you want to. […] Some are saying that we have to to have racial balance at ambassador college. […]”
“Genesis 6:1; And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
Genesis 6:2; That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of ALL WHICH THEY CHOOSE.”

“That’s what they want to do today. A black man wants to take a white woman for a wife, THAT’S WHAT HE CHOOSES. […] Now I don’t know any cases where a WHITE MAN wants to marry a black woman, WHY IS THAT? Answer that for me! Why is it only BLACK MEN who want to marry white women?”
Now let’s look to the SOURCE of right understanding-the BEGINNING of knowledge-the WAY to wisdom! Does GOD teach integration? Does GOD condemn segregation? Does GOD approve mixed marriages?
Today, the world around, there are movements everywhere to UNITE! The spirit of UNITING is in the air! The nations of Europe are trying to UNITE-starting with the Common Market. Nasser is trying to UNITE the Arabs-with himself, of course, as ruler! The new Pope is carrying on his predecessor’s fight to UNITE all religions-under his iron-clad supreme authority, of course. The Communists are trying to break all color barriers, and, by intermarriage between races, UNITE all humanity as ONE color, and ONE race, with Communist leaders ruling over them.
The PT also includes this bit about Big Sandy where they held segregated events to keep the "Negros" and the "Latin" brethren separated from the white folk.

Please go and read the entire article here.  It is shocking...  Herbert W. Armstrong. Racist.


Byker Bob said...

When I was a student at Ambassador College, occasionally, we used to visit the El Rancho Supermarket which was across the street from the campus. There was an ice cream counter, and I liked to get a cone now and then. There was a pretty young black lady behind the counter with a pretty smile. Every time I came in, I kid you not, she would somehow manage to fit about a half gallon of ice cream on my cone, and then smile foxily and tell me to get out of there before she got in trouble! Her simple act of kindness was just a really cool mind-opener for a young guy who had grown up in the ‘burbs, and was attending a then all-white college.

Herbie was, as usual, projecting. He never played fair. He played to win at any cost.


nck said...

Re: "He played to win at any cost."

At least from the posting it it clear that HWA was not a communist as claimed by several trolls.

It is possible to argue that HWA governement style ranks among the 20th century totalitarian governing style of some ideologies LIKE communism.

In that sense Armstrongism was MODERN and REVOLUTIONARY as being led by someone from the Victorian period.
I mean what good did Che Guevarra bring to the people in retrospect?

It startles to see this 1968 article, UNTIL one realizes that there were and are phenomena like the Black or Hispanic MTV. Europeans are usually startled when they get a grasp of the American music charts, realising that Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine was big in a certain constituency, but all together most records were/are sold by country and western singers and not Michael Jackson. Most Europeans never know this since for them ALL music from America is American pop music. (while only few of the country and western music gets shipped.)

My point.

Was it not allowed for the black and hispanics to mingle among the brethren. OR was it (a conservative, convenient, ill advised) attempt to have the different constituencies mingle and party on an equal level as their white brethren, which would be "forward" (for a Victorian) , but indeed at least "conservative" for the 1968 time period. But still progressive to have at least "groups" feast on an equal level.

(or did the horse meet get served at the black party and the calf at the white party?, I dont think so.)

BB has rightly pointed out that WCG was not progressive or liberal or ahead of times. And one making a proper analysis of what HWA is saying the context is about social change and social upheaval in the midst of the Cold War, not about genetic deficiencies that could spread by sharing a beer at the feast. The exact reason Ronald Reagan only ordered the Apartheid regime to go right AFTER the fall of the Soviet Empire and until that time administrations only paid lip service to a change of regime over there.

As usual I am disappointed, in the past, only one person from Jamaica deigned to chime in over here. But I would most welcome comments from Nigeria, or Kenya if they would read the posting as an American cultural phenomenon (and are startled by my revelation on the black and hispanic mtv tv broadcasts) or if they would see this as an integral part of how they choose to live the "armstrong way."

For American male black persons I might have a question if it is true that courting a white girl might be frowned upon by mama (or the ladies at the hairdresser) as being a rejection of her good care over the years. Now if so. Would that then be framed as "black racism" or an attempt to maintain a certain dignity or culture?

Ah well. Just rethorical questions.


Anonymous said...

