Monday, October 12, 2015

More Claptrap From Another Armstrong (Garner Ted's son, Mark)

by Miller Jones

Mark Armstrong writes: 

Greetings from Tyler,

We've just returned from a very well-attended and successful Feast of Tabernacles.  But one major tragedy occurred in Galveston, TX where Minister and Area Coordinator Frank Scherich was struck and killed by an automobile as he tried to save his beloved dog, Buddy out of traffic.  Buddy survived with only a broken leg.  Frank was a dear friend, beloved by many, survived by three sons, three daughters, seventeen grandchildren and six great grandchildren.  He was one of two professional pilots who flew the Falcon business jet with my Dad, Garner Ted Armstrong.  His funeral is scheduled for Sunday, October 11, at 12:30 PM

This is about the only portion of this letter that is not offensive. What a testimony to the man's character that he died trying to save his dog - that is a tragedy. May God bless and comfort his family and friends.

Since we left for the Feast, a mere two weeks ago, several noteworthy events have transpired.  The pope visited the United States, and was virtually worshiped by several news networks whose anchors and reporters didn't hesitate to refer to him blasphemously as “holy father” or “his holiness.”  The messages contained in his halting speeches never invoked God or His Laws.  He warned against the dangers of “polarization,” meaning a discrepancy of opinion or argument.

The news media has never been noted for its spirituality or religiosity. In fact, if we are going to make any generalizations about them in this regard, I believe that we would have to describe them as irreverent. It is interesting that many of them used the titles that Catholics use to refer to Francis. In my opinion, they did this out of respect for the man. In other words, Francis' behavior since his elevation to the position of leader of the world's largest group of Christians has earned the respect of many of these highly jaded and secular journalists. Indeed, his humility and kindness have engendered respect from many quarters outside of the Roman Catholic world (even among some notable atheists). Can you imagine Herbert or Garner Ted Armstrong ever having said "who am I to judge?"?  

Isn't that interesting?  We live in an environment where our foundational values are being torn down and trampled, and the pope advises us not to disagree!  We've been conditioned to be run over by “modern” sentiments, to include the sanctity of homosexuality, “global warming,” socialist seizure and redistribution of things earned, and compassion for supposed “refugees.”  Consequently, the United States of America is being OVERRUN by each and every one of these.  The pope lectured us to get on board with each of these philosophies, with the possible exception of queer marriage.

Foundational values - really? Aren't things like freedom, equality before the law, tolerance, compromise, helping the disadvantaged among us, compassion for immigrants and care and respect for the natural environment traditional American values? Although there is a great deal of evidence for the existence of the kind of sentiments that Mark expresses here in the story of America (hatred, intolerance, bigotry, exploitation and scapegoating), I also see much evidence for the values that I just mentioned.

Yes, part of our foundational values included things like slavery, mistreatment of Native Americans, industrial/commercial exploitation of our natural resources, suppression of voting rights, religious and ethnic intolerance (witness the past treatment of Catholics, Mormons and Irish, Italian immigrants). Our history also contains much evidence of the other thread:  The belief "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." The women's suffrage movement and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 are also part of our history. The creation of the Department of the Interior, National Forest Service, National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency are also important milestones in our story. Abraham Lincoln said that it was our responsibility as a nation "to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan." Theodore Roosevelt said that it was the responsibility of government to regulate the "malefactors of great wealth" so as to protect the interests of the average citizen against them. Franklin Roosevelt established the Social Security Administration to protect the elderly. What about the words of an AMERICAN poet engraved on the plaque below the Statue of Liberty? 

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

The damage done to the United States over just the approximate two week period that we were observing God's commanded Feast is staggering.  Forty years of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East was delivered a fatal blow by standing aside and allowing Russia to establish a military airbase in Syria.  Initially, the move was welcomed under the belief that Putin would help stamp out ISIS.  Instead, his warplanes were directed at CIA trained and supplied militias fighting the Assad regime.  Further, a Russian diplomat appeared at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to demand that U.S. aircraft steer clear so as to avoid contact with Russian fighter jets.  So John Kerry, our Secretary of State pads around mouthing this unknown word, “deconfliction,” hoping there won't be an incident between U.S. and Russian fighter jets.  What an embarrassment!

