Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dave Pack Releases Plans For New World HQ and Auditorium

I thought I had seen everything that an Armstrongite cult could come up with to imitate Herbert Armstrong and his Pasadena campus, but I guess I haven't until now.  Many had always thought that Pack was not happy that Six Pack Flurry preempted him by building a mini-Ambassador Auditorium in the middle of Oklahoma.  The HWA worship in the Edmond campus is appalling, but even Six Pack Flurry's Edmond abomination pales in comparison to this!

Is this not disgusting  or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!  With all the trinkets from the Ambassador now in Edmond, what is Packman going to have on display?  Herbert's underwear?  His gold rimmed glasses or champagne flutes?

The latest Real Truth has this article in it.

The publisher of The Real Truth magazine, The Restored Church of God (RCG), is pleased to announce plans for its magnificent World Headquarters, to be built in Wadsworth, Ohio, USA.

This state-of-the-art complex will echo the magnificence of the Worldwide Church of God’s Pasadena, California, campus (which produced The Plain Truth, the predecessor of this magazine), and will benefit both the Church and the local community. It will provide a beautiful setting for RCG’s rapidly expanding administrative and publishing operations, as well as serve as a conference site and a location to receive visiting dignitaries.
With significant site preparation already underway, construction of six buildings is to begin in early April 2012.
The campus will include:
• An elegant hall of administration.
• A stunning auditorium in the style of the original Ambassador Auditorium.

Read the rest of the articled here:  Coming Soon: World Headquarters Complex

The following blabber is from his main site. This guy has the biggest ego of any cultists I have seen.  Even God Almighty himself who resides in Edmond and Charlotte pales with this:

“After returning to Headquarters, we all ‘hit the ground running’ with the many projects that are underway regarding an entire new Headquarters complex of many buildings (beginning in the spring), the dramatic expansion of Ambassador Center attendance, the imminent arrival of The World to Come program on nationwide television, and all the other inspiring developments in the Work that members in North America heard about in my Update Message at the Feast…Events are developing so rapidly—and in so many different directions at the same time—that regular updates may need to be presented just so the Church can move together—can stay on the same page—regarding these sudden large expansions of the Work.”
“Try to imagine both the number and staggering size of items that have suddenly come to be on our plate just since late summer. We think of them here as 12 ‘trains’ running on parallel tracks that must all move together. (There are two more ‘trains’—both potentially very big!!—that I cannot yet discuss.) Seven separate project management categories (trains) are tied to building the upcoming campus, now to include even more buildings that are all currently scheduled to be built at the same time. We might ask: Who else would even attempt to ‘bite off’ such a vast project in this way? Of course, the sole answer might be the Church of God, which understands that there is not enough time to do it any other way. Long gone are the days when we could take decades in the way that Mr. Armstrong could.”

“We are working with (1) builders, (2) banks, (3) an architectural firm, (4) an engineering firm and (5) the city of Wadsworth all at the same time. (Just think of the meetings, recognizing that we are now working with a number of banks.) A sixth element is that there is an enormous Public Communications factor within this particular project. First think of the local community, and then the general region of communities around us—which will see such a massive project occurring in economic ‘down times’ (250,000 people pass the worksite every day). Next is the world as a whole that will monitor this extraordinary development carefully announced on our websites. This is also true of tens of thousands of people in the splinters and slivers who will see and hear of it in the same way…Finally, the seventh ‘train’ is/are the incredibly complex financial factor(s) in all of this. (On a side note, I can report that our income in the first 10 months of this year was 45.95 percent above the total income for ALL of 2010.)”

“But realize that there are more ‘trains’ that we must drive at the same time: (8) The expansion of Ambassador Center—although the benefits will be wonderful, this is big and complicated, and in a host of ways. Next, (9) we are planning for nationwide television by May, and not merely on little public access stations that virtually no one watches. (Television is now in the budget, as is the cost of the enormous amount of additional literature that we will be distributing as a result.) When this new medium for the Work is launched, we will be able to reach vast numbers of people on top of those we are already reaching via the Internet. The scope of this new development is ABSOLUTELY HUGE for God’s Work. This much should be obvious. We can project that almost 1 in every 25 people ON EARTH will have access to the VERY FIRST World to Come broadcast when we begin on television. Brethren, again, this is staggering to contemplate.
 Restored Church of God News


Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

He's got to spend all that clarion-call money on something.

Anonymous said...

So why do all this when time is supposedly short?

Jace said...

"So why do all this when time is supposedly short?"

Well duh, the lord delays his coming, yet again.

The bride hath not made herself ready or some silly cliche'

It's the membership's fault, obviously.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I feel sorry the dumb sheep who pay and pray for all this unnecessary construction. They sacrifice their own retirement and the needs of their families by financially supporting Dave Pack through tithes, Holy Day offerings, special offerings, and the all important building fund.

