Thursday, November 6, 2014

Philadelphia Church of God Brags About Ripping Another COG Family Apart

The Philadelphia Church of God had an article in the October2, 2014 issue of The Philadelphian  rag for TRUE followers of Flurry's harsh spite-fueled god.

It featured an article about a Canadian teen who lives in a household where the mother is a Philadelphia Church of God member and his father is a member of the United Church of God.

Reading the article it is easy to see how Flurry brainwashes his followers through his lies and deceptive practices.  He article is very blatant on labeling every one outside the PCG as lost and Laodiciean.  It's sad to see this kid swallowing this vomit, particularly when there is absolutely NOTHING in the PCG that is God oriented or grace directed.

"Eventually, the WCG's watered-down doctrine convicted  D..........'s parents to stop attending services.  When he was about 9, the family left the WCG and began attending an offshoot group. His father still attends services there.

"D........'s mother left the offshoot group in June 2012 after 5 years.....That August,  D.....'s mother counseled with PCG Local Elder Timothy Oostendarp in their home.

It took time for D...... to adjust to a change of scenery after spending an entire life attending Laodicean services.

Further down in the article they make this statement about the boy using his as a direct jab against UCG:  
Before making the move to the PCG, he only endured services, now he looks forward to them.

Then the PCG writes:

D...... knows from experience how off-track the Laodiciean churches are.   "It's hard to see when you are in it," he says.  "I didn't have a standard to compare it to until I came here.  The thing that really characterized it: 'The rules are slack. They aren't urgent about keeping the rules or keeping the standards high."

"They keep the holy days, " D..... says.  "They do a lot of things similar to the truth.  It's very deceptive.  There's no revelation or deep prophecy, just mainly Christian living.  They think God works with all of (the splinter groups).  I never heard them say anything about the true Church.  They never talk about being the Bride of Christ."

D....... hopes his father will come to the PCG one day and experience the blessing of being God's Philadelphia remnant.

It's sickening how the Philadelphia Church of God and the Restored Church of God take great pleasure in using children as weapons to tear families apart all to appease their hate-filled god.  This has been the tradition of Flurry and his cronies for a long time now.  Dave Pack does he exact same thing. 

Great will be the day these sick men are out of the picture and Armstrongism is wiped from the face of the earth!


Anonymous said...

We find, here, the ultimate use for the phrase "Dumbing Down."

Even transcribed here, the poor, foolish, deprived young person's words sound MEMORIZED, which means repeated over and over and over by Mama until he's got it "right" in his own mind, or the remainder thereof.

Excuse me. I think I'm gonna puke.

Ed said...

One would think that the COGs would be a haven for happy and stable families. Aren't they practicing the "true religion". Look at the fruit. There are more shattered families and destroyed lives in Armstrongism then any other religion that is out there. Or so it seems.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I think the most disturbing things said were by the boy too. No child that lives a real life would repeat those kind of phrases unless they have been repeatedly said to them over and over at home and at church.

Anonymous said...

Sorta reminds me of how other dictatorial political regimes force their prisoners to "go on the record" spouting that regime's propaganda. Everyone knows he's been handed a script and coerced into saying what's on it.

Same thing applies here. Just because "the script" isn't set down on paper doesn't mean WCG, and all the COGlets don't have them, they absolutely do. Even though this little boy may (or may not) have been brainwashed into thinking these things are literally true (even sadder if so) doesn't mean he's not coerced, it would just mean the coercion is that much worse. I think the COGs are a great place to study Stockholm Syndrome and other forms of dictatorial brainwashing. I feel for that whole family.

James said...

PCG. Doing the work of Satan!

RSK said...

If they left WCG when he was 9, he couldn't be a teen now. They've been GCI for a while, right? I have no idea how they do things at GCI but I have a hard time viewing them as "WCG watered down"?

NO2HWA said...

The PCG author can't get his facts straight. There is no way the kid could have been WCG. GCI maybe till they jumped ship to UCG. Mid he was in GCI the kid had to have been really little and would have no way of knowing if anything was wrong. GCI and UCG would certainly feel wish-washy compared to the shit Flurry espouses. Reading the article it is obvious the mother and PCG ministers/employees are feeding the kid a list of phrases to say.

Anonymous said...

They said he was in UCG for five years. That would mean his parents would have had to leave WCG/GCI by 2009 at the latest. If he's 19 now (just picking a maximum for a teen) and they left when he was 9, that has them leaving WCG/GCI in 2004 or later.

Seems untenable to me, but who knows.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, PCG is PCG and well... if the kid is still young, he may likely change his views soon enough.

Byker Bob said...

The adults may or may not deserve what they get when they check their brains at the door to become a member of an ACOG. That depends on a number of conflicting factors, and gets complicated.

Just from my own experience, though, in spite of the fact that I watched my quality of life as a kid go downwards, I was very defensive of the HWAcaca in my family, and my life. Because of fear and other emotions, I probably would have even defended my parents against the authorities if they had been accused of the very real abuse that they did in fact perpetrate upon us as a result of the church teachings. I know that I tried to sugar-coat the activities and teachings of the WCG to my friends, teachers, relatives, and peers, even though these things brought personal suffering. I suspect this is true of all kids, growing up in cults around the world.

My own experience informs me that the testimony of kids in the ACOGs is totally unreliable, and not to be trusted in any way. Responsible adults who may be involved in attempts to "rescue" such children should not take anything they say of an apologetic nature at face value. This is no different from the Jehovah's Witnesses who bring their children door to door on Saturday mornings in the hopes that normal people won't cuss them out.


Redfox712 said...