Russia has achieved something never allowed under any previous U.S. president.  A firmly planted military footprint in the Middle East.  Putin has allied himself with Assad of Syria, and Assad is allied with Iran.  The American president, through the State Department just made every imaginable concession to Iran and its nuclear program, and despite all kinds of criticism and rhetoric about stopping the “deal” from the House of Representatives and Senate, it appears, once again that nobody will have the guts to stand up for the protection of the State of Israel or the United States.

What a bunch of jingoistic nonsense! "Blessed are the peacemakers." Who said that? Didn't Jesus Christ also urge his followers to quickly reconcile with their brethren? Didn't he also encourage his followers to turn the other cheek? Didn't Paul encourage Christians not to hold on to anger, offense and resentment? Does Mark want the United States to be complicit or acquiescent in the initiation of yet another war? Is he advocating a return to the Cold War era?

Encouraged by the pope's insistence that we be compassionate toward third-world refugees, we've seen our Department of State say that we'll be accepting 10,000, then 100,000, now 200,000 Syrian refugees.  Except 80% of the refugees flooding Europe are not Syrian.  They're from all over the Muslim Middle East.  And most probably are not even refugees.  They are opportunists taking advantage of the crisis in Syria and responding to the ill-advised statements of Angela Merkel of Germany that they would be welcomed.

Perhaps Mark has more insight into this matter than those who are observing the phenomenon as it happens. I don't think that anyone is in a position to identify the precise point(s) of origin for all of the flood of refugees currently pouring into Europe. Nevertheless, there is a large body of both real and circumstantial evidence to suggest that large numbers of people have fled the country of Syria to escape the horrific civil war there. And we have all witnessed the anecdotal evidence provided by our own news media that women and children have been a significant part of that mix.

If they're refugees, where are the old men and women and children?  They've obviously been left behind to fend for themselves in whatever cursed lands these potential jihadists came from.  Oh, but we must take them in, find them a place and support them.  

That goes for the drug cartels, the human smugglers, the gang members of El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico as well.  

Since, in all his anti-American wisdom, the president saw fit to make buddies with the Castros of Cuba, we now have a massive influx of Cubans into the United States as well.  And we learn that there are some forty or fifty new “sanctuary cities” within our borders over the past three months.  The feds refuse to prosecute the crimes of illegal aliens.  Cities refuse to incarcerate them at local expense.  They're being let out after they're caught committing crimes that would send a citizen away for years.  But illegals?  They're back on the street to take advantage of American citizens as easy prey.  

What we're seeing at every level is the desecration of all that we hold dear.  According to the philosophy that has taken hold at the very top of U.S. government, God's Laws and His blessings to the descendants of Biblical Israel have been unfair to the heathen nations.  And Obama's on the job to straighten the whole thing out.  He's letting thousands of drug dealers out of prison in the next month or so, and plans to let another fifty thousand out sometime next year!  They're “non-violent” offenders, and their prison sentences were unfair.

Mark shows his true colors here. This is at the heart of much of the criticism of our current president. Instead of focusing on differences over policy (which is legitimate), his detractors have charged that he is un-American or anti-American. He's not one of us - He's one of them - those NASTY FOREIGNERS! He's simply not one of us; because he's not a WHITE, FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN, CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. News flash, there are plenty of loyal and patriotic Americans who don't fit that profile!

And yes, once again, British Israelism is inherently racist in its nature. The Bible makes clear that Israel was only special in the sense that they were intended to be an example for the other nations/peoples of the world. If God is God, then He is the God of everyone. God is no respecter of persons. "There is neither Jew nor Greek...for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." The New Testament makes clear in many places that anyone (Gentiles included) who accepts Jesus Christ as his/her Savior is automatically made one of Abraham's descendants and thereby becomes an heir to the promises made to him.

