Saturday, August 27, 2016

Powerful, Knowledgeable Women Are Not Welcome Nor Are Pesky Kids

Armstrongism has always had an issue with strong women.  Highly educated women were not the ideal for Ambassador College or the church.  Women were to be subservient to all men.  Women came to Ambassador with the assumption they would marry ministerial candidates at graduation and head off to serve in a field church planning potlucks and sewing circles.  Forget ever leading a bible study with other women!

Tom Mahon has been on rant for several years now on how awful he sees the the state of the church that it is in all because of "hireling" ministers.  He has the true answers to set the church back on track.  Just like Malm and Thiel.

He also is getting tired of rebellious children and wild women ruling men.  Women must know their place and children seen, but not heard.

The prophet Isaiah was inspired to write: "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them"(Isa.3:12). He wasn't inspired to write that as a blessing to the nation but a curse. Today, unless all people have been struck by supernatural blindness, they cannot fail to see that a generation of young people have arisen, who cannot keep their own property nor allow others to keep theirs, and who have abandon all sense of decency and good behaviour. So, children indeed have become the oppressors of the elderly, who are afraid to go out day or night.
The prophet goes on to say: "and women rule over them." That prophecy has also been fulfilled. For today, in almost every home on earth, women rule over men; and that is shockingly true even in so-called Christian homes, where the wife is commanded by God to be obedient to her husband. But when we turn to the media and politics, we see women dominating TV and radio, pontificating lots of vacuous opinions, and running for the high office of president and Prime Minister, Yet, the Apostle Paul, lovely called by his Lord and master, "A Chosen Vessel," was inspired to write:"I suffer not( that is, I permit not) a women to teach, nor usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence"(1 Tim.2:12). Then he added: "For Adam was first form, then Eve." The narrative continues thus: "And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression."  
What does that mean? It means that women are more susceptible to deception than men, and therefore should not be in authority. Yet, In Pentecostal, Baptist and other false churches, women are permitted to teach and exercise authority over men, despite the fact that God forbids it. Now we have babes ruling countries or aspiring to high office. And God allowed this because the world has turned away from him. The Oppression of Children and the Rule of Women.


Anonymous said...

Well I have news for Tom! He had better be on his knees when he serves me breakfast in bed!

Byker Bob said...

The basic problem in Armstrongism is that members seem to believe that golden moments or golden eras when they believed that everything was right in place should last forever. They don't, neither should they. Anything that is alive and vibrant will constantly grow and change. Many of us who grew up in and enjoyed the 1960s and '70s Southern California rock n roll culture watched our culture gradually disappear, with really nothing comparable to replace it. The Kardashians and hip hop don't even qualify as a substitute.

Those days are gone forever! Best live life now.


nck said...


Thats right.
The entire premiss of The World Tomorrow = Golden Era's.
Equaling. "The Kennedys Camelot", The Third Reich, The Habsburg European Empire, King Arthur, The ascent of the American Empire at its Zenith in 1959.

I beg to differ on the music prism.

California was the natural Ending of the western expansion of America. (although wwII added some remote islands besides the Philipines) It was the Golden Pot. The end of the rainbow. Even better than Oregon the actual reaching of that ideal.

Nowadays the days of Zorro are returning and California seems to return to its Spanish origins.

As I said I don't look through the "musical of popular culture" prism.

The replacement of the hippies, counter culture and autocar culture, to me does not lie in the kardashians but in former ac trained muscle man Arnie Schwarzeneggers former governor promotion and initiatior of alternative energy sources, solar energy impulses and of course the continuation of the spreading of american culture through the hollywood factory of ideas. And I am sure many more alternative ideas that reach the rest of the world through Berkeley and Silicon Valley.

The "western expansion" is continuing through California still and it is alive and kicking. With the worlds largest and most influential companies hailing from the western empire. Google, Apple and etc etc

Call me crazy. The world (of) tomorrow is upon us.


nck said...

To remain on topic, talk about popular culture and reveal really personal stuff.

I watched nearly every episode of "The Hills" starring Heidi Montag etc.

This expired to great annoyance of my wife, who expects differently from her studied, scientific, cultured, well travelled, husband of independent means.

She of course can and could never comprehend my inner desire to see in each episode confirmed that life had continued since big hair young ambassadors 1985, had gone on in the blessed california hills. That no ww3 had transpired and that the only transplants of importance were attached to a girl named Heidi instead of "mark of the beast chips" or "transplants of populations by the germans". Yes life had continued and all is well.


Steve D said...

"Highly educated women were not the ideal for Ambassador College or the church." Neither were educated men welcomed in the Church. Or at least "critical thinking" men. The Mormon leadership had a saying that fits the WCG: "Once the decision has been made, the thinking has been done." In other words, "sit down and shut up. No questions allowed."

James said...

Goes to show you, the bible is a cookbook!

Connie Schmidt said...

Well... if you are going to allow women to read, then you better expect them to think!

Anonymous said...

The husband has to follow orders all day long from his boss. Then he goes home and asks his wife who he has been slaving away for to go get him a beer. The wife says "my husband is a jerk, he wants me to get him a beer" so she gets a divorce and gets a job as a server. A jackass she doesn't even know comes into the bar and says "get me a beer" and she gladly runs off and gets it. Oh, the irony. Now she has to take orders ... just like her husband.

Oh the joys of working for someone else.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:26........your ideas sound a little old fashioned. I remember my dad 50 years ago not wanting his wife (my mother) to get a part time job. She wanted a job because all the other women on the road were working once their children were in school all day. Her children were in school and she felt isolated staying home. My dad said things like "I am the man of the house, and I can support my family without my wife working".

Of course my dad was a church member and the general idea back then was that men should support their families and be the boss at home and women should stay home and do housework etc. My mother was short of money because my dad sent so much to the church and she wanted to make a little money for herself. My dad felt his power was threatened if his wife had some of her own money. My mom was not allowed to work, she became depressed, and their marriage fell apart. It was an awful home to grow up in, and I was determined to never be totally dependent financially on a husband.

Anonymous said...

"Powerful, Knowledgeable Women Are Not Welcome Nor Are Pesky Kids"...or thinking men.

Retired Prof said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Well I have news for Tom! He had better be on his knees when he serves me breakfast in bed!"

August 27, 2016 at 8:22 PM

Does everyone realize how racist this comment is?

Byker Bob said...

Wow, nck! I'd never heard of "The Hills", but see through an article in Wikipedia that it is an MTV series also released on DVD. So it may be available at the library, or for sale at Walmart. I doubt that Dave Pack or Gerald Flurry recommend it to their church members!


Anonymous said...

Highly educated women not the ideal for Ambassador college how that doesn't surprise me. Ive found the women from AC that I've had dealings with to be somewhat immature and highly catty. But then again many in the Churches are immature and extremely catty lol

Anonymous said...

3.45 PM my experience with AC graduates is a lot of social polish, but scratch this surface, and they are no different to the average church member.

Anonymous said...

It was rare in the church to find a woman who respected the male female role. Most women expected to wear the pants in their dealings with men. To me, the ministers complaints are warranted. Pointing out the opposite 1950s extreme, obscures the narrow gate.

Cheers TradingGuy

nck said...


Women suffer comparative advantage to man TG.