Friday, February 23, 2018

LCG Still Hates This Blog...Somebody Call Whine-One-One!

This is all just so delightfully fun!  Who would have ever imagined that a little blog would have LCG in such a state of disarray! The fact that Rod Meredith had to publicly ban LCG members from reading this blog shows just what a thorn in the side it has become. It is all quite comical.

I want to make it clear to any Living Church of God member that you may post or send things to me anonymously, as many have. If you want to share your story, abuse you have experienced or seen going on in Charlotte or your local church area, please feel free to post it here.

None of us here have any beef with the membership, but do with the men who claim to be Christ's representatives here on earth who run rampant wreaking people's lives. Grace and love have been in short supply in the church for decades.  Abusive ministers from Worldwide Church of God jumped ship with their same desire to control as they went into Global and then in Living. How can any church ever expect to accomplish an end time work when they treat their own members with such disdain?  Why would any member of the public ever be interested?  Why would Jesus even be interested?

@ Anon 12:15 PM wrote:
Wyatt Ciesielka is the main troll here. He reports back to Rod McNair. Rod, Gerald and the others at hq would like to shut this blog down but so far are helpless.
A reader here with ties to LCG responded:

LCG cannot shut this blog down. All it can do is fire employees who are caught posting here. The problem is that there are already enough ex-employees who are beyond their reach, who have seen old abuses and still hear about new ones from their friends in Charlotte, that the leaks will continue even if couple of employee leakers get fired.

Wyatt and Rod can run their spies and create a climate of fear at LCG HQ, but they cannot stop former employees from getting the word out when HQ inmates reach out to their friends. Mr. Evil and Mr. Stupid cannot touch ex-employees BB, CB, DB, JB, KB, MB, SB, TB, LC, KF, VF, LK, JM, RM, BO, CO, LP, RP, BR, HR, JR, KR, GS, LS, PS, RS, SS. That's 27 sets of initials, and some of those initials are shared by two ex-employees. Add wives and LU students, and the number of potential leaks from the LCG grapevine is way beyond what Rod and Wyatt can control, even if they succeed in instilling fear into current employees.


True Bread said...

this is all true...I have inside contacts in Charlotte in the LCG you will be hearing about soon enough...the time has come for LCG to be dissolved....

Anonymous said...

Years ago I thought I wanted to work at HQ for LCG. Stupid looking back on it now, but I actually had all the qualifications the job needed except one, the most important as GW pointed out to me....I wasn’t political enough to survive.

Since I knew that would always be true as I’d never been political in any job I’d ever had, it still came as a shock to have it so blatantly pointed out as the key ingredient to success at LCG HQ.

I’d seen plenty at AC and the church, so I knew the reality of the statement, but never thought it would be THE way to do business in the church, in almost a dismissive fashion.

Anonymous said...

mean while in the real world: Leviticus 26:15-16 & Daniel 11:21 continue to be fulfilled, and the science gods can do nothing to stop this...

c f ben yochanan

Byker Bob said...

“Blessed are the pure, for they shall be pure! Blessed are the spat upon, the shat upon, the ratted on!” (Simon and Garfunkel)

Also, a reminder to all LCG members of something GTA said many years ago: “Authority only exists where you choose to accept it.”


Allen Dexter said...

This blog has to give these dictators nightmares. When I left back in the mid-70s, there was no way to communicate with those who spurned me. With the internet has come the ultimate tool of communication, and it's virtually anonymous. I often wonder who those "anonymous people are. I have no reason to hide my identity, but many do. Unless someone is so filled with hate and loathing that they would want to hunt me down, no one has any real way of hurting me, financially or otherwise. Yeah, they can breath fire at me in another comment, but I just basically shake my head or chuckle at those.

Anonymous said...

I don't think many here appreciate how LCG members and ex-members look to this blog for news in the church and for the exposes on abuse and waste in Charlotte. You have been a blessing in disguise. The self=righteous ones in Charlotte label this as a dissident site, it is anything but! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I know Wyatt personally. He really is a piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

As an ex RCG member, and who also worked at RCG HQ. I can tell you that everything stated here about LCG is a mirror image of RCG. (And I would assume the HQ's of all of the various splinters.) They all use the exact same methods and fear tactics. Of course, they all learned it from the same place, WCG. The only difference is the personality cult at the top.

The only thing for the members to do is to pick the splinter that suits their needs the best. For example, which one is closest to me, which one has the most members, which one has the best feast sites, etc? Or if you prefer, which leader do I like best, which one has the most titles, which one is an apostle, etc?

They all operate the same, because they are all the same! Which leaves one to question just where is the one true Church? Every group has the same thing, a leader, or leaders at the top just trying to hold on to enough members and tithes, or common, to get thru their golden years and into the grave without worry. After this last generation of WCG, ex-ministers is gone, the splinters will fall into further atrophy and oblivion.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:00 AM

You had better repent of that nasty statement and your bad attitude.

Shit can be trowled into the soil, where it will serve as a health-giving fertilizer, providing nutrition to hungry plants. As such, it is a beneficial part of a healthy ecosystem.

Wyatt is not a beneficial part of any healthy ecosystem. You had better repent of your attitude, and give shit the apology it deserves for being equated with Wyatt.

Byker Bob said...

5:10 is correct. Each of these groups must manage their images and carry their authority in such a way as to make a forceful case for them possessing the HWA conch. They may change minor doctrinal details or claim to have new truths, but the politically charged authority structure which is most responsible for the toxicity of the movement is retained and even amplified. How could it not be? People develop a tolerance to pain compliance, so the pain must be constantly increased.

