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HWA Banishment Letter To Rod Meredith 1980

This is in addition to the information that Apostle Malm is posting right now about Rod Meredith and how he was being picked on by the big meanies above him.

In reading HWA's letter to Meredith you quickly see where Meredith got his prideful, boastful and condescending attitude from.  HWA had to get in important information about himself and how humble he was while lambasting Meredith.  Meredith was  following the lead of his leader. 



HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG                                 Tucson, March 14, 1980
President and Pastor

Dear Rod:

Your letters of February 1 and March 7 show, I am sorry to say, that either you still cannot understand WHY the living Head of God's Church, Jesus Christ, had you sent to Hawaii, or you are unwilling to see or admit — and I prefer to believe the former.

There is no point in telling you this letter is written in LOVE for YOU — for you ought to know that without my saying it. But out of love for you, and DESIRE to see you back as PART OF GOD'S TEAM, working in full co-operation and right attitude with the rest o[f] us; I shall take time and space to make it clear once for all this time.

I have tried to hold the mirror up for you to see yourself as others see you. But still you don't see in that mirror the same YOU that others see-or are unwilling — I hope not the latter. But now I must be SURE! I shall speak plainly, candidly. If this letter hurts, I quote from a letter the Apostle Paul sent to brethren at Corinth: "For though I made you angry with a letter, I do not repent... for I perceive that the same epistle hath made you sorry, though it were but for a season. Now I rejoice, not that ye were made sorry, but that ye sorrowed to repentance, for ye were made sorry after a godly manner, that ye might receive damage by us in nothing.

"For godly sorry worketh repentance to salvation ... but the sorrow of the world worketh death." (II Cor. 7:8-10).

Now I'm going to come with plainness of speech as Paul said — in I Corinthians 2.

To overseas audiences, and to Kings, Emperors, Presidents and Prime Ministers, I simmer down the WAY OF GOD and the WAY OF THE WORLD in two very small words — "GET" and "GIVE." This world is geared to the way of "GET." That is the way of VANITY, SELF-centeredness, coveting, lust and greed, jealousy and envy, rebellion against authority, competition which leads to strife, violence and war. The way of "GIVE" is OUT-flowing LOVE, harmonious co-operation, serving, helping, sharing, giving.

In spiritual PRINCIPLE, the latter is the way of God's Law, the Ten Commandments-the former the way of Satan. I tell them that ALL the Unsolvable problems, troubles and evils in the world are caused by the fact the world lives by the "GET" principle.

Rod, WHY have so many who have worked [with you] said that you rub the fur the [w]rong way? You are DOCTRINALLY correct., But in II Corinthians Paul says we are not to live by the strict letter of the Law, but by the SPIRIT or obvious INTENT — the basic PRINCIPLE of it (II Cor. 3:6). You are a model of doctrinal correctness according to the LETTER — the strictness of the letter — but you do overlook the SPIRIT from the heart. You won the mile in a state high-school meet, You had know[n,] as Satan injects into us all from childhood, the spirit of competition. You b[e]came a COMPETITOR. In conversion you learned and accepted the strictness of the letter of God's Commandments. You wrote a good booklet on the Ten Commandments. But now I hold the mirror up for you to see in yourself what SO MANY who know you well see in you — the SPIRIT of COMPETITION is still there!

You are not going to like this, Rod. Members of your family will resent it. But I am the chosen apostle of Jesus Christ and in His name, I have to say these things to you, for I want to have you with us IN GOD'S KINGDOM — and there will be no contentions — no spirit of competition there! No one is going to be there who strives for himself to take over the CHIEF SEAT!

Jesus Christ through me elevated you to the chief seat (which you had come to me suggestin[g] over the ministry of God's Church in what we then called CAD, you were a harsh task-master over the ministers. You, yourself, find it difficult and perhaps impossible to TAKE what you dished out. Dozens of ministers would testify to that. You rubbed the fur the wrong way! That has been your life-style!

