Sunday, January 30, 2011

Contentious Women in the COG's

I have never understood how women in the COG allowed themselves to be treated like dirt by the 'all knowing' men that surround them.

Women have suffered under HWA, GTA, Meredith, Flurry, and many under their abusive husbands.  I remember many of the single bachelors in Pasadena who had literal lists made up on the qualifications that women needed to have before they dated or married them.  It is no wonder why many of them still are not married to this day.  They were weird!  Just plain weird!

Malm, on his 'Shining Light' blog is continuing his beat down on women.  Not only is his theology way off base, but his understanding of women is made many times in complete ignorance.  Sometimes I have to wonder if he is one of these perpetual bachelors that still has not had a relationship with a woman or if he is one of these bitter angry men who's wives left them when they got sick of the legalistic BS in the COG?

The church is espoused to Jesus Chirst(sic), the “Called Out” and are presently being watched and tested concrning (sic)their suitability to enter a wife type of relationship with our Lord. 

So what kind of wife does our Lord want? 

Brethren, we are all to become good wives for Jesus Christ! So, what is a good wife?

If I were choosing a wife today, I would not be looking first at appearance, or skills, or education, or intelligence.  The very first matter of concern would be: LOYALTY: can she be trusted. Will she be looking at others? Will she say yes I will do that and then not do it?   Will she use the Women’s lib type of self justification and say “I am a woman, I can change my mind whenever I want”?   Or is her word her bond?
Ladies, there is no excuse for mind changing or failing to keep promises or disloyalty.  Think about what you are committing to BEFORE you speak and then be faithful to your word.  To be chosen as a part of the bride of Christ, you men MUST do likewise.

One of the biggest problems is: Emotional Adultery.  Physical adultery is intercourse with another besides our mate, it is sexual disloyalty.  Emotional adultery is being emotionally attached to anyone other than your mate.  How many ladies remain emotionally attached to former friends or parents?  I am not saying don’t have friends or abandon parents; I am talking about putting their opinions and advice above your husbands. About having more respect for them than for your husband; about having more concern for them and putting them above your husbands in your affections and secret desires.  Such emotional adultery can include friends, hobbies, lust to shop and purchase, or anything that you alow (sic) to come between you and your husband  And you men, how many yearn for a former lover or friend, how many put you jobs, or hobbies, friends, or some sport above or much too close to the level of relationship you promised to  have with your wives?  

Brethren, there has been much emotional adultery among the “Called Out”.  You who are frustrated with your wives for admiring others, or spendind (sic) too much time with others and neglecting you, or for spending too much in selfish disregard of the family: look to your own conduct and example!

Hiow (sic) many of you fellows like to be hen pecked by a contentious woman: probably nobody!  You wives consider that and learn to control your tongues; you men learn the same thing and gain mastery over what comes out of your mouths.

You men MUST work at being GOOD WIVES of Christ; then you will better understand  what is acceptable conduct in the eyes of Almighty God.  You wives must also work at being good wives and mothers.


DennisDiehl said...

Ok let me get this straight.

A wife is also Jesus wife and a husband is also Jesus wife. That means that a couple is made up just wives who are married to each other which sounds gay. Jesus then has multiple wives in us also is greater than Solomon who was chided for having thousands of wives and concubines.

Jesus then seems a polygamist at best with so many wives.

Also, a husband, who is really a wife who has a relationship with his wife is really having a relationship with Jesus wife so she's cheating on Jesus and he's messin with Jesus wife. A wife who messes with her husband is also messin with Jesus other wife which makes the wife and adultress though married to both and a lesbian.

When it's all said and done we're all wives so we have to ask our husbands our questions and be silent in the church.

But if my husband is a wife then I can't ask him my questions and he can't speak up in church either being a wife of Jesus, who is the head of the church, of all wives evidently.

Therefore, wives can only ask Jesus questions because men and women are wives to Jesus but he never answers much so we still have questions.

Also, since Jesus is known to live alone with his father, and not with his wives, does that not seems like desertion? And why is homosexuality wrong if it is practiced in this case because really guys are guys and not wives and Jesus is a "He" too so no matter what you say, it's gay. Plus by being a wife to a wife the husband causes the wife to be a Lesbian having a relationship with another wife who is really a man which sounds like a cross dressing problem to me. I'm confused.

Or did I miss something?

Steve said...

Malm is one screwed-up idiot! He's even asked for money a couple of times from those who visit his Armstrong site.

set the captives free said...

Too funny Dennis, and so true. Yes, deep thinkers and questioners get into sooo much 'trouble'.