Wasn't it PT Barnum of Barnum and Baily circus fame who once said "you can fool some people ALL the time?"


Anonymous said...

"This guy has the biggest ego of any cultists I have seen "

Or may ever see. This is trademark Dave.

Time is not short in reality for Dave. That is why it is not short theologically. Dave has talked with Jesus and ordered the Second Coming put off until Dave has become famous

Notice, this is not a college. That fountain in the center will have a statue of Dave descending on a cloud.

His Ego is big enough to do it.

Banks be warned...
Snow plow businesses be alerted.

Anonymous said...

oops...I see a final building is for the obligatory students to make it a college.

Leave it to Dave to this backwards.

First HWA started with one bulding for a college with 4 students. Then the virus spread over the entire block ending in a House for God himself to live in.

Dave, however, starts with a House for God to live in, a building for the Priest and little priests to administer God's domain , places for the priests to meet and finally a building for the four students if there are that many wishing to throw their lives away forever more.

I personally have word that God has no intention of living in NE Ohio and hasn't set a foot in Oklahoma either. Too cold and too flat. Besides, God told me he'd already been to Geauga Lake and Cedar Point a gazillion times and is tired of it.

God told me he actually lives inside the human and has found it a place that few ever think to look


Anonymous said...

"....and Brethren, I have purchased a Gulfstream III to better serve God's work and ours in spreading the Gospel. I'd like to introduce Captain Crack who will be our corporate pilot whisking ME around the world.

Even though time is short, and it is, in the long run, this will save God's people hundreds of thousands of dollars and not inconvenience ME one bit by having to go through airport security and find a seat that gives me the leg room I require.

My next trip is from Wadsworth to Cleveland and the savings is amazing and unlike anything I have ever experienced.

I'll be on business for God but I cannot share this with you at this time.

Please keep sending it. We're gonna need it!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Mister Pack that "this is staggering to contemplate."
(he likes to be called "mister")

Anon asks, "why do all this when time is supposedly short?"

The answer is simple. Mister Pack knows the future and has declared himself to be "the foremost authority on Bible prophecy"

I'm actually an authority on prophecy myself, so for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, come ye hither, and I shall now reveal what will happen in the future-

A great horde (known as "Pack's Peeps") will come from the Land of the North in a hurry, and attack and pillage the compound of Flurry (the OK Chorale, the prophecied Land of the South).
They shall gather up great treasures- like a piano, candelabra, a big stone, and even Loma's blockage(in a Hefty zip-lok bag).
A pillaging little old lady will grow frustrated and yell, "Where's the beef?", and someone will tell her, "In Zambia!"
Yea, verily, they shall return triumphantly with their Wads of Great Worth to The Land of the North (at Wadsworth, Ohio), and once again, for the first time in nineteen hundred years, all shall be well, and hearts made joyous, as Mr. Pack tenderly cuddles the bestowed bowel blockage.


Anonymous said...

It's all my fault: I don't believe a word he says -- a total lack of faith... in David Pack. I pray that he succeeds in failure (not that he hasn't already, but I'd like to see him achieve greater heights of spiraling dizzying dysfunctional incompetence).

Note to investors: Be sure to get 150% cash down payment and 800% collateral. These things are hard to sell after subprime lending goes south.

I hope that he is trained in Project Management, otherwise, he may end up on the wrong side of the tracks when the project is derailed and he loses his train of though (he will end up as the caboose of all the ACoGs when he jumps the tracks in engineering this financial fiasco). He should be on the first train out of town.

And this is sustainable how?

Anonymous said...

Any bank or investors in this folly may as well sign up for passage on the Titanic again.

What kind of bank would be convinced Dave is as supported for this as he would need to be.

What kind of "time is short" members would allow for this. Beautiful office space is glutting the market. Even for profit colleges built into existing buildings.

Oh I forgot, this will also be a masoleum, museum and run by rabid evangelicals someday after God moves out of his house

Anonymous said...

The PCG still owes quite a bit for it's own clone auditorium. While its membership is declining, I get the impression that it is still much larger than Pack's. I think Douglas is correct; those banks better make damn sure they can recover their investment when Pack defaults.

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave says:

"We can project that almost 1 in every 25 people ON EARTH will have access to the VERY FIRST World to Come broadcast when we begin on television. Brethren, again, this is staggering to contemplate."

That works out to 280,000,000 first time watchers of Dave.

On the other hand..

"The Green Bay Packers' 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Texas drew a U.S. TV audience of 111 million, topping the 2010 final tally by almost 5 million, according to data released on Monday by broadcaster Fox.

‘The airing of Super Bowl XLV goes down as Fox's most-watched night of prime time ever, as well as Fox's highest-rated night ever among Adults 18-49. It's also the most-watched night on any network in at least 20 years,’ Fox said in a statement."

soooooo Dave is leading us all to believe.......hmmmmm, more than 2x the Superbowl crowd will be watching him garble scripture?