There is now almost universal agreement (even among most Republicans) that our prison system is broken. We have a greater percentage of our population incarcerated than any other industrialized nation on the face of the earth! Moreover, many of us think that it is highly illogical to devote so much attention and resources to a drug (marijuana) that should probably be legal anyway (what's the justification for our current treatment of this drug relative to how we handle alcohol and tobacco?). I wonder if we've devoted so much energy and resources to the persecution of pot smokers to divert our attention from having a REAL "war on drugs?" (against truly destructive things like heroin, crystal meth, cocaine and LSD).

So, here they come.  The Syrians, the Afghanis, the Iraqis, the Yemenis, the Somalis, the Cubans, the El Salvadorans, the Guatemalans, the Mexicans, the prison gangs, and they can do no wrong.  If they commit crimes, they're back on the street.  They are this president's and his party's constituents.  Upon the pope's departure from the U.S., the president was speaking before the green marble wall at the United Nations.  I heard him say, “I will not hesitate to protect the American people,” just before finding the red button on the remote.  Say what?  It's a little late to be making a statement like that.  American citizens have been punished severely, and will continue to be punished, regulated, abused and overrun by heathens from all over the world who know nothing of our customs, our values or our laws.

The foreigners and heathens are taking over - run for the hills! What a bunch of baloney! The United States has always been a mixture of different cultures. The United States has always been changing, evolving and becoming. As a serious student of our history, I see a steady march toward more freedom, liberty and tolerance. This republic is built on the foundation of those ideas expressed in our Declaration of Independence. A devotion to those ideas/principles have always been the only thing that has really united us. In the past, our laws and customs have not always been in sync with those values; but I believe that an objective review of our history indicates a steady march toward the fulfillment of those ideals. We're not there yet, but we are on our way!   

Some say the country had it coming, for having turned its back on God, and that may be right.  But it's not over yet.  It's already ugly, and the next year and a half may well see civility, if not civilization itself break apart.  Right now the president is in Oregon to exploit the massacre of helpless students trapped in a gun-free zone by a well-armed madman.  He says he can't wait for duly passed laws to make their way through our Constitutional system.  He apparently wants us all defenseless against the crime-wave he's unleashing upon us.

The President went to Oregon to express the nation's grief over that community's loss and our support for them as a people. Mark may not like it, but Barack Obama currently represents the people of the United States as OUR president. As such, he is responsible for expressing our collective sentiments to individuals and making commitments of support on our behalf. He is Commander-in-Chief and Comforter-in-Chief. Anyone who occupied that office should have been in Oregon carrying out those responsibilities. Indeed, he would have been the subject of legitimate criticism if he had failed to do so.

Moreover, as someone who has served in the Armed Forces of this country and is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I fail to see how confining gun ownership to those who are sane and free of criminal involvement is a significant infringement on the right to bear arms. While the vast majority of our citizens are responsible gun owners, there are clearly some individuals who should NEVER be allowed to have a gun in their hands!

It is a desecration of our heritage that a heathen of Obama's extraction should ever have had the chance to demean the Office of the Presidency as he has persistently done.  But no one in the House or Senate will do their constitutionally ordained job.  Maybe they're all compromised in some way, it's sure is starting to seem that way.  Divine intervention may be our only hope, but if it comes in the way of the end-time scenario, it's going to be very painful for all concerned.  May God's will be done.
Mark Armstrong

Once again, Mark shows his true colors. The President has repeatedly expressed his devotion to Christianity. Oops, I almost forgot - anyone who doesn't accept Armstrongism is a heathen. This is the same kind of underhanded swipe at the President's background and heritage that we've heard from other quarters - the implication that he's somehow not one of us - that he's really not one of us in his heart of hearts - that he doesn't share our values. To be sure, President Obama is one of the most liberal men to have ever occupied the Oval Office; but he appears to be a decent, Christian man who is devoted to the principles outlined in our Declaration of Independence. 


