Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Most Humble Man In The World

The most humble servant of God getting out of his custom Rolls Royce with personalized vanity plates.  He was dropping in for tea with Prime Minister Thatcher to talk about a 
"strong hand from someplace."


Anonymous said... talk about a "strong hand from someplace."

It always seems to come back to Herbert's rumored "flog log," doesn't it?

Tonto said...

Mark 9:35

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, "Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all."

The entire COG has never understood or practiced this verse and warning!

SHT said...

The license plate was a reference to "scripture":

Herbert 2:12 - And Thou Shalt Owneth Thy Rolls Royce, and appear thou beforest her, to bringeth forth thou message of thy strong hand from a place whence thou hast not known, and shall preparest before the king thy roasteth porcunipeth on toothpicks, and thou dom perignon thou cuppeth runneth overeth. Assuredly thou saith unto thee, thou arm swingeth henceforth whilst thou preacheth, making thy babies cryeth, and lo and behold, poppycock.

It's nonsense. Because it all was nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I can just picture Herbert visiting with Thatcher over tea:

Herbert: Let me tell you about the two trees, Margaret.
Thatcher: Two trees?
Herbert: Why yes, there's a good tree, and a bad tree.
Herbert: There's a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are death.
Thatcher: Proverbs?
Herbert: It is, yes. Well Margaret, I must be off. Consider this your final warning from God to the British peoples.
Thatcher: Warning?
Herbert: Yes. Choose the good tree Margaret. The good tree!
Thatcher: Um, kay, the good tree... Sure, I mean, I suppose I can do that.
Herbert: .

SHT said...


Sounds like the Two Trees Church of God. Or The Good Tree Bad Tree Church of God. :)

Anonymous said...

Arm-strong, the strong arm from someplace. Pasadena I guess. Very humble.

Monnie said...

Ol' Herbie never ran out of other people's money.

Anonymous said...

As has been mention many times old HWA was ashamed to mention God as that unseen hand. Luke 9:26 seems to mention if you're ashamed of me and my words I will be ashamed of before the Father. It could appear old HWA could be on shakier ground than many of his sinning flock.

nck said...

Actually the exact details of that meeting can be found online in the recently declassified Thatcher files.


Anonymous said...

If Stephen would just said that the Jews just killed "a strong hand from someplace" he could have avoided being stoned to death. If HWA used the name of Jesus Christ, no one would have come to his dinners in HWA's "honor", but he wouldn't have been stoned.

Anonymous said...

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of royalty, I will fear no laughter or snide remarks from the nobility: for thy G2 art with me; thy Rolls-Royce and thy Steuben Crystal, they comfort me.

Tonto said...


You are correct about HWA being in the Thatcher files . They are fascinating and worth a view by everyone. These are the released files from Margaret Thatcher that have been declassified.

They were very wise to HWA and realized that he was an attention seeker, and someone with some goofy ideas. HOWEVER- an eventual check for 185,000 lbs, (approximately $750k in todays money) from your donations and mine, to the Royal Opera House, bought him a quick meeting with Thatcher.

I hope that Banned will run this as a lead article, for shows what the secret services and top national advisors thought of HWA and his motivations.



(Copy link and paste into browser)

SHT said...

Tonto 4:08

"They were very wise to HWA and realized that he was an attention seeker, and someone with some goofy ideas. HOWEVER- an eventual check for 185,000 lbs, (approximately $750k in todays money) from your donations and mine, to the Royal Opera House, bought him a quick meeting with Thatcher"

Which would confirm exactly what we always knew - that HWA, as an attention seeker, bought his way into his meetings with important people to be an important person.

What gospel did he preach again?

TLA said...

lbs? that is one HEAVY check! lbs is the abbreviation for the pound weight not the currency.

HWA sure had us fooled.

Anonymous said...

Thanks nck and Tonto!

Re the license plate does anyone know what the numbers 212 stood for, if anything?

Anonymous said...

It appears the sum of 185,000 pound sterling is incorrect. It was £100,000. Herbert's "cheque" was for $185,000, which converted into £100,000, as the pound has been strong relative to the dollar, yes, in the 1980's too.

