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COG Feast of Tabernacles: "...,if they cannot even gather together for a celebration of unity - in unity - how can they possibly believe they are truly foreshadowing what they claim they themselves will be leaders of? "

In just two short months, the Fall Festival Season for the Churches of God - dates may vary - begins once again. Members will be driving to their annual vacation destinations, meeting in lodges, motels, halls, and centers for another 8 days of what they believe is a foreshadowing of a future time called "the World Tomorrow" - a thousand years of peace and utopia under the rule and reign of Jesus Christ. 

Yet the reality is, if they cannot even gather together for a celebration of unity - in unity - how can they possibly believe they are truly foreshadowing what they claim they themselves will be leaders of? 

As one with many memories of the Worldwide Church of God in the Armstrong era - the appearance of unity was strong. At least - at the very least, we tried. We were one body, despite all of the internally squelched, under the radar controversies and disagreements. We all met together. And all of us - in one voice - twice a year - sang as one body in unison, led by Judd, transmitted by Satellite - worldwide. For many, it was an emotional, unifying, well-remembered event of solidarity and focus on one mission and one purpose. 

This is not the case at all within the scattered Churches of God, it goes without saying, today. There is not even an attempt at a full-COG gathering - nor is such a gathering possible with the current politics; and that is a shame-based on everything that this Festival Season is supposed to stand for. 

A convention signifying a foretaste of ruling and reigning in the World Tomorrow? The bunch of buffoons can't even get themselves together for a day, nonetheless an entire week! Do they really, honestly believe in their mission? Do they even believe what they claim to be doing? If they are attempting to show the World that they are the future world rulers of a utopian empire, if the world was even listening, they'd be a laughing stock to the world as they are to the few that observe their escapades even now! 

It's not as if we've not brought this up before. It's been mentioned for years in conversation among "dissident" sites about how they all just can't get along - not even for one convention once a year. In fact, in these days, their "Feast of Tabernacles" are, in comparison to what they used to be, barely a sputter of what once was a roaring, well-oiled engine. Why is this? Because of the corruption of leaders and their lust for power, control, tithes, and members, which is well displayed from the small to the great in the sphere of the Churches of God. 

I don't think it's a stretch to say Herbert Armstrong would be absolutely enraged and appalled by what has come of his organization from corner to corner. I don't think it's a stretch to say that many of us watching are also appalled by what has come of the Churches of God. Theology and opinions of such aside, the Churches of God are a dysfunctional organism, wallowing in the muck and mire of the cancer of selfish ambition and arrogant narcissism, starved of life and barely breathing. It's leaders - some of them descendants of the Mother Church, others pissing on each other to get to the top - are an embarrassment and a joke to what actual ministers are supposed to do, and hardly an example of a future ruler. Truthfully - I would not trust ONE of them - not even one - to rule over anything. Not one thing. And yet, every year, they get together with the same tired, torn, worn-out message about how they alone are somehow in training to be the rulers and world leaders of the One World Government of God, Jesus, Herbert Armstrong, and the Chaotic Mess of Ministers and Members the Church of God has become. 

I cannot even imagine what it would be like to watch the World Tomorrow Government in action. What would happen when Herbert Armstrong would look from his Ruling Chair under Christ and see what he sees? Six-Pack? All Thing Common Pack? Lackadaisical Weston? And can you even IMAGINE him looking at Thiel? I can just hear him bellowing out in rage about his arrogant, pompous, know-it-all attitude and the assumption of ordination under less than ethical circumstances. I wouldn't want to be in the same room... Actually, yes I would. With popcorn. 

Can you imagine them even trying to rule? Can you imagine what the results would be? How many do you actually think would be qualified to rule in the Kingdom of God as they see it? Can you count them on one hand? How many of you would want to be the peasants of the Kingdom? Can you count those on one hand? If the current state of the Churches of God is any indication, most would rather take a bus to the Lake of Fire then endure an eternity with the Squabbling Wanna-Be Rulers of Armstrongism, who can't even get together for a Feast of Tabernacles as one body sharing one common goal. 

This alone is enough evidence to prove to me how absolutely ridiculous it is to even begin to imagine any of them holding any high position in the Kingdom of God, because they've made an absolute mess and wreck of the Churches of God, and refuse to hold themselves to any accountability to their mass failings because of greed, arrogance, and power. Indeed, the truth is, in my opinion, the only kingdom they really are modeling themselves after is the kingdom of Satan; and they are acting like his demons.