Byker Bob said...

Agreed. However, can you imagine what many of the Armstrong stalwarts are saying about Mark's missive? They are probably thinking that he has finally come of age, matured, and is proving that the people who dismissed him as a lightweight might have been a bit premature in their judgments. I dare say there are probably those who would say that Mark is making more sense than Rod Meredith, Bob Thiel, David Pack, Gerald Flurry, or the three dudes that are putting on United's cookie cutter of "America Listen".

He has apparently learned to play to the choir. This is not going to spawn a reunification or bring the Armstrong movement back into prominence, but Mark has become an effective spouter.


Minimalist said...

"Except 80% of the refugees flooding Europe are not Syrian. They're from all over the Muslim Middle East."

Probably true, like are all these (millions) of "Puerto Ricans" in the US really from that little island? (a commonwealth of US with special emigration rights)

Mark said...

Don't even know where to start with this one...

DennisCDiehl said...

Nice heartfelt n well expressed commentary perspectives

Retired Prof said...

This jingoism is one of the threads of thought that turned me off way back in the days of the Radio Church of God. Armstrong kept saying America should exercise its military might, at the same time he kept saying that COG members should stay out of the military. Sort of like the old saying, "Let's you and him fight."

Naively, I thought Christians, including COGgers, should consider what was moral on the personal and social level to extend to the national and international level. Armstrong explicitly denied that equivalence. It's disappointing to see his grandson continuing the tradition, right along with other fundamentalists.

Sane Con said...

As sane conservative Bruce Bartlett would say, "Mark Armstrong is a wanker!"

Anonymous said...

Read this and we will have all our problems solved.

Anonymous said...

God Commanded His people to come out of the world; but notice how similar much of mark armstrong's rhetoric is to any given commentary on fox news; where is the distinction of a called out peoples in his words? there is little if any, hence he is a hypocrite in that he is one that keeps the Sabbath but the words of his heart betray yet another typical hater; and he will be appointed his portion with the hypocrites...

Anonymous said...

Garner Ted Armstrong, and now his son Mark Armstrong, never stop blabbering away against other people in the world to try to distract everyone's attention from the fact that spoiled GTA's immoral behavior was the main problem in the Worldwide Church of God.

Anonymous said...

CGI has always gotten involved in politics, backhandedly, but involved nontheless...

and face it MJ, you're just sore that they won't accept your homosexual agenda...

Byker Bob said...

5:11, what is a homosexual agenda? Can you list the points, that in your opinion, constitute such an agenda?

Secondly, any organization which preaches that homosexuality is a sin is probably not going to change its doctrinal apporach regardless as to what might be happening in the surrounding culture.


Tom Dale said...

Your comment’s in red Miller, just go on to further the meme that liberalism is truly satanic.

Miller Jones said...

I appreciate Byker Bob's and Dennis Diehl's comments. For the record, I'm not sore at anyone - just determined to expose prejudice, bigotry and falsehoods where I find them. Tom Dale, I went through Mr. Armstrong's commentary and refuted it point by point. Your characterization of my comments is not supported by ANYTHING - Would you mind explaining how anything that I said is connected to liberalism or Satan?

Tom Dale said...

I’m not surprised you don’t see it. Being from California I’ve known so many liberals that despise America, our Constitution, the nation of Israel. Now they embrace the fallacy of gay marriage, anyone conservative and are 100% in agreement with the idea of man-made global warming.
Armstrong died in 1986. You’ve turned some weird hatred for that man into a new religion. I don’t recognize anything you or anyone else on this website says about the COG. It’s as if we were in two different worlds. All I can imagine is that you grew up in the church and have a hatred for it just like Joe Jr. had, and who by the way is also very liberal in his politics.
What I do recognize from reading all of these posts is the mind set I grew up around. All of it is very far left.
My only point is that all of you need to give up this hatred that doesn’t exist anywhere except in a very small number of individuals that dedicate their lives to spread their grievances. Repent of your liberal ideology and save your sole.