That was very sad to see. PCG so often belittles the other COG groups as "Laodiceans" in order to say that they are great. It is actually just boasting what the lay members are indoctrinated to believe in by PCG's leaders.

Redfox712 said...

Also this individual probably has no idea that PCG inaccurately prophesied that the Muslim Brotherhood would radicalize Egypt into an Islamist state like Iran. Instead they were routed out of power in a most tragic manner at great loss of life.

He probably does not know that Germany's recognition of Slovenia and Croatia as independent states in December 1991 did NOT start the Yugoslav Wars as PCG's leaders so often claim. In fact Slovenia was already de facto independent as Belgrade had already withdrew Federal forces in October 1991. And the war between Serbia and Croatia had been raging for months by December 1991.

This individual has probably not known that Gerald Flurry insisted that America was becoming isolationist in 1999-2001. And this was just before the 9/11 terrorist attacks and America's armed struggles in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Gerald Flurry and his collaborators were wrong about these three issues. What sort of deep revelation or prophesies are these? Clearly Flurry is only a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Give the kid a brown shirt, teach him a straight arm salute, and his training will be complete.

These people are beyond moronic. I knew Steve Flurry when he was attending AC in Texas. Recently I stopped by their website and saw that he's hosting a show of theirs, so I clicked on it and watched for a few minutes. The shallowness of his thought process was staggering. His reasoning was circular, and his delivery was nothing short of whiny. He seemed like a tired, lost soul who is hitting midlife and realizes he sold out to his Dad's half-assed thinking. Now what? As I watched, I realized that hardly anybody else does, certainly not outside their ragged, tired cult. What a waste.

That said, they have no cause for pride or arrogance. What they're promoting and doing is just plain evil. The kid in this article sounds like he's turning into a typical COG prick. Their whole movement can't come crashing down soon enough.

Redfox712 said...

>>I knew Steve Flurry when he was attending AC in Texas. Recently I stopped by their website and saw that he's hosting a show of theirs, so I clicked on it and watched for a few minutes.<<

This is probably part of the PCG's leadership's process of training Stephen Flurry to take over PCG after his father's demise.

>>The shallowness of his thought process was staggering. His reasoning was circular, and his delivery was nothing short of whiny.<<

The few times I watched his show I was unimpressed. His speaking style seemed flat. For the most part he seemed to be just reading his lines.

As for circular reasoning I can well recall when he hosted one episode discussing the fall of Fallujah to Sunni insurgents, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys (ISIL), earlier this year. Instead of talking about the situation in a responsible way he just fear mongered about Iran. But Iran didn't seize Fallujah. It was Sunni insurgents who did that, many of whom hate Iran.

Another thing he does is that every now and then he talks of someone with faint praise, but he is actually just getting ready to criticize them in some way, or rather that is the criticism.

>> He seemed like a tired, lost soul who is hitting midlife and realizes he sold out to his Dad's half-assed thinking. Now what? As I watched, I realized that hardly anybody else does, certainly not outside their ragged, tired cult. What a waste.<<

I never looked at it that way before.

Anonymous said...

It would be a blessing from on High to be shunned by PCG

Anonymous said...

UCG and PCG have identical core beliefs. Apparently, UCG doesn't have enough doom, gloom, fire, and brimstone to excite this unfortunate young man's imagination. I hope his eyes are opened before PCG does too much damage to his life.

Black Ops Mikey said...

PCG: The most favored cult amongst the juvies.

Black Ops Mikey said...

No brainer for the kid:

He had to either choose to say this or be left at a shopping mall.

Byker Bob said...

What amazes me is that an obvious scam which bilks people out of their hard earned money, like some bogus roofing scam inflicted on retirees, or the Mexican laetrile cancer treatments can be exposed, and the public responds by becoming educated and avoiding these situations. Soon, these scams dry up, and crooks concoct new formulae.

However, one scam that just never seems to go away is the ol' Jesus is coming in 3-5 years, and by the way, I am an apostle/prophet entitled to 30% of your income, and with the authority to completely mess up you family and your life scam.

At the risk of dealing in stereotypes, people like Bob Thiel, James Malm, David Pack, and Gerald Flurry are the modern day equivalent of the Gypsies.


xHWA said...

Hey, Black Ops Mikey, email me.

old EXPCG hag said...

"They keep the holy days, " D..... says. "They do a lot of things similar to the truth. It's very deceptive. There's no revelation or deep prophecy, just mainly Christian living.

...just mainly Christian

As if that should be the last thing they do. It's like when people only pray to God when they're about to die or something, HA!

OK, now that that's said...

I'm writing a book about mine and my son's adventures in the PCG. I'm trying to decide on a title. Here are a few I've come up with...tell me which one you think??...

1."Why Mother Mary and Baby Jesus >GO TO CHURCH< Then Don't >GO TO CHURCH<

2. Why Mother Mary and Baby Jesus Got the Boot #2 But #1 Was Not So!

3.Mother Mary and Baby Jesus Get the Shaft...>from the PCg<.

4.Mother Mary and Baby Jesus Got the boot from the Philadelphia Church of god...(PCg)...But Brian Davis and Gerald Flurry Never Did!

5.The Adventures of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus in the PCg.

I was going to put seven choices because seven is the perfect number, but I can't think of two more right now. I have to >GO TO WORK<.

Black Ops Mikey said...

How about:

6. The PCG kicked me out because I wouldn't leave my son in a shopping mall;

7. PCG has been keeping Jesus out!


8. PCG preparing for the lake of fire;

9. PCG members now getting baptized in pools of beer!

The last one is a specialty of Ambassador University where the six pack prophet lives.