In a sense, though I approved it at the time, you came to me [(]when Raymond Cole was trying to administer CAD from Eugene,[)] to jerk the rug out from under Raymond-and he feels that to this day. I knew, as did you, that CAD could not be handled from Eugene, and I approved your suggestion and put you in the driver's seat over the ministers of the Church when it was not yet so big.

When you were made second Vice President, it became a standing joke among leaders at Pasadena, the saying, "Well, after all, I am the second Vice President."

Jesus said, "And whosoever of you will be chiefest, shall be servant of all. For even th[e] Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister" (Mark 10:44-45). Jesus said further, "Beware of the scribes which wear long robes, ...and [love] the highest seats in the synagogue, and the chief rooms (offices-ranks-positions), at feasts" (Luke 20:46). Rod, am I qualified to call to your attention, these things? I came into the ministry more than fifty years ago, back in Oregon. I was never a member of the Church of God, Seventh Day, headquartered at Stanberry, Missouri. The church of Dugger and Dodd at Salem, W. Virginia, was an off-shoot, and, like Ted's present "church". Ray Cole's, and other's, NOT the true Church of God. However, I never became a member of the Salem offshoot. Half of the Oregon brethren (while all were in Stanberry) had incorporated as a separate church, "The Oregon Conference." I was ordained by them. Twice I was paid by them-about four months at $20 a week, and 15 mon[n]ths later, from February to July, 1933, at $3 per week.

But I did CO-OPERATE with the Stanberry people, from 1927 until ordained by the Oregon Conference, June, 1931-without salary, I co-operated with the Salem people after the start of the present Worldwide Church Of God (then called the Radio Church of God), and WITHOUT RECEIVING FROM THEM A PENNY OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT in any way, from 1934 (after both the World [T]omorrow radio program was going, and The PLAIN TRUTH was being published) until August, 1937. And after that, while building the present Church of God, Philadelphia era, I co-operated at my own expense with the Stanberry (Sardis era) people until October, 1945.

I DID NOT, as Ted claims (he was 5 years old when I ceased the co-operation with them because of the pressure of the Work in the present Church of God). I did not leave them to start something of my own. I continued working with them-GIVING, not getting-at my own exp[e]nse co-operating — GIVING — as long as my time allowed.

But the point I want to make is this: I SERVED — I HELPED — I co-operated. And I did not have or seek any high position. I always considered myself, just as the Sardis ministers did, that I was the LEAST of the ministers-the TAIL-ENDER!

When I conducted the campaign in the Firbute school house (36 seats) in 1933, I stopped receiving even the $3 per week salary from the Oregon Conference.

As the tail-end LEAST of the ministers, Christ started me in that little 36-seat school house, I constantly suffered persecution-first from Stanberry ministers, then again from Salem, W. Va.-ministers, then again from Stanberry. The 19 members we had from that Firbutte campaign was the START of the present Worldwide Church of God. The brethren at the start were my own converts-my own children in the Lord. NEVER in all my ministerial experience, I once sought a higher position.

Jesus Christ gave me the Pastor position at the start. The Church grew, as I held other campaigns in Eugen[e] and in Alvadore. Finally I appointed and ordained two other elders, one a preaching elder and one a local elder, at Eugene, beside two deacons. In those early years of this, our present Church, I served as pastor of a Stanberry church near Jefferson, Oregon. There I appoin[t]ed and ordained two elders, and two deacons — for THEIR church. All the time I "GAVE" — I did not "GET." Before that I had learned how Paul says, in II Corinthians 3:6, that we must obey the SPIRIT or obvious INTENT of the Law, not the letter. I had dedicated my life to "GIVE" and not to "GET." As the Work grew, Christ used me in founding Ambassador College. After their graduation I ordained m[y] son Dick, Raymond Cole, Herman Hoeh, Raymon[d] Mc Nair and his brother. From there you know the history, Your uncle and yourself came along about next, then others. I ne[v]er sought or moved up to a higher rank or office. Jesus Christ raised up the Church through me. I came to the position I hold as the simple result of what the living Head of this Church raised up through me.

