Monday, September 26, 2016

James Malm: Since I Am The Only One With The Truth, Send Me Your Money (or maybe a salad)

One of the Chief Pharaisse's acolytes asked a question the other day on what to do with 1st tithe money if you don't agree with your own church.  Of course the Chief Pharsissee had the same response that Bob Thiel always has.  He and only he has the truth and the money belongs to him.  

The acolyte asks:

Maybe someone can help me. For many years we have always been taught to give your 1st tithe to the church. But what if you don’t agree with the churches today? What should you do with that money? Also, what is 1st tithe supposed to be used for in the New Covenant? Thank you in advance for your help.
The tithe is God’s money and it should be sent to those who are teachers of godliness and of living by every Word of God, not to some corporate church organization which does not keep God’s Word.  
Jesus said that we should render to God what is God’s Mark 12:17; He also said that we would know who is of God by their fruits of building on the sure foundation of the Word of God Mat 7.  
Look around you: Who is teaching the whole Word of God and studying through the entire Bible, feeding everyone with the solid meat of God’s Word day by day and chapter by chapter? and who is restoring those things that have been forgotten? Who is growing in understanding of God’s Word and is willing to speak the truth to all people?  
Who is covering and explaining world events of prophetic significance in detail as they happen, warning the people and presenting in depth studies in BOTH Prophecy and Sound Doctrine?  
Discern BETWEEN who is working to turn as many as possible to an enthusiastic Christ-like zeal to live by every Word of God; from those who say “obey us” regardless of the scriptures. 
This is the criteria to discern who is of God and who is not. The credentials of a godly work are not ordination by some man or bowing to some corporate entity, but the godliness of the work being done. 
Once you have discerned who is of God, then support that person; because God’s money is to do God’s work, which in the New Covenant is to teach every person to live by every Word of God as Jesus did(Mat 4:4, Mat 28). This work gratefully accepts tithes and offerings for the furtherance of the Gospel. Tax deductible in the USA. James

So there you have it.  No other man, no other church, and no other web site is doing the mind-bloggling work like Malm is.  Dave Pack and Bob Thiel are impotent little wuss's when compared to the forceful message the Church of Malm is doing in getting the word out.   Even though he bastardizes the law into something that he thinks is required for new covenant Christians and who has a writer that is of questionable repute, he feels he is the only source of truth for the entire Church of God.

I think we all should chip in and send Malm as the video above says.


Senior Citizen said...

They are robbing people with their phony posing as Levites- the only ones allowed to collect tithes.
What a dirty shame these men are.

Miguel de la Rodente said...

I think the Native Americans who are protesting the D.A.P.L. up in North Dakota are doing the work of God. I'm fixing to send the tribes a nice contribution, and maybe buy some "Water Protector" T-shirts to show my support.

itstimecog said...

The tithing issue rages on. It seems that no matter what is said by either side of that equation makes any difference.
Some facts are that it was instituted to support the Levitical Priesthood and the temple under the Old Covenant.
The Old Covenant never offered salvation but rather its focus was on physical blessings for the adherence by the subjects.

The New Covenant is under the Priesthood of Melchisedec, directly and personally governed by Christ, the High Priest.
Its focus is on spiritual blessings and leads to spiritual salvation.

In perhaps its simplest descriptive form, those that keep the Old Covenant will also reap its blessings and curses in physical form.
While those that keep the New Covenant will reap its blessings and curses in spiritual form.

The potentially deadly issue arises when those who have committed to keeping the New Covenant under Christ, backslide and through their actions, keep the Old Covenant.

It’s worrisome when those who profess to keep the new Passover worthily and in the next breath are saying to Christ that they recognize the Old Covenant by paying that which was instituted under the Old.
It completely negates His sacrifice.
I’ll point out another avenue that needs to be addressed, that being Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

That verse has far reaching ramifications in that the “Messiah” spoken of in the previous verse is obviously Christ. We know His ministry or confirming of the covenant He made with His people was cut in half.
Yet, the narrative is that He shall confirm that agreement for one week, which leaves an additional 3.5 years that must be fulfilled before the Millennium.
Since all of verse :27 is in reference to the Great Tribulation, we can know that Christ will be confirming His covenant with many for the duration of the Great Tribulation.
Hence, the time in the wilderness.

Getting back on the topic of who should receive the tithe. I would guess that if you’re determined to keep the Old Covenant, then sending it to those who administer the physical temple should be the recipients. Unfortunately, none exist today.

If however, you desire to keep the requirements of the New Covenant in supporting the spiritual temple, you’re once again out of luck.
It seems that the most prominent COG leaders all make claim to the office of Prophet yet consider this verse: Rev 19: … thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
I could go on and on about this but suffice it to say that none have the “spirit of prophecy”, hence, neither do they have “the testimony of Jesus”.
Have you been warned by your ministry that Luke 21:20 has been fulfilled and that today, the Syrian military started a major offensive right next to the Israeli border?
That the Russian navy has moved its aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean Sea and will be moored with more of it’s forces within a stones throw of Megiddo? China has also thrown its hat in the Syrian ring as well as the second largest NATO military force, that being Turkey. In the mix, the Iranians are represented by their proxies, as are the U.S. forces.
Recently, the Arab League held a meeting in Indonesia at which they and their Latin American allies, pledged support to the PLO. Also, recently, all of the major Imam’s throughout the Muslim nations, pledged their support to Erdogan.

