Friday, September 2, 2011

COGWA Has A New Top Dog

No real shocker here.  Same old, same old.  How long witll it take before he is conspiring behind the backs of the rest of the leadership in this splinter cult?  He did a great job of backstabbing while in WCG and UCG as he helped form two separate COG's.

 President: Jim Franks

Secretary: David Johnson

Treasurer: Jason Lovelady


Black Ops Mikey said...

Three people went to Tkach to request a division of the assets when the UCG was formed:

Robert Dick, Dennis Luker and Jim Franks.

All Robert Dick ever wanted was his own Pastorate and a congregation to take care of, but became the Chairman of the Board for United (and has gone to be the Pastor of a congregation).

The other two became the big cheese of their own organization.

The politics and power plays would make an interesting TV series, if the producers had the stomach for anything that extreme.

Steve said...

Most of the sheep in COGWA, in the Houston area, are the ones that Franks drew with him. They had to do something with Johnson besides let him "pastor" a congregation. He's definitely not a people person. I know nothing about Robert. I'm sure he's a Dick like the rest of them.

Frankly speaking said...

What I remember about Franks is from the UCG indoctrination films, when a 'student' asks a tough question or persists with a point, Franks gets LOUDER with his voice, as if more volume makes his indefensible point more true. Finally, the 'students' in the film give up and lesson continues.

Doctrine is very weak in UCG and only the means to an end of control and power.

Anonymous said...

What I remember about Franks is that if the Nazi party were to recruit again in the future, he would make the perfect SS man. He would follow orders exactly to the letter, totally indifferent and unsympathetic to those who suffered or died. And then he would say, "so what brethren, so what."