Anonymous said...

It may run deeper ... and many years back.

Anonymous said...

This may be of interest, re 'strong hand'. As well Reagan cx.

nck said...

I'm just having fun releasing some of my material for once. Your reaction do however reflect your characters.

Some might conclude that this Institution today serves millions of people through its broadcasts. Again this was a critical phase for the arts and this institution. Others might conclude, like Thatcher, that "less government" funding is a good thing. (These were the days million of mineworkers were laid off, giant strikes and rioting.)

Others might remark that these are the same people (civil servants) that burned the white house down in 1810 and chopped up native territory in rebel lands through the same correspondence.

Anyway, the meeting with Thatcher was just the start of other meetings with higher echelons of influence than only politicians concerned about public image. These were the people aicf worked with on for instance the most important Tel Hazor digs, bringing to light many fascinating academic finds.

You should look up the british government files on the radio pirate ships from 1967-1971.
That is ALL OUT war British Gov versus the CIA and the RadioCG with at stake the protection of the European Mind versus American polution of arts, politics and consumerism.

Guess what, the USA and CIA won the battle for hearts and minds through rock and roll on the world tomorrow financed pirate stations. But not if it had been for the british government.

There is so much more to this 007 story as compared to mere shallow observations.

To enlighten you a bit. Even todays efforts of one of the splinters made it into the Security Council recently and plays a small but significant role in at least sanctions against Iran and perhaps preemptive strikes.

My point. People who claim "we have a small and insignificant legacy" are mere nimkompoops. We can agree to disagree, but never a boring day.


Anonymous said...

What's ironical is that since HWA was a Pharisee, he chose the bad tree.

Kieren said...

Thanks for this link. Very interesting stuff!

nck said...


Thank you 9:14. It seems that at least you get a grasp of my thousand of so postings.
Fundamentalism and British Israelism at the heart of American Power and foreign policy.
Perhaps you saw my postings hinting at the meetings in the Midwest in support of president Trump in the Midwest with the real money power behind the Trump first election.

Among them the owners of Hobby Lobby, who are the main sponsors behind the conservative group that bought the Big Sandy Campus.

Your book echoes that. It doesn't matter what the organizations are called. They are all temporary and designed to further American Power. And California was theh 7th economic power in the world in hwa days.

The nimkompoops on this blog cite dna, history and other science to disproof "british israelism" but remain silent when I talk about "five eyes." They are kicking trees without even seeing the forest.

They complain about how they were "exploited" by not seeing that they are in the 1 percent segment by living in the USA alone.


Under the Carter administration "evangelists" were an intrinsic part of US "moral diplomacy."

Much of America's moral soft power is being blown to smithereens by its current leaders.
I guess that is the way of all empires. When they start to dissolve, the real power structure comes to light. Since power is an ugly thing in the hands of men.

And Jim doesn't seem to understand the enigma of nck, defending legal frameworks, the constitution and at the same time defending America's moral standing through soft power as sponsored by wcg throughout the Cold War, versus todays ugly rearing and defending of power that is bound to be broken if not hidden through soft power.


Anonymous said...

nck, what do you make of LCG welcoming into its top leadership ranks (he's their #1 guy in Canada) a minister who has been one of the most active Canadian members of the China-funded Confucius Institute? Most of LCG's members lean conservative politically, and even the U.S. government has expressed concern about the propaganda reach of the Confucius Institute, but apparently LCG leaders and members don't mind and welcome this guy with open arms. Very strange.

TLA said...

Nck - you seem to be saying WCG was important in the cold war, but WCG was meant to be a church and non political, not a CIA tool

nck said...


I was going to adress that question sooner or later.

As of know I do not have an opinion on that matter either negative or positive.

What should be considered is that WCG had ties with China since the Nixon administration's ping pong diplomacy efforts. As the anonymous with the booklink seems to know is that both WCG and "The Family" developed activities that synchronized with the CIA efforts to keep South East Asia within the fold during the Cold War. HWA was one of the first to visit the new military leaders of one such nation after a one million communist person massacre.