Britain's Prince Harry is about to marry a black woman, Meghan Markle. If they have children, there will be multiracial royalty within the top 10 in the British monarchy's line of succession.

Kids today who grew up in WCG or a splinter are living in a world where a Lenny Kravitz (white Jewish father, black mother) is much more of a positive role model than some pasty white minister with a slight beer gut. Among the famous black women with white husbands: Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Serena Williams, Vanessa Williams and Alfre Woodard. Additionally, David Bowie, Robert DeNiro, Roger Ebert and George Lucas are among the noteworthy white men who have married black women.

Even Herbert by the end of his life decided to overlook Ramona Martin's substantial Cherokee ancestry when he married her. The only ACOG members holding on to the old racial doctrines are the elderly white ministers with elderly white wives.

Anonymous said...

Most of the racism in the ACOGs today is not the overt kind. It is the consequence of ignorant White ministers who live in an ignorant White bubble. Notice, for example, LCG's article about Martin Luther King. Of all the possible graphics they could have chosen to honor this important Black leader and his famous "I Have a Dream" speech, what did they choose? A single pair of white feet in sandals! That does not even begin to capture the context or the feeling behind King's work or his famous speech, but it's what coddled White ministers consider appropriate. Perhaps the people who prepared the article don't consider themselves racist and wouldn't consciously do anything hateful or hurtful to Black members of LCG. However, when White leaders spend their lives as part of an ignorant White church where Black people are occasionally ordained as tokens but are never treated as real leaders, this is the kind of stupidity we can expect to see.

Michael said...

Holy crap Batman.
While this is somewhat reflecting of the environment of the times (1968), even accounting for that, this is just over the top racism by HWA.

Connie Schmidt said...

Ive said it before , but worth inserting here too. Even Germans were racially profiled and put into a "negative box". Members of my family have told me about being labeled as "Assyrians", and "Those are the people who are going to kill us" paint brush.

Yes, there was even layers about "what kind or type of white person you were" hierarchy of the races, Germans being the "least desirable" white race.

RSK said...

The three white men I know with black wives (one of whom's wedding I attended) are giving you the "or else", Herbert.

Anonymous said...

Jesus would have had to attend his own "you look Palestinian. Go over there" picnic. HWA was a product of his times.

Miller Jones said...

I posted the following comment at The PT Blog:
Yes, Herbert Armstrong (and the organization which he founded) was clearly racist. However, as with many sins, there is no self-awareness with this one. Trump is a good example of this phenomenon.
I remember as a child one of my Southern grand aunt’s saying that she wasn’t prejudiced against Blacks (and she didn’t use that moniker) – as long as they stayed in their place (whatever that was). She simply could not see that there were any problems inherent in such a view – she was BLIND to it.
It is interesting to note that some of the same arguments which were employed in times past to discourage interracial relationships are now employed against homosexuals. God intended for only men and women to love each other in that way. We won’t compromise with God’s standard one iota! It’s not discrimination or wrong if we’re following God’s law. I’m not prejudiced against homosexuals – as long as they stay in their place!

nck said...

"Even Herbert by the end of his life decided to overlook Ramona Martin's substantial Cherokee ancestry"

I hate to say it BB but it seems HWA seemed to share at least the vice of exotic ladies with someone whose name will not be mentioned....:-)

This must be the ultimate proof that HWA was not "racist in the classic sense", (as I just heared MLK cousin say on CNN about Trump after leaving the White House")
Racist in the historical context. Probably yes! As we will all be seen as EARTH DESTROYERS by the next generation, so most were racist in the past.


nck said...

"Ive said it before , but worth inserting here too. Even Germans were racially profiled and put into a "negative box". '


Since the thirties numerous anti - german measure were taken with pending war in Europe and WWI in living memory among the veterans.

This was the EXACT moment HWA founded his church.
It can be argued that these sentiments spilled over into doctrine later reinforced by the opening of the Bricket Wood campus when the British students introduced "the class system", anti germanism, and elitism into a rather "democratic church up to that moment.

Most of the international church in all areas at that time was formed by former civil servants returning from the collapsing empire, the colonies or local aspiring middle class.

The anti mexican sentiment can be traced to WWI too when the Zimmerman telex led to a huge scare all over the USA, akin to korean missiles fired on hawai, whith an impending thread of the Habsburg empire re taking California and Texas for the Germans. It was a clear and present danger

So far the real cause of BB's scare of a German attack on Pasadena.