Alan said...

"CGI has always gotten involved in politics, backhandedly, but involved nontheless..."

Just for the record: Mark Armstrong is not with CGI. He's with ICG, the organization his dad founded after parting ways with CGI. GTA left the CGI in January 1998. He then wrote articles and gave "sermons" wherein he attacked CGI for "no longer watching world events." That was because certain CGI ministers wrote and spoke against what they termed "headline theology," pointing out that Jesus' instructions to "watch, therefore..." had nothing to do with watching world events.

Tom Dale said...

One more thing Miller, just look at the last sentence you wrote in red.

"but he appears to be a decent, Christian man who is devoted to the principles outlined in our Declaration of Independence"

More than anything else you've written, that last line gives away your extreme bias.

Just one month ago in Des Moines, Iowa, the president criticized Christians. It's one of many criticisms he's made throughout his career, and at the same time always calling islam the religion of peace and making excuses for it.
Read for yourself from a left wing site.

Your fight is not with me or anyone in the COG. It's with a majority of the country that knows this man is not a Christian. Your liberalism blinds you of that fact and there is nothing anyone can say that will sway you from this.

I know this from experience. So that leaves us divided. As I see it, there is no moderation between our world views. So we have to pick a side. I've chosen to support Israel, to never surrender on the fallacy of gay marriage and global warming, and to tell anyone within ear shot that Obama is no Christian.

It could end up in another bloody civil war. My side is stored up lots of guns and ammo. Your side has a lot of protest signs. In the end liberalism will lose and freedom and liberty will rule the day.

Byker Bob said...

"save your sole" (sic)???? When did the discussion switch over to shoes? Armstrongites have never believed in a soul, so I guess it follows that they wouldn't know how to spell the word.

Meanwhile, time lapse photography, and satellite imagery show that the glaciers and ice masses are continuing to melt at an alarmingly accelerated rate, and life-sustaining coral is being "bleached" around the world.

I am basically a "God and guns" Christian myself, but deeply fear the "Christians" who judge the totality of a man's value based soley on his skin pigmentation or what squirts his penis.

Balance isnt extreme liberalism, or extreme conservatism. Any perceived strength, practiced to extreme, becomes a weakness or limitation. Most working people, trying to earn a living, are basically centrists, just trying to navigate around the extremists. They end up having to dodge all the stupid mala prohiba laws imposed on them by polar opposite sides as they try to live good lives and raise their families.

Why would people who "don't feel the love" want to become like Tom?


Anonymous said...

Supposedly, with Christians, "you will know them by their fruits". Hiding in a bunker behind a wall of guns and ammo, intimating future violence toward others because they're upset about someone else's marriages, and encouraging willful ignorance regarding environmental stewardship of the planet don't seem like particularly fruitful spiritual endeavors. It's strange how those who complain the loudest about the supposed criticism of Christianity are always its most lacking examples.

Tom Dale said...

I did goof on that miss-spell. And for those keeping count, I don't believe in an everlasting soul. I just thought it would help make a point for anyone reading this not familiar with doctrine.
There were people and still are some that worshipped Armstrong. Flurry is the best example of that mindset. But the truth is that was always a small group in the church that was mostly dependent on the money they got from headquarters.
Where I attended at least half of the congregation voted, the women wore makeup except at church, owned fire arms, and of course always thought Joe Tkach Sr. was a total phony and fraud.
You mention skin pigmentation. I've actually heard white liberals in California in 1991 say that they “hate Clarence Thomas because of the color of his skin”. I'm sure they meant that no black man should be conservative. Look how anyone on the left treats either Thomas, or Ben Carson. Similarly how they react to any conservative woman. It's like throwing holy water on a vampire.
Also you left out vaginas. Most gay marriages are with women.
Finally, I've yet to find anywhere in all of human history where there was an example of extreme conservatism.