But others have sought higher Position. There has been, it seems, NO END of worldly POLITICS at Pasadena Headquarters. As Christ blessed and prospered God's Church and Work, and we came to have better than $100,000,000 of net worth, and a near $80 million a year income, there devel[o]ped a mad scramble for ever higher and higher rank. Sure, I made some mistakes. I naively TRUSTED men like Al Portune, David Antion, my own son, Wayne Cole, many others no longer with us. But now, f[o]r the first time since about 1967, there is HARMONY and a spirit of Co-oper[a]tion at Pasadena. AND I AM DETERMINED TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!

Now back to you.

You have demonstrated, as seen clearly by many others, a spirit of rank-consciousness. In plain language that is coveting higher authority. I do not think you have coveted more money. I do not think more money is what Ted, Al Portune, Dave Antion, Ray Cole, Wayne or others really coveted. They coveted POWER — more authority — like a 15-year old boy coveting the POWER of a steering wheel and a throttle. We have gone through a House CLEANING. We now have PEACE and CO-OPERATION at Pasadena. And eight to ten others on the executive level there have voiced to me their fears and convictions that if you now come back to Pasadena, that PEACE, and HARMONY, and CO-OPERATION will be turned once again into constant contention, irritation, and HARM TO GOD'S WORK! I do not like to tell you this. I haven't mentioned this to all, but to those I mentioned your return, that is the unanimous feeling.

If I have you come back as Dean of the Faculty, several say you would delegate most or the real duties of the Dean, and devote yourself to trying to make yourself the LEADER and boss of the College, and even of the Chur[ch.] You have — and all are aware of it — been possessed with the idea that I will not live much longer, and that YOU are the "FIRST among equals" to take my place.

Rod, in frankest candor, JESUS CHRIST will NEVER put any one at the head of His Work on earth who is competitive, covetous of power and status, and [self-righteous]. In brutal frankness, you lack the charisma to lead God's work You do not attract-as I said before, you REP[EL-] people. You are a harsh taskmaster over those under you. THAT IS YOUR RECORD!

When I wr[o]te you [<uncertain>] that a change of ATTITUDE is needed, perhaps I have at last made myself clear.

You have said that you only said a few statements you probably should not have made, but you didn't think you had said enough to warrant this six months' leave of absence. Rod, I'm very well aware of the amount of words you said against Christ's chosen apostle. But Jesus said, "of the abundance of the heart (attitude) the mouth speaketh." What you did say, affirmed to me by two witnesses, was sufficient, coupled with many other things, to show me the [a]ttitude back of those words. You try to c[o]nvince me of how glowingly and how numerous were the times you have shown loyalty by the things you have said "hundreds" or "thousands of times". But in this regard your attitude reflected [<uncertain>] OMISSION rather than the sparse and sparing things you did say. Ted was leading a conspiracy to destroy my credibility before the ministers and the brethren by saying nothing about me — as if the human leader did not exist — and blowing himself up. Radio and TV programs went under his name-no longer The World [T}omorrow. He even started correspondence under HIS OWN [Letter head] NAME, rather than that of the Church or College. Now I do not want any of our ministers flattering me, or trying to see how often they can mention my name.

But neither do I want it deliberately AVOIDED in both speaking and writing, as if I did not exist. Jesus Christ — NOT MAN — has made me the human leader under Christ. A leader cannot be a leader if all under him IGNORE his very existence. I never did want anyone to go out of his way deliberately to mention me — as you profess to have done. That is not what I mean. But I do not want the other extreme, caused by a competitive feeling, and deliberate non-mention.

Now another thing you cover in your letters. You imply that in what few things you did say, you were FOLLOWING MY ORDERS. Rod, that is hypocrisy. It is not a matter that I CHANGED MY MIND. Let me tell you how it [ac]tually was. When I told you and Raymond, and perhaps another or two, that IF I were no longer among the living, I wanted you to be su[re] Ted did not slip in and take over. At that time, I had heard SO MUCH talk about my dying right away, perhaps started by Ted, that for a while I was overly conscious of it.

