Saturday, April 16, 2016

Philadelphia Church of God Fear Factor

More propaganda for the apostate crazies in Edmond.

Fear is one of the biggest tools used to control members.  Make them fear for their safety and eternal salvation and they will follow you Petra...or drink kool-aid...or believe the silliest things imaginable.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and it has been so from the very beginning. It's used to control children with warnings about a fearful "boogey man." It's being used at this very moment in the Democratic Party by making people fear what might happen if they rebel against the candidate being forced down their throats by every strategem and underhanded ploy available. IF our forefathers had succumbed to that kind of thinking, we'd still be singing "God save the queen. All religions use fear and intimidation as their main tool for keeping people in line. That's all "hell" is for.

Anonymous said...

I like this site. I get a lot of info from it. Helps me keep up with what's going on. But, I had to start posting as Anonymous because it apparently offended the power that is behind this site that I'm an outspoken secular humanist atheist who considers all religion one big crock of you know what. I feel sorry for the deluded souls who still hang with that big book of lies, worry about keeping days and what they eat and in short, are all tied up in knots just like I used to be. It's so idiotic and totally unnecessary. I'm going to keep enjoying my new life of intellectual and personal freedom, and I'm going to keep on posting as anonymous. Go ahead and try to ferret out my comments and block them. Have fun!

NO2HWA said...

I could care less if you are a secular humanist or an atheist. The only posts I have stopped publishing is from a closet case that has an extreme fascination with certain male body parts and comments that have to tie every single post into issue about free trade, government conspiracies, or drive conversations off track of the original post, though even some of those have been left up too. I spent my life listening to this kind of bullshit being espoused by countless people in Pasadena. Not one single thing they predicted has ever come to pass, and I'm not even talking about the false religious prophecies. Every government conspiracy theory found fertile ground in the Armstrongite movement, particularly in Pasadena. It still does to this day when you look at the topics that Flurry, Meredith, Pack and Thiel talk about incessantly. If that is what people want to post then take it over to Bob Eliah Elisha Amos Thief's board, I m sure he will post it.....

Anonymous said...

I am one of the persons NO2HWA is speaking of and I have found NO2HWA too kind in instances.
Although I find it a bit strange to keep "government" out of the discussion when we are speaking of a man who visited 160 government leaders and had spoken to more government officials around the world than probably any contemporary.

In any case NO2HWA is doing a wonderful work and find him a patience man.
Usually his personal postings on the main board (about weinland or pack of thiel) crack me up and are better than any tv show.
I find them hilarious although people who have been genuinely hurt immediately point out the seriousness behind the postings. I especially worry about thiel. I am not sure if he is stable enough to withstand the chatter on this board. But, as they say. You reap what you sow.


Redfox712 said...

What vomit PCG has produced.

Anti-cult author Steven Hassan mentioned that some authoritarian religious groups use horror movies to keep members scared of the outside world.

"News items are excellent for eliciting fear and inculcating phobias. Cult leaders like to tell members about floods, earthquakes, fires, famimes, plagues, and wars-as proof that the last days have arrived. They love to proclaim the destruction of the non-believers of the world." (Steven Hassan, Freedom of Mind, 2012, pp. 156-7.)

This video continues that shameful tradition.

PCG thinks the German dictator will be Karl-Theodor zu Guttenburg. They have been scare mongering about him since 2009. PCG often insinuates that Merkel will lose power to be replaced by zu Guttenburg.

Strange how they are trying to exploit the fear of terrorist attacks by ISIL while at the same time they say it will be Germany which will conquer the United States.

PCG is wrong to insinuate that Europe was ever united. Europe has never been united. And the European Union has been quite friendly towards the United States. It is shameful that PCG's 1% have no regard for this friendship.

Thank you, No2HWA, for bringing attention to this dreadful propaganda.

NO2HWA said...

NCK: I have no doubt that there was collusion at times with the church and HWA's advisors in regards to the easy access he had to various countries. Money and gifts flowed freely in order to gain an audience with world leaders and to put on public speaking appearances. We all know the stories of corruption that dogged Gotoh, Rader and others over the decades. Money talks. I get it. Not every conversation you have posted in regards to working trade issues in has been deleted. Some do have relevance. I appreciate you comments, even though I know I tick you off at times. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe I was wrong and mistaken. I'm Allen C. Dexter and maybe I didn't post quite right and got denied by some technicality I'm not aware of. If so, I apologize, but I had to conclude after several comments went nowhere that I was being blocked. Really doesn't matter now that I can have my say by posting anonymously, and since that works, I'm going to keep it up. I don't like it because I consider hiding one's identity a bit cowardly,

Anonymous said...

Huh Allen,

I thought you were one of the "regulars". Friend of the blogmaster and part of the conspiracy to wipe armstrongism away. How can you be blocked.


btw I read your expose. You said somewhere that Paul went into Arabia. Do you suppose Muhammed stumbled on remnants of his work later on?


Anonymous said...

Dang their production quality has gone up quite a bit. lol

Anonymous said...

"I like this site. I get a lot of info from it. Helps me keep up with what's going on. But, I had to start posting as Anonymous because it apparently offended the power that is behind this site"

I'm right there with you except I'm not a hardcore fedora-tipping edgy atheist like you.

I do find it quite ironic how this site and others like it tend to lambaste the COG's for their lack of free thought and debate but at the same time the comments section is heavily regulated to the point where several times I've had my comments deleted simply because I disagreed with a certain author's perspective on motives and or situations.

I guess the cognitive dissonance never goes away with some people.