Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rev 23:5 - God Foretold Of A Huge Duck Invasion Followed By An Earthquake in Califronia

God's greatest prophet ever to live, E W King, claims to have a 100% accuracy rate and is posting today about marauding ducks terrorizing drivers.  This is a sure sign of the end times as nature becomes unbalanced and animals take over.  Satan obviously has taken over the minds of the ducks and is causing them to run amok in the land spreading disease and filth.  The true ducks of God would never be in such rebellion!

King also is predicting a major earthquake to happen very soon in California.  I could make the exact same prediction because earthquakes happen here all the time.


Black Ops Mikey said...

How does he know?

Is he tapped into the demons in the flying saucers that cause them?

Byker Bob said...

Magnitude, epicenter, and reason for the quake, please.

Also, is there consensus on these three details amongst all of those from the ACOGs who claim to be God's prophets?

We've had ducks, geese, and cranes on the lakes in the parks in my neighborhood for the past twenty years. Should I be observing these water fowl for some sort of sign as I study the book of Revelation while listening to my Eric King MP3 file of Beatnik music? LOL! (just kidding!)


Connie Schmidt said...

I believe that California will indeed have a HUGE earthquake ... it will happen when Bob Thiels Massive EGO ever falls to Earth in Arroyo Grande!

Connie Schmidt said...

Looks like "Duck Dynasty" needs to tape a "Special" with a trip to Thailand!

Anonymous said...

This Just In! Global Quack-tastrophe: World hit by quakes, quacks, and ducks!

A quack and a duck might sound similar, but they're actually quite different. One is known to fly into a kerfuffle, making a lot senseless noise and expending a lot of effort getting nowhere—and the other one is a duck!

Anonymous said...

What size is a "good" size earthquake? Is Magnitude 1 a "good" size? How about Magnitude 2? Magnitude 3?

Magnitude 3 sounds like a "good" size to me.

old EXPCG hag said...

Yea, old story. Most people know that at some time this will happen. Even I could have predicted this and most people would agree and I don't claim to be a prophet. Just a seeker of the truth.

Sinkholes are happening all over the place also. I'm more worried about sinkholes. Wonder if Prophet Eric can predict the next major sinkhole and if we need to worry about falling into a sinkhole very soon?

Anonymous said...

As surely as Dr. Oz has been promoting quack treatments, E W King has been promoting quack theology.

From where does he get this stuff?
It's daffy!

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

Anonymous said...
What size is a "good" size earthquake? Is Magnitude 1 a "good" size? How about Magnitude 2? Magnitude 3?"

God can only use a 5 or higher. Anything less is less convincing and not even a good try at getting our attention. Anything less than a 5 is just plate tectonics. Just like rainfall under 7 inches or snow under 30 inches is just weather.

All tornadoes are from God when they go down mainstreet. But when they miss, they are also just weather.

James said...

Perhaps the huge duck invasion is a gift from God towards Thailand's poor.

About earthquakes. I predicted one (CA) within a few days when a relative told me that the hillside by him was crumbling again. A quake always follows. Does this make me a prophet? Hell no. Observe with the eye, have the proper education and you can predict a host of things to come.

Eric is a shrill. Those who want to make his living for him can do so. I don't care for exceptionally stupid people and I believe they get what they deserve. In the word of wcg's former Treasurer, the not so beloved Bernie, "I'll get my retirement" still stands today as testimony of the ACOG's constant and selfish self centered stance toward "the self".