Thursday, November 17, 2011

Questions That We the 99% Sheep Wish To Have Answered By Dave the 1% Pack

Questions That We the 99% Sheep Wish To Have Answered By Dave the 1% Pack

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorFor decades, COG Sheep sat in service after service hearing announcement after announcement about the great breakthroughs, opportunities and projects that the Armstrongs had in mind without accounting for how they would be paid for and by whom.

Those days are over.  

No longer will we just sit quietly and wonder if this is really such a great idea or plan. 

 No longer will we neither nod yes or no as we sit listening to the grand schemes of one man who simply has to use our contributions to achieve his visions and dreams.  

No longer will we pretend to be inspired by God's amazing decisions when we think they might just be the decisions of those who refuse to ask us what to do with our money.

No longer will we believe that once we give our hard earned monies, it is no longer our business what is done with it for or by  God, Christ, Jesus and our small church.

No longer will we be intimidated by your Biblical quotations about keeping our mouths shut and our bank accounts open.  

No longer will we act inspired when we are really skeptical

No longer will we allow you to speak doublespeak about time is short while watching buildings meant to last forever being built at our expense. 

Pack's New Mini-Me Auditorium

Therefore  Dave...we'll call you Mr. Pack when and if we choose, not you, please give us a reasonable answer to the following... 

1.  Knowing that the local Pasadena Community was never all that impressed by the Church and the Church and "the truth" had little effect on them by listening to concerts, why do you think this doesn't work idea will work for out good now?

2.  Please explain how you can pretend to know time is short and yet spend our monies on permanent buildings and only now just start a college that will take years to mean anything to anyone?

3.  Please explain why Herbert Armstrong did, small college in one room, small college in one building,  two dorms, a place to eat, offices and then an auditorium, while you start with a huge Auditorium (for what..just church?), huge office building for a small staff and yourself,  and then a class room for students.   Why are you doing it backwards to your hero HWA?

4.  EXACTLY how much is this going to cost US and over what period of time?

5.  EXACTLY how many baptized members do we actually have in our amazing Church?  It embarrassing to belong to a small church and not be able to answer the questions as to how many of us there really are.

6. Why are so many family members on the Church payroll.  Is this a family venture as seen in both the Armstrongs and Tkaches?   Do you remember the drama and mistake that all seemed to be?

7.  When you die, do we ministers that are alive and remain, have a retirement?

8.  Are we to assume your seriously under trained and untrained family members will lead us all into the kingdom?  Can we decide we'd rather have someone else?

9.  If we stipulate our tithes and offerings are NOT to be used for Time is Short Construction, can we stay in the church?

10. Why do you always tease us with, "....but I can't tell you that now," when what you are up to might be something we'd prefer not to fund or participate in?   Are you like Paul who told us he went to the The Third Heaven and heard stuff no man, but him of course, could hear or see or tell about, so don't ask?   If we think that is a bit of the lame "I know something you don't know," stuff, will you get mad at us/

11. If we snicker when you sermonize about where we are in prophecy and the time left kinda matches the time you might have left, will we have to be the ones that have to bring a watermelon to the picnic?

12. Can we sit in on the meetings you will be having about how this is all going to be paid for with our money?  While we realize "not many wise men now are called," some are,  and may wish to know exactly what you alone are deciding for us and give some input into the wisdom or lack thereof in these plans?

13. Will you shake your jowls at us like HWA did when he got really angry?  Do you have jowls yet?  Can a COG Apostle even be an Apostle without jowls?

14. In time will we have to refer to you as DCP or Mr. DCP as we did to HWA or Mr. HWA?   You just don't have the same ring to your initials.  Sounds more like an illegal drug than an Apostle.  You know like, "Oh man, I'm flyin' high on DCP."

15. Could you consider noting we have "the largest online copied theological website on the Internet?"

16. Once we become a household word throughout all the world of Christianity and all things Pagan, could you put the name "Jesus" in a sermon once in awhile?

17. Would you consider using the New Testament at times in your sermons, studies and to inform us all as to where we are in Bible History?

18. Could you show us some credentials as to where you learned the background, history, language, culture, politic , and origins of the Bible, besides from you know where?

19. Would you get a chuckle out of it all if once in awhile I came up to you and said, "that was the most dumb ass sermon I have ever heard.  I don't think I have heard a sermon quite like that before, and hope to never hear one again"?  

20. Could you stop saying "it's not about the numbers," when we all know it exactly is all about the numbers?

21. Have you ever had a personality profile done and would you share it with us?  Would you consider some mental health testing so we can relax a bit at times when you say some of the things you say about yourself in sermons and such?  Could you give just one sermon without the pronoun "I"?   Just askin....

Well, that should be enough for now.  We anxiously await your answers.  What?  What do you mean I'm disfellowshipped!!!   Hey, hey...I was just .....doh!   

Dennis C. Diehl


Black Ops Mikey said...

22. Why we follow you and give you money instead of Gerald Flurry, Wade Cox, James Russell, Roderick Meredith (at least he was openly recognized by Herbert Armstrong -- you seem to be a nobody), Ron Weinland: Just what distinguishes you as being superior to the rest of these and other nut jobs?

Anonymous said...

Pack seemingly never met a man (or woman) he didn't eventually alienate. Of course when you are ALWAYS right like him, people resent it. I seem to recall him saying something like God always backs him, even if he is wrong. You just can't win with a narcissist like that.

Steve said...

#23. Why do I have to have you between me and God? Do I have to keep going to this fu%#in' in order to be saved?

Anonymous said...

That's exactly right. EVERY person I know who got close to him, got destroyed by him.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Another great article Dennis!

Excellent questions. Of course, we won't hold our breathe waiting for the rat Pack to answer any or all of them.


Anonymous said...


No, not a dream in my sleep where God gave me a message. Just a daydream.

I dreamed that there was a True Church that was content with just a tithe and some offerings, rather than always greedily coveting everything one had, and trying to take 50% to 75% of all that one had ever worked for.

I dreamed that there was a True Church that faithfully taught the Truth of God without adding on all sorts of wrong prophetic guesses to try to frighten people into handing over everything they had and wrecking any plans for the future.

I dreamed that there was a True Church that really cared about its members, and actually wanted to see them prosper and be in health, and not just so they could hand everything they had over to the church.

I dreamed of a True Church that would do things right for the good of its members and everyone else, rather than leaving its members and anyone else who believed it robbed, raped, and dead.

I dreamed. But then I went to the WCG and its largest Splinter Groups and found I had a real NIGHTMARE.