In answer to the query, I do not pay tithe because I keep the covenant I made with Christ and at this time, there are none giving the “meat in due season”. Therefore, my wife and I plan to use our meager funds in providing whatever necessities we can, to those God takes into the wilderness.



Anonymous said...

All these men begging for tithe money. They fail to realize the is not much tithe money to spare. The feasts have become so vastly expensive some use both tithes to survive tabernacles. Why doesn't all these men get a job and pay for their own ministry that way. Thw Apostle paul did why don't they? They should treat ant tithe money as extra not a necessary.

Redfox712 said...

It's an advertising trick. Get your target to agree with you and agree with you again and then try to convince them to pay or give you money. But in the world of Armstrongism so many have been taught to accept and follow authority or else. What a poisoned legacy HWA and Co. gave us all.

Anonymous said...

For the willing idol worshipper, there is always the willing idol.

Respectfully Submitted,
a disciple

Anonymous said...

Yes,...we still have so much to unlearn and learn again, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Fear and guilt where/are used to get people to tithe. God will not bless you! You will become impoverished and will be eating out of dumpsters! And worst of all, "you will loose your salvation if you don't tithe". It is deplorable how religious leaders manipulate people to give them large amounts of money. I think the biggest lie is that God will bless you if you tithe. That the 90% that you have left will go farther then if you kept 100%. There is absolutely no evidence of that. There are always cases of people who think they are blessed for tithing but the question is, would they have come into more wealth even if they never started to tithe?

Tithing was exclusive a command for the Jewish people in O.T. times. Tithes where always paid in the form of agricultural products. And tithes where only paid to the Levites. None of those conditions apply to any of us today. So tell your local preacher to take his tithing law and shove it up his you know where!!!!

Connie Schmidt said...

Great Information! .... that "Eleventh Tithe" that I have been paying has been really hurting the family!

Sweetblood777 said...

Christians today are kings and priests awaiting a kingdom. The scripture does not say that we are to become kings and priests, it says that we are kings and priests.

(1Pe 2:5) Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.

As kings and priests, we do not need to pay anyone any tithes. Those that entice you to pay them are nothing but thieves and twisters of the word. They have made themselves to be the elite over you. The gospel message is not given to only a few to preach, but to all to show forth witness to the truth. Many do that today via their living examples and also by conversing with others via Facebook, or whatever other methods.

If there are ministries out there that you want to support financially, then by all means do so, by your cheerful giving, but never to the extent that your family suffers. Yahshua stated that by helping others (poor folk) that we are serving Him. He never said to give a tithe to a church organization.

Facts on Tithing:

Old covenant method of supporting the temple services
Old covenant method of supporting the Levitical priesthood
Old covenant method of supporting the Levites other than those that performed priestly duties.

There was only one tithe but it had three purposes.
The tithe were taken to Jerusalem at feast time (3 times during the year)and used by the family bringing the tithe. Any remainder was given to the temple/priests.

Anonymous said...

The speakers in these videos go to extremes. The evilutionist in a previous video had long hair, and this religion-professing guy has no hair.

Anonymous said...

Picking and choosing which of God's laws to keep is so very common among professing “Christians.” However, they do tend to make certain similar choices.

They hate the biblical Sabbath that God commanded to be remembered and observed, and want nothing to do with it. It is too weird. Yet they say that you are not a good Christian unless you go to their church on Sunday morning. They reject the commandments of God in order to keep their own traditions. One Sunday-keeper even argued that, “We do keep the Sabbath. We keep one day in seven, like it says.”

They love tithing. Tithing is very important to those who receive it. They say that you must tithe to them or else you are robbing God. They say that if you send God's tithe to them, God will bless you. It is very important to love and obey God enough to send them your money, but not important to listen to God at all when he says not to put unclean animals such as pigs into your mouth.

It is interesting that some professing “Christians” even read the Bible to try to learn the great answers about life, and yet they reject the laws of God that tell them the answers, and what to do or not to do. They read biblical books like Ecclesiastes to try to gain wisdom, but how can they when it concludes by saying to fear God and keep his commandments? That is not the answer they are looking for.

Anonymous said...

"It is interesting that some professing “Christians” even read the Bible to try to learn the great answers about life, and yet they reject the laws of God that tell them the answers,.."

Unlike man's laws, I think Jesus Christ wanted mankind to learn to obey the Laws that we can't break.

"...and what to do or not to do."

Where did Jesus learn his carpentry skills?

RSK said...

You only have a couple of weeks until the earthquake. Think US currency will still be good after that point?

Anonymous said...

Alopecia doesn't exist in your world?

RSK said...

Oh? Have you waved a sheaf lately? Or advocated for a woman accused of adultery to drink bitter water? How about trimming your beard, or putting tassels on your clothes? Kindled fire on the Sabbath? Armstrongites do some cute picking and choosing of their own. Sorry that wasn't the answer you were looking for. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if he has advocated for an adulterous women, but he has a woman working for him that does not have a stellar legacy. From church hopping to wicca.

RSK said...

Malm? Isnt he still supposed to call down fire on the Banned regulars? I got tired of waiting and forgotm

Anonymous said...

No, he is too busy learning about Wicca from his new female bestie and opening his mail looking for free handouts from gullible people..

Anonymous said...

"No, he is too busy learning about Wicca from his new female bestie and opening his mail looking for free handouts from gullible people."

Money for nothin' and chicks for free!

Hoss said...

In a sermon, Bob Thiel, while chuckling and shaking his head, mentioned a COG that doesn't teach tithing. itstimecog, could he have been referring to you?