In industry, competition ends up benefitting the consumer. In the case at hand, that is true to the extent that church members have the opportunity to choose from multiple groups. However, the pathology of Armstrongism is such that the “vendors” do not respond to dissatisfied customers with improvements. They assume the positions that the entitled would naturally take, which is to respond with arrogance, and additional injustices and harshness. That can be a problem for those on the inside, but from an outsider’s perspective, it simply provides more opportunity to observe the true wolf-like character of the leaders.

Really, if God were to need a group of chosen, elect ones to get out a powerful endtimes message to the world, He would need to scrap these totally useless and toxic splinters, and to raise up a completely new group that led by example, exemplifying His own character. Class of ‘95 has not yielded any runaway, superblessed, successes capable of getting out an audible or credible message. The so-called splinters are all pretenders. An increase in knowledge has rendered them obsolete, and they don’t even realize that they are existing in a Tofflerian future-shock condition. When technology, and the general fund of knowledge pass a movement by, producing obvious marginalization, the only tools left to perpetuate that movement are fear, illusion, and force.


Anonymous said...

As an ex-employee of LCG it's fun to see my initials listed! I could share many stories that would add fuel to the fire but why? THESE MEN/ATTITUDES CAME FROM WCG WHERE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR WAS ACCEPTED AND ENCOURAGED! Does anyone expect things to be different today? Day after day, week after week, year after year, it never changes. In fact it worse! The tares are in control, the weeds have overtaken the garden and the goats are ramming each other because that's all they know to do. The righteous have gone into hiding. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” I don't lose any sleep over things today. BTW, 80-90% of what's said here about LCG HQ is true for all you LCG trolls. HI WYATT! I feel my job to overcome my faults (which I have many) and let my Creator take out the trash when He see's fit.

Anonymous said...

People are throwing terminology around that they do not know the meaning of at all.

Was Jesus was a fascist? Well, it can't be denied that in the government of God there are no elections. Elections are not mentioned in the bible. Jesus was not voted in. Neither was Peter or Paul. If Jesus was a fascist, does that make him evil?

According to this geopolitical expert, people are so ignorant they don't know the difference between fascism and nationalism or perhaps even between fascism and [so-called] liberal [so-called] democracy.


We are seeing a return to nationalism in Europe and the United States because it is not clear to many that internationalism, as followed since World War II, benefits them any longer. They may be right or wrong, but to claim that fascism is sweeping Europe and the United States raises the question of whether those who say this understand the principles of fascism or the intimate connection between nationalism and liberal democracy.

Anonymous said...

I have inside contacts with many current employees at LCG HQ, some who are blood family, and they all say that the comments on this blog about HQ and it's ministers, are completely fabricated lies. Thought so.

Anonymous said...

The original poster didn't include DM or SS in the list of initials. Is this perhaps a clue as to which insider wrote the post?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15 PM wrote:
"Wyatt Ciesielka is the main troll here. He reports back to Rod McNair. Rod, Gerald and the others at hq would like to shut this blog down but so far are helpless."

Who is calling Whine-one-one? Does Wyatt have his wife (if he is married) call in to Rod, Gerald and other HQ others?

I suppose it is much easier for people to report in on others now with a simple dial of Whine-1-1.

What were the "good old days" like? Anyone remember the # to dial in???????


Oh, well, nothing "new" under the sun. Just a different # to call, but the same results!

Charlotte has lots of visitors. The news lately is that Charlotte is being visited by "America's Pastor."

I just read some opinions by others (but omitted their screen names) regarding Billy Graham:

• Billy Graham was faithful to the truth, preaching clearly the gospel of Jesus Christ, and setting a personal example of ethics and morality. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."
• Graham was an accomplished con man, a zealot, and a misguided bigot. Franklin will effectively replace his father, more's the pity.
• Come on POPE the JOKE......Declare Billy Graham a SAINT
• I was raised a Catholic but ALWAYS listened to Rev. Graham. I Loved him bebause he delivered the messsge from God. He was a Prophet from the Almighty . Please, if there was ever a Saint it was Billy Graham
o Exactly how would you expect Graham, an evangelical Protestant, to be canonized by the RC Church? You seem not to understand the process.
• I got saved in 1973 watching one of Billy's crusade's on tv. I am eternally thankful to him and the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior.

Could any of those opinions apply to the likes of Wyatt, Rod, Gerald, or any of the Living group’s HQ personnel?

Somehow, I suspect Billy Graham probably also had his version of Whine-1-1 and that 1-800-ISnitch.

Time will tell…in the meantime, unlike Wyatt Rod Gerald et al, Billy Graham will RIP during a much needed dirt-nap!


Anonymous said...

@ 3:50 PM

I suspect it depends on where you are at HQ. People working under Wyatt Ciesielka or Rod McNair are probably the most likely to see the lying and politicking. People working under Dexter Wakefield or Scott Winnail probably have a more or less sane work experience. There obviously isn't enough freedom of speech for an employee to say openly, "My boss is a sociopath" or "My boss gets paid to read the newspaper at his desk every day" and have the rest of the office weigh in truthfully on the diagnosis.

This is where Gerald Weston gets himself into trouble. He could choose to tell the brethren, "I know HQ isn't perfect, and neither are you. You would want me to be patient working with you, so please be patient while I work out the problems at HQ." But that's not what he says. He says, "The people who talk about HQ's problems are liars." This approach means that when someone discovers the HQ problems for themself, they haven't just discovered the problems, they have proved their Presiding Evangelist to be a liar.

Byker Bob said...

To 2:09, Feb 24 ~ Correct that there were no elections. The Jews and Israelites did not believe in vox populi vox dei. They had other ways of determining the will of God, such as the Urim and Thummim, and the casting of lots. Also, since Jesus was God, it would be misleading to use the term fascist on Him, with all of the negative connotations that accompany that term. Throughout the Bible, Israel was a theocracy, and the early Christians were experiencing a theophany.