Sunday, December 29, 2013

David Hulme Cult Fires and Disfellowships More Ministers

The rapid implosion of David Hulme's secretive splinter group readily becoming apparent.  James Malm has several interesting facts posted today.

Steve Andrews had expressed concerns to David for some time, and had been taken off all ministerial duties for this past year [2013] because of his airing of his concerns to David Hulme;  he has now been disfellowshipped for writing a letter to David [in November 2013] expressing his concerns, and now an effort is being made to circulate that letter from Steve to David.

As a result of this firing and disfellowshipment;  Peter Nathan, Cliff Veal (UK/Germany) and Bob Rodzaj (Phoenix, New Mexico), have also been fired or resigned; and it is widely expected that Brian Orchard (N. Cal) will be next.  Brian Orchard and David Hulme were brothers in law from David 1st marriage until his wife died.

I am informed that these men and the other unnamed persons in trouble, seem to have almost 100% backing from their congregations.

There are several other ministers who have recently resigned for whom I do not have names; and several more elders are in trouble as well

Here is the chain of events:
 * A year ago David removed Steve from all ministerial duties because Steve questioned some of David’s policies.
* A couple of weeks ago Steve gave David the six page letter of concern, and David immediately disfellowshipped him. The letter was also sent to the regional pastors.
* Peter Nathan wrote a letter of support and was immediately removed from all ministerial duties.
* Cliff Veil, the minister in UK/Germany was fired.
* Bob Radzaj resigned
* Some local elders stopped attending and or resigned
* Brian Orchard and another minister met with David this week [week of Dec 22nd] and expressed their concerns and issues.
David agreed he would address them, so they have not resigned yet.  How David will address the issues remains to be seen.
These are all well respected regional pastors.


Joe Moeller said...

I lay the following "Las Vegas" odds...

90% chance they will form their own alliance and group.

10% chance they will join up with Living (Meredith) like their British counterparts did a couple of years ago.

I doubt that much fallout will end up with UCG, especially considering the very messy "divorce" back in the late 90s.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Michael said...

Ah, Cliff Veal - good kid as I recall. Misguided, but a nice guy. Probably not one to start up his own group, but one of the others might.