Tom Dale said...

Can you post that time lapse thing about the ice melting?

Tom Dale said...

Stay away from those magnets Anonymous.

Miller Jones said...

Tom, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm fifty-four years old, and I believe that the greatest president (present occupant included) of my lifetime was Ronald Reagan. I do not currently belong to either party, although I was a Republican at one time (before they became so negative and extreme). I was not raised in the church, although I was baptized when I was only seventeen. Even so, I am very familiar with the beliefs of the Worldwide Church of God and have demonstrated to my own satisfaction that they did not have a lock on the truth. I would NOT, however, change my history with regard to my involvement in Armstrongism if I could - I am who I am today in part because of those experiences - no bitterness or resentment here. One more thing before I close, do all of the editions of the Bible where Christ's words appear in RED indicate Satanic influence?

Tom Dale said...

I just called my friend Rob.

Rob: Hello.

Tom: Hey, Rob it's Tom?

Rob: Hey bro, what's up.

Tom: Man, you wont believe it. I just had Anonymous tell me that I'm not a Christian.

Rob: Woo, dude. That's messed up. Anonymous, really? That's heavy stuff man.

Tom: Yeah, tell me about it. I'm really feeling low now.

Rob: Well yeah, of course man, it's Anonymous!! Hey, did he mention anything about me?

Tom: Ummm, no, you didn't come up.

Rob: Oh thank God man, I couldn't handle that right now.

Tom: I think I'm going to take some time this week and do some heavy soul searching. I'll call you after the weekend.

Rob: Right on man, I understand. Be strong, peace out.

Byker Bob said...

Tom, I've visited that NASA climate change site a number of times. In the 4th paragraph of the article you cited, it states that since the late 1970s, the Arctic region has lost an average of 20,800 square miles of ice each year. Antarctica, has gained an average of 7,300 square miles per year, but that still is a net loss of 13,400 square miles for the planet each year.

I watch the NOVA program on PBS fairly regularly, and that is where I became aware of the extent of, and the science behind, the Arctic melt down we are witnessing and the thawing of the permafrost. I do not have the time lapse from the NOVA program to share with you, but if you Google "Time lapse of arctic melting", several videos from fairly authoritative sources such as NASA will come up.

Also, have you seen what is coming out of EXXON these days? It is reminiscent of the tobacco companies and how they handled the lung cancer concerns for decades! I won't make any further commentary on this article, but I will say that anyone who reads it is going to come away with a completely different attitude. I hope I got that right, but if not, just Google Exxon Arctic melting, and it will all come up.

Glaciers and snow pack are what feed every major river around the world. When you think of the possibility of the Ganges River drying up over in India, the impact to humanity would be staggering.

Regarding extreme conservatism, we live in it every day in my neck of the woods. The most evident damage of the extremeness is the way the elected officials keep taking away from the school budgets year after year. Our public schools are now right in there with Mississippi, in fact Mississippi might have actually surpassed us in excellence at this point. Fortunately, the extreme conservative environment experienced during my years in WCG prepared me very well for it. I'm not a liberal, but many liberals usually have a sense of mercy and compassion, and apply their financial resources to alleviating human misery. I have to applaud them when they are being Christlike, just like I tar and feather them for some of the useless feel-good stuff they do.


Retired Prof said...

Tom Dale, no wonder it is hard for you to find an example of extreme conservatism. You view people who occupy your position as the center and everyone else--especially those whose opinions irritate you--as liberal. When you look for extreme conservatives, you look to your right, and you don't see anybody. The reason? Your position lies way over there on the far right edge, which other people perceive as extreme, even if you don't.

Your boast about shooting people with protest signs?