Submitted by SHT


ilija said...

Yes, I agree with you there is not unity, because leaders who are a wolf in ship skin do not about it, because they wanted to be something but in the Kingdom of God they will be nothing. I do not know whether they can understand it.

Anonymous said...

All the churches of god should get together for a joint service just one day during the f.o.t. and take-up an offering for charities in the area of the city that they meet. But really, do you think that there is any chance of that happening? Wouldn't that be a display of unity in the service of fellow human beings who are in need? Isn't that what the wonderful world tomorrow is supposed to be all about, unity for the purpose of helping those in need of help to have a better life.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I'd like to see in the KOG. Realizing the arrogance of both sides, I'd like to see God giving one city, just one city per the parable of the ten pounds, to all the leaders of the churches of God to share. To Armstrong, to all the Evangelists, to all the ministers of WCG, to all the leaders of the acogs, etc. The residents of said city would be every dissident who ever said, I'd rather jump into hell than live in the Kingdom under their rule. Give me a diving board into the pit. There's evil on both sides and as far as I'm concerned both sides deserve each other if they are unable to humble themselves!

Anonymous said...

Many of the church splits are an illusion. There are ministry from across the WCG splits who for years have socialized together.
They expect the members to never darken the door of another but have best minister friends themselves in other groups.
Never believe the hype because when the dust settles they always blame the members.

Anonymous said...

The members are to blame if they're stupid enough not to cross "borders"! For the last 20 years or more I've attended with two or more groups meeting in the same resort town.


Anonymous said...

Unity is over rated. It's mainly used as a club to lord it over members faith.
The Nazis were unified, but that hardly proved a positive for the world.

Tonto said...

It is the human condition. People just don't get along together for long IN ANYTHING!

Even the Biblical New Testament Church had divisions, cliques, arguments, disagreements, drunkeness , not able to work together, jealousy etc, all written about in frankness right in the scriptures.

To expect anything different at the FOT is idealistic nonsense. I would like to think that people are trying a little bit better than normal while at the FOT, but dont be disillusioned when humanity shows itself, as it will.

Sam said...

Its the so-called leaders of these splinter groups that keep brethren apart for monetary gain and power, yet as I read earlier, they themselves will remain friends with one another.

God will handle it one day, until then I choose to fellowship with those I can see good fruits in.

Byker Bob said...

The Armstrong movement was a joke and a scam. In the Kingdom, it should be disbanded, and all the members and ministers separated and reeducated in the real ways. Of course, this is what was taught would be the case for the mainstream Christian churches, but it should be perfectly obvious that it applies to all. Nobody has 100% pure truth, or is more special than all the others. I have always believed that there will be many surprises for everyone in the Kingdom.


What About The Truth said...

After just one example of an accidental coming together last FOT with RCG and LCG, you should write a post SHT on why they should stay far apart from one another. If you remember, last year the supposed all tattooed and scantily dressed LCG ladies wandered into the RCG meeting hall and Dave Pack had to let his whole membership know that he believed they were the equivalent of Las Vegas street walkers who will be burned up in the coming fire of the Great Tribulation based upon how they dress alone.

The coming together of the COGs for a week would turn the FOT into the Feast of Condemnation. Dave Pack would probably bring along one of his great giant tribulation ovens so as to get a little hard start to what he claims he is going to do anyway in the near future.

In an age when men wax worse and worse in the COG realm, it would be now rather delusional to think such an event could ever happen with this current crop of men.

TLA said...

How dare you insult my franchise. We have the truthiest truth and the only real work.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit is absent in these splinter groups. Since that is the case, there will never be benevolent unity. The power and rulership they teach is malevolent. The fruits show a malevolent spirit. I can’t begin to imagine unity in love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. These are fruits of the Holy Spirit. They, as I said, are absent.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody has 100% pure truth, or is more special than all the others. I have always believed that there will be many surprises for everyone in the Kingdom.


I agree 100% Bob.

Kevin McMillen

Byker Bob said...

LCG chix are tatted out??? To a dude who left the movement in ‘75, that’s kind of shocking.


Anonymous said...

As if tattoos are worse than "common" thievery!


