Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Awesome POWER of Ron and Laura Weinland

Felon Ronald's word's are below:

“If anyone will hurt them, fire will proceed out of their mouth and devour their enemies, and if anyone will hurt them, they must in this manner be killed” (Rev. 11:5).  
God reveals that some will so hate these two witnesses that they will try to do them harm and even attempt to kill them. However, God makes it clear that these two will not die until God allows it. The fire that is described as proceeding out of their mouth is symbolic of the power they are given to pronounce any consuming judgment upon any who would desire or attempt to harm them.  
“They have power to shut the heavens so that it does not rain in the days of their prophecy, and they have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to strike the earth with all plagues, as often as they will” (Rev. 11:6).  
God will give His two witnesses power to cause devastating destruction from whatever plagues they determine, according to their own judgment. This means they will decide when, where, what kind, and how long specific plagues will strike and when plagues should be repeated. Some of these plagues that are pronounced will be coupled with events outlined within some of the Seven Thunders.


DennisCDiehl said...

Ron's a sick puppy...

Anonymous said...

It seems though that God is limited by The United States Justice system. Tread lightly or the Feds will return you to the abyss.


DennisCDiehl said...

Ron and Laura won't get far as "The Two Witnesses" in Jerusalem. They are ready for it.



Background Jerusalem's psychiatrists expect to encounter, as the millennium approaches, an ever-increasing number of tourists who, upon arriving in Jerusalem, may suffer psychotic decompensation.

Aims To describe the Jerusalem syndrome as a unique acute psychotic state.

Method This analysis is based on accumulated clinical experience and phenomenological data consisting of cultural and religious perspectives.

Results Three main categories of the syndrome are identified and described, with special focus on the category pertaining to spontaneous manifestations, unconfounded by previous psychotic history or psychopathology.

Conclusions The discrete form of the Jerusalem syndrome is related to religious excitement induced by proximity to the holy places of Jerusalem, and is indicated by seven characteristic sequential stages.

Jerusalem, a city that conjures up a sense of the holy, the historical and the heavenly, it holds a unique attraction for people of several of the world's faiths and religions — especially Jews, Christians and Muslims. When people dream of Jerusalem, they do not see the modern, politically controversial Jerusalem, but rather the holy biblical and religious city. Since 1980, Jerusalem's psychiatrists have encountered an ever-increasing number of tourists who, upon arriving in Jerusalem, suffer psychotic decompensation. In view of the consistently high incidence of this phenomenon, it was decided to channel all such cases to one central facility — the Kfar Shaul Mental Health Centre (Bar-El et al, 1991a) — for psychological counselling, psychiatric intervention and, if deemed necessary, admission to hospital. Over the course of 13 years (1980-1993), 1200 tourists with severe, Jerusalem-generated mental problems have been referred to this facility. Of these, 470 were admitted to hospital. On average, 100 such tourists are seen annually, 40 of them requiring admission to hospital.


Subtype I(i): psychotic identification with biblical characters

Subtype I(ii): psychotic identification with an idea

Individuals from this subtype strongly identify with an idea (usually of a religious nature, sometimes of a political nature) and arrive in Jerusalem to act on this idea.

Subtype I(iii): ‘magical ideas’ concerning connection between health and holy places

This subtype consists of patients with ‘magical ideas’ concerning sickness and health and healing possibilities connected with Jerusalem.

Subtype I(iv): family problems culminating in psychosis in Jerusalem


Subtype II(i): individuals belonging to a group

Subtype II(ii): Lone individuals

A single German male aged 45, working in an academic position, considered healthy, and without any recognisable problems, is obsessed, without being able to explain why, with the need to find the ‘true’ religion


The third type of the Jerusalem syndrome is perhaps the most fascinating, in that it describes individuals with no previous history of mental illness, who fall victim to a psychotic episode while in Israel (and especially while in Jerusalem), recover fairly spontaneously, and then, after leaving the country, apparently enjoy normality.

Worth the read:

k-baradanikto said...

What's wrong with a little psychosis every now and then? After all, at some level we're all in denial about our own deaths; if we weren't, we wouldn't see any reason to go on. As Dennis once so eloquently put it, we would just see ourselves as food tubes that die. Go on, live a little, get psychotic. Live dangerously. You'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, good work, Dennis. I had never heard of "Jerusalem Syndrome" before. I wonder what other work has been done on similar psychosis, not related to a holy place. Back in the heyday, there used to be a steady stream of several nuts per year who made their way to hall of administration on the Pasadena campus insisting they were one or both of the two witnesses or other such obvious psychosis. (I say "obvious" because politically, if you weren't HWA, and saw yourself in the pages of the bible, it was "obvious" that you must be psychotic.) So there must be a more general "Bible Syndrome" of religious psychosis among the public not unrelated to geography. Perhaps it would be considered a subtype of schizophrenia in some cases, a subtype of other psychosis in others, depending on the symptoms.

We certainly have our own "COG Syndrome," don't we? If we think about it in terms of "Jerusalem Syndrome," does that suggest Ron Weinland, Dave Pack, Bob Thiel, and Herbert Armstrong all suffered from previous, undiagnosed mental illnesses? I'll leave it up to those who might want to debate the merits of the idea that not all, HWA especially, who claim they are spoken of in the bible are sincere, but may be doing it as just a con.

RSK said...

Oh, now its a symbolic fire and not a literal one, eh? How very convenient. Malm, are you aware of this?

Opinionated said...

The man will do anything for money. Money is his god.

R.L. said...

Rocky: "Again!?!?! But that trick never works!"

Bullwinkle: "Nothin' up my sleeve. Presto!!"