Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rod McNair and Bob League: Why Are/Were They So Nasty?

I received this the other day.  It details once again just how nasty the leadership is in the Living Church of God.  More mistreatment by Bob League and Rod McNair.  Why do/did members put up with these two slim balls?

I read some of your blog posts with great interest. Rod McNair is a very nasty, suspicious man. I truly hate to speak ill of the dead but, Bob League was an evil man as well.
My boyfriend is a former member of the WCG. He also used to work for Ron Dart & Ted Armstrong. He also graduated from Ambassador College.   
He would tell me all of the horror stories about Herbert & people being "disfellowshipped" for insane reasons. I begged him to take me to visit the LCG congregation in Charlotte.

He went on his own in the summer of 2014.  Now, understand, that he knows many of the members of the LCG in Charlotte because of his long history with the Church of God.  That was the first time he had been there in 4 or 5 years.

My boyfriend owns a bible college and we also have a Sabbath keeping congregation that meets in the morning.  He likes to be able to go to other churches to be fed, not to steal congregants.

One of the members of the LCG ran and "tattled" to Bob League that my boyfriend was there.  Bob and three other men took my boyfriend in to a room and proceeded to scream at him.  They told him that he had no right to start a college.  He didn't have the authority to do it.  Well, the state of North Carolina gave him the authority to open a bible college.  My boyfriend doesn't answer to the LCG.

I thought he was joking when he told me this.  It was just so absurd.  No, he wasn't joking.  Those men had the audacity to tell my boyfriend that because the LCG didn't authorize his college, he had no right to open it.

Summer 2015 I finally talked him in to taking me.  We got there late so, we slipped in the back.  When the service was over we went out to where everyone was having snacks.  Someone must have told Rod McNair that we were there because he made a bee-line for us.  He took my boyfriend in to a room to question him about why he was there  We were just there for fellowship.  No other reason.  No one would speak to us.  They treated us like leapers.

A month later, my boyfriend when back with one of the professors from our college.  Just to visit, no other reason.  As soon as Rod McNair saw him, he immediately started interrogating him about why he was there.  He tried again to explain that he was only there to fellowship.

A couple of days later, Rod McNair called my boyfriend.  We have NO idea how he got his number.  He told my boyfriend that he wasn't comfortable with him coming to their church.  The only reason he would give is that it was because he has his own congregation.  We weren't trying to "sheep steal".

Rod McNair was NASTY and mean.  He told my boyfriend that he can't come back unless he calls and asks permission first.  What church does this?  My boyfriend does have his own congregation BUT, everyone is welcome.  You don't have to go through a screening process to even be told where the meeting is.  If anyone wants to come to our church, they are more than welcome.  We want to share Jesus Christ with anyone that will listen.  We keep the Sabbath and Holy Days and if people want to learn, we help them.

I grew up Southern Baptist so, this behavior by Rod McNair and Bob League is completely bizarre to me. Southern Baptists open their doors wide to every one.  I never dreamed that so-called Christians could be so nasty.


DennisCDiehl said...

They are nasty because they are afraid of ten thousand things. Perfect love would cast out fear but since they have none, fear rules.

Anonymous said...

Property rights, and freedom of association gives churches the right to chose whom they allow to services. The author of the letter doesn't seem to understand and/or respect this. But not surprising, considering that Christianity is silent on rights, since ministers have all rights and members have no rights in these churches. The boyfriend was stupid, stupid, stupid to put himself in the situation where he would predictably be verbally abused. And he has his own college? He sounds like a naïve student.

Anonymous said...

Nah, they clearly weren't accustomez to groups who don't leave the doors open to everyone. Just lucky it wasnt a PCG congregation!

Byker Bob said...

Well, 8:30, often revolutionaries make themselves the lightning rod or sacrificial lamb. Basically, the boyfriend challenged the closed door policy of LCG, and on several occasions forced Rod McNair to spend or waste a block of his time. Imagine if more people took the initiative to do this.

Armstrongism was always like a secret society. That is one of the ways in which they exhibit cultic behavior, and it is guaranteed to arouse suspicion and distrust. It is as if they have something to hide.


Anonymous said...

so let me see....the minister screams at him, and the members treat them like lepers, so WHY are they going there? what kind of food do they expect to receive at a place with screaming ministers???

the whole letter sounds fishy to me.

Priam said...

Oh dear, you precious petal. Your boyfriend and you repeatedly insert yourself into a private meeting (that's what a church service and fellowship legally is) and you get asked to leave by the minister. The lay members also don't appreciate your presence and they treat you as leapers (sic). Well, you did jump into a situation where you knew you were not wanted. Boo hoo.

Blog master - why waste your time with such scurrilous nonsense? This woman's motives are easily perceived and this posting will enlighten no one.

"I hate to speak ill of the dead." Sure you do. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Priam's unwelcoming, ridiculing , and even hostile nature demonstrate why LCG is declining.
In droves, the leapers are leaping from leprous LCG but, the official spin of blessings and growth remains.

Anonymous said...

McNair and Priam have such Christ-like attitudes. I guess the Word of God and instruction on how to live God's way of life (the purpose of Sabbath services) should not be preached unto the world, but rather to a private, pre-screened group of Rod McNair approved individuals.

And all this time, I thought Crist said something about those that are well have no need for a physician. I would think, Priam, that LCG would WANT the letter writer and her boyfriend to see their light shine so brightly that they would leave their sinful ways (the college, etc) so that they could be part of a group that is so obviously over-flowing with Godly love and Christian character. But no, in true LCG form, they revealed that they are hateful, judgmental and over-flowing with a false sense of superiority. LCG in no way represents Christ. Christ is inclusive, welcoming, forgiving and loving.

Remember the harlot that washed Christ's feet with her hair? Can you imagine how LCG would have treated her???

I can't say that I am at all surprised by this story. As a member of the Charlotte LCG congregation for over 10 years, I believe every word of it.

That Masonic Temple is a brood of vipers every Saturday at 2pm. If you lay down with snakes, your going to get bit.

As a side note, that room they pulled your boyfriend into to yell at him is also the room that Bob League once began to speak in tongues in. He was in there "counseling" (aka yelling at) Pete Rothenbacher for participating in Bible study without a LCG minister present, when, according to Pete, League began to speak in tongues.

Count yourself blessed that you were bounced out of this toxic group.

Anonymous said...

Priam's back! I'm so excited. I love to read his LCG perspective. It is so telling of all that LCG represents (and not in the way he intends lol). He has been sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

They income is down but the number of members is up because God is blessing LCG according to Spanky. He must think we are all stupid.

Anonymous said...

Dennis said, "They are nasty because they are afraid of ten thousand things. Perfect love would cast out fear but since they have none, fear rules."

So true.

Anonymous said...

As an LCG member this saddens me. These people will probably never come back to church because of how we treated them. What if they were genuinely interested? What gives Mr. McNair the right to act as gate keeper? It just seems wrong. How can the church grow with this attitude? Shouldn't we, as Christian's, give them the benefit if the doubt?

If the letter author is reading this, I'd like to say I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

So McNair kicks these people out but David and John Meredith (among others) get a hall pass to smoke weed, drink in excess and whore monger (even though David is married) without repercussions. Sounds like LCG justice.

Anonymous said...

8:52 that is because Mcmnair is there uncle or something. Nepotism rules at LCG!