Monday, November 25, 2013


You must have a pretty pathetic existence, if all you have to do
is attack your former belief system. If you are so happy to have
rejected what you once believed, why can't you get a life and just
move on?
You have no idea what a major clown you make yourself out to be
with every posting."

Anonymous Email

Every last one?  Really?  

My existence is not so bad. I enjoy learning and always have. I do wish I was a paleontologist though. There is much to learn in this life and there is no easier time in history to learn. Experience seems to be the best teacher.  I would not consider myself to be attacking my former belief system anymore than a Dr. Bart Ehrman of Misquoting Jesus , who began very sincerely as an Evangelical Christian at Moody Bible and just learned there was more to learn or a Dan Barker of Losing Faith in Faith , who had his own experience starting out as a fundamentalist believer.  "When I was a child ..." and all that.

I do have a life and it isn't in starting up or participating in yet another splinter of WCG.  I earn my money with hard work and still enjoying the fact that I am a caretaker at heart.  That's the hard wiring I suppose.  You're right about moving on but when I appear not to be, I am merely endeavoring to point out to others that which may save them from dis-illusionment to come.  But we all believe what we believe until we don't.  It would thrill me if some other former Church of God pastors would step up to the plate by name and share but that evidently is not happening.  I just consider myself to be sharing and anyone on Banned who feels so disposed can do so as well.  The stories and journeys are all different though the point of departure was the same.

Would you care to share your story and affiliations?

I don't consider to myself to be making a major clown out of myself with every posting but if so, thank you for pointing that out.  Having already worked at the Wildworld of God circus for over half my allotted life, I'd rather not do that again is all...

Thank you for kind words and encouragement.  I'd be curious to know who you actually are and your actual church affiliation.  I expect you must attend a COG by the  anonimity and tone of your note.  You're always welcome to give me a call and chat a bit...

Warm regards


Allen C. Dexter said...

If being just as passionate about exposing the rip off and the nonsense as we once were for the cultic farce is being a clown, so be it. This person doesn't seem to be laughing, though.

Random Lurker said...

"It would thrill me if some other former Church of God pastors would step up to the plate by name and share but that evidently is not happening"

And why would it? As long as there are trolls like the one who wrote that letter, waiting to give them shit for it. On the other hand, they've also got to deal with the rage of ex members, something you've no doubt experienced already. Ignore the haters Dennis. You serve a purpose here and your insight is most welcome.

Head Usher said...

I'd bet money she's a true COG believer attending somewhere in the COG system.

The funny thing about those believers who chide and deride former believers, of whom our troll is a sterling example, is that they so often attempt to take an axe to the trunk of the rational and empirical tree, suggesting that nothing, not the scientific method, not even our own senses should be trusted, and that if we do, it's merely another form of "faith" anyway.

Assuming there were any merit whatsoever to such a view, what is this woman trying to establish? Where is the merit in suggesting that science and empiricism is on a par with, and no more reliable than, her religion? If that were true, how is this logic supposed to establish an incentive for anyone to want to switch back over, once again, to the "unreliable belief system" that is Armstrongism? If her arguments did have merit, which they don't, all she would be doing is showing how we're all making the same cognitive errors. But she PRETENDS that she's establishing that Armstrongism is more reliable than empirical science, as though the hallowed halls of science were riddled with liars and cheats and the hallowed halls of Armstrongism were not. But the one thing we've all learned empirically (the hard way), from our time in Armstrongism is that it's hallowed halls ARE, in fact, RIDDLED with liars and cheats!

If she expects to give any rational person a reason to return to the vomit of Armstrongism, she'll have to demonstrate some way in which her belief system exceeds the reliability of the "belief system" she claims empiricism is.

Until then, keep posting her lies and logical cheats here! And if you reply to her emails, tell her that all of us here miss her viewpoint in our discussions.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Some moron wrote, "You must have a pretty pathetic existence, if all you have to do is attack your former belief system. If you are so happy to have rejected what you once believed, why can't you get a life and just move on? You have no idea what a major clown you make yourself out to be with every posting."

MY COMMENT - It takes guts and courage to write what Dennis posts on this website. I, for one, am thankful that he does. He has helped me personally to make sense out of my WCG up bringing and to question my former belief system.

With all due respect to the anonymous e-mail writer (could be Dave Pack), you are the gutless clown who doesn't have the balls to remove your mask of anonymity and go public with your full name as Dennis has.

Yeah, anybody can write and say anything about anybody and hide behind the mask of anonymity on the internet. But Dennis is a real person with a real name with real questions and real insights who emerged from the real circus we call the Worldwide Church of God and its clowns and its cast of characters.

In the Center Ring - Herbert W. Armstrong and 1972/1975 in prophecy - advertising in Reader's Digest! LOL!

Next in the Center Ring - In bed with Garner Ted! LOL!

Next in the Center Ring - Little Joey Tkach steals the Church, changes the belief system, and runs away with all the money! LOL. Little Joey Tkach is a multi multi millionaire! LOL!

And this anonymous idiot calls Dennis a clown????

Dennis, keep posting! You must be getting under someone's skin therefore you must be doing something right!


Anonymous said...

I also read Baker's books on how he lost faith. I agree with many of his concerns, but many are concerns about the modern church organizations and traditions, not Christianity itself. I don't believe that the modern church is a very good representative of true Christianity. Some,like myself, have been able to walk away from organized religion but still be "Christian."