After many efforts to get into China finally through a meeting with diplomats at Haile Selassie in Ethiopia // agricultural therefore prone to marxist/maoism contacts between wcg and china were established.

Both Stanley Rader and HWA hailed the Chinese experiment and indicated that China had come from far (we are talking Agricultural China distancing itself from the Industrialized Soviet Union and leaving the scars of the Cultural Revolution behind). The rift between the Soviet Union and China was to be exploited by US foreign policy and the CIA.

(Today both China and Russia and the "Stans" work together on the Asian great belt initiative uniting the total Eurasian landmass, dwarving America.) Just last week they met in Bishkek including Iran who promptly downed US spy drones. It was from Bishkek that I saw Robert Kuhn hailed as the prime foreign person having influenced and aiding China opening up to the West.

WCG sponsored the China Chair at Oxford University. WCG gave the Auditorium blueprints to DenG Xiaoping who built a cultural center in Beijing as a copy of ambassador sponsoring cultural events that have shaped Chinas culturals landscape significantly over the years of transition and still.

Then there was the Nancy Reagan wcg sponsored diplomatic effort "Little Ambassadors from Shanghai".
Important diplomatic steps to improve ties between the third rate nation china with starving citizens and the worlds foremost superpower United States of America trying to wipe out the Soviet Union's economic system.

And the rest is history.

Then we find a leading minister working for the Confucius Institute.
I am aware of concerns regarding the Institute. They also have a branch at the prestigious University where the seed of my education was planted. Is it a bad thing if people learn about each others respective cultures?? Most major nations have institutes sponsoring language courses, cultural exchange or other information. One of the main concerns is that everything in China is "State Sponsored". The Confucius Institute is not privately sponsored enterprise. However the CT does seem to invite some reasonable dialogue although one needs to be aware that the Chinese government deals swiftly with internal dissidents while appearing apreciative of foreign criticisms or dialogue.

So I am undecided on the CT. I do invite dialogue between cultures and nations. One must be aware at all times that China is a One Party State using technology to keep a large population under control, no mortgages for those with many traffic violations in the same city etc. Social ranking points for reading messages from the party. Less social ranking points for criticizing the government etc.


nck said...

Hello TLA,

HWA fully and completely believed it was a Church, the troo Church, the troo Non Political Church. However did not God himself oppose Israel choosing a King. God works through Judges and Self rule through Law and Constitution and self discipline. The moment you deal with real concentrated power and politicians, God is out of the loop.

Even at 90 years old I witnessed HWA preaching for hours in hot tents to a non paying, not so much interested audience. He would have retired at 80 with millions in the coffers if he was in it for the money or selfish motives. He believed all he said with all his heart!

What I am saying is that everything WCG taught and payed for was also miraculously alligned with official US foreign and cia policy. EVERYTHING! From the "A World held captive booklet" till european unification to keep germany locked in, broadcasting from poorly funded but cia operated radio stations, radio swan (cuba, bay of pigs, kennedy assasination), radio monte carlo, sponsoring of prs marcos and agricultural land reform of the philipines, till the shouting at Greek elites just weeks before a crucial decision of joining the EC that the USA WOULD INDEED Destroy the entire World with nuclear weapons. Oh yes HWA was "THE messenger" of Mutual Assured Destruction to the elites of this world, unless of course they would turn to "the give way" wich of course establishes ......TRUST or as a matter of fact establishes "In God we trust" if you understand the underpinnings of the capitalist system through the OIL dollar.

Until his last days HWA visited Nepal and Bhutan, the poorest nations on earth. Obscure little insignificant nations for the uninitiated. Just take a look at the map however. They are prone to marxists rebellion and strategically located right in between the Indian and Chinese superpowers. Did you ever see the large US mission in these "insignificant" nations.

Just an unrelated article for fun about the 1983-1985 period.

Do you have a grasp how anti war and anti american European sentiment was in the 1960's until CIA spy opps introduced rock music through ILLEGAL radio stations that could not have survived if not payed for by "American religious broadcasting" ILLEGALLY and swayed an entire generation toward American culture and therefore sentiments?

