Thursday, August 25, 2016

LCG Northeast Men's Training Camp This Weekend: Where The Men WIll Learn to Be Men Once Again

Faaaaaaabulous pink shirts will be provided!

The much anticipated men's weekend is here.  LCG men have been letting down on their masculinity, so they are heading out to the woods to pound their chests and beat a some drums as they rediscover what it means to be a man's man.

Apparently the men of the church have been letting down on their masculinity component and its time for the church to step in and make them he-men again.  After all, how can weak effeminate men ever be leaders in Petra or become god's ruling their own planet?

Northeast Men’s Training Camp 2016August 26-28​  We live in a time of crisis for men. The role, identity and the very purpose for being a man is being called into question. How do we fight the demise of men... as a man? Here’s one way. Come and be part of this unique program this summer. Our spiritual “boot camp,” August 26-28, is specifically designed to build and strengthen men through eye-opening and interactive learning. We’ll learn what it takes to build bonds of brotherhood, serving God, our family and our brethren. It’s time to stand in the gap and take action against the tide of cultural correctness sweeping over our nation.

See more about the masculinity problem in LCG and the COG's.



Rocky Silverman said...

A time of crisis for men? Is that some kind of joke or what.
Why crisis?
It is amazing how much men worry about their masculinity as if it was some sort of cookie cutter trait.
Perhaps men in the church of God do have reason to worry. After all they do not think for themselves but follow a strict regimen even asking ministry if they can move, take a job, marry, divorce, etc. Not very manly.
If they think they will rule in the kingdom as they say then isnt now the time to make your own decisions and your own mistakes?
I think that perhaps it is the church that robs men of quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said,"I am gentle and humble in heart," and that he was someone with whom "you will find rest for your souls.” Oops! Sorry! Jesus and, in particular, his gentle, compassionate attitude toward sinners don't figure into anything COG. (Jesus, period, doesn't figure into anything COG.)

The T-shirt image suggests this -- nothing new here, just your standard issue COG assert-your-authority-as-the-man garbage.

A husband then arrives home, full of the training camp nonsense, ready to proclaim, "All right! No more nonsense around here! I'm in charge!"

The wife, then, dissolves into hysterical laughter, even if he didn't choose to don the cape.

Anonymous said...

Real men are honest! The leadership of the LCG should admit that the org. that they rule over is nothing but a money grabbing cult.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It would take a real man to admit that he's a false prophet and a worthless human being who has no mercy and compassion for others.

It isn't clear that any sort of 'boot camp' could help Roderick Meredith.

Anonymous said...

The ministers beat down and tear down members in order to increase their power level, then complain about a lack of masculinity. What a joke.
Ministers, stop mentally castrating the men.

Steve D said...

Some men in the church have been intellectually and emotionally castrated by the very leadership who is running this camp.

DennisCDiehl said...

Rocky hit the nail on the head. Real men make their own decisions based on their own insights and experiences and for good of themselves and their loved ones. They don't run to other pseudo authorities for their answers. The can ask advice but are free and fearless to take or leave it. They give because they want to not because they have to and if they can't afford it, they say so and let it be. A real man can look a minister in the eye and say, "That's the most stupid and absurd idea, interpretation or view I have ever heard and no, I don't believe that about you or anyone else."

There are precious few "real men" in RCG, PCG, CCG, and just about any others because they sit silent week after week listening to some of the worst theological and self absorbed sermons from the mouths of some of the most untrained and uneducated men on the planet who are mere Bible readers and spew their own opinions as to what they think it means, mostly about them. These are very weird men.

Byker Bob said...

That they would have this boot camp in the first place shows that there is blindness on some level. Armstrongism was always very good at redefining different things so that the meanings to insiders were very much different from the original meanings, or the meanings as perceived by the general public. That will no doubt figure into this cultic "leadership" reeducation bootcamp as well.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the gay color (PINK)!

A real man would not let another man stand between him and Jesus.

A real man would not let a man-made religion control him.

As Jesus told the Disciples, "Do not follow the tokenot (man-made laws which change the biblical laws) or ma'asims (customs which become the rule) of the Pharisees, also applies to all the man-made religions of ALL the churches that exist today.

Anonymous said...

Real men don't sit for another man telling him the other man is spoken of in OT scripture. He encourages such a man to seek professional help

Connie Schmidt said...