Boy, I'm glad it has never been about the numbers!

Anonymous said...

Super Bowl Sunday?Dave Pack Sabbath?

Sure, sounds like national past times!

caseywollberg said...

Give me a break, Pack. Flurry already scooped up all the relics, and we all know that whoever buys the most relics is the cult "God is using". PCG already won the battle of the sub-cults and everyone else should just bow out gracefully and admit what Flurry can't: it's all bullshit.

Oh...waitasec...article idea loading: "Gotta Get 'Em All!--Flurry's Armstrong Reliquary". (Please don't steal my idea!)

Anonymous said...

Dave knows that churches prosper in times of social chaos and financial collapse. God is the only hope of the people (who serve a human master) to survive the crisis.

I do believe his bets are hedged on this coming to pass. The question is, what if the donations DON'T come through? How will he pay for this monument to himself?

Second scenario. Dave packs his bags for Paraguay leaving empty bank accounts and due bills for his associate members.


DennisCDiehl said...

Oh wait...never mind. Dave said, 1 in 25 would have access to the first program. Having access is not the same as actually watching it.

Hmmmm, it is about the numbers again

1 in 25 will also have access to Midget Wrestling on that night.

Now I get it

caseywollberg said...

"1 in 25 will also have access to Midget Wrestling on that night."

Bingo. Incidentally, even more will have access to dying in their sleep. Doesn't mean it will happen. In fact, far more will probably die peacefully in their sleep than will watch Pack's nonsense--and they will be the lucky ones.

VonHowitzer said...

This is something I just gotta say...

I've seen (and made) a number or architectural renderings, and the ones shown on Pack web site are without a doubt some of the most amateurish I've ever seen.

My guess is that they were made with something like Google Sketchup, which can be downloaded for free. There is also a "professional" version that costs $500. In contrast, the software I use has a MSRP around $5700.

But this is so bad I'm wondering if the Packman did it himself. Here's a thought for those soused in DCP - get on a freelance board and pay some kid in the Phillipines $5 an hour to create a really professional looking rendering of the site and the buildings.

At least it won't look as if a digital version of a crayon had been used.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that campus is totally embarrassing.

Post a video on youTube and 7 billion people "have access" to it. Too bad they post how many people have played it (notice I didn't say watched). That means that you can't overinflate the number of people that watch a youTube video by anywhere near as much as you would like.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Pack's campus will be all about "midget tossing", and is actually smartly designed for that purpose.

Of course, midget effigies of Herbie kicked through the goalposts will score more points than other midget effigies.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Let's face it folks: radio and television evangelist Herbert W. Armstrong's religious business empire spawned many cottage businesses in this niche industry.

I go back to what I heard in 1960s Worldwide Church of God - and you won't read this in Herbert Armstrong's autobiography:

In the early years of the Great Depression, Herbert Armstrong was selling home improvements in Oregon. He made a sale to a Seventh Day Adventist minister, and was extremely impressed by the fact that the SDA minister had money in those hard economic times. He came home and announced to wife Loma that he had found the new family business!

There is nothing new under the sun - even in Armstrongism!


Anonymous said...

Competing with Gerald Flurry is tough, particularly with the $9 Million outstanding balance on the Ambassador Auditorium (not to mention the $6 Million + buying the rights to all the old Herbert Armstrong merchandise).

But hang in there. You got an inheritance, became supremely arrogant and narcissistic. Now you have an opportunity to fail really really big!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pack... Dave... seriously, if you believe in God at all, you need to take James 4:6 seriously:

God resists the proud.

I have a story to tell you.

Let's talk.

Anonymous said...

VonHowitzer said...

I've seen (and made) a number or architectural renderings, and the ones shown on Pack web site are without a doubt some of the most amateurish I've ever seen.

Time will tell.

Let us give it a couple years and see what happens. We can then see whether or not DCP actually builds anything, and how it turns out.

As for yourself, perhaps you could give some examples of what you have done, and how it turned out.

Then, we can compare you two.

Anonymous said...

Lets do the math. The WCG could not afford the Pasadena campus with a estimated membership of 45 thousand. How could Packs group build a similar complex with about one tenth the membership? Give me a brake!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool --- Packland will be made out of LEGOS!

Anonymous said...

Cool - - Looks like PACKLAND will be made out of

Anonymous said...

Obviously not everything HWA did or said was correct. However, the attitudes displayed on this blog is well short of what God would condone, and an example of what's wrong with the Anglos-sphere today.

Regarding HWA: get over it.

Assistant Deacon said...

"However, the attitudes displayed on this blog is well short of what God would condone..."

Always nice to have one of God's spokesmen join us.