It is not that later I changed my mind. But as time went on I began to realize very deeply that God has not prepared ANYONE to take my place. You, Rod, could never take it. I know that is 100% contrary to your own estimate of yourse[l]f. You have a WILL to lead, but not the qualifications. I came to realize that God raise[d] me [from the dead-f]rom total heart failure-in August, 1977, FOR A PURPOSE.

I have felt like the Apostle Paul, when he said earlier in life it would be more profitable for him to depart this life — and in the next split-second of consciousness, be with Christ in the resurrection, but it was more needful that he stay.

I did not CHANGE my mind. I did come to realize, as God caused me to realize, that He had raised me up as His instrument to raise up His present Church and Work — and that Work is not finished. So after my heart had completely stopped, my breath — no pulse — no blood-pressure — by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation I was br[o]ught back. I have not said I now believe God will keep me alive until Christ comes. I have said and I say now again, I do believe He will keep me alive AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME!
You have taken the attitude that "some one GOT [you]." No one did but your own self.

I have tried here to make clear what I mean by a CHANGE OF ATTITUDE. I sincerely hope you "get the message" this time. Self-pity is not your need. A change of ATTITUDE from "GET" to "GIVE" is! If this letter does not get through to you, I shall not try again. So far you have not admitted a wrong attitude. Your RIGHTEOUSNESS you have maintained! But it has been only so much "filthy rags" to GOD! God said-rather, Christ to His disciples, that he who would seek the top seat should be the SERVANT of all. We should be as a little child.

So far, four months or more of your leave of absence has profited you NOTHING! Rod, in a candor, HAVE YOU EVER REALY REPENTED? To repent means much more than being sorry, or remorseful. It means a CHANGE OF HEART — a CHANGE OF ATTITUDE — a CHANGE FROM "GET" TO "GIVE." From competition, vanity, coveting power and position, to harmonious co-operation. BELIEVE ME, there is PEACE, and HARMONY at Pasadena now. Our men there do not want it disturbed. I have held up the mirror with BRUTAL frankness-in LOVE not only for you but also for GOD'S WORK! The Work is getting along wonderfully well now-without you. It can go on growing and pleasing Jesus Chris[t] an[d] prospering under His blessing WITHOUT YOU. I have written you are not coming back until I am CONVINCED BY THE FRUITS of a real REPENTANCE, and CHANGE OF ATTITUDE. I hope at last I have MADE IT PLAIN.

In deep LOVE as a father to a son,

In Jesus' name.
HWA signature
Herbert W. Armstrong

Aaron Dean, Herbert Armstrong’s Personal Aide, Confirms Accuracy of Above Letter on the alt.religion.w-w-church-god Forum, January 8, 1999:

I have nothing to hide and don't mind if people ask what HWA thought. Some have asked and I have answered these same questions before. People should not be allowed to rewrite their own histories to their own ends.
What happened in GCG is precisely why I couldn't join Global. I wish I had been wrong. If it will help people find God and Christ instead of men, feel free to use my post. It will probably bring some hate mail, but I have gotten use to it as I am sure some of you are. I wish people could become zealous instead of zealots. I have found you can become zealous for God, but only zealots for men.


— Aaron

ps. I edited my note a bit for clarity. It is below.

That is the letter that was in Mr. Armstrong's files. HWA did talk to not only RCM [Roderick C. Meredith], but others about how he was wrong about Stan [Rader]. Mr. A didn't apologize to people, and had other ways of apologizing—some of which could be misinterpreted. His discussion with Rod about SRR [Stanley R. Rader], I imagine Rod took to be an apology. Of course he wanted to see it this way. To RCM it seemed either he was right or SRR was right. Since SRR turned out to be a 'bad guy' RCM assumed he was vindicated. This helps to justify why he maintains he should be in charge. He never understood the issue was not about him and SRR, but him seeing himself as next in line.
It did not change RCM's problem, as you can see from the letter RCM's problems stemmed from well before SRR. The fact that HWA never reappointed RCM to a position of power shows that he knew RCM still had the problem. The COE [Council of Elders] was never a power body, although many seemed to see it as that.
RCM took the fact that those he disliked (and it is interesting to note they were always the ones between him and the top) turned out to have problems, so it seemed a vindication of his problem. Mr. Armstrong still felt the same way about RCM up until his death.
One thing HWA did say, was that "Rod will be personally loyal to me" (HWA). Of course RCM wanted that same loyalty to himself, never realizing that what HWA really wanted was loyalty to GOD. That is why HWA, amid the confusion of the receivership did appoint RCM over Church Administration in '79.
Unfortunately RCM began immediately to try to solidify his position as heir to the church, and had to be removed within the year, and was never reappointed to a high administrative position. It was RCM's own words that caused him to be sent to Hawaii, not anyone else. I pray that he eventually can come to see himself, just as I pray for so many other self appointed leaders.