Since most are just "news followers" and not analysts I have some amusing suggestions.
Just for fun hire "the Boat that Rocked" for some VERY good music and background on the broadcast story.

Also Hire "Charlie Wilsons war".

Until next time...............saying goodbye Friends (Quaker call sign)


Tonto said...


You have read "Spy vs Spy" too much in Mad Magazine. HWA and the WCG had a virtual non-influence in the real political world. The Thatcher files (linked above) show that plainly. The files also pity the relationship with Leopold, and describe him as a sorry figure.

The Thatcher meeting was granted as a "one off" few minute greeting, in order to secure funding from a sucker and climber, for the Royal Opera House. HWA BOUGHT his way in to audiences around the world, but was viewed as a joke by those who sucked off his nickel.

nck said...


Again. Where did I say HWA and WCG had influence?????


I said wcg and hwa actions were EXACTLY alligned with CIA official policy around the world and especially the non alligned nations and propaganda efforts aimed at the European Continent.


nck said...


You do not have a single clue what you are talking about. No matter what you read about it.

I was involved with one of the splinter projects as an external consultant.

On the surface it looked like an insignificant project and ALL COG splinter people were genuine about it from their persoective.

Within weeks they were sitting in the same room with mcdonnelldouglas lobbyists selling arms to saudi arabia now used in yemen.

I cannot expound further or I will obviously blow my cover.

My point is. The sincere cog people like hwa didnt have a clue who they were dealing with.

HWA couldnt probably find Switzerland on a map hearing some of his analysis on switzerland on taped sermons.

By the way dipar apartian could of course find switzerland as he worked for dulles at the cia predecessor in switzerland, the mission that conveyed all communications from nazi germany to the united states during wwII.

Now. Could you name a person within hwas party with superior skills and intellect who expressed a wish IN PRINT to work for the government after he would cease working for HWA?


SHT said...

Herbert Armstrong had always, always dreamed of hobnobbing with big important people, starting with millionares and executives in his youth. When the money was there for him to meet heads of states, kings and princes, it did not matter who suffered in the process. He was going to be "important" and paid for every appearance under a religious "guise".

Anyone who thinks he was preaching any sort of a "gospel" either has never read what he talked about or is living under a garbage can. He spoke secularly and gave secular donations - he donated all that money to an OPERA HOUSE, for crying out loud! He definitely had a thing for concerts and auditoriums and arenas. The bigger, the fancier, the more flamboyant, the more extravagant, the more successful he appeared. He spoke of others being "jealous" of his auditorium, bragged of the "finest" Steinway Pianos, and cancelled a day of a personal appearance campaign, giving the time to Stan Rader to go back to Pasadena to meet a world famous musician.

His funding strategy? Get his fundraisers to believe he was fulfilling a biblical mission that would end with the return of Christ. The more money, the more appearances, the more the prophecy is fulfilled. All these visits also made excellent PR which further increased the funding, which enabled more visits. Rinse, repeat. How many suffered to make his personal conceit ambitions possible?

I side with Tonto. I don't buy into the argument that NCK defends, that HWA was a major political influential. The evidence of many decades of writings clearly establish that the mission was self-focused, self-fulfilling, self-soothing, success-driven and conceit-driven. Did Herbert truly believe he was doing a spiritual work? I think that enough people coddled to him as yes men that he began to believe that, probably whole-heartedly while living the life to rationalize his actions. The end result of his contributions was to boost and increase the stature, prestige, and power of one person - Herbert Armstrong.

NCK, If that makes me a misinformed ignorant "nincompoop", in your eyes, I'll wear the badge. I've read your arguments, but we both see things in different lenses, and I believe much of your evidence - when juxtaposed with Herbert's actual writings, plans, and timelines, is at best - circumstantial. He was way, way, WAY too focused on himself and his own plans to be an integral influencer. Was he ignorant enough to have been literally used without his knowledge by many (in and out of the church!) far smarter and intelligent than him while he tried to accomplish his conceited agenda? (He WAS a dropout). That's another argument completely.

nck said...

Its no use talking to people who sincerely believe that "suckers" are invited to sit with the Secretary General of the (Rockefeller) United Nations during 40 year anniversary celebrations.