SHT said...

WATT 8:20

I think you are more qualified to write the type of article you have mentioned than I am.

Byker Bob said...

Know what would really piss Dave Pack off? If prior to membership in RCG, someone had gotten a portrait of Jesus tattooed on their forearm, along with some crosses! In fact, being confronted with seeing that would make just about any ACOG false teacher go ballistic!


Anonymous said...

So if Pack goes ballistic with a few crosses would that indicate that he is a vampire, especially if he is repelled by them? Oh, yes he is a vampire, he sucks their very life from them, both spiritually, mentally and physically, there is nothing left of them except an empty shell when he is finished.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:36 said: “So if Pack goes ballistic with a few crosses would that indicate that he is a vampire, especially if he is repelled by them? Oh, yes he is a vampire, he sucks their very life from them, both spiritually, mentally and physically, there is nothing left of them except an empty shell when he is finished.”

Don’t forget financially too!

Anonymous said...

SHT concluded his post saying: "...Indeed, the truth is, in my opinion, the only kingdom they really are modeling themselves after is the kingdom of Satan; and they are acting like his demons…"
In Jan 1999, I heard similar thoughts from a sermon on God's Government Part 3, which was given on 26 Dec 1998. Following, FWIIW, is a partial transcript of some of those thoughts:
"...Who has got this attitude?
4 “Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God…”
As a counterfeit! As a counterfeit to God’s true Government sets up his government: he…
He sits as God and he sits…
“…in the temple of God…”
Where is the temple of God? It’s the Firstfruits. It’s the temple that God is building and he sits right in the midst of the Church:
“…shewing himself that he is God.”
This counterfeit! So, guess what? He places all of his little henchmen out there: in where? Well, just as members? No! He puts them all in an awful lot of the places and positions as the ministry, as the faculty and as the “high-up!”
Now, brethren, always keep in mind that even though Satan was allowed to do this: did it take away, did one Firstfruit lose his eternal salvation? The answer is: “No!”
Did it put us all through our paces? Oh, yes, but I guess we needed it so we could learn now the real truth. You know; Mr. Armstrong was “running point!” He was out there doing the work of God, and everything under him kind of got away and it was meant to be that way. It says:
2nd Thessalonians 2:5 “Remember ye not…”
Now, this is at the beginning of the Church, way back there, right after Christ died, right after the Church really got going: this Ephesus era. He says: remember you not, and he’s writing here, I think, about twenty years into this.
“…that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?”
He saw Satan getting involved right away!
6 “And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.”
So, there was a little mystery here and he held it back, but he says:
7 “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work…”
It was already working in the early Church. Satan was there! You know; we’ve always seen Satan as one of the heads of the beast with these 7 heads. But during this time of God’s Church, during this, let’s say two thousand years, these 7 eras of God’s Church: Satan’s not a head of one of the beast’s; is he?
Where would you be if you were Satan? You’d be in, right within the Church of God trying to tear it apart so your “end” would not come upon you. If he could change God’s Plan, then he gets to be off scot-free, but he is dumb and he always forgets the power of God’s Spirit! God’s Spirit will accomplish it. The gates of hell will not prevail against His Church and Satan will die forever! So, he says the mystery of iniquity does already work, and he says:
8 “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:”
9 “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,”
Satan wants to deceive everybody, and he will use all of those powers and those lying wonders. He really will and he has within the Church.
So, the man of sin was sitting in the temple of God, which is the Church, for all of those 7 eras of the Church! It was Satan’s counterfeit government that we saw, and that we judged, and that we hated and that RULED OVER us! It was not God’s Government. It was God’s form of Government, but it wasn’t that at all.
Were we observing God's Government or God's form of Government?

Time will if 21 years weren't enough...


Yes and No to HWA said...

The biggest surprise in the Kingdom? (1)

“I have always believed that there will be many surprises for everyone in the Kingdom” (BB).

Here are few things that are not surprises in the Kingdom:

The Kingdom is a Temple-based society; with Jesus Christ having a dwelling presence in the Most Holy Place (Ezekiel 43:1-7a); same as He did in the Mosaic Tabernacle and Solomonic Temple.

Annual atonement must be made for the Temple (Eze 45:20; cp. Lev 16:33) - this is to maintain Christ’s presence in the Temple; no presence no covenant.