— Aaron Dean


DennisCDiehl said...

This letter and the conflict between the distinct personalities of HWA and RCM has always fascinated me.

I admit to it making me uncomfortable having a private letter such as this becoming so public. The contents of it must haunt RCM to this day and it must take a certain personality to be able to abide the whole world knowing the criticism in it. I can't imagine RCM not having at least taken some of this to heart in his own views and approaches to others.

This letter also shows, IMHO, that HWA was absolutely sincere in what he believed about himself, his work and about others. I was under RCM's CAD rule and the letter is 100% accurate in how it felt in the ministry under RCM. It is what most wanted to say to RCM over the years but could not and dared not.

Both these men have the same quality which is the source of all the problems that came along in WCG.

Neither, like others today, listen to anyone or take the observations of others to heart or even seriously.

The current "big" players today also do not have this quality of listening to others. Others listen to them.

You will never find them saying, "thank you for telling me that," "I deeply apologize if that hurt you," "I see what you mean," "I'm sorry for that and will keep that in mind." "Thank you for taking the time to share that with me." "What can we do to make that better?"

In short, they take no responsibility and have no accountibility for their personalities and way of being. They can say the dumbest shit known to man and NO ONE anything.

These are men who do not work for others or even with others. Others work for them. This is why they have so much office turn over.

All the lesser pastors in such groups are yes men and any boards of directors that might exist do not function as they are intended. They are backers of the man and stay silent.

I never found HWA to be insincere. I believe he really believed his own press. It is just that humans are not meant to rise to these "high" positions in life. They don't thrive spiritually in such an environment. Churches like RCG and most COGs become populated with the religious but not the spiritual.

HWA and RCM are examples of highly religious men. However, spirituality escapes the type. Religion is what others pour into ur heads and they were great at pouring as even HWA used the analogy about education not realizing he was doing it in religion.

Spirituality is an inside job and organizations can't well abide the spiritual. They are not easily intimidated and have no need to win or even engage the fool.

In hindsite, HWA wrote to RCM what I would have written, minus the who I think I am parts of course. On the other hand, I have had RCM in my home where he sat at the dinner table in tears of grief and loss wondering why God did not hear his prayers etc.

In the final analysis, we are all just folk. If we run into people that are like the HWA, RCMs or Flurry, Weinland or Pack types and chose to follow their way of thinking, that is a choice. If one choses to not do so, it is their choice. Those who sit, as incredulous as it seems to me, listening much less supporting certain types , do so by choice. Those who drive hundreds of miles to hear Ron Weinland give the same generic and very unprepared same kind of sermon over and over, do so as a choice they make.

These are men who don't listen and never see themselves as others see them. There is a price to pay for that.

Sorry for the length of this.

Anonymous said...

So in his own eyes HWA asserted, "I am the chosen apostle of Jesus Christ" eh? Sounds like the same tune Meredith, Pack, Coulter, Luker, Weinland, Flurry, Ritenbaugh, Kilough and the whole smorgasbord of self-appointed "apostles" are sticking to while blowing their own trumpet today eh!

But, on the contrary his own arrogant personality, hypocritical conduct and conflicting values proved otherwise! Those who have had a hand in exposing these phony "apostles" for what they are should be commended as Revelation 2:2 states: You have examined the claims of those who say they are apostles but are not. You have discovered they are liars.