I only meet those people when I accidentally bump into them during a stroll "in the garden."

Or perhaps at the concert yesterday, with the people who got the USA their railroads after expunging the natives for progress. To their benefit they also provided loans for the continental army to get rid of the british, so they are not bad people.l after all.


nck said...

Stanley Rader translated and published a book exonerating Leopold from British false accusations regarding his leadership WWII before Dunkirk

History should not be written by the British.


jim said...

When asked whose esoteric comments are best I'm sure there are a lot of "Armstrongites that say Nck". Sorry for forcing that one. lol

Nck, I think you are very much stating an exaggerated WCG influence, but I must admit I haven't considered it so I do find it interesting. European unification has been considered for centuries due to the constant wars. Victor Hugo envisioned a "United States of Europe" similar to the federal United States of America.

China was an obvious place to extend some effort as it allowed the WCG to say they reached a quarter of the world's population, but the underground church has been there long before that.

I think you are right about HWA particularly later in his life:
"HWA fully and completely believed it was a Church, the troo Church, the troo Non Political Church. However did not God himself oppose Israel choosing a King. God works through Judges and Self rule through Law and Constitution and self discipline. The moment you deal with real concentrated power and politicians, God is out of the loop."

But, a lot of true believers have been very wrong, very destructive, and some very evil. HWA had a drive to "be somebody special". This is ripe grounds for deluding and corrupting oneself.

Anonymous said...


"As the anonymous with the booklink seems to know is that both WCG and "The Family" developed activities that synchronized with the CIA efforts to keep South East Asia within the fold during the Cold War. HWA was one of the first to visit the new military leaders of one such nation after a one million communist person massacre."


I mostly noticed the "King David" defense of individual bad actions at the 'top'.
... & CIA


nck said...

Jim and SHT I am fully capable to politely phrase and use spellcheck when talking to you.

I just don't put much effort in it when expecting to be falsely quoted as saying wcg or hwa wielded influence. I only talk about the cia and foreign policy allignment of matters. And the United Nations was an important tool for US foreign policy goals during the Cold War. Today Russia exploits its character versus the USA.

Jim. The first christians in china were sabbatarians to the horror of the first catholic missionaries who were led to the graves of their predecessors.

The "chosen sons of the sun god" expressed interest to work with hwa to learn about that other "chosen people by god." Shintoism resembles many rituals that jews would recognize as "ye old religion". So they sent Gotoh to learn more. ( and trade high technology in the process)


Anonymous said...

In "The Big Lebowski", the Dude, a stoner, borrows some of what he heard from the last person he spoke with, and repeats it to the next. In a way, that's what HWA did. He borrowed and plagiarized from select sources, never really having an original thought. Nck apparently sees HWA as guessing on the right side of history at all of the critical junctions, appearing as a luminary. Nazi Boy probably sees HWA as guessing in sync with "the Jews".

jim said...

I have no intention of being rude to you (the first line of my previous comment was only meant to be funny so I could frame a Monty Python "Holy Grail" reference).
I'm just responding to what I believe you are saying. You are obviously very intelligent, though sometimes you don't connect enough dots in your writing even for an intuitive like me. Your postings here are interesting and give me some things to consider and/or file away.

nck said...


That is one of the most astute and insightful comments ever on thos blog.

It is 100 percent correct.

If you are a servant of the wmpire of the day EVERYTHING seems to be working out aa if according to a divine plan.

The church of england thought so about the Empire, British Israelism and the White Mans burden.

Davids Israel thought itself divinely chosem while the Egyptian and Hittites had some internal trouble to deal with.

The USA and its manifest destiny hailing from the chambers of commerce of chicago and wilsonian messianic manifest destiny EXACTLY coincided woth HWA's life.

What else but divinely chosen could amwrica be but make the world save for democracy against the MANICHEAN EVIL Empire that by 1052 only posessed 4 nuclear warheads as compared to the USA 2000.

Thank you for making my point and I am sorry if I am blowing any bubbles about "the indispensible nation."