Michael said...

Miller Jones wrote:
"It is interesting to note that some of the same arguments which were employed in times past to discourage interracial relationships are now employed against homosexuals. God intended for only men and women to love each other in that way. We won’t compromise with God’s standard one iota! It’s not discrimination or wrong if we’re following God’s law. I’m not prejudiced against homosexuals – as long as they stay in their place!"

Yeah, they cite the Bible, but it has more to do with their own personal aversion against homosexuality.
The same texts they quote will also condemn eating shellfish and other stuff, but they don't have a personal problem against that, so it's a-ok.

Near_Earth_Object said...

HWA and his upper level minions proof-texted their racial views into the Bible in the following ways:

1. By rendering an idiosyncratic interpretation of "Noah and his generations" in the book of Genesis. This is really a "pedestal" proof-text for WCG racism.

2. By citing the various scriptures throughout the OT where God condemns the Jews concerning marrying people from the nations that surrounded them.

On the first point, this scripture says something like "Noah was a moral man in his time". As far as I know, only HWA/Hoeh loaded this with heavy and dubious racial meaning. At its core, this imparted meaning turns race into a qualification or a credential that is necessary for righteousness and acceptance by God and it makes God Himself a racist.

Race as a credential before God opens a new vista in bizarre theology where salvation is influenced not only by works or by faith but also by race which is neither a work nor a faith. As such it is another Armstrongist theological heresy.

My memory is not what it used to be but it seems like I recall Gerald Waterhouse once stating that HWA might be working with Noah, who allocated the races to different regions supposedly, during the Millennium because HWA understood the "truth about the races." So HWA, Hoeh, et al. have taken an innocuous scripture and given it a self-serving spin to support a pre-existing racist viewpoint. At another location in scripture, it is mentioned that Ephraim and Mannaseh were half-Egyptian and it does not make much of this although this would be a perfect opportunity for strong admonition.

On the second point, most of the people who were in the surrounding nations were racially very close to Jews. The ancient skeletons from Palestine unearthed and tested so far indicate that these people, such as the Philistines, were haplogroup J and autosomal genetic testing indicates that the Canaanites and Jews were virtually indistinguishable with very little genetic "distance" between them. The ancient Canaanites were "proximate others" and not "distant others." This prohibition against intermarriage was based on religious and cultural matters and not race. This genetic connection is compatible with the Table of Clans given in Genesis 10.

I do believe that racial intermarriage is a risky venture. Marriage itself is a dicey endeavor. Marrying across cultures, across societies, across geography and across race can put stress on a very fragile institution. Some people don't even smell right to eachother. But marrying across races is not a sin.

At one time HWA tried to float a magazine that was called "Human Potential." This was intended to laud the achievements of man using his God given talents. I think it was ultimately rooted in the blasphemous heresy that man would eventually become "God as God is God (as Ron Kelly was fond of saying)." But the deep hypocrisy embedded in this was that HWA did not believe that all people were of the same value. Some races had more potential than others. Some races needed to be managed under the oversight of other more talented nations. And some races occupied a better position in the eyes of God.

I think HWA dodged a bullet. Human Potential morphed into Quest. Imagine what would have happened if Human Potential had been successfully launched as it was and then the national press discovered that HWA was a blatant racist. The negative press might have resulted in an early demise of the WCG, before 1995, and a prominent statue in the halls of infamy for HWA. Like David Koresh, HWA would have claimed to be persecuted.

Floyd1944 said...

If Herbert was led by God into new truth one would think that God would have revealed that all men are created equal. When I became a part of Radio Church of God, Blacks were assigned Big Sandy as their feast sight. They stayed in tents and for the most part did not mingle with white. In the south blacks were segagated in the church. Rod Meredith repeatedly taught Blacks were inferior to whites. There is an excellent movie that we should all see called Hidden Figures. It tells the story of 3 black women who succeeded during the early 60’s in a white environment. Excellent movie. Most of the splinter ACOG’s are still run by the same mentality found in the church back in the 60’s. When I see men and women of different color on the board of directors I will know there is progress. Don’t hold your breath.

nck said...

"Imagine what would have happened if Human Potential had been successfully launched"

As if the enemies of the church would not have used this IF IT WERE TRUE WHAT you claim.