All right, buster, some of us liberals can shoot too. You start shooting up peaceful protests, we'll be there shooting back. The Second Amendment is in the constitution so that we citizens can defend our nation against enemies foreign and domestic. Conservatives in the original sense--those who take a measured approach to problems and resist rash actions--will stand right beside liberals when faced with the kind of rash actions you propose. You are not an extreme conservative. You are a rabid one.

Tom Dale said...

I have to agree with you Miller about Reagan being the best president. Don't tell that to Retired Professor though, he'll call you rabid for sure.

Baptized at seventeen? I'd consider that ill advised. I was baptized at nineteen in San Diego and was told that was usually not the norm. I was a different case though not having grown up in the church.

I also agree with you that the church had no lock on the truth. I had many disagreements with curtain ministers and got thrown out of Richard Ames office once. Not physically thrown, but with a lot of yelling on his part.

I'm at a loss though with what you’re saying about Christ's words in RED being satanic. I never said that, nor implied it. I was talking about your edits you have about Mark Armstrong.

Tom Dale said...

Hey Professor!!! You actually taught children?

When did I say I wanted to shoot anyone? Do you really go to bed at night thinking the rabid right wing is coming to get you?

What you said about the Second Amendment is 100% accurate. But who is that domestic enemy?

Make no mistake, I am your enemy, and you are my enemy. Your world view is the most dangerous thing I've ever been exposed too. I'm from California remember, where every single college professor is a left wing lunatic. I have a seething hatred for all things liberal because of what I’ve experienced with it in both my youth and adult life. It's pure evil. I will fight against it until I’m dead with extreme prejudice knowing I’m fighting the good fight.

I truly hope that makes you sleep better. Try not to shoot yourself with that gun of yours.

Tom Dale said...

Bob, the thing about compassion.

It really does prove my point. Look at the results of all the liberal compassion. We've been doing in for 100 years now starting with Woodrow Wilson. Everywhere that this compassion, (handouts), are applied you don't alleviate human misery. The human misery expands and grows. And it's done of purpose because both parties know that they need a dependency class to stay in power. It's not rocket science.

What the liberals are doing is not Christ like. Where does that thinking even come from?

Were you in the Professor's class?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why would someone choose to respond anonymously to Tom Dale when all he's doing is fantasizing about a bloody confrontation in which he gets to pump bullets in to any individual who doesn't line up with his ideology? It doesn't make any sense!

Tom Dale said...

Anonymous and the Professor were separated at birth for sure.

What ever happened to starving children or dirty water and dirty air? Killing old people and hating children. Stick to basics man.

You’re starting to sound to the left of the average leftists.

Byker Bob said...

Ah, just what we need, Tom. Someone who is not only steeped in the HWAcaca, but has also been damaged by Rush Limbaugh! Double trouble. What you just stated regarding compassion is nearly a direct quote from the E.I.B. archives.

It's been my experience that some of the high profile conservative politicians are very eloquent and convincing in defending activities that our mothers taught us were just plain selfish.


Questeruk said...

Wow - reading the rhetoric of the last few posts here, I can understand why homicides by firearms is over seventy times higher in the USA than in my country.

On that basis, the sooner a measure of gun control is introduced to the US, so much the better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

"On that basis, the sooner a measure of gun control is introduced to the US, so much the better for everyone."

LOL, duck and cover everyone.

Retired Prof said...

Actually many measures of gun control have already been introduced to the US. And they work.

When my wife helped clear out her father's house after he died, she despaired of bringing the guns she inherited back home in her checked luggage on the plane, so she took them to a firearms dealer and had them shipped to a firearms dealer here, for her to pick up at the store instead of at our address. Nobody told her it is legal to ship a gun one already owns to oneself, but everything turned out for the best. All that red tape involved with the shipping and the federal background check had a beneficial effect on the crime rate in our jurisdiction.

That is to say, my wife has never shot even one person with any of those guns!