Yes HWA was completely in sinc with the message the elites wanted across, that a benevolent world encompassing empire would rule the world with a rod of iron using the WEAPON of the (economic) unseen hand of trade that every high school pupil in many western nations is taught about in regular curriculum.

It is Dumb Trump who explicitly and deliberately exposes the formerly Unseen hand of trade as a weapon of mass destruction.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it wasn't just WCG that was connected to something bigger.

Am more thinking it was many little cogs (not COGs) but sects, mostly unaware of each other.

Is very interesting now, wondering if HWA did plagiarize, or if someone helped. He didn't think of the Brit/Israelism, nor the "Strong Hand" all by himself, but maybe someone helped him think he did?

nck, I have to read your words carefully. People here seem to be quick to conclude you said something different.

LMW aka anon @ 9:14

nck said...

Jim, I recognized the "knight who say Ni."

I just wanted to let you kmow that I am capable of academic discourse. But I'd rather be entertaining than convincing.

I post many factoids. Only few prompt further questions or require quotations I noticed over time. Therefore I choose quantity over quality. Except for those whose response teflects knowledge or attempts to research the topic.

I like the word nimkompoops for no particular reason. Just like "flabbergasted." I expect confident people to not be offended. The rest can eat cake.

My true personality weeps after reading an account of the lady with the drunken father on the "growing up in wcg topic." So I never respond on those personal topics or discussions of a theological nature. I'd rather blow of on the nimkompoops who do not have a clue as to how important Okinawa is to the Japanese prompting "the Son of the Sungod a living God on earth" to award HWA the highest possible distinction..........made possible through the freewill offerings of my congregation who just a few years before had respectdully greeted and bowed to that same emperor every morning while endeavoring to build a nice railroad for the masterrace in Thailand.

Then I see complaints about all kinds of horror hwa seemed to have heaped on spoiled suburbial people and I am triggered to give a glimpse of the real big world out there.

In my last paragraph I have also revealed why I will forever demean the Tkaches because he did not correct the lies about his service in the South Pacific. It is personal and it is deep and it is not about doctrinal changes.

Adieu from the knight who says ni.


Anonymous said...

So-called Nazi Boy is neither a boy nor a Nazi. Stop lying. And stop using personal attacks to distract from the suffering and deaths of millions.

Anonymous said...

July 7, 1982

British Counsul General
Mr. Richard Tallboys
Suite 2250
Dresser Tower
601 Jefferson
Houton, Texas 77002

Dear Mr. Tallboys:

I am sending the material which I mentioned in our telephone conversations, and should you need any more information please let me know.

It does seem remarkable that this man would speak of Britain's great sins so frequently considering his own record.

It might be worth mentioning that this man preached for years that Prince Charles, when he comes to the throne, will be "that wicked prince" mentioned in Ezekiel 21:25, and become a principal cause of the total destruction of Britain.

He teaches thousands of his followers that they must follow him into the Kingdom of Jordan, there to await the return of Christ. They must be prepared to follow him when he gives the signal. And, remarkably enough, thousands are ready to do just that. The cult mentality is strong beyond belief.

He latched onto former King Leopold of Belgium, and used that unfortunate former monarch's name to the utmost in his literature. His followers are taught that their principal duty is to follow him, no matter what he dees!

Another interesting teaching of his is that those world figures who meet with him soon are deposed, either by death or other means.

In Herbert Armstrong's mind image seems to be all important. His desired association with "the great and near-great", as he states it, seems to be principally for the purpose of improving his own image. And he is willing to pay very well for just such association.

Last year he ran full-page ads in many of the largest newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, and also in British, Canadian, and Australian papers. The advertisments always included a picture of himself. The main purpose of the advertising appeared to be to gain respectability for himself.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable of all positions taken by this man was that during World War II. He insisted to the very last that Nazi Germany was going to prevail, and conquer and destroy Britain and this country. His disappointment, when this didn't happen, was great.

It seems inappropriate that either the British monarchy, or the government associate in any way with this man or his representatives. As a British subject I am attempting to relate enough information to people I admire and respect that he not slip up on their blind side.