I do believe there were the enforcers like waterhouse and meredith. They were not the ideologists and waterhouse never oversaw a church area, just a ( 3 hour) fleeting personality.

The truth of the matter is that the first issue of Human Potential had articles and front page photographs of black people.

The other truth is that the final straw of the demise of Human Potential was that the independent board would not carry HWA 's article on his plans to build an interfaith ( 3 religions) worship center in the Sinai. How about that?

This led to conflict between the main sponsor and the editors who had negotiated independence.

Floyd's input I do value since he often speaks accurately. He seems however to inaccurately mix Thomas Jefferson's philosophy with the prominent philosophy widely espoused by the "fundamentalist movement" of the 1920's and common among Oregonians of the 1930's.

If a black person would by doctrine not be able to attain salvation there would have been no use to baptize them or have them at the feast at all. Unless of course you have written proof that we would be needing slaves in agrarian millenial utopia.

I also believe that a lot of humans do self impose restrictions and behavior. After all no German ever paid for the jews transport to the East. All over Europe the jews all organized and payed for their final destination themselves. But I do not believe this goes for the black people of 1968. I mean we are in the middle of the civil rights movement here.


Near_Earth_Object said...

In an extensive correspondence concerning race thatg I had with Herman Hoeh a few years before he died, he claimed that there was never a theological foundation to the WCG's view on race. He claimed it had always been a policy of convenience to keep the WCG out of conflict with larger American society. While the theological foundation in the WCG seemed obvious to me, this was Hoeh's view on history. It is too bad that he did not have an opportunity to recant completely and publicly before he died. To my knowledge his only recanting was in his correspondence with me.

Anonymous said...

well, there you go again, judging the people of history by the standards of today....

Anonymous said...

Seriously? It was no more right back then than it is today. If the church truly was a new covenant church and placed its faith in Jesus then it would have boldly stepped out with justice and compassion and refused to bow to the dictates of society around them. The church has never done that.

Floyd 1944 said...

I don’t think the church ever felt that Blacks could not attain salvation. But I do know that Meredith felt and taught Blacks would not have a higher position than any white in the kingdom. I also talked with Dr Hoeh and Leroy Neff about issues in the church. While they agreed that hypocrisy was wrong, I realized they were not going to stand up against the establishment. I am not criticizing them, but I had to understand most of the “leading” men (evangelists) got to their standing in the church by keeping their mouths shut. My point in posting this is not to rehash the past but rather to be thankful for the progress and understanding a little bit the hurt and shame our black brethren felt. I admire the Blacks that came to church with a smile and endured what some of what they had to endure. We are not there yet but hopefully we have made progress. I feel the same way about our women, they have been put down and made to feel inferior to the men. Rod saying that a man should spank his wife is disgusting. If Rod had been married to my wife and tried to spank her, he would have been thrown out on his butt. My wife and i respect each other and seek each other’s opinion on important matters. Back to the issues of what the church taught, the church taught what was convenient at the time. Whatever made Herbert look good was what he wanted taught.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting.

No doubt there are many blind sheep in the ACOGs today that would readily make excuses on HWA's behalf.

Heads-up... this was inexcusable THEN and it is inexcusable NOW.

I can't understand why any non-white would buy into Armstrongism. BI is overtly racist and they all preach it.

Anonymous said...

Herb wasn't a communist? I remind you that it's "you shall know them by their fruits" not, "you shall know them by their words." Wolves wear sheep's clothing, so a glance will result in a wrong conclusion. Often times, one must look long and hard to see the wolf hiding in the sheep's clothing.

What Herb apposed was the Soviet commie gang taking over the world. This gang would not have allow him to 'play church,' hence his opposition. But he embraced the commie ideology/theology. Scratch the surface of the XCOGs and that's still what you find. One example, these churches hide that God leads each Christian directly with the holy spirit. They hide this since only the Big Brother 'state' leads Christians. No 'individual' Christians are allowed. Even Herbs Quakers believed in God directly guiding individual Christians. So the idea was not foreign to Herb.

Please, no smearing of ideas you oppose with the label 'troll.'
This phenomenon is a example of the harm done by legitimate trolls on this site.

nck said...


I did say.

It is possible to argue that HWA governement style ranks among the 20th century totalitarian governing style of some ideologies LIKE communism.

But communism regarded religion the opium of the people.