Rod Meredith boldly proclaimed several years ago that he routinely spanked his wife when she disobey him. That is why to this day when many people speak of Meredith he is called "Spanky."

Possible "manning up" activity at the "boot camp" could include a breakout session, (where each camper is given their own personal "paddle") , where they can practice and improve technique and form on each other , under the watchful eye of the ordained and experienced spanking experts.

Stephen said...

Rod's god only wants Murrikans in his kingdom.

I was never in Global or LCG, but I well remember Rod back in the glory days, when he was boss of all the ministers in WCG. That was back when Rod was a good ol' boy's good ol' boy.

Rod was born in 1930 in Joplin, Missouri. So, Rod thinks that the values of the 30's-40's-50's middle America, are "gods values," simply because they are his values. That was back when Murrika was still "great," and when African- and Vagina-Americans all knew their place and stayed in it. This was back when fathers knew best and respect for your elders was so important that you it was your duty to believe them especially when they were wrong. And your elders were old and they were white. And most importantly, your elders were men.

And so, Rod has created his god in his image, not the other way around. But then this is exactly the kind of mistake we should expect a shallow, thoughtless, vapid, egotistical, entitled, southern good ol' boy to make.

Rod is, and has always been, a salesman. Specifically, he's an insurance salesman. He's got a product to indemnify your soul against eternal losses. The thing about salesmen though is that they're not engineers. They don't make anything, or even have to think for themselves. It's merely their job to sound confident, and play up the strengths of someone else's product while sweeping the weaknesses under the rug. HWA at least had to decide whose god insurance he wanted to rip off and exactly how he was going to go about conning the masses. The degree to which salesmen are not con men is the degree to which they don't have to lie about their product's benefits and value. Religion, of course, has neither.

Rod has been even less original. In fact, Rod has never had to have an original thought in his life. From the ground up, he is the invention of his environment. He's been handed scripts by old, white men, and he's accepted them without thought or question. And since he's an old, white man, he feels entitled to hand out the scripts, and he expects you to thoughtlessly accept them, just as he did. Because it says right there in the script, that's what real men do.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke???

Anonymous said...

Good write-up Stephen. Don't agree with every point, by overall, good summary.

Questioning Person said...

Where did Rod say he spanked his wife? Evidence please"

Anonymous said...

"Because it says right there in the script, that's what real men do."
"Is this a joke???"

"If you girlie-men attend my meeting, I might consider giving you one of your balls back!" Rod of God
I would love to be the fly on the wall at that Man-Power meeting, and yeah, joking does more than help.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh, even if it is a bogus attempt at lame clip-art photo dubbing. Pink, indeed! lol The last time I checked on that series of super-hero artwork, there were copyright fees attached... something I don't believe a tiny LCG "fan-site" would want to spend a good chunk of change on. The last time they ventured into the apparel ad market for local events...well... not a huge success. FWIW, the good news is that Doug Winnail will be attending the camp. I knew him when he first arrived on the east coast and have always considered him to be a well-balanced individual, more than capable of making an informed decision, and having a pleasant demeanor to boot. The word I would choose is "approachable". I don't believe that has changed much, from what little contact there has been in recent years.

Finally, as a very old fan of action-comic memorabilia, I would go for "The Flash" t-shirt every time! PIck your slogan... :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy one! I want to be a He-Man again!

Anonymous said...

Training camp theme song. Whip it by Devo.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It's not possible for someone not to be a man if the person has the Y-chromosome.

'Man' is written into the DNA in every cell of the body.

It's pretty tough to ignore.

It's biology.

But then, Armstrongists don't believe in DNA because it's so inconvenient, seeing that it disproves British Israelism and all.

The very last thing an Armstrongist wants is the truth -- hence the confusion about 'being a man', even though it is quite unavoidable.

Making any attempt to encourage adult human males to 'be real men' quite superfluous.

Gerald Bronkar said...

Stephen, I agree with every point. Happy you have escaped and your vision has returned.

Glenn said...

I notice that Gerald Weston has taken over writing the "This Week at the Office" posting for the LCG in place of Doug Winnail. Doug seems to have been assigned the task of pumping up the News and Prophecy section. Has anyone seen or heard from Jimmy M. in the past couple of weeks?

Rafi said...

Real men don't join cults in the first place. They think for themselves.