Margaret Gray Robinson

Anonymous said...

nck has a language and "style" all his own which makes his comments indecipherable; but I get the feeling I'm not missing anything

Anonymous said...

Prince Charles wicked? Well, both he and Diana were unfaithful. I guess Herb the blurb wasn't totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

"He insisted to the very last that Nazi Germany was going to prevail, and conquer and destroy Britain and this country."

In a sense that did happen because Churchill traded away the British Empire to the USA in exchange for weapons. Britain itself was not lost but the empire was. The USA emerged from the war as a superpower and Britain was nearly castrated. Herb should have said the USA was the Beast. He would have had more converts. FDR took advantage of the idiot Churchill.

I give HWA partial credit for that "prophecy". Even a fool gets lucky once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Thanks nck. Always great to be thought of as “astute”. Kind of contrasts with NB, who is always talking out his ass (you might say his ass toots!) heh heh heh, bet that comment will really piss him off! Who cares? He belongs in a reeducation camp anyways.

Anonymous said...

It does make me wonder if HWA was a CIA asset or at least those he associated with (eg Gotoh)?
I feel his BI promotion surely would’ve helped rather than hurt the Anglo-American and Jewish establishment’s position during the Cold War.
Of course it’s probable that HWA was simply delusional about his own importance and his entourage indulged him in his flights of fancy both literally and figuratively🤦‍♂️

Anonymous said...

Maybe the CIA was interested. Maybe because HWA was an asset for something else?
Just watched a part of a video of a Yuri Bezmenov. Don't know what to think.
The CIA cx I refer to was not Dibar A.

nck said: "Yes HWA was completely in sinc with the message the elites wanted across, that a benevolent world encompassing empire would rule the world with a rod of iron using the WEAPON of the (economic) unseen hand of trade that every high school pupil in many western nations is taught about in regular curriculum.

"It is Dumb Trump who explicitly and deliberately exposes the formerly Unseen hand of trade as a weapon of mass destruction."

This ^ is very interesting...

nck said...


What type of people believe that a nearly blind man would read Time magazine for leisure to find quotes on "the invisible hand"???

At the hairdressers perhaps???


Help the Anglo American establishment??

Please is that a question?

Did you look up "five eyes" on wikipedia source available to you about the reality of "related brothers" ruling the world by ownership of gold, companies and data.

Eisenhower talked about the military industrial complex, hwa about a world held captive. I'm sure you are aware that "the city of london" is a corporation. Of course they had to give the other 3 billion "the vote" since 1950 but that doesn't mean much if you retain economic control does it?

Well I hear the establishment cares for 150 people very much. (iranian coastal battery targets, perhaps the 1 million people in Iraq too that perished because some arabian caveman in afghanistan committed atrocitities, concluding that "the weapons of mass destruction must be hidden in iraq right??

These types of lies used on entire populations have been tested and tested again by the CIA within small cults that worked as social labaratories in human behavior to see what politicians could get away with if you increase the level of fear!!

HWA was always right and always true. He attributed "open doors" to others or "miraculous interventions".

He considered himself merely a channel or vessel through wich data was channeled. Dont believe me believe your bibles etc.

HWA told the truth about himself but never knew the truth! He was sincere in what he believed and was reinforced in that believe through perfect execution.

Did you ever see David Copperfields magic show? Do you believe he is "working with demons" or is he just a man working his pants of to do what he believes in??


Anonymous said...

its no secret that i believe that if donald drumpf starts a war with iran, then suddenly pulls out because of a russian naval challenge, that Daniel 11:29-30 will have been fulfilled...

and when this happens, know that it is because of hwa that i was able to make that call, and that you scoffers and suppressors of the truth will not be entering into the Rest of the Lord...#goodriddance

c f ben yochanan

Anonymous said...

"Did you ever see David Copperfields magic show?"
"Do you believe he is "working with demons..?"

Is story about'Herbert Armstrong'demon in Ambassador Report true?

nck said...


Are you admitting to having visited Las Vegas?


Anonymous said...

Nck and other conspiracy buffs might like to read the book, Iron curtain over America, which explains a lot.