Animal blood provides atonement (Eze 43:20; 45:19-20; cp. Lev 17:11).

Where as the blood was applied to three sanctum in the OC on the Day of Atonement - the ark, incense altar and outer altar - in the NC the three are the doorposts of the Temple, outer altar and gate posts of the inner court.

A purification offering (hatta’t) is required to atone for ritual impurity (cp. Eze 44:27).

Lower outer altar gutter capable of holding 3,804 US gallons of blood.

Holiness is contagious and threatening (Eze 44:13). So are impurities generated by sin and uncleanness that aerially defile the sancta (cp. Lev 20:3 - a worse case example; Num 19:20). Christ’s sacrifice does not eliminate the dynamic properties of sin and uncleanness - hence sin/purification offerings are required.

Besides sacrifices for sin and ritual impurity there will be sacrifices for fellowship with God and Jesus Christ (Eze 43:27; 45:15,17; 46:2,12). Fellowship offerings also provide atonement (Eze 45:20; Lev 17;11; as do burnt offerings (Lev 1:4).

There are public sacrifices and the prince, as patron of the cult, is responsible for providing them (Eze 45:17); though contributed by the people (45:13-15a).

Sacrifices are also private (cp. the prince, Eze 46:12; trespass/reparation offerings (Eze 40:39; 42;13; 44:29; 46:20) are not public sacrifices.

While the leading individual in the NC the prince is not allowed to step into the inner court (cp. Eze 46:2).

The priests, the sons of Zadok, are to teach the people the difference between the holy and the common and discern between the unclean and clean (Eze 44:23, cp. Lev 10:10). Zadok was the first high/anointed priest in Solomon’s Temple.

Levites not allowed into the inner court (cp. Eze 44:13).

No uncircumcised in heart and flash to be allowed into the Temple (Eze 44:9).

There is a wall around the Temple to separate the holy from the common (Eze 45:20).

If cubits are supplied for the ellipses of Eze 45 and the Temple is in the middle of the ‘teruma’ the distance then from the wall of the city to the wall of the Temple is approximately 3.9km/2.4miles.

The Passover is a public sacrifice of a bull; as opposed to a lamb or goat. With the Passover sacrifice now being a ‘purification offering’ (45:22)the function of the Passover has been changed from the original apotropic to purgative.

During the Feast of Passover unleavened bread is to be eaten for seven days (Eze 45:21b)

There is a feast of “seven days” [that is Tabernacles, Zech 14:18-19)] in the seventh month (Eze 45;25).

Instead of 70 bulls for burnt offerings for the FOT as in the OC there will be 49 - seven for seven days; as for the NC Feast of Passover/Unleavened bread (Eze 45:23, 25).

Yes and No to HWA said...

The biggest surprise in the Kingdom? (2)

The annual atonement for the Temple in the NC is in the first month (1st and 7th) (45:18, 20) as opposed to the seventh (10th) in the OC.

There is only a morning daily burnt offering in the Ezekielian Torah (Eze 46;13); along with other modifications to the animal, drink and grain offerings, and oil.

New Moons will be observed (Eze 46:3), with their sacrifices (46:6); the gate of the east inner gatehouse will be open on new moons and the sabbaths (46:1); the Jubilee year will be operative (Eze 46:17).

Levi, Judah, Benjamin, Reuben and Simeon will have higher social status than Ephraim and Manasseh (Eze 48 - social status is horizontal - proximity to the Temple - not vertical, as in ladder).

The city in the profane area (Eze 48:15) of the ‘teruma’ is called “The Lord is there” (48:25) which, it is suggested, should be understood in a positive sense to the negative sense of Satan dwelling in Pergamos (Rev 2:13) where he had his throne (Rev 2:13) when the letters were written to the seven churches.

It is suggested that the biggest surprise for both Sunday-keeping and Sabbath-keeping Premillennialists, an implication from above, is finding out that Jesus Christ and the Saints will not be on the earth during the Millennium.

God and Jesus Christ can work with a spirit-empowered Israel in the terrestrial realm without spirit-beings being present.

But instead of demon princes of the nations (cp. Da 10:13, 20) ruling from the heavenlies (Eph 6:12) there will be saint princes of the nations ruling in the heavenlies (Eph 2:16 -a prolepsis).