Anonymous said...

Because RCM doesn't have the outward charisma of, say, Bill Clinton, he is underestimated. I have found the man to be formidable in his personal sway over people. When I left LCG, I talked to him and gave my list of reasons. He did not have an answer for any of my concerns, but yet he still had me back on my heels with his rhetoric and personality. I got off the phone shaking my head and asking myself what just happened. Anyway, it is clear the LCG's council of elders is nothing more than RCM's propaganda arm. I know four of the men personally and have seen them change dramatically from being reasoned critics of RCM and some of his policies to being blind supporters who eagerly spout the RCM line. It has been a real eye-opening experience for me to see all this from a distance.

Andrew said...

"In the final analysis, we are all just folk."

Yes, and no. I agree, and I disagree, respectfully.

We aren't "all just folk." Otherwise the Hitlers, Stalins, Pol Pots, Idi Amins, Slobodan Miloshevichs, and yes, the Jim Jones's, of the world, they would all be "just folk." Yes, they were all members of the human species, but that alone does not constitute any defense whatsoever. What all these men had in common is that they were able sway large numbers of normal people to do very irrational things. In contrast, these people were not normal.

Perhaps to say that HWA was sincere is the very worst thing you can say about him. For him to refer to himself in the third person as THE apostle, and to substitute the name of Jesus Christ in place of personal pronouns, and then to say that he was sincere is essentially to say that he was a complete and total sociopath. To say that he was sincere is to say that he suffered from psychosis rather than neurosis, because he had no idea that there was anything wrong with him.

During the sixties and seventies, when WCG was in its heyday, RCM was the perfect corporate executive. He rose quickly to be the VP in charge of the ministry, which was as high as he would ever go, at least within WCG. Why RCM got mixed up in WCG instead of GE, IBM, or AT&T, I'll never know. He would have gone far. I think he was frustrated by the fact that within WCG there wasn't very far to go. Being in charge of the ministry, he set the tone for the subculture of the ministry. Effectively, in these situations, all the employees do what they imagine their boss would do under whatever circumstances they find themselves in. The ministry in general did what they imagined RCM would do if he were there standing alongside them.

To one degree or another, both of these men were/are sociopathic. Both of these men wanted to be special people. It's one thing to have a special skill, it's entirely another to be a special person. In a room full of special people, they had to be the most special people in the room. Of course WCG as a whole was in the business of teaching average people that they were a special people. But the ministry was a rarified environment; it was a hotbed of competition to see who would be the most special.

In one sense the best thing you can say about anyone is that they are an average person, because average people are normal. They are in the center of the bell curve. Yes, it's nice in some ways to be a special person, to be the first among equals, but the tradeoff is that you are an outlier, off in the tails of the bell curve. The price is that you are abnormal. And mentally abnormal people are not necessarily "just folk."

You might say it's not valid or fair to compare HWA and RCM to genocidal maniacs. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. It depends upon the diagnosis doesn't it? Because if we're not talking about a different diagnosis, then the only difference would be severity. Sociopaths are not "just folk" because they are dangerous people. And the thing about them that compounds this is that they are often so charismatic and attractive. They are like human traps. No one even knows they are dangerous until it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Mr. Rod Meredith will feel after this went public? I know of many people who intends to move from RCG to LCG. But now what?

What is sad about all these is there are so many good people in this churches. Whom many are so hurt with the suspensions and dis-fellowshiped these leaders are doing.

Now that you published this, can you please do so with the so many emails of Mr. Michael Venish with the RCG. We from the Churches of God really don't know what happened between him and the RCG. Though many were hoping that he will lead the RCG with more of the "spirit of the law."

Anonymous said...

You mean, how Mr. Rod Meredith felt after this went public. This went public many, many years ago. I am sure this letter reappearing here will in no way affect anyone who is considering moving to LCG, or considering leaving it.

