Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"...and the rest of the world are Muggles"

Here is an ex-COG member who is reaching more people in his weekly show than all 700 of the various splinter cults of Armstrongism are doing combined!

Felix ran a blurb on his blog a while back about this guy.  He is in the news again.

Here's the story of Glynn Washington.

Glynn has one of the fastest growing shows on National Public Radio.  Over 100 stations air it weekly and another 160 some are using excerpts from it as 'speicals.'  All of his shows are downloadable on iTunes.

Glynn was a product of Armstrongism and it's myriad of myth's, legends and stories of doom and gloom about the end of the world.

Washington believes his early passion for storytelling has something to do with growing up in an apocalyptic cult called The Worldwide Church of God. As a child, he was told that you had to be ready for the return of Jesus and the end of the world. Washington says that his time with the group meant that he heard many good storytellers explaining why doomsday had been postponed again.

“In a lot of ways, it was maybe good for me because it let me see the world a little bit differently, ” said Washington, who left the cult when he was 19. “You grew up thinking that you are Harry Potter, and the rest of the world are muggles. ”
Glynn had better be careful, diehard legalist Armstrongites consider Harry Potter a tool of  Satan.  They will not like his comment at all!  :-)

Read the article here:  Glynn Washington Takes His Oakland Based Radio Show to the Top

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James said...

Here is something I put together last year when Glenn contacted the Painful Truth. Be sure to click on the "Going to Petra" story. Most excellent material.