HWA was one of the fiercest anti communists ever. And not unlike Charlie Wilsons war the WCG poured at least 200 million dollar into anti communist programs in the 3r d world or non alligned nations.

About a billion dollars was spent on the sponsoring of radio stations that were operated to spread the message of the CIA, of assured nuclear distruction and the resolve of the american empire to push this through and of course the spread of american cultural imperialism and music through the airwaves with the payments of the World Tomorrow broadcast and other right wing religionists enabling the CIA program of cultural opps around the world.

And there was the sponsoring of US backed dictators like Marcos, Sadat, Jordan, Thailand etc etc. (who by the way were ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS too.) PUHLEASE. HWA a commie.
He was the greatest commie fighter of all meeting with more heads of state than kissinger to bring the message of impending doom on earth brought about by nuclear war showing the resolve of the united states.

(Ever see the GIII land in a foreign country, while according to protocol of US diplomats police escort was being prepared by the host country.)

Ever see Tkach land while being escorted to have his luggage inspected?? Hahahahahah


Anonymous said...

I was brought up in the NYC church area in the 60's where there were probably more blacks than whites in attendance. One of the only good things my mother taught us was to respect every race and color, and some of my best friends, African Americans, and their families were better to me than my own. A problem arose however when I was 17, when I was called aside by the minister and told not get too "close" to a deacons son while fellow shipping after services. The kicker was that my friend was bi-racial, his father black, his mother white. That was the day I saw the church for what it was and it really shook me.

Anonymous said...

You say that inter racial marriage is a risky venture, but not a sin.
I think that you, like many, do not understand the meaning of sin.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00AM, it all depends on how you view the action of the Holy Spirit.

You describe it as something that individuates individual Christians from each other.

The way HWA described it, however, the Holy Spirit is more akin to a Borg implant which takes individual Christians and makes them less individual and more like each other.

Anonymous said...

Floyd, as recently as Meredith's last couple of years of life, he called interracial babies "blobs."

Why did the Black father of these blobs stay in LCG with the White mother? I hope they didn't agree with Meredith that their children are blobs. These children will grow up with Internet access and will find out within a few years that Mom and Dad attend a church where the leader called them blobs. What will that do to the relationship between these children and their parents?

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that $200 million of church tithe money was spent on anti communist programs and that one billion was spent to spread a CIA message of assured nuclear destruction. Plus that tithe money was used to sponsor US backed dictators.
I didn't realize that my tithe money paid for dictators bottles of champagne.
Do you proof of you assertions?

Anonymous said...

2.17 PM,
It's my belief that church tyranny was a mental complex imposed on members. A mental complex is a related set of ideas that feeds a certain abnormal behavior. The church culture continually hijacked concepts and scriptures to push this complex. One example given in a sermon was that Egypts Joseph spent time in prison to 'prove that God (ie the minister) is boss.' Actually, prison is a means of making people aware of the preciousness of human rights.
So yes, everything, including the teaching on the holy spirit was used to validate a Borg culture.
Will the real reality please stand up. Stop attending church services and reading church literature for awhile, and it becomes self evident.

What About The Truth said...

There was a God that chose a people (Race) and instructed them to annihilate every man woman (Races) and beast on the way to and into the promised land. Many would consider this racist fueled genocide?

In the new testament, the kingdom is a promise for the reconstituted nation of Israel (Race) via resurrection. All of any race get in to this kingdom via the tags of being grafted into the race and becoming a spiritual Jew (Race). All of this happens via the first one resurrected, a Jew (Race) having the power and promise to do the same. Maybe it is all about race.

nck said...


Well then it is clear to me that you were never part of WCG or that you are an all American guy assuming that the rest of the world thinks, breathes and believes that what is good for America is good for them.

Look the world was divided into 2 blocks. The GII never touched where the French asserted leadership over the non alligned countries. GII path only followed the controlling nations.

You are aware that Egypt has been the largest recipient of foreign domestic "aid" by the USA since it parted ways with the Soviet Union? It did not occur to you that there were reasons why president Sadat left 13 US Senators waiting while he was talking to HWA.

I have written extensively on the topic and will continue to do so in conversations but I will not write a book to proof the pearls to the swine.