Tia Tita said...

Dennis, just so you do not feel bad about exposing lies, here is the hateful post I got after making a video about DCP (all I did was repeat was this man says and used scripture). Why is it that when the repeated statements of these false teachers are made by others, it sounds bad to them and they get angry at us and not at DCP?

My video: David C Pack Failed Prophecy!

Carmen Eminescu 3 weeks ago


So, those statements are really for DCP, who stated all the evil against another Assembly.

Dennis, you have a better heart than these folks. God above will have more mercy on you than these false teachers.

Anonymous said...

Head Usher,
Why do you think the email came from a woman?

Head Usher said...

Anon 12:32PM

Since the comments I attribute to the troll first started to appear on October 17th or 18th, I've felt she spoke with the shrill voice of a woman. That's just a feeling though. I wouldn't bet money on it. But if it she were not a woman, why would she email Dennis under the name "Myra", instead of a man's name, like "Cliff"?

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is a wuss. I know lots of guys like him, have always not quite fit in because they are strange. So to feel better about his sick minded self, he plays the game and does whatever he can to get attention, and he has gotten it, from a bunch of losers who cannot accept the fact that they are nothing special either. So they all congregate together with their pretty clothes and superficial manners to one another and pretend that out of 7 billion people on planet earth, the are the only ones who truly have a relationship with some bullshit god that they think only they know, yeah right. Wake up people, next time you poop take a good whiff and you will realize you are mere mortals. Your god is make believe, your life is a waste. Your god Dave will die just like you god Herbert the incestuous child molester did, and you are such dumb asses that you will believe the next con man that comes along. You are worse than a clown, they know they are acting like fools, you are a fool. FOOL. I dare you to call Dennis, you couldn't have an intelligent conversation with him because he gets it and you don't. Your boy Davie is too pussified to call Dennis, as he has been invited many many times and won't do it. You know why, cuz he doesn't have to, cuz you are such a dumbass that you keep grieving Dave your money. That's all he wants, listen to what he says, read what he writes and try to count how many times he brings up money. What a fool you are, dumbass.

James said...

It wrote: "If you are so happy to have rejected what you once believed, why can't you get a life and just move on?"

They all say this. They all claim they ain't members also. Then there are the threats of legal action. Its all bullshit. In the court of public opinion, they lose hand down!
By the way, don't we all love those CAPS?

The truth be told, the cog's are losing members and gaining next to nothing for "signing your life away to a cult" robots. They best hope that Obama throws off the Internet switch so they can start growing.

Corky said...

If you are so happy to have rejected what you once believed, why can't you get a life and just move on?

Well, why not just consider it Dennis' contribution to aid the deluded? But, you are not wanting Dennis to "move on", no, what you want is for Dennis to "shut up and don't tell on us".

RSK said...

"DEMON POSSESSED ARE THOSE LIKE YOU" - you got a email from Yoda?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think the email came from a woman? Because obviously there was more to the persons comment that indicates that, simple.

Dennis, You are doing a great job, I for one have learned a lot by checking your comments out and you have helped me see the corruption in some of the off shoots that are deceiving so many. Thnks for all your hard work.

Byker Bob said...

Well, I always say consider the source. Plus, are these comments the best these people can come up with? It's like junior high school listening to them.


Anonymous said...

Remember only God can judge ya. Forget the haters cause somebody lives ya! ;-)

DennisCDiehl said...

I prefer to view the Gerald Flurrys, Dave Packs, Ron Weinlands, James Malms, EWWKINGs and such to be the clowns of ridiculous theology and a tribute to an uneducated "clergy" falsely so called.

Anonymous said...

This blog and the many anti-Armstrongism web sites are necessary, to say at the very least. I and many other former members of the WCG and it's offshoots have woken up because of the information being presented to argue against the lifestyle lunacy that is Armstrongism. Hell, if it wasn't for this website I would probably still be in Wadsworth, Ohio working at Pack's Cult Compound living miserably and lying to myself saying that "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!" or that "I'm living the abundant life!".

Websites like these have helped many people take back control of their own life and realize that they are not putrid, disgusting, fleshly, vile human beings, because that is all that I ever got from Armstrongism - the teaching that you are corrupt and will never be perfect like Christ, but you have to be as perfect as he was in order to enter the Kingdom! Ha! It's a lose/lose situation! PURE INSANITY! Hence, these websites.

For anyone who can read and have the attention span longer than a goldfish: Take at least a few hours exploring this blog. Then go to the Exit and Support Network and read the many many testimonies that have been posted and are still being posted. Go see what "abundant" lives these people lived while they were members of a whacked out Biblical cult. Go see the EXCITING and THRILLING life they lived while growing up in the church. Go see how "God's People" are the "happiest people in the world!".

The longer I'm outside of Armstrongism, the more my jaw drops concerning those people who are still suffering needlessly under such psychological tyrants.

Hats off to Dennis for his contribution towards the progression of a more sane world… hopefully!

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly the email came from that contrarian shape-shifter PCG-Usher. Don't worry, she is just being difficult again. She doesn't believe anything she writes.

Anonymous said...

Head Usher said: "...I've felt she spoke with the shrill voice of a woman."

Really? How WCG of you.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who believes in Darwinian evolution is an unbelievably stupid chump