Going behind the iron curtain of propaganda, censorship and deception, the author, former Colonel of the Military Intelligence Service, gives to the reader the first comprehensive documented account of the origin, the scope, and the intentions of the "insidious forces working from within," which are seeking to destroy Western civilization.

Anonymous said...

HWA was very adept at posing in formulating and projecting his public personna, nck

nck said...


Thank you for recomending a book!
What would you like me to take away from its message.

That the leading dogma of high ranking officers in the US army is fascist British Israelism?

Is that why US&BiP was the most requested booklet by a mule?

Is thw writer of the bpok not a foremost promotor of the leading doctrine of Americas original sin. Dp not the skulls and bones celebrate around Geronimos severed head?

I ask these questions not to be answered but because you took the liberty to rank me among "buffs".


Anonymous said...

About Flurry - don't they publish "The Trumpet"? Not sure what LCG or others publish.

What if having the Trumpet published was the point of donations. (I saw free subscription on coffee table at a company with 'wealth mgt.' Person I asked, didn't know why it was there, as a religious publication.)

"Anonymous on July 1, 2018 at 11:20 AM said...“Membership in the USA has dropped to somewhere around 3,500, but among these are some wealthy oil company men whose tithes and offerings will keep PCG at least somewhat afloat no matter how small it becomes. These are probably the true powers behind the throne, as if Flurry loses them it would be like losing hundreds, if not thousands, of average members. I imagine that Flurry goes out of his way to keep these men feeling important and listened-to.”"

Glossy publication with politics on the cover for 3000 members is $$$, would be nothing to such as ... oil co. men Dan and Ferris Wilks, Sabbatarian billionaire fracking... Cruz donors PAC Keep the Promise 2. I had posted a link to story but it hasn't been published here.

nck said...


That is the Trump financing network I spoke about. You are indeed scratching the surface.
People within that network have bought entire newspapers and influential magazines.

They have openly stated that even if they lost money on such purchases or donations, buying respectable magazines bought WAY more leverage to get their message across to a large segment of society than (distrusted) advertising would do.

When I heard the chairman of the top US influential think tank say that I was also reminded by Stanley Raders tactics regarding Everest House publishing.

Of course HWA shut that operation down, because in the end HWA was 100 percent sincere about what he believed he was.

However the power behind the throne was evidenced by the same tactics that rule "The Networks" foreign and domestic.


nck said...

Of course I could be hugely mistaken on the CIA.

Since HWA had direct access to the acting governors of the Commonwealth, in South and East Africa (West being the French sphere of influence, Jordans and Israels leaders from Bricket Wood base of operations, why not a covert MI5 operation, with intelligence sharing through the predecessor of "five eyes"?

But, naaaah. The Brits like the knights of ni still believe they rule the world even when northern ireland and scotland will leave the UK and rejoin the EU in a decade or so, the brits are completely dilusional about their place in the world after some clever people like Rhodes led the way. (Yeah Rhodes of Bill Clinton's scholarship as a kid, you know that governor of the obscure state of kansas who was invited to Bilderberg meetings years before americans would get to know who the aspirations of the guvnah of arkansaw.

For those whose pavlovian reflexes tell them that I am talking about "that leftie" I might just start a "Packian type series on who unleashed unbridled power of unchecked banks on a "world held captive" by low interest rates sucking pension funds dry to this day.


Anonymous said...

nck asked:

Is that why US&BiP was the most requested booklet by a mule?

Mule as in smuggler, or mule as in donkey? Either way, it's an interesting premise.

Anonymous said...

CIA... one of five eyes
doing more than watching, though?

Wonder what other blogs or sites would have such interesting conversations?

Anonymous said...

He was probably typing on his iphone. U is right next to i. A slip of the thumb will easily turn a mile into a mule or a mole.

nck said...

9:27 - 6:01

"mole" raises the bar from funny to funny and clever/apropriate.

It's an honor to be "interpreted" "hermeneustically." I guess I rank among the great now.

I raise you "The Life of Brian" where the people at the very end of the crowd ask amongst themselves: "What, what did he say? Blessed are the cheesemakers?"