Since your question was sincere I will respond at least with a starter to wet your appetite.

a) look up the movie trailer "The boat that Rocked on imdb" And filter this amusing trailer through European eyes not American.

b) If it wet you appetite you can read further on

c) If you need scientific research I would recommend Eric Gilder's book on the european pirate stations

It is important to note that the CIA never had sufficient funding to pay for the spreading of American imperial culture toward a continent geared toward communism. Luckily there was the World Tomorrow paying hefty sums to make these stations viable.

Read up on radio swan in the Caribean.

I could go on for most any nation on earth.

For instance watch the "feast of tabernacles movie 1985" I believe where HWA visits dignitaries and the royal family at Kathmandu and other nations. There was widespread marxist maoist insurgency in these areas. WCG negotiated aid for farming programs.

Look to you Kathmandu and Nepal might constitute economies the size of your local wal mart.
When you start talking to me I would point you to google earth where it has a HUGE white spot the size twice the royal palace which holds the US Embassy.

No why would the US have such a sizable Embassy in a country the size of a walnut.

Once you are able to contemplate this my postings in the future will make more sense.

I hope the information above keeps you satisfied for a while.

But we could in the future dive more into the "Thai hill tribe program", Marcos New deal and agricultural reform and WCG pledges to support the implementation of that program.

The return of Okinawa to the Japanese. (As a counter move against the Communist Chinese)

HWA yelling and screaming to European leaders, politicians, business elites that nuclear war would come, while ALL of those people were prepared to broker a deal with the Soviets to prevent such a thing, which was against American foreign policy placing Pershing II in response to SS20, while millions of Europeans protested on the street to pressure their governments to make peace with the Soviets.

Ok I'll stop rambling. But if you please perhaps re read ALL of HWA's literature and replace the word peace with "pax Americana" and suddenly it becomes very clear.


Anonymous said...

I don't appreciate your verbal attack of 'you were never part of WCG and you think what's best for America is what's best for the world.'
Just stick with the facts and your line of reasoning please.

Verbal attacks cheapen a person, in case you haven't noticed.

Anonymous said...

What I’d like to know, nck, is if HWA donated church funds to the UNCF.

nck said...


You know what, you are right.

I was triggered by the many liars on here who say "they didnt know this or that" while 100% was published in our bi weekly co worker letters and newspaper.

It seems some never read the reporting and then start complaining "that they didnt know."

Just like the aunt of the 13 tied siblings. Not seein the trees because of the "forrest" blocking the view.

You may be the exception and I will try and heed. Although all anonymous would make it easier if they chose a monniker for identification.

My point about america was that americans would perceive hwa and his message differently than europeans or sri lankans, kenyans would during the cold war and perhaps even now.

The fact that you took issue tells me you are able to understand this. It differs when you hear about nuclear war and you live in california or right in the middle of the battle field without nukes. Etc. Or when all American pop music is deemed a threat to european society by governments and these radio stations sway a generation. It was the facebook of the day. (re arab revolution and facebook)


nck said...


AICF operated schools in Sri Lanka and Thailand. As an expression of the core doctrine of WCG philosophy that change comes through education.

AICF was on the radar at UNESCO for I believe childrens art projects. Of course a major sponsor of UNICEF.

Later sponsored Sammy Davis jr causes.

HWA was extremely proud to host and meet Magic Johnson, sponsored youth program received signed basketball.

HWA was a frequent visitor to the Laker games.

Perhaps you could look up how the visits to the black emperor led to china and what programs were discussed with Kenyatta.


nck said...


My point is that most "poor of mind" here focus on the "gold plates" in HWA's house.
While we could discuss the black cook that was employed by HWA for years and I am pretty sure prepared fried chicken wings als,o as her contribution to teach the man about culture.


Anonymous said...

wasnt going to post, but i noticed my imposter posted, so i will post: i married a very young european woman whom i met while i was in college; i met her on the university shuttle bus...

when i would ride the shuttle i made a point of talking to as many ladies on there as would listen: i was in my late 30s and single, and really wanted a wife...

i talked to several asian, african, european women, but she was the only one what would engage in conversation...soon we began dating and were married...

it only lasted three years cuz she grew to dislike this country because of various issues, like the high cost of basic healthcare, and the fact that from time to time we faced prejudice as an interracial couple...

she eventually left to go back home and i elected to stay here cuz the usa is the only nation i have ever known, and i can trace part of my ancestry back to 1793 in this country...

c f ben yochanan