Saturday, November 30, 2013

Eric King: My Church Is Restoring The True "Hick-Up"

Eric King is back with more blabbering nonsense about the Rosicrucian movement being started by TRUE Church of God members.
A Hick-up missed by most Scholars

What most Christian historians read right over is the fact that God’s true church in 1610 tried to reach out to the world through publications which appeared in Germany, France, and England. New Science back then was known as the “hidden” or occult knowledge. It was sacrilegious and considered magic to investigate the unknown. Man was trying to find out how much he penetrated the Laws of Nature. Man was trying to understand a harmony with “occult” [hidden science] and Christian theology. It was a sort of information age.-

Please understand, we would not call the laws of science today “occult” but we still see that many so called Christian denominations are afraid of what has been and is being discovered in true modern science.-

The “macrocosmus” has become Macro-physics and the “microcosmus” Micro-physics. Today the true Church of God studies both and does not leave everybody else in the dark like the Roman Catholic Church does.-

The Roman Catholic Church had a fake and twisted view of scientific facts. The Church of God, on the other hand, was not afraid to understand the true Laws of Nature. True Christians understood the laws of physics to be the Laws of God and still do.-

So many Christian superstations still existed that it was very difficult for God’s true church to be open with their studies of these things. When I say “God’s true Church” I mean just that, the Church of God which today exists in this ministry COGSR. In 1614 there was a so called “manifesto” printed anonymously known as the “Fama Fraternitatis”. It was posted anonymously for a couple of reasons. One was the fact that the mixing of Science and Christianity was a big “no no”. The person who wrote and published this manifesto was trying to stir the minds of men and women to think about this issue precisely and carefully.-
Those busy Jesuits, they get blamed for everything!
Remember, the Roman Catholic Church controlled the Bible in their Latin mass and they also controlled science in that only the Jesuits could study science. The common person was told to stay away from what they called ‘magic’ and or the ‘occult’. The true Church of God in boldness challenged the Roman Papacy and the Jesuits with their newly published manifestos. Sadly we see this same animosity towards God’s true Church because of superstitious programming still found in the Harlot’s daughter churches, fallen apostate Christendom.
Did you know that the founder of the Rosicrucian's was a True Church of God member?
The manifesto known as the Fama claimed that a sacred brotherhood [fraternity] known as the “Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross” existed and that this secret Order was now trying to enlist scientists who were Christians. The manifesto gave an emblematic story of a mythical person named Christian Rosencreutz who was the said master of the brotherhood.-

Another manifesto appeared in 1615. This one was known as the “Confessio Fraternitatis”. It served the same purpose as the first but stirred even more controversy. One sad thing that occurred through all of this was the fact that most missed the true purpose and point of these so called “manifestos”. What followed was a distortion in the understanding of their purpose and sadly many occult groups and strange superstitious factions claiming to be the true “Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross” appeared. The fact was - it was the Church of God who was having problems with Protestants and Roman Catholics that inspired the writing of the manifestos. Who was the author of these “anonymous” manifestos?-
King feels that he is boldly going forth against the evil Catholic Church and that they are really pissed at him. It is amazing to see the power these various cult leaders of Armstrong have on the Catholics.

The author of the original manifestos came forth some time later and admitted to writing them. His name was Johann Valentin Andreae. His family was full of Lutheran pastors. His uncle James was known through Germany as “the second Luther”. This history has been hidden from Christians and has most certainly been distorted by the superstitious morons of today and times past. Johann Andreae was a protestant who protested the Protestant’s. It was bold for the true Church of God members to go both against the Roman Catholics and the Protestants. In the 1970’s when Mr. H.W. Armstrong did the same thing he was called a heretic. I too have been given this title by both Protestants and Roman Catholics. No problem. God’s true people are simply “Christian” and nothing else so it doesn’t matter.-

Now Johann Valentin Andreae never meant for the manifestos to take off in the direction that they did. In 1615 he wrote the emblematic and allegorical story called the “The Chemical Nuptilas”. This story has a lot of early reformation conflicts explained allegorically in it. It is a very interesting story which basically talks about the process of religious and political change in society. Some have concluded that the story allegorically ties into the reign of Queen Elizabeth the 1st of Bohemia and other contemporary movements.-

Andreae wrote this to show that the whole idea of a Rosy Cross Brotherhood as described in the first two manifestos was to picture and capture a thought movement. It was expressive of a movement of thought and not a literal story. The stories in the manifestos and in the “Nuptilas” did however contain truth if one was enlightened enough to see it.-

Did you know that St. George of England (the dragon slayer) was a TRUE Church of GOD member?
There is talk that some members of the true Church of God helped to form the “Knights of St. George” which latter became the “Knights of the Garter” to protect true Israel and her secrets. This cannot be proved but some of the Knights explained in Johann Valentin Andreae’s book, “The Chemical Nuptilas” describe Knights dressed in the same garb as the Knights of the Garter. Andreae says their real name is, “The Knights of the Golden Fleece and of the Golden Stone”.-

It is said that St. George of England is neither a Roman Catholic saint, nor a Protestant saint but instead a true saint of the original Church of God. The story of Saint George killing the dragon is allegorical of the Church of God “killing” ignorance and the Devil himself. COGSR to this day still tells this story in the picture of St. George killing the dragon.-
The real purpose of the so called “Rosicrucian Enlightenment” was concerned with spiritual illumination as well as with the advancement of intellectual knowledge. To only have intellectual knowledge is to fall short of the Revelation of God.-


Byker Bob said...

King does not appear to provide footnotes, or references to supoort his statements, so I quickly perused the Wikipedia article on Rosecrucianism. Of course there is no mention of any kind of sabbath keeping, adherence to dietary laws, or observance of Old Covenant holy days by this admittedly secret society, so it becomes difficult to understand how Eric is able to conclude that this group would be similar in any way to Armstrongism.

Worse, there are those dreaded buzz words "freemasonry" and "cross", both anathema to
Armstrong theology.

We've noted before how not only the theories of Alexander Hislop, but also his research methodology have badly infected Armstrongism, and this is yet another example of the latter. Yet, King presents it unashamedly as "truth". What a joke! When he becomes more specific about them, I can't wait to hear his prophecies. He's already starting to sound like Pack and Weinland.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Eric King still needs to accept the fact that his cult is unscientific and accept the fact that DNA Refutes British Israelism instantly and irrefutably annihilates any possible pretention of his (and all Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia) sect having any shred of viability.

Eric King is totally worthless and no one should pay him any heed except for that caveat used at gambling websites: "For entertainment value only".

Moreover, all of Herbert Armstrong's false prophecies failed in his lifetime and carrying them forward doesn't help credibility one whit.

Byker Bob said...

I can understand seeing and imitating certain examples, as in Christians being informed both by the Bible and Science. These ACOG wannabe leaders, however, always take things too far. Even Herman Hoeh would probably be rolling over in his grave at the prospect that the Rosecrucians were part of the so-called "True History of the True Church".

This is every bit as ridiculous as reading a historical narrative, redefining it as prophetic, and stating that ones self is the main character and it's all for our present era.


RSK said...

Oddly, I was just reading part of Hoeh's "Compendium" thesis today - I hadn't read it in at least a decade and an assertion from it happened to occur to me while reading about another subject, so I looked it up. It occurred to me in the reading that you could probably credit Hoeh with being the forerunner of the modern conspiracy/speculation pocket book.

Gideon said...

This King guy believes himself to be quote the "Seventh witness"unquote.