Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Criminal Complaint Filed in Florida Accusing COGaWA UPDATED 2/1/11

The attorney for COGaWA has established that the complainant, Sarah Luther is a fake name.  
Here is one of his comments:

As a former prosecutor, I occasionally had the distinction of interviewing delusional individuals such as this who would fabricate patently ridiculous allegations and then ask me to act upon them. Thus, it is no surprise that the Florida Attorney General sent this individual elsewhere when she took her fish story to them. However, I would be surprised indeed to learn that they asked her to present her pitch to your agency and waste its resources.

If someone in UCG egged this person on to do this, the crap is going to hit the fan once more for United!
Read his entire letter here:  COGaWA Swiftly Responds To Accusations

Malm writes on his blog today:

A criminal complaint against four people associated with the recent split of the UCG has been filed by concerned private persons with the:  Division of Consumer Services Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  The complaint has since been assigned to a case manager, Ms. Ben Brown, and assigned Case # 1101-03172.  The complaint alleges embezzlement or theft by deception in possible diverting of money sent to UCG HQ over the past 18 months.


Douglas Becker said...

This is so against Scripture! You cannot take your brothers in Christ to court! Take it to the church! Don't take this to the unconverted!

And we all know how well Armstrongist leaders follow Matthew 18 as part of the very Government of God, don't we? Why we just had a sermon on that this weekend from the Eternal Church of God! See how well it works!

Remember the stalker! And the elder fondler!

Solve these things internally! It is the only way to get justice, judgment and equity [Isaiah 59:15].

Byker Bob said...

Was it Gomer Pyle who always said, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"?

When the HS isn't around, I guess the only resort becomes what was forbidden to Christians in the New Testament. This should be further evidence for the benefit of anyone sitting on any fences!


Douglas Becker said...

Good call Byker Bob, but...

When the HS isn't around, I guess the only resort becomes what was forbidden to Christians in the New Testament.

Forbidden to Christians? Forbidden to Christians?

This stuff is forbidden to ordinary citizens.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Glad to see the Church of God letting its light shine to the world as a witness.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the complaint on-line? I was unable to locate it through a Google search

James said...