Saturday, November 30, 2013

James Malm Year End Financial Woes Cause Him To Get Ticked Off At Those Who Support Church Social Clubs Instead of Him

James Malm is having some year end financial woes.  He needs you money.  Letters are being lost because of the damnable Christmas cards clogging up the mail this time of year.  He is more important that keeping contact with loved ones spread abroad.

This site is teaching a passionate zeal for sound doctrine, revealing and restoring that which was lost, and proclaiming the true gospel of  warning and repentance and the immanency of the times.  Right now we are in real need of your prayers and financial support.  

The mails often get bogged down in December and we are now approaching the time where mail sent in, may not make it by the end of the year.  Please help out by sending your tax exempt contributions as soon as you can to make sure that you will be able to deduct them for tax purposes for the 2013 tax year.

Ask yourselves if it is right to support social club church’s which tolerate and promote error; or whether it is better to support those  proclaiming the whole word of God, and who dare to obey Christ and sanctify his word in truth and faithful obedience, and who dare to:

Isaiah 28    Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.


Anonymous said...

Uh, James I don't think the mail is so bogged down that a letter is going to take a month. The real issue is you that want money and you want it now.

Richard said...

....except the verse he quotes is from Isaiah 58, not 28.

Proclaimers of God's Word need to be more accurate than that.

Anonymous said...

RE: "James Malm Year End Financial Woes Cause Him To Get Ticked Off At Those Who Support Church Social Clubs Instead of Him"

If it came down to such a choice (and it does not), it probably would be better to support a church social club than to support an ignorant, mixed-up rebel like James Malm who has garbled up everything.

The true Armstrongite (that is, the true follower of Herbert W. Armstrong) must reject ignorant, mixed-up rebels like James Malm who turned against HWA, left the WCG while HWA was still alive, still writes against HWA, does not correctly understand what HWA actually did and taught in the past, and wants to change what HWA did teach.

It would be a grievous spiritual, physical, and financial SIN to support an ignorant, mixed-up rebel like James Malm.

It is so hypocritical of James Malm to want more money now after he criticized HWA for always wanting more money to do a greater work.

Byker Bob said...

The mail is automatically presorted at postal facilities, whether by barcode as in the case of mass business mailings, or by script recognition software. Plus, mail volume has vastly decreased over the past several years as people have turned more and more to electronic methods of communication.

Some of my customers prepare bulk mailings for their clients. Five years ago, their truck drivers would spend several hours each day waiting for the mailings to be offloaded and entered at the post office. Now, there is virtually no waiting due to the decreased volume.

Malm is using an antiquated cliche as a basis for his rant.

Anonymous said...

Malm a "mixed up rebel" HWA was called "Mr. Confusion" and he rebelled against the COG7th day.
He is actually following HWA's example

Head Usher said...

Uh-oh, James! It looks like "god" might be "closing the door" on your "ministry"! Best not to question his infinite wisdom.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Except that James Malm is a kook who thinks he is showing the house of Jacob their sins because he thinks that's the United States and Canada.

We've already proved him wrong with DNA Refutes British Israelism.

He's factually wrong, so there's no sense in giving him money to spread lies.

Anonymous said...

James Malm wrote: "...This site is teaching a passionate zeal for sound doctrine..."

No, that is not wholly true b/c James Malm's site is also teaching "...a passionate zeal for UNSOUND doctrine..."

Just read his explanations of God's Holydays and one can easily see that James has a passionate zeal for his own doctrines, some of which are UNSOUD, as well as some sound doctrine.

Some have strived to show James where his own doctrine has gone unsound, but who else would know about the unsoundness? James does not allow those comments to be read by others who visit his website. Such is life on his website, and I'm not talking about simple mistakes about Isaiah 28 when James should have really mentioned Isaiah 58.

Incidentally, the prophet Isaiah fulfilled that verse to Israel. That verse wasn't written for James Malm to fulfill.

God has not imposed His passionate commandment-keeping on mankind, as James Malm believes,

James Malm is also promoting some of his own errors.

What will James do with the increased prayers and financial $support$?

Well, amongst other things, he will continue to promote a passionate zeal for his unsound doctrine...

How can I do that? Does that really make any sense...any sound sense?


Anonymous said...

Gee James, I thought about sending a check, but then I realized that the postal service delivers on Saturdays, and my electronic transfer service offers 24x7 support, and I just know how you'd hate to be a party to Sabbath-breaking. Too bad!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Malm, if I wanted unsound doctrine, I wouldn't need to go to your church- I could go to a variety of Christian megachurches.

What you have to offer is no less false than what they offer.

And they have jumbotrons and you don't, so I'm inclined to go there instead of your church if I get a hankering for false doctrines and other nuttiness.