Yes, there are many good people in the churches. If by good you mean, well-intentioned. And if by well-intentioned you mean wishy-washy, weak people who need "a strong hand from somewhere" to make them feel a little more emotionally stable. Unfortunately, this puts them at the mercy of whoever is in control of that "hand." If that happens to be you in control of it, then taking advantage of good people is as easy as taking candy from a baby, and every once in a while you just can't resist a little sugar. Them's the breaks. If you're strong you get to do as you please. If you're weak, you have to put up with whatever comes down the pike. And God? Hahahahaha! Who? It's survival of the fittest, baby.

Anonymous said...

Armstrong was concerned that others where being abused by Meredith. Give me a brake. It was all about power!!

Anonymous said...

many were hoping that he will lead the RCG with more of the "spirit of the law."

Sadly, this poster doesn't seem to realize that what is usually needed is more of the spirit of Jesus, not the "spirit of the law" which Armstrongist groups already have in abundance.

DennisCDiehl said...

It always both bothered, of course, but also fascinated me that a man could reach a point where only God could correct him. I never heard HWA say it but I did hear others near him say it about him..."If Mr. Armstrong needs to be corrected, God will correct him."

That attitude pretty much assures one can go on with whatever they are doing that needs correcting.

These types, DCP being also among them, would never think that others beneath them could be the agents of that correction. I imagine they mean that "I went to sleep last night. God did not appear to me to correct me personally, so that's that."

What delusion.

The Internet allows for the average person to have access to the kind of research they wish on whatever topics they wish. HWA and GTA lucked out being outside of Internet Technology. Back then, one was taught creationism with "A Whale of a Tale" which was a pretty booklet short on facts and true science. Today, you can easily say, "Pretty booklet Mr. Pack, but precious little of the content is true. These are just opinions with lots of information you skip or don't know about to tell another story here."

Personally and through experience, aside from friendships and such, skip church and save ten percent. Organizations simply suck out your spirituality and refill with religion and that usually of another person. There is NO SUCH THING as "All speak the same thing." It is not possible nor desireable. In fact, it is stupid, harmful and wrought with inevitable disappointment. How often speaking the same thing became, "Ok, stop speaking that same thing and now speak this same thing to replace it." All very stupid and meaningless.

I'd say that the days of large groups sitting to hear ONE person speak on all things God, while interesting at times, (or not as in the case of most COG sermons) should be over for those who wish to have a real and personal spiritual walk. Go if you must, but when they ask for conformity of though and have booklets explain "our beliefs" walk away, or at least consider walking away.

What about the kids? Expose you kids to many religious views. Allow them to choose someday (we got to choose did'n't we) Don't force them to attend anything because you do and certainly don't offer them up as a living sacrifice when they get sick and someone tells you to "trust God." One can't trust God for another and certainly not you or I for our kids. How insane.


Anonymous said...

LCG has eased off on the disfellowshipping harshness of the COG past. I doubt, however, that it is due to RCM mellowing, but rather his recognition of the political reality that people will bolt if he's too harsh. I am convinced that RCM's primary motivation is the increase of his own power. Thus, he regularly disses all the other groups, sowing hatred in his own church for brethren. Thus, he sets a goal in which he cannot fail, but can blame God if the church does not grow (preach the gospel as a witness). Thus, he twists scripture to give himself dictatorial power. -anon43

Anonymous said...

So DCP should learn from RCM when it comes to suspension and disfellowshipping of members. It is amazing how the COGs says the RCG has few members but still their ministers treat it like a gold badge whenever they suspends or disfellows members. Some says the RCG's ministers are now in Facebook. Which before they were told not to do. Some says it is a form of "policing" their members. Which means we are waiting for more "suspension" to come? Tsk tsk tsk, where will they turn to, to RCM's group? Will that be to the "better" or to the "worst"?

Anonymous said...

Curious why so many people underestimate the power of God and the process of conversion. RCM may have changed from the better. Furthermore, while he may have changed for the better in many areas, others are bent on being self righteous, critical, dismissive of the process of conversion, and seek the power that resides in tearing down leaders so all are equal, when the reality is no human is perfect and there were many flawed leaders throughout the Bible. Godly character is the ticket to the Kingdom. Thankfully God is our judge and no one mentioned in this letter or commenting.