Friday, January 6, 2017

Dave Pack: Herbert Armstrong will be the first human being resurrected.

Dave Pack claims:

Mr. Armstrong literally will have the honor of being the first human being, at the end of the age, to be resurrected from the dead. Now, there have been other people resurrected in different ages, but I’m talking about resurrected from the dead to go on within Christ’s government to a position of enormous authority. I just find that easy to understand.

Isn't it wonderful to know Dave has the answer to EVERYTHING!


Anonymous said...

By putting Herbie on a pedestal, he puts himself on one as well, since he claims he sat at Herbs feet. How these leaders love to self aggrandise.

Anonymous said...

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


"Now faith is the confidence that what we hope is true is actually true and the assurance of that for which we have absolutely no proof."

Dave will learn this in spades at the end of his life and made up ministry. His followers would do well to learn it sooner than later.

Hoss said...

With Dave pushing HWA to the top of the list, he may be ready to add that HWA would certainly want his buddy Dave beside him. Or as Buzz Aldrin said, Number two comes after number one! Which has a euphemistic twist...

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack says "I'm with Him[implying HWA, not Christ]!"
Which kind of reminds me of the DNC, "I'm with Her[HRC]!"

Both scenarios didn't end well!


Anonymous said...

"substance" = material
"things hoped for" = wishful thinking
"things not seen" = the unevidenced

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the material of wishful thinking, the evidence of the unevidenced.

In this way, the demarcation between fantasy and reality can be destroyed within one's mind, because "faith" is supposed to be, not just a valid, but even a virtuous substitute when evidence is lacking, regardless of the reason why. When something is false, the evidence for it will always be lacking. But that doesn't stop a believer from playing the "faith" card, and wishing it into reality within the confines of their out-of-touch faculties anyway. Faith is wishful thinking reduced to a method. It is nothing short of madness.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sabbath observer, a holy day keeper and even I know that's complete rubbish. I'm sure Loma woukd have something to say if Herbert was resurrected first. Pastoral verbal car crash moments make you wonder where their mind dwells. How small minded are these people?

Anonymous said...

Herbert Armstrong has become a mythical figure. He is "real" in the minds of those who worship him, and bow before his image, but that "reality" is a dream-person who had -- HAD, past tense -- exalted understanding and an incredible, unique mission among all the people on earth. So he said, and so we believed. We believed that the man himself would lead us to the mission's completion. How's that workin' out for ya, people?

Sending all that money in while Herbert was still around seemed to accomplish things, but now . . . ?

Some of us came to realize that the man was a FRAUD, and that all those stories of the "early days," the money struggles and the fights with rival "ministers" were ALL MADE UP. The Autobiography contains statements deriding the reading of books of fiction, within something that is mostly fiction itself.

Herbert worshipers haven't noticed, somehow, that the thing came apart -- and almost 30 years ago!!! Dave and his rivals -- each of them -- claim they've put it back together again. But they don't realize that so many of us DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE!

Herbert was not a demigod! He was a man who took an awful lot of money from me and gave me very little in return. He taught me about a God who would squash me, would make my life miserable, if I didn't send in even more money. A God who cared about little else but How Much Money. And you want me, Dave, to believe drivel like this about him?!?!?

N-O, NO!!!!!

Byker Bob said...

In the mid '50s, HWA selected a date that was in the distant future. This created a space in which he could build a cadre of long term members. When the date failed, he blamed his victims, the members, for not being ready, and he no longer set dates. While many who had been fooled once left, many also stayed, allowing themselves to become reprogrammed.

The problem with a series of the back-to-back failures which we see today, setting and breaking dates repetitively, is that this shortens the time cycle in which a cadre of members can be built and exploited. People are attracted, and a certain percentage leaves when they discover, via failed prophcy, that the person whom they were following 1) did not know what he was talking about, and 2) seriously diminished their quality of life during the time span in which they followed him.

What the current leaders do not realize is that Herbert Armstrong was able to create and sustain a sense of urgency for a fairly long term, building a rock-solid financial base that outshone the other "leaders" of the greater gospel field of his day, and rivalled their very presence.

So many of the aspiring and pretentious heirs to HWA understand that a perpetual state of mental urgency must be created, (the "hook") and they go into overdose mode, machine-gunning their false prophecies indiscriminately, creating a short-term, ever eroding support base. Once the original scam failed, their fates were sealed by a rapidly closing window. Only one course of action was left available for them, and that is to go for the short-term. This has caused their base of new converts to become transient, shrinking the cycle radically, and fostering non-sustainability. There is no longer the "slow and steady wins the race" which we witnessed during the classic golden era of HWA. The very Zeitgeist itself has caused an